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Alaska Small Ship Cruises For Seniors

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What Can Seniors Do On The Ship

Cruise To Alaska With Windstar Cruises Part 1

One of the most exciting aspects of a senior citizen cruise experience is the infinite variety of activities for guests of every age.

From early morning to the late evening, there are engaging, educational, and entertaining things to do throughout the ship. Of course, theres also the option to do nothing at all.

A Note About Your Travel Days

Take note when making your small Alaskan cruise comparison that there are a variety of ports where cruises begin and end including Juneau, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka and Anchorage. And some will require more time to arrive and depart.

Flights to Juneau and Anchorage are common, while the smaller ports of call used by many Southeast Alaska small ship cruises may require a bit more padding on your travel days in and out. A pre-cruise overnight is always recommended in case of delays. Travelers east of the Rockies will certainly require one in order to safely embark their Alaska small ship cruise on time.

Get Wild & Woolly On The Best Small Ship Alaska Cruise 2022

New in 2022, the 8-day Wild & Woolly Alaska Cruise invites travelers to get active. Venture out on all-day kayak and bushwhack tours. Enjoy hiking, birding, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling and skiff tours. Each day is packed with options, from sun up to sun down.

This itinerary uniquely offers the chance to bike , as well as exclusive permitted access to the Outback of Glacier Bay National Parka guide favorite. Rounding out the experience is a shoreline campfire, as well as a visit with a local family that reveals how people live and work in the wilds of Alaska. A truly special experience among our many Alaska Inside Passage small ship cruises!

The 86-guest Wilderness Legacy hosts this new adventure, conveniently cruising round-trip from Juneau. Between activities, guests can enjoy her dance floor, saloon, yoga mats, workout equipment, dual hot tubs and ample deck space for spotting whales in Alaska and other wildlife.

What is the best small ship Alaska cruise in 2022 for you? Every Alaska traveler has different goals and priorities. Maybe you want an Alaska cruise with kids? The smallest ship? A departure during the best time to visit Alaska? The best naturalist guides? Or a focused Glacier Bay National Park cruise? Let our experts help you find your ideal trip based on interests, budget and timeline.

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Timing An Alaska Adventure Cruise

Small ship Alaska cruises make the most of the summer months when passengers can enjoy warmer temperatures, long days with late sunsets and accessible wildlife. Throughout the summer, weather is variable ranging from warm sunny days in the 70s or 80s to chilly rainy days in the 50s and 60s.

The climate data listed above is for Anchorage, Alaska, but there are Southeast coastal and Arctic microclimates to consider depending on your small Alaska cruise itinerary. For even more detail on thebest time to visit Alaska for your Alaska adventure cruise, view our month by month guide.

Best Cruises For Seniors

Top 10 Alaskan Cruises For Seniors

One of the perks of living as a retiree is the luxury of traveling. Even if youve yet to retire, wouldnt it be nice to plan a cruise?

However, with the wide selection of cruises available, picking the right one can seem overwhelming and a bit taxing. You dont want to book a trip that falls below your expectations.

Cruises come in so many types different destinations, durations, and activities aboard the ship as well as on land. You want to pick a cruise that best fits you, especially if youre opposed to cruises geared towards a younger generation or if you have medical or physical limitations.

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Things You Need To Consider:

Before you even start scouting for the best cruise packages, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first to help you narrow down your choices:

How many days do you intend travel? Are you traveling solo, with a partner, family, or with a group? What are you looking forward to achieve from this trip? Do you have any mobility issues? Any health conditions that need to special assistance? How much is your budget?

You see, different ships offer different amenities, different services, and different facilities. Some cruise lines dont offer the utmost convenience to passengers with disabilities, even though they have complied with ADA . Yet, some cruise lines go as far as featuring hydraulic pool chairs in their pools as well as providing wheelchair accessibility. Some ships cater to multi-generation families while others are designed to exclusively accommodate adults.

Scandinavia And St Petersburg

Travel to Scandinavia and St. Petersburg on a cruise with overnight stays in two ports of call. The first overnight stay is in Copenhagen, where you can spend time at Tivoli Gardens, see the city from the waterside, and experience hygge, the concept of coziness, warmth, and comfort.

After visiting ports of call at Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia, youll sail into St. Petersburg for a second overnight in one of the most historic and culturally exciting cities in the world. See the Hermitage that houses one of the largest art collections in the world and explore the city at night.

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Northwest Passage Cruise In The Wake Of The Great Explorers

A 26 day cruise that introduces you to the wild natural beauty of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland, AAAs Northwest Passage Cruise will satisfy your craving for frosty fjords and majestic arctic wildlife.

This cruise will be carried out aboard the MS Roald Amundsen, a 459-foot ship that was built in 2019. The MS Roald Amundsen is a cutting-edge hybrid ship, enabling it to cut down on CO2-emissions by around 20% and making it a superior, more eco-friendly way to cruise Alaska.

This is considered a small ship cruise as the MS Roald Amundsen can only accommodate just over 500 passengers.

