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All-inclusive Cruises Alcohol Included

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Which Cruise Lines Include Alcohol In The Fare?

Watch this video as it includes some details about how drink packages work during a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation:

In this article, we will go into detail about these packages. Their advantages and disadvantages. Prices and some tips and tricks here and there, so read on to find out what you need to know about Royal Caribbean Drink Packages before your next cruise.

But first, lets look at RCCLs drink policies so that you get to understand why you might need a drink package.

The Most Inclusive Drinks Package

Most cruise beverage packages have limits, whether thats a limited number of drinks per day or a limit on the types of drinks you can have. For example, its common to exclude bottles of wine and instead request that guests order wine by the glass.

The table below shows the drinks package limitations for each cruise line.

Cruise line
$12 no

From the data in the table above, you can see that MSC Cruises Premium Plus beverage package is the most inclusive. This package includes unlimited drinks with no price limit, including drinks from the mini-bar.

What Drinks Are Included Or Free On Princess Cruises

If you dont purchase a beverage package, there are still some drinks that are included on your cruise.

Whats included:

  • Milk and chocolate milk
  • Fruit flavored drink, lemomade, and unsweetened ice tea
  • Drip coffee and tea in the buffet and room service

If youd like to buy water bottles to keep in your cabin or bring with you on cruise port days, you can purchase a few bottles for a reasonable price.

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Cruise Lines With The Best All

March 15, 2016 by Katie RosbottomView All On 1 Page

One of the most frustrating aspects of cruising is that alcoholic beverages are never included in the package price, leading to frighteningly high bar tabs at the end of your trip. However, many cruise lines offer all-inclusive drink bundles that you may or may not be aware of. These are the top ten companies to sail with if youre interested in boozin and cruisin affordably.

Do Cruise Line Drink Packages Work In Port

Premium All Inclusive Cruising with NCL

In most cases, the drink package only works on the ship. Thats because most ports of call arent affiliated with the cruise line. So when you port in Cozumel, you are headed into Mexico not an extension of the cruise ship.

That said, drink packages work in some private islands that are run by the cruise line. For instance, CocoCay Royal Caribbeans private island allows you to use the package while in port. MSCs Ocean Cay also allows you to use your drink package in port.

This isnt the case everywhere, however. Notably, Harvest Caye operated by Norwegian doesnt offer the use of drink packages. Carnivals Half Moon Cay and Princess Cays also dont offer the use of the onboard drink package.

Bottom line: Your drink package wont work in ports of call, but there is a possibility if you are visiting a private island run by a cruise line.

Keep in mind being able to use the package in port is a BIG deal. Its essentially an extra day that you can get your moneys worth versus spending out of pocket when you are off the ship.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Making the claim of having the worlds most luxurious fleet is bold, but year after year, Regent Seven Seas delivers on that promise on each of their five ships . The fares wont be within everyones reach, but everyone who is onboard will be treated to a truly first-class experience, with practically everything covered under Regents expansive all-inclusive program.

Whats included: Round-trip airfare , pre-cruise overnight hotel stays, airport-to-ship transfers, 24-hour room service, open bar, gratuities, Wi-Fi, laundry service and unlimited shore excursions.

Where you can cruise: Regent Seven Seas cruise ships sail to exotic destinations all over the globe, from Alaska to the Caribbean in North America, plus Europe, Australia and Asia. Perhaps best of all, this cruise line offers two-for-one fares, making once-in-a-lifetime luxury possible on their all-inclusive cruises. Just be aware, though, that there are a few things you wont see on cruises anymore.

Does Princess Cruises Ever Offer Discounts On Beverage Packages

Princess Plus, the almost all-inclusive option is actually combinable with many promotions, including Captain Circle fares and offer offers.

If youd like to purchase a drink package separately, these go on sale on rare occasions. The best way to find a drink package discount, or any other onboard specials, is to log into your cruise personalizer and keep an eye on your emails.

Tip: Even if you dont get a discount on a beverage package, there are many ways to get additional onboard credits with Princess, which you can use towards any onboard purchases.

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Are Cruise Drink Packages Worth It

Whether or not a drink package is worth it depends on how much and how often you drink. We would guess that for most people, the cost dont justify purchasing an all you can drink package.

You can use our drink package calculator to see if its worth it for you.

Consider that a beer on the ship costs between $6-8, including gratuity. For a drink package running $60 per day, youd have to drink about 8-10 beers each and every day including on days when you are in port to get your moneys worth.

If you like more expensive drinks like cocktails, the math works a little more in your favor. A $10-14 cocktail means youd have to drink about 5-7 drinks every day to make it worth your while.

Many people might be able to keep this sort of pace up for a couple of days, but it can be tough to do that for every day of your cruise. Also keep in mind if you have to spend more to purchase the drink package for everyone in the cabin, even if they dont want it.

