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Can You Buy Cruise Insurance After Booking

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Why Is Travel Insurance Essential

Can I buy travel insurance after booking flight?

No matter where you’re travelling, here are some excellent reasons to buy travel insurance the next time you book a trip:

  • The Canadian government recommends every Canadian secure travel medical insurance before travelling abroad
  • Your government health insurance plan may cover only a very small portion of out-of-country emergency medical expenses
  • Your credit card coverage may be limited
  • Your employee benefits plan coverage may be limited
  • Coverage is highly beneficial for a range of situations including trip cancellation, interruption & delay and / or lost / stolen baggage

Should I Buy Travel Insurance When Booking A Cruise

Whether or not you buy travel insurance is a personal decision that will depend on a lot of factors. Would you be willing to absorb the loss of having to cancel a cruise on short notice due to an illness or accident? Could you afford an evacuation flight from a far-off port if you suddenly became seriously ill? Only you can answer those sort of questions.

Here, some thoughts that might help your decision:

Sample Trip Cancellation/interruption Policy

Below are the included coverages in Allianz Travel OneTrip Cancellation Plus, a trip cancellation/interruption policy. Allianz Travel Insurance is one of the largest travel insurance companies in the world, and it is one of many third-party insurance companies that offer travel insurance for your cruise vacation.


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When To Purchase Coverage For Canadian Customers

Only a few travel insurance companies on InsureMyTrip offer plans that cover medical emergencies and evacuation as well as cancellation, delay, and baggage. Some companies offer cancellation-only plans as well. All plans available on InsureMyTrip must be purchased before you leave Canada, you cannot purchase any of these plans once you have departed. Importantly, you cannot purchase coverage for only a portion of your trip you must fully insure it. If you do not, then the plan would be considered invalid and not provide coverage.

Annual Fee For Medical Evacuation Family Coverage

Can you buy travel insurance after booking a flight?

MedJetAssist offers annual policies for individuals and families. Residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico are eligible for these plans, which cover medical evacuation and repatriation, both domestically and when traveling outside of the country of residence.

The company ensures that a jet will be available whenever the insured needs it policy members who are hospitalized out of the country can choose to be transported to any hospital of their choice around the world. Annual family memberships start at $399 for international and domestic travel , while short-term memberships start at $184.

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Carnival Vacation Protection Prices

You can buy Vacation Protection when you book your ticket, and its the best time to do so if you plan to purchase the plan as it gives you the longest stretch of coverage.

Prices vary depending on the price of your cruise fare, but we found a range from between $49 per person for the least expensive cruises, up to $189 per person for pricier trips. In general, expect the cost to run about 10-15% of your cruise fare, before taxes, fees, gratuities or other expenses. It can sometimes be more or less that this estimate.

If you do decide to purchase the package, it does come with a 10-day review period. If for any reason you change your mind about coverage, then you can cancel within 10 days for a full refund, assuming you havent made a claim.

Faqs About Carnivals Vacation Package

Cruise insurance can be tricky to figure out, thats why weve decided to cover some of the most common questions here regarding Carnivals policy here.

What happens if I get sick and cant go on my cruise?This is exactly what the cruise insurance was made for. If you, your traveling partner, or immediate family gets sick and cant make your cruise, then Carnivals policy will reimburse you 100% of what you paid.

Am I covered if I am on an excursion and get hurt?Yes. Should you have an accident, you are reimbursed up to $10,000 in medical expenses. Keep in mind that your regular health insurance should be used first, before payment from the Carnival Vacation Protection plan.

Can I get my money back if I cancel a cruise without insurance?In some cases yes. If you decide to cancel a cruise well in advance, you may be eligible for a refund of what youve paid, even if you dont have cruise insurance. See the schedule earlier in this article for what sort of refund you are eligible for.

Notice: We are not insurance professionals. Whats mentioned above is our interpretation based on reading the policy. There could be errors or misunderstandings. If you have specific questions, refer to the Carnival website or call the program administrator at 1-800-331-2796.

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Travel Insurance Primer For Cruise Travelers

The last thing most of us think about when we plan a cruise is the list of elements that can go wrong before and during our vacation. But there are definite reasons why you should consider travel insurance for your cruise.

Flight delays caused by weather or a mechanical problem can keep us from arriving to our embarkation port in time. The airline can lose our checked bags. We can get sick before we board or, even worse, mid-cruise. We might make a boneheaded move in a port of call and miss the ship. Plus, a host of other general issues can scuttle a vacation, such as the illness or death of a family member, cancellation of plans by a travel companion, job loss, airline delays and lost baggage.

Today of course the biggest concern for many travelers is COVID-19 insurance — we have a separate article which cover that.

