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Can You Smoke On Disney Cruise

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Follow Sues Alcohol Advice

You Can’t do THIS on a Cruise (Normally)

Because I had Sue and others telling me to bring the alcohol I was allowedI didnt do itand we spent over $550 on drinks! And honestly, we didnt drink that much.

I should have heeded their advice learn from my mistake.

Oh one thing you MUST try? The Boozy Dole Whip. Spiced run, coconut rumwhichever rum you prefer, just dont miss it!

Heres what Sue says:

My husband and I are the type of folks that cant imagine vacation without beer and wine. Disney lets you bring both on board in limited quantities in your carry on luggage. As of this writing, it is one six pack per person and two bottles of wine. My sister-in-law wants to know if we can have the kids packing as well. Ha.

You can bring wine to dinner for a corkage fee of $25, but Im not that fancy of a wine drinker. The corkage would be more than the bottle of wine. Plus Disney has a wine and dine package. If you buy it before sailing its $89 for three bottles of wine . Considering a glass of wine in an Atlanta bar is usually between $9 and $15 a glass this doesnt seem too bad of a price to me.

You can purchase a 22 oz. mug of beer for $16.95 and then refill it for the 18 oz. price the entire trip. 22 oz. is a perfect size to split while lounging at the pool.

We did bring in a 6 pack of beer and two bottles of wine. I purchased the wine package so my sister-in-law and I could have wine with dinner each night. All seemed to work well.

Last Day Disembarking Tips

On our last day, we were super sadwe were not ready to return to reality. You dont have to be in line to get off until about 11am, so enjoy that extra time together.

The staff will come by in the morning to take your luggage, if youd like. We didnt do this we brought our own luggage off the ship. After seeing the process for getting off, I wish we had let them take it.

The system for getting your bag as you disembark is MUCH more efficient than the airport. You will not be extending your processing time if you let them handle luggage so do it! It is much less of a hassle for them to handle it.

Dont forget to grab breakfastfill your belly well for the ride home. We went to Cabannas and filled up on eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, fruit and so much more. We even threw a few cereal boxes in my purse for the kids to munch on in the disembarkation line

The shops are not open that last day, so grab all your souvenirs early in your trip. I always wait to the last day, so I have time to think about what we wantbut this time I ended up with no special trinket from our trip. I cant believe we dont even have a lapel pin for our bulletin board. Dont make my mistake shop early in your trip.

See A Nighttime Parade

Speaking of Magic Kingdom shows, the park used to have a nighttime parade that took place twice every night and featured some really cool light-up floats! It started with Spectromagic!which ran from 1991 to 2010 and then was replaced by the Main Street Electrical Parade.

However, the Main Street Electrical Paraded ended in 2016 and no nighttime parade has been available in Disney World since.

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New Designated Smoking Areas Revealed For Walt Disney World Parks

KaitlynPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

New Designated Smoking Areas Revealed For Walt Disney World Parks. The new areas are now shown on the new Disney Parks Maps and via the My Disney Experience App.

In a relatively recent announcement, Walt Disney World Resort announced a few new Disney Parks rules that came into effect as of yesterday, May 1, 2019. These rules included size limits on strollers, no loose ice or loose ice bags, and the most surprising change, a smoking ban inside the Disney Parks. The ban prohibits use of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigerettes, vape pens, and the like, inside the theme parks.

For those who are concerned, there will still be designated smoking areas located outside the theme park. You will have to leave the parks in order to use these designated smoking areas and then re-enter the park once you are finished.

Lets take a look at the newly designed Disney Parks Maps from the Walt Disney World Resort.

The new location at Disneys Magic Kingdom is located near the front entrance, towards the middle of the Bus Loop and water front of Bay Lake. You can find the new smoking decal just to right of the bottom-middle of the photo.

You can find the new smoking area at Disneys Hollywood Studios outside the main entrance towards the boat dock on the Disney Channel. You can see the new smoking decal on the upper right hand side of the photo above.

Disney Dream And Disney Fantasy Smoking Areas

Cruise Ship Disney Fantasy Smokestack Stock Photo ...

On the Disney Dream and Fantasy, the most popular smoking area seems to be Deck 13 on the Port side of the ship, very close to Currents Bar.

This is one of the few areas where I, as a non-smoker, have really noticed smoking on the ship. It is a popular area to sit and it does get pretty smoky as you pass as you climb up the stairs on the Port Side to go to Deck 13.

Another lesser-known area is on Deck 12 aft on the Port side outdoor patio of the Meridian Bar. This area is lesser known as it is between Palo and Remy so doesnt get as much traffic as Deck 13. Smoking is permitted here at any time. There is another patio area on the other side of the bar where smoking is not permitted.

Smoking is also allowed on the outside Promenade Deck 4 Portside from 6 pm to 6 am.

Smoking is not allowed in most areas of any Disney Cruise Ship. This includes your stateroom and verandah. If you are caught smoking in your Disney cruise stateroom or balcony you will be charged at $250 cleaning fee. Just dont do it.

Remember that all cigarettes should be disposed of properly. Do not throw cigarettes off the side of the ship. Think no one is stupid enough to do that? Think again, as we have seen it happen! Always have safety in mind.

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How Much Cash Will I Need

Disney Cruise Line has a convenient cash-free system on board. When guests check-in, a credit card is put on file for charging privileges throughout the cruise. Any purchases on the ship, including beverage services, spa, salon services, photography, medical and laundry services, purchases from retail shops, gratuities, and any item or service of a personal nature must be charged to your room charge. All charges will be settled prior to debarkation from the ship by cash, personal check , travelers checks, Disney Dollars, or major credit card. Guests paying by a method other than the credit card on file will settle with guest services the evening before the end of the cruise.

In the Bahamas and the Caribbean, U.S. dollars and major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. European and Canadian itineraries may require local currency for expenses in port and pre- and post-cruise.

Can You Fish On A Cruise Ship Balcony

You cannot fish off a cruise ship balcony. This is not allowed by the cruise lines and it would be near impossible even if it was. Cruise ships typically travel at around 20-30knots and your balcony may be, for example, on deck 10. This would make fishing almost impossible and it should not be tried.

Want to learn how to cruise well on a budget? Start here: How to Cruise For Less

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Your Balcony Cabin Questions Answered

While were on the subject of balcony cabins, we thought wed address some of the most commonly asked questions about our favorite cruise room category.

What is the difference between a balcony and a veranda on a cruise ship?

Nothing. Cruise lines use the terms interchangeably. However, Carnivals Havana Cabana cabins and Holland Americas lanai cabins feature patio-style outside space that is along a public walkway and different from a private balcony even if the patio area or patio furnishings are for your use only.

Is a balcony on a cruise ship worth it?

Definitely! Unless youre the type whos never in their stateroom, a balcony cabin is the ideal cruise room because it offers extra lounging space and easy access to fresh air. We love how relaxing it is to sit in peace, gazing out at the sea views.

Compare that to the pool deck experience, where you may have to fight the crowds for a lounge chair and be forced to listen to loud music, poolside movies, and your neighbors conversation when you long for quiet time. You can see why its nice to have a private getaway.

If youre not sure, read more about inside vs. outside cabins to see if either of these cruise rooms is more your speed.

Can you sleep on the balcony of a cruise ship?

Its not recommended to spend the night sleeping on your balcony, but no one will stop you. Cat naps in the sun, however, are highly encouraged.

Can you smoke on a cruise ship