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Bahama Cruise From West Palm Beach

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Solo License To Chill

Thousands Arrive At West Palm Beach Port On Cruise From Bahamas

Weve got your onboard License to Chill! Designed for one guest in a stateroom, this package includes:

  • Express Check-in at Port & Express Disembarkation at Port
  • Booking assistance for Shore Excursions
  • Priority luggage delivery Pre-Paid Only
  • Reserved Seating at Stars on the Water Theater
  • Special seating arrangement at Fins Dining Room
  • Dinner for 1 at JWB Prime Steakhouse
  • Sparkling Wine Breakfast for 1 at JWB Prime Steakhouse
  • Special Stateroom Welcome:
  • Day 1: Bottle of sparkling wine and fruit basket
  • Day 2: Chefs selection of confections
  • 1 Individual Massage & Steam Bath for 1 person
  • 18% gratuity included
  • Call for details or add to your trip during booking.

    Speak To A Supervisor

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    If anything sounds suspicious or if your questions are not being answered to your satisfaction, ask to speak to a supervisor or higher-up. Especially when dealing with customer service requests, they are often authorized to offer more than the first-line phone reps.

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    Whats The Difference Between Grand Classica& Grand Celebration

    There are two ships in the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line fleet: Grand Classica and Grand Celebration.

    There arent many differences between the two different Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ships. Their restaurants vary slightlythey have a few of the same restaurants but some different onesbut overall, the vibe is very similar and one isnt better than the other. I wouldnt pick a cruise based on the ship because theyre so similar.

    Ive been on both, but if I had to pick one to go on again, I think it would be Grand Celebration. I think its the original ship, but for some reason, the vibe flowed better for me and I liked its selection of restaurants.

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    The Luxurious Grand Terrace Suites

    Theres no better way to cruise to paradise. These impressive staterooms with a balcony provide the perfect private getaway. Lounge luxuriously with a host of premium amenities, including a queen bed, pull-out sofa bed, scenic balcony, shower, large jetted tub, and so much more.

    Occupancy 4

    • Living room with pull-out sofa bed

    North & South Bimini The Ideal Spot For A Day Trip Or Weekend Getaway

    Cruise Bookings

    Take a Bimini cruise to Bahamas, a dream vacation in waiting. Bimini is a tropical island ideal for day trips and weekend getaways. The Bimini ferry or Bahamas charter flights will transport you to the tranquil isles. Want to connect with another culture but dont have a lot of time. A Bimini day trip or weekend getaway has easy access via the Miami to Bimini Ferry or better yet, Bahamas charter flights. Enjoy a one day Bahamas cruise exploring exotic Bimini beaches. Soak in some history and meet up with Ansil or Ashley Saunders for a real Bimini tour. For underwater fun, try snorkeling and diving around some shipwrecks, ancient stone ruins of Atlantis and the nearby reefs. Visit the Shark Lab and learn about shark conservation. Take the nature trail or explore the mangroves. Listen to the siren song from the islands in the stream come to Bimini.

    Select images courtesy of the Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism.

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    How Much Is Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

    This is perhaps the biggest draw of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line: its affordable. And sometimes, if youre lucky, you might even find a Groupon for the cruise, and then its even cheaper.

    Plus, everythings included in the price, as on most cruises: food and drink wont cost you unless you pay extra for the upgrade restaurants or purchase an alcoholic drink package . And I also recommend at least one meal at The Rock Grill, a super fun dining experience where you cook your own meal on 1000-degree lava rocks brought to your table!

    Courtesy of Skye Sherman

    The cruise is usually around $150 or less for a 2-night/3-day jaunt to the Bahamas. They also offer regular deals and promotions like flash sales and even kids sail free promos . They also offer perks for solo cruisers, so dont write off the cruise if you cant find a travel buddy or if you just need a little me time.

    They even offer monthly Ladies Night cruises, which is $49 per lady with packages available that include drink coupons, spa discounts, VIP perks and other treats.

    Through July 31, 2019, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has brought back their Triple Play promotion: $129 per person for all staterooms plus perks like five free drinks, a $25 onboard credit and $50 casino match play. Am I doing my math wrong, or do the perks just about cover the cost of the cruise?!

    Courtesy of Skye Sherman

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    One Day Bahamas Cruise Discovery Cruises

    A one day cruise at Its the best, most economical way to travel to Freeport Grand Bahamas.

    Destination- Grand Bahama IslandGrand Bahama home to the cities of Freeport and Lucaya, with a faster pace and a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than the Old World sophistication of Nassau. You will enjoy a wide range of duty-free shopping that includes some of the finest names in fashion, crystal, jewelry, silver and china. And theres local art and crafts too. You will find your choice of dining stimulating, from the most sophisticated gourmet dining to fresh fish at native restaurants.There are numerous attractions to visit, a casino,,Swim with the dolphins, and exciting nightlife on Grand Bahama Island.