Those reasons and so many others are why cruisers seek insurance coverage — and why we recommend it. It provides that extra bit of calm and control we all crave. More importantly, it prevents you from losing money due to unforeseen circumstances and travel emergencies, and insurance fees are typically just a small percentage of your vacation expenditure.

I Already Have Travel Insurance How Is This Coverage Different

Can you get trip cancellation insurance after booking?

This COVID-19 coverage is specifically designed to cover COVID-19 medical and related expenses only. It does not replace your existing travel insurance. We recommend contacting your travel insurance provider to determine what you are and arent covered for, under your current policy.

This COVID-19 coverage is underwritten by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. and is administered by TuGo.

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Travel Insurance For Destinations In Europe

European Health Insurance Cards have led to the common misconception that you dont need travel insurance when visiting countries in Europe. While its true that some countries in the European Union offer free healthcare to UK travellers who present a valid EHIC, this isnt the case everywhere.

Your EHIC only entitles you to the level of state-provided care that locals receive in the country youre visiting. Not all European medical systems work like the UKs some will require you to pay towards the cost of your care. You can check medical care costs for the country youre visiting via the NHSs country-by-country guide.

Regardless of whether you have an EHIC, you will not be covered for the cost of piste rescue in ski resorts, or being flown back to the UK due to illness or a medical emergency. And by solely relying on your EHIC, youll also miss out on cover for cancelled or shortened holidays, not to mention lost belongings. For this reason, its highly recommended that you possess both an EHIC and an appropriate travel insurance policy before travelling abroad in Europe.

Covid Coverage Has Been Expanding

According to Walch at InsureMyTrip, most travel insurance companies have adjusted or expanded their interpretation of coverage when it comes to considering Covid-19 like any other illness thats covered.

This can include trip cancellation, trip interruption and emergency medical benefits if you contract the virus and either cant travel or must seek medical attention during your trip, she says.

Conway says the medical coverage to choose mostly depends on your exact needs, destination, length of trip and activities while traveling. In general, a $500,000 limit is sufficient, she says.

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You May Need More Assistance Than You Think

If youre injured or becomes severely ill during a trip, especially in a foreign country, it may be difficult to access help without the assistance of trained professionals that comes with many insurance plans.

Many travel insurance companies provide around-the-clock assistance with locating overseas clinics and pharmacies getting to a doctor or hospital refilling lost or depleted prescriptions assisting with up-front payments to hospitals and arranging flight changes so you can get home.

Travel insurance companies also can arrange for an air ambulance, a nurse escort, oxygen and a lie-flat seat on a flight home if your medical condition warrants it.

Dont Worry About Fancy Benefits

Can You Buy Travel Insurance After Booking a Flight

While Cancel for Any Reason policies are extremely popular with many travelers, for good reason, theyre probably not where you want to focus your search if youre about to depart. CFAR is intended to help you out if you choose to cancel your trip for any reason thats not stated as being covered on your travel insurance policy. However, if youre putting together a last-minute itinerary, chances are you wont be changing your mind. Also, since CFAR policies require you to cancel and notify all of your travel suppliers of your decision a minimum of two days prior to your departure, last-minute travelers may not have time on their sides.

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What Is Carnivals Coverage Scope

Carnival cruise insurance coverage begins when your final payment for the insurance cover is received by the cruise line.

In the cases of trip cancellation and interruption, the coverage time is different. For trip cancellation, the coverage begins from the time the full payment of the cover is made. For trip interruption cancellation the coverage starts from the scheduled departure date.

Your vacation protection plan coverage ends the moment the cruise is completed or when you arrive at your return destination. It also ends the moment you cancel the vacation.

What Does Cruise Insurance Cover

Every policy is slightly different there is no set requirement of what is covered. That said, youll find most cruise insurance covers the same basic things. Here are the major items that youll want to make sure your policy covers.

Trip Cancellation The most basic coverage with cruise insurance, trip cancellation protection allows you to get your money back that youve paid for your trip if you cancel for specific, predetermined reasons. This coverage doesnt allow you to get repaid if you just decide to cancel because you dont want to go.

The specific reasons will be laid out in your policy. In general, they fall into several major groups:

  • Major illness or injury to you, traveling companion, or family member
  • Death of you, traveling companion, or family member
  • Quarantine
  • Being fired/laid off
  • Travel delays

Trip Interruption Similar to trip cancellation, this coverage pays you for an interruption for specific reasons like the ones mentioned above after your trip has already started or when travel is delayed. In addition to being reimbursed for the remainder of what youve paid for your cruise, youll also be reimbursed for expenses like flight and hotel to get back home.

Emergency Medical If youre worried about getting sick or injured while on your cruise, then know that most plans offer emergency medical coverage. This is exactly as it sounds. It provides medical insurance for serious illness or injury. Many plans also offer some dental coverage.