There is one benefit to consider, even if you dont come out ahead financially. Some passengers love knowing exactly what they will spend with the package and not having to worry about every nickel and dime they spend on drinks.

With the drink package you arent going to be surprised by a high bill at the end of your cruise. Youll know exactly what youre spending right upfront.

Have you purchased a drink package before? Was it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

Do You Need To Tip For Drinks Purchased With A Carnival Beverage Package

Marella Discovery All Inclusive Drinks

All Carnival drink packages have an extra 18% gratuity on top of the list price. So, you wont need to tip your bartender or server each time you order a drink with your beverage package youve already pre-paid your tips.

However, you can always add an extra tip for your favorite bartenders, if you choose.

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Can You Bring Alcohol On Viking Ocean Cruise

Guests may bring alcohol and beverages with them, purchase alcohol ashore at destinations that sell alcohol, or they may purchase from the onboard shop. Alcohol can be consumed in the guests stateroom or in public spaces, including the restaurants. There is no corkage fee.

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Alternative Restaurants Are Included On Viking Cruises

Viking doesnt have any restaurants where you have to pay extra. Once you are onboard its actually pretty hard to spend money because so much stuff is included. They do have restaurants which are alternative which definitely would be speciality on other cruise lines. The food on Viking was absolutely amazing. I cannot fault a single thing with the food at any point. I think Ill have to write a full review about the food!

Below is the food from the Chefs table Asian tasting menu.

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Can I Purchase A Royal Caribbean Drink Package At Sea

You can buy a Royal Caribbean drink package when you embark on your cruise. The drink package will only be available for purchase during the first one or two days of cruising.

We recommend buying drink packages in advance as the price is generally higher once you are on the ship. Additionally, when you purchase the drink package in advance, you can use it right when you get on the ship.

Why All Inclusive Cruises


Cruising can take you from place to place in no time at all, usually overnight, so you will have plenty of time to explore a variety of exciting locations. With your accommodation, food and entertainment all in one place what could be better? All inclusive cruises take the worry out of any additional costs to your holiday, allowing you to take advantage of a range of onboard activities included in your all inclusive package. Take an all-inclusive cruise to avoid any nasty end of holiday bills!

Psst: All inclusive cruises are great all year round take the stress out of Christmas and New Year dinner by enjoying celebrations on board! See what Easter cruises, Christmas cruises and New Years Eve cruises we have on offer.

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Can I Find Free Drinks Onboard

When you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are several places where you might find free drinks.

Keep an eye out for:

  • An art auction, where they serve complimentary Champagne
  • Attend a liquor tasting at the duty-free shop
  • On the first formal night, you can attend the Captains Toast and receive a complimentary glass of Champagne
  • Platinum and higher Crown & Anchor Society Members get free drinks between 5 pm and 8:30 pm during Happy Hour
  • Guests booked in a Grand Suite or higher can enjoy complimentary evening drinks in the Concierge Lounge
  • A buy one get one free drink voucher might be pre-loaded onto your Seapass card.

Disney Cruise Beer Package

There is a Disney Cruise Beer Package which will give you a discount on a 6 pack of beer. You will pay for only 5 and get a 6 pack for $30. As with all Disney cruise beverages, you will have to add a 15% gratuity onto these prices.

The imported beer choices are:

6 Pack of Heineken Beer $30.006 Pack of Guinness Beer $30.006 Pack of Corona Beer $30.006 Pack of Pub Ale $30.00

If you prefer a Disney cruise domestic beer package here are your choices:

6 Pack of 16 oz Aluminum Bud Light $30.006 Pack of 16 oz Aluminum Bud Light Lime $30.006 Pack of 16 oz Aluminum Budweiser $30.006 Pack of 16 oz Aluminum Michelob Ultra $30.006 Pack of 16 oz Aluminum Miller Light $30.006 Pack of 16oz Aluminum Coors Light $30.00

How to Order a Disney Cruise Drinks Package

The beer and wine drinks packages are easy to order when you are on board the ship. However, you can also pre-order any drinks package at Disney Gifts and Amenities.

It is so easy to order onboard though we never do this. However, it would be useful if you need to budget prior to the cruise and know that your expenses are already taken care of.

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Drink Policy Before You Board

Long gone are the days when cruise lines allowed cruisers to carry unlimited soda, water, even milk packets on board. Royal Caribbean allows a limited amount of beverages onboard such as non-alcoholic beverages may not exceed 12 standard cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom as carry-on. They confiscate and dispose of any such drinks they find, in your checked luggage. The only exception to this rule, being the two 750ml wine bottles allowed per stateroom. But, ensure you carry the wine in your carry on, if you dont want to make a trip to security to claim your luggage and potentially lose the wine. The official policy can be found here and please note that it could change so always check from Royal Caribbean before your cruise.

Some cruisers claim that the no drinks aboard the ship rule is usually a bit relaxed for soda and water packs. But note that if you do this, you do it at your own risk.