    Freeport, Bahamas / Lucaya is also a sports lovers paradise, with multiple championship golf courses, tennis, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. Theres a lot more to Grand Bahama Island than the main tourist areas of Freeport/Lucaya. once you debark in the Bahamas from the one day cruise, you can explore an entire island surrounded by beautiful beaches with pristine waters, natural wonders including one of the worlds largest underwater cave systems, three national parks, and small settlements nestled throughout the island.


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    Booking Directly Through The Line

    Cruise newbies are rightfully confused about companies like Royal Seas Cruises. While the line implies its the cruise line for the Grand Celebration ship, its not its name often makes people think its Royal Caribbean, and many of the positive BBB reviews are from folks posting in the wrong place.

    Grand Celebration is, in fact, an old Carnival ship that was purchased by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. After its fall 2017 FEMA charter, the ship got a refresh in dry dock, including a new adults-only area, a larger casino and a coffee and juice bar. The cruises are popular enough that the line has purchased a second ship from Costa Cruises, to be named Grand Classica, scheduled to debut in April 2018. Cruise Critic readers rate Grand Celebration 3 out of 5 stars remember, it is a smaller, older ship and have reviewed it 299 times.

    Bahamas Paradise turned down our request for an interview, but a spokeswoman for the line said, I can tell you that Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and Royal Seas Cruises are two totally separate, unrelated and independent companies. Royal Seas Cruises is a wholesaler and sells Bahamas Paradise Cruises, as they also sell other cruise lines.


    Booking through Bahamas Paradise is the legit way to go, but as you can see, youll be paying a lot more. My weekend cruise in January cost nearly $250 less through Royal Seas Cruises than this weekday offer. Then again, I never got to cruise.

    Make The Most Of Island Time

    Bahamas Paradise cruise from Port of Palm Beach turned around by Cuban Government

    The entire island is yours to explore as soon as we dock. Spend your extra days experiencing beachside bliss, thrilling watersports, and so much more, while discovering the breathtaking beauty of the Bahamas. All-inclusive options are available on Grand Bahama, including Viva Wyndham and Grand Lucayan! Transportation and porterage included.

    Lets head home in style!

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    Collecting Our Free Cruise: What Happened

    In mid-May 2017, I got the email confirming my interest in a free Royal Seas cruise, and just a day or two later, a representative called me about my free trip. The ensuing conversation was the epitome of a hard sell. After outlining the details of my free cruise two nights on Grand Celebration out of the port of Palm Beach in an inside cabin anytime in the next 18 months, as long as I booked 60 days in advance and the additional fees I had to pay , the rep tried to upsell me in multiple ways.

    I could book an outside cabin for more money, or she could transfer me to the customer care team if Id prefer a balcony. The rep told me that if I booked the outside cabin, I could upgrade at an undisclosed discounted rate later, but I couldnt do that if I booked the inside that day. Or I could choose an extended stay , with two nights pre-cruise in Fort Lauderdale or Orlando or two nights on Grand Bahama Island at the Grand Lucayan Breakers Cay Resort. Total price for the cruise plus Bahamas resort was $998 for two passengers.

    The rep didnt mention a timeshare pitch, but when I asked her, she said you did need to attend a guided tour of the Florida owners resort if you booked one of the hotel packages but not if you chose to cruise only.


    Oh, and when asked if Royal Seas Cruises owned Grand Celebration, the rep said yes .

    Why Grand Celebration Is The Ship For You

    We were a bit skeptical as we stepped aboard Bahamas Paradise’s Grand Celebration. We weren’t sure what to expect on such a short sailing onboard a 30-year-old ship that had been passed around the cruise industry.

    Turns out we had no reason to be concerned. Bahamas Paradise not only offers an overall experience that’s fun and affordable, but the line has found an untapped niche that caters to a specific market of drive-to passengers. Read on to see why a cruise on Grand Celebration might be for you.

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    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Experience

    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line isnt a luxury cruise line and the ships arent the latest and greatest state-of-the-art types with all the newest bells and whistles .

    What you will find is a laidback, no-frills way to spend a couple of days away from your cares, the ideal place to take a break from the real world and spend some time in the Bahamas. And for the price, you really cant beat ittry to visit the Bahamas for less, I dare you!

    The actual visit to the Bahamas is shortyou only have from the time the ship docks in the morning til you have to be back on board again in the afternoonbut sometimes, thats all you need for a total reset. Youll sail back into port the next day feeling like you got a nice break from reality for a bit.

    The cruises are also pretty versatile. While the party goes all night at the casino and bar areas, you can also get away from it all and have a relaxed time aboard the ship. Theres onboard entertainment and shows, a casino, bars and poolside parties on the sun deck, but theres also a spa and salon, fitness center, and a little shoppingor you can just enjoy the view from your room!

    Whether you want an action-packed, no-sleep kind of trip or a soothing time with endless sea surrounding you to dissolve your stresses away, you can find what youre looking for on a Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ship.