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Winter Sports Golf And Cruise Travel Insurance

Different types of holidays sometimes require different types of travel insurance. If your idea of a perfect break involves whizzing down ski slopes, teeing off on the worlds best golf courses or sunning yourself on the deck of a luxury cruise ship, its worth looking for a policy that caters specifically to your needs.

For example, a winter sports holiday involving skiing or snowboarding can provide cover for things like piste closures, delays caused by avalanches and lost, stolen or damaged skiing equipment .

Likewise, a travel insurance policy catering for golf holidays will pay towards replacing damaged, lost or stolen golf equipment, as well as reimbursing you for lost green fees if youre unable to play due to illness or injury. Cruise travel insurance is the ideal choice if you plan on sailing the high seas, and need to know that youll be covered in the case of eventualities such as missed port departures, itinerary changes and cabin confinement.

Admiral offers winter sports, golf and cruise travel insurance as upgrades to our standard policies, so youll benefit from all the essential elements of cover previously outlined . As with other types of travel, its smart to buy your insurance on the same day you book your holiday for the best chance of being covered.

How To Make Sure Your Travel Insurance Covers Covid

Travel Insurance Tips: 7 Things to Know Before You Buy

Conway says the best way to understand the scope of your policy is to ask your travel insurance company or agent. Policies may be complex to understand, and Covid-19 related coverage may be included in an option that does not call it by this name, she says.

If you feel uncertain, get someone on the phone to walk you through the policy to be sure it covers everything you need. Too many travelers were at a loss last year so its better to be sure than sorry.

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How Much Does Travel Insurance For A Cruise Cost

Expect to pay anywhere from 4% to 8% of your total prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses for a travel insurance policy. Thats a wide range, we know, but it reflects the wide range of products that are out there.

Youll also find some basic plans that cost even less than 4% of your trip expenses. Some super-premium plans that cover just about any conceivable issue can cost as much as 12% of your trip expenses.

All reputable insurance companies will offer a free-look period during which you can receive a 100% refund on your premium. This allows you to review the policy youve selected and return it for any reason within the period allotted usually for a small administration fee under $10.

Under normal circumstances, you dont need to purchase a so-called cancel for any reason policy unless you really need the flexibility. The policies are significantly more expensive.

You can receive a quote and purchase a policy online in minutes with any credit card. Note that, although you may think travel insurance should code as travel when paid on a credit card and thus be eligible for bonus points on certain cards, that isnt always the case. Your points earnings will depend on the individual underwriters merchant code. When in doubt, expect that the purchase will fall under the insurance category for earnings.

Section : Baggage Protection

Carnivals baggage protection plan promises to pay you up to $1500, less applicable deductions for any theft, damage, loss, and destruction of your baggage during the cruise.

Carnival will refund you, full receipt value of your baggage in case of damage or loss but in case you dont present a receipt, they will only pay up to 80% of the cash or market value of your baggage as at the time of loss.

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Get A Free Quote At The Link Below

Again, for cruise travel insurance, we suggest looking at a site like This site searches many companies at once to find the right insurance for you and your trip and bring you all your choices. Whether you are looking for affordability or the best coverage, all your options are laid out for you.

You can get a free quote here, see how much coverage might cost, and see everything it covers.

Disclaimer: is an affiliate with the travel insurers mentioned in the article above. We receive a small commission if you get a quote or purchase through the links included in this article at no extra cost to you.

Travel Insurance And Medical Conditions

Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Booking?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are planning on travelling, its even more important to get your insurance sorted as soon as possible. Should one of your pre-existing medical condition be exacerbated, you may need medical care whilst away or even cancel your holiday before travelling

Be entirely honest with your insurer when telling them about your pre-existing medical condition. If you need to make a claim and they find out that you havent been truthful about the state of your health, your cover may be invalidated, and you will have to pay for your care yourself. No matter how minor your condition is, declaring it ahead of the holiday will help you to avoid potentially sky-high medical fees further down the line.

Most reputable insurers offer medical screening to help you find out whether a condition will affect your travel insurance. At Admiral, we conduct our medical screening by telephone and online through our quote process.

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Can I Use This Covid

  • Its specifically designed to offer coverage for COVID-19 while the Government of Canadas avoid all non-essential travel advisory , which is still in place at time of publication.
  • However, if the Government of Canada changes to an avoid all travel advisory , your coverage may cover you for trip interruption. Certain exclusions, limitations and conditions may apply. Please review the Certificate of Insurance to learn more about what is/isnt covered.
  • WestJet reserves the right to terminate this offer at anytime.
  • While we continue to closely monitor this evolving situation, travelling comes with risks to your personal health and safety its up to you to give each one proper consideration before going through with your trip. Bookmark to stay informed.

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