Ports of call on this cruise include:

  • Day 1: Vancouver, B.C.
  • Day 2: Nome, Alaska
  • Day 3-7: At sea
  • Day 8-17: the Northwest Passage
  • Day 18: Labrador Sea
  • Day 19: Ilulissat
  • Day 21-22: Labrador Sea
  • Day 23: Red Bay
  • Day 26: Halifax

Visit this page to learn more about this small-ship adventure to Alaska.

Easier To Make Friends

Cruise To Alaska With Windstar Cruises Part 3

The intimate nature of small ship cruises allows passengers to cross paths more easily and make connections more rapidly. So whether youre traveling solo or with a partner, you can be certain that at the end of your cruise you will leave with a group of enthusiastic adventure-loving friends.

Many passengers on small ship cruises are those who value good conversation and quality travel experiences. This makes it very easy to form effortless friendships with like-minded fellow passengers.

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Ocean Cruises For Seniors

Ships are usually larger and trips are longer, although it depends on the destination. Megaships have capacities of around 2,000 to 6,000 passengers mid-size ships carry about 1,000-2,500 small ships can hold around 1,200 or less. Naturally, more dining options, entertainment, pools, and public areas are available on larger vessels. For seniors who are more comfortable remaining on the ship, there are many opportunities to keep busy, and the ship is a destination in itself. Travelers with limited mobility may choose shore visits carefully or decide to enjoy the view from afar as they take advantage of the ships amenities and social scene.

Many oceangoing ships have accessible cabins and elevators, wheelchair-width doorways, and even special equipment to aid in boarding a smaller boat for shore excursions. Several have medical care and physicians aboarda benefit for all passengers, not just seniorsfor emergencies or illness. Most cruise companies request that they be advised of their passengers special needs at least 45 days before departure to ensure that proper accommodations are arranged.

Book A Small Ship Cruise To Alaska With Aaa

With AAAs travel expertise to assist you, you can enjoy a luxurious cruise experience in Alaskas glorious fjords and glaciers. The Last Frontier truly is a wonderland of nature and wildlife just waiting to be discovered.

If you would like one of AAAs professional travel agents to assist you in booking your intimate Alaskan cruise, get in touch by calling or emailing one of our travel agents today.

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Deals: Small Ship Alaska Cruises 2022 & 2023

Save on your small ship Alaska cruise for 2022 by using our Alaskan cruise deals. Enjoy special deals for groups and solo travelers, or receive complimentary airfare, while supplies last. Our Alaska specialists offer the most up-to-date incentives available and will keep you apprised of all opportunities to save on your 2022 Alaska small ship cruise. Due to our longstanding business relationships and volume-driven buying power, you will never pay more for your cruise.

As the season for a small ship Alaska cruise in 2023 grows closer, watch for 2023 deals here, which will increase in number following the end of small Alaska cruises in 2022. At AdventureSmith, we always recommend booking early to be rewarded .

Alaska Small Ship Cruises

5 Best Cruises for Seniors ~ Guide for SeniorsGuide for Seniors

If you’ve traveled with big ship cruise lines in the past, it’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about cruising. And if you’ve avoided cruising because you thought it would be like traveling in a floating mall, it’s time to think again. This is something else altogether.Small ship cruises let you experience Alaska – up close and personally.

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How Small Is An Alaska Small Ship

On average, about 45 guests is what youll find with our curated Alaska small ship cruise vessels. But look for options up to 100 and as few as 8 passengers. There are many reasons to choose a small ship vs big ship, but at the top is that small ships to Alaska focus on immersive, off-ship activities in wilderness areas. In Alaska, large cruise ships are synonymous with cruising, but they really just cruise past it all.

Wave goodbye to busy ports to instead view bears, hike, paddle, take skiff rides by glaciers and forge local connections in small towns. Small ships to Alaska offer a flexible schedule, capitalizing on wildlife encounters and the collective whims of the group. Fellow travelers become friends. The atmosphere is casual. And the all-inclusive booking encourages everyone on board to participate, while making the experience equitable and carefree. Sound like your style of travel? Lets go.

Senior Citizen Cruises To Alaska

Alaska cruises are popular for travelers of all ages, especially senior cruisers and multigenerational families.

For smaller crowds, cruise during shoulder season months in April or May. Summer cruises to Alaska are great for a memory-making multigenerational vacation when the kids are out of school and parents can use up their vacation days.

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How Many Guests Can A Small Cruise Have

The average cruise ship carries around 3,000 passengers far from most peoples definition of intimate. A small cruise, on the other hand, may have closer to two or three hundred passengers aboard .

The benefits of embarking on a small, intimate cruise are numerous and give passengers a more luxurious, relaxing experience.

Round Trip Inside Passage Cruises To Alaska

Alaska Cruise: Experience The Last Frontier

Most cruise lines visit Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway on a round trip Inside Passage cruise that originates in Vancouver or Seattle. This is a good option if youre prone to seasickness as the waters of the Inside Passage are mostly calm. Usually 7-day-itineraries, these cruises offer no opportunity for pre or post cruise adventures in Alaska.