Check these travel thermal mugs for your cruise vacation.

But if you are a stickler for the rules like we are, then you are better off, using the drinks available on the ship. Here are some of the drinks that you can expect from the fare you pay for the cruise, without any additional costs.

Breaking Up Total Cost Of Cruise

CELEBRITY CRUISES ALWAYS INCLUDED *Everything You NEED to Know* – Drinks, Tips and Wifi Included

If you elect to buy a drink package before your cruise, you will be charged for the drink package at the time of purchase. This helps reduce the total bill you will see at the end of your cruise.

For those that like to budget their cruise vacation and prefer smaller payments over time, buying a drink package in advance helps spread out the cost of the cruise, since you will not be paying for it along with any other incidental charges to your SeaPass account.

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Your Dream Vacation Awaits

Journey through the wild terrain of Alaska with our Alaska cruises and discover the natural wonders that await as the rugged beauty of this pristine frontier unfolds.

Terms & Conditions

*Prices are per person, cruise and All Included amenities only, for stateroom

*Cruise-Only Rates: Gratuities will be automatically charged to guests onboard SeaPass® account for stateroom and restaurant services in the following amounts, per person, per day: $15.50USD for standard accommodations and $16.00USD for Concierge Class.

*All Included: All Included applies to inside, ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass® stateroom who book with the All Included Rate . All guests in an Eligible Booking will receive a Classic Drink Package, Gratuities Included, and an unlimited Basic Wi-Fi Package. All guests with an Eligible Booking in The Retreat will receive a Premium Drink Package, Tips Included, OBC and an unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package. OBC amount varies by length of sailing and will be credited to guests stateroom folios. OBC has no cash value, is applicable to cruise only, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and will expire if not used by 10:00 PM on the final night of the cruise. Guests with Wi-Fi Packages will receive instructions for Wi-Fi access in their staterooms on the first day of the cruise. All guests in the same stateroom must choose the same rate.

©2022 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Ships registry: Malta and Ecuador.

How To Buy A Drink Package For Your Norwegian Cruise

Its pretty easy, really. Once youve booked your cruise, simply head over to Then up in the right-hand corner, log in to with your username and password. That will take you to Explore & Plan. From there, in the left-hand column, choose Beverage Packages. Simply choose your package and pay for it. It will be automatically added to your account.

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Cheers Cruise Program Price

First in February 2016, then again in August 2018, Carnival enhanced its CHEERS! beverage program and now it includes more non-alcoholic beverages, high-quality brand spirits, and wines by the glass. CHEERS program allows passengers to enjoy a wide selection of drinks by paying a flat daily rate. Passengers must be 21 or older to buy the CHEERS package. Everyone in the same stateroom must purchase the program.

Now available within the CHEERS program are the following beverages:

  • All spirits, including cognacs, whiskies, cocktails, and other spirits, as well as wine by the glass and beer, which cost less than $50 per serving .
  • RockStar energy drinks Zero-proof frozen cocktails
  • Specialty teas and coffees served in the coffee bars, main dining rooms, and specialty restaurants
  • 500ml bottles of water served in ship bars and lounges
  • Vitamin Water, Coconut Water, Powerade, Honest Tea
  • juices, milkshakes
  • Large format bottles of water in specialty restaurants and main dining rooms
  • 25% discount off menu prices for any wine by the glass, spirit or cocktail priced over $50 per serving
  • 25% discount off menu prices for champagne and wine by the bottle, and larger water bottles bought outside specialty restaurants and main dining rooms
  • 25% discount off menu prices for beverage-served shipboard classes and seminars

Below you can read a unique survey dedicated to the Carnivals all you can drink package as history, policy and price changes, customer reviews, etc.

By Jason Cochran

The Pros Of Booking A Drinks Package:

Vacation: Cruise or All
  • Drink packages are easy to use: just order your drink, swipe your card and cheers! No signatures, no waiting and no worries.
  • Its stress-free, you dont have to debate whether you have money for another drink or not.
  • It also makes checking the bill at the end of the trip really simple, since there arent many drink transactions on there for you to check.
  • Paying in advance breaks apart your cruise cost. Dont forget: you may also have expenses ashore, buy souvenirs, casino bills, speciality restaurants and nobody wants to end their holiday with a large bill to pay!
  • Some cruise lines, like MSC or Costa, wont charge you the mandatory service charge of 15% if you book your drink package prior to boarding. If you decide to buy your drinks package onboard, you have to pay a fee.
  • Drinks packages purchased on board must be paid in the ships official currency . If you buy your package in advance, you can pay in your own currency.

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Royal Caribbean Water Package

The tap water on Royal Caribbean cruise ships is always free and perfectly safe. Passengers who prefer to drink bottled water can order 6, 12, or 24 packs of water delivered to your stateroom.

This package is excellent for long days in port to bring the water with you off the boat. Its always important to stay hydrated while exploring the ports of call.

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