    Courtesy of Skye Sherman

    Reasons To Take A Day Trip To Bahamas From West Palm Beach

    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

    West Palm Beach is a glamorous city filled with historical places from the Gilded Age to the modern, contemporary vibe of an upscale town of the rich and famous. Things to do in West Palm Beach are extensive. A new trend in attractions is a day trip to Bahamas from West Palm Beach. A one day cruise to Bahamas from West Palm Beach is exciting who wouldnt love a West Palm Beach Bahamas cruise? West Palm Beach has luxury yachts with lavish marinas and manicured lawns surrounding opulent homes. Visit the mansions of the early 1900s, now museums, which showcase an era of decadence. Henry Flagler, a Florida visionary, built a railway to cater to the wealthy great, lavish hotels followed.

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    What Is A Bahamas Day Trip

    A day trip to Bahamas from West Palm Beach is just that, a trip to another place that you could take in only one day. The proximity of the Bahamas to the U.S. makes it possible to get an international experience in a one day visit.

    Bahamas Air Tours offer Palm Beach charter flights from several southern Florida locales including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Vero Beach and Orlando. You are not constricted to just one port as you are with the Palm Beach to Bahamas ferry. You can also take a Palm Beach cruise to Bahamas, but your journey will be more than one day, most of it at sea, and only one day in a tourist center of Bahamas. Not only do you have more options, but a Bahamas cruise by plane will save you time over that of a day cruise to Bahamas from West Palm Beach. Experience the stunning beaches, enjoy the exciting boat excursions, swim with pigs, snorkel with turtles, encounter stingrays and sharks this is the authentic Bahamas Out Island experience. From business travelers with an extra day to romantic couples to families and groups, a Bahamas day trip is ideal for a one day visit to a tropical island.

    Top Shore Excursions On Cruises From Florida To Bahamas

    Atlantis Aquaventure

    No shore excursion will satisfy everyone in your group quite like a day at Atlantis. This mega resort offers activities for the entire family, from a 141-acre water park for thrill seekers to a stretch of pristine beach for relaxation, plus pools and playgrounds designed for the little ones. Take a break from the sun and stroll through the resorts impressive marine exhibits, home to over 50,000 animals.

    Dive Coral Reefs

    If youve always wanted to learn to scuba dive and be captivated by the underwater world, a Bahamas cruise is the perfect opportunity to learn. Designed specifically for beginners, youll learn basic scuba skills before diving into the sea and marveling at vivid fish and coral reefs up close.

    Swim with Dolphins

    Theres perhaps no other experience more memorable than an interactive animal encounter, which is why swimming with dolphins ranks high on many travelers bucket lists. Get the insider scoop from dolphin trainers about working with these majestic sea creatures before hopping into the water to get a wet mammal kiss.

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    One Day Bahama Cruise Bahamas Fast Ferry

    We also offer 2 night Short Cruises and longer 3, 4, 5 and 7 night Caribbean cruises from either the Port of Palm Beach, Port canaveral , Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa and Jacksonville.

    Please ask one of our agents for rates and availability. 954-969-0069

    One day Bahamas cruise ora two night Nassau Bahamas cruiseDiscover Island Cruises or Regal Bahama Cruise2 separate cruise ships, 2different fun tropical vacations.

    Take a break from work and step right in to paradise beaches, casinos, entertainment, shopping and unlike any other in the Carribean

    While enjoying your stay in the island, check out the Things to do in Freeport Grand Bahama

    For booking assistance, please call toll free 1-888-969-0069 or 954-969-0069 to speak with an agent in person

    about $55. for Bahamian Visas

    For shuttle service to and from Airports and Cruise Ports inFort Lauderdale, Miami, or Palm Beach

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    West Palm Beach To Bahamas: A Day Trip To Remember

    Bahamas Paradise cruise from Port of Palm Beach turned around by Cuban government

    One of the top things to do in West Palm Beach is to take a day trip excursion to the Bahamas. To encounter another culture, in stunning surroundings, all in one day is something only a few people get to experience. Your day trip to Bahamas from West Palm Beach by plane will have you putting your toes in the water in no time. A visit to the Bahamas Out Islands is for everyone from single to family to business group. Bahamas Air Tours have partnered with the best of the Bahamas to offer you a fantastic day that you will remember for years to come. Check out the website here and make your reservation today.

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    An Weekend Cruise From Palm Beach To The Bahamas

    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line operates just two shipsGrand Celebration and Grand Classicaout of the Port of Palm Beach, located just north of downtown West Palm Beach in an area formally known as Riviera Beach. Not a lot of people know about it, even in Florida, but its the perfect way to pack more into your vacation. The cruise line has year-round daily sailings between Florida and the Bahamas.

    The sailings are typically two-night/three-day cruises, which makes it easy to just take off on a vacation when you need one. You can leave on a Friday and be back by Sunday morning .

    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line offers super chill and easygoing cruises between two amazing tropical vacation destinations, and it allows you to maximize your time in the Sunshine State by exploring another destination during just a short stint away from your first vacation. Its kind of like a vacation within a vacation, and who wouldnt want that?

    Courtesy of Skye Sherman

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