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Choose Where To Cruise In Alaska

Another key step in deciding how to pick a small Alaskan cruise is where you would like to cruise. Coming to our specialists with a good idea of which region youd like to visit allows us to determine which small ship Alaska cruises are best for you. Then you can consider and hone in on which itineraries and ships offer the level of activity, comfort and amenities that fit your travel style. Heres a primer on some key cruise regions to consider when choosing an Alaska small ship cruise:

Private Small Cruise Ships To Alaska

Looking to design your own experience of North Americas premier wilderness? Our Alaska small cruise ships are perfect for groups and family travelers seeking a custom trip.

Navigate to a trusted, quality charter with our curated options that focus on itineraries aboard 8- to 22-guest ships. Booking an exclusive small ship Alaska cruise like this ensures your experience matches your interests, and our vetted list of Alaska yacht charters makes the logistics seamless and stress free. Learn more about our private group cruises to Alaska.

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Things To Look Out For When Booking Cruises For Seniors

Importance of cruise travel insurance for seniors

Any holiday comes with its risks and when you consider the points above like onboard and port accessibility, shore excursions and the destinations visited combined with the possibility of limited mobility and other pre-existing health conditions that come with age, its important to make sure that youre covered should anything not go according to plan.

Once youve booked your cruise, make sure to consider seniors travel insurance policies for cruises to find a plan thats best suited for your needs and destination.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Small Ships in Alaska: A Guide to Cruising Off the Beaten Path

Some British seniors looking to cruise may only want to sail from the UK. With Fred. Olsen, there are eight convenient ports of call to pick from, ranging from the ever-popular Southampton and neighbouring Tilbury to those further north such as Liverpool and Newcastle. This means theres no need for the hassle of flights and the airport queues or luggage hauling that comes with them.

Onboard a Fred. Olsen ship, mature cruisers can enjoy activities and entertainment that caters to them. Daily programmes include engaging experiences and insightful demonstrations such as painting, cooking, and dancing all of which are perfect for breaking the ice with fellow passengers.

Dancing even involves gentleman hosts in the evenings so single ladies can always rely on having a dance partner. Accommodation on board all four of Fred. Olsens ships include options for solo cruises, which have no single supplement when booked.

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Top 5 Cruise Lines For Single Seniors

Thereâs no reason to miss out on a wonderful cruise holiday just because you dont have someone to travel with. Single cruising is becoming an increasingly popular way of travelling and a great way to meet new people, see new sites and get out of your comfort zone.

Here are the top 5 cruise lines that cater for single seniors.

Choose Your Small Cruise Ship To Alaska

Once you have an understanding of where you want to cruise and what style of travel you seek, next in your how to choose an Alaskan cruise quest is selecting your small ship. Among our selection of vessels ranging from 8 to just over 100 guests, find more than 25 small cruise ships in Alaska, ranging from high-tech expedition ships to family-owned yachts.

There are numerous considerations for choosing your ship when you are looking at the options for small ship Alaska cruises. Size is certainly one of them, and style is another. Considerations include private balconies, the onboard programming, the crew-to-guest ratio, the adventure equipment aboard, family-friendly programming and so on.

Larger expedition-style Alaskan cruise ships in the 50 to 100 passenger range typically have larger cabins, many with view windows, more deck space for watching wildlife and more common areas. Not to mention additional adventure gear aboard and more guides to diversify your experience. Smaller motor yachts carry 8 to 22 guests and range from rustic floating B& Bs to luxurious yachts. Paying attention to the varied amenities, cabin sizes and other features that are important to you is key in choosing among the many small cruise ships to Alaska.

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How To Book Your Cruise

When it comes to choosing and booking a cruise, I recommend that you speak with a specialist who will take the time to help you find a cruise that meets all of your requirements. And who will get you a great deal!

If you prefer a river cruise or a luxury cruise with Regent Seven Seas or Viking Ocean, then I recommend that you speak to a cruise connoisseur at Panache Cruises. Nothing is too much trouble for them and I promise that your experience is in safe hands with them. You can get a free quote here.

If you dont have a huge budget and want to set sail with Halland America Line, Cunard, Fred. Olsen, Princess Cruises or any of the other mainstream cruise lines, then I recommend that you . Ive booked over 20 cruises with Cruise118 myself and they always do a great job, as well as offering a best price guarantee!

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What Is The Best Option To See Alaska

What Is A Cruisetour? | Alaska Cruisetour | Princess Cruises

A cruise ship is the best option to see Alaska as youll visit coastal towns and cities such as Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. From the comfort of your ship, youll experience the stunning pristine beauty of Alaska and all its wildlife.

Options to visit Alaska include traveling by land, sea or air. According to the Alaska Tourism Agency, over half of all visitors arrive by cruise ship.

In 2018, 1,169,000 visitors arrived on cruise ships. In contrast, 760,100 arrived by air and 97,200 by ferry or highway. Based on these facts, cruise ships are the most popular way of visiting the 49th state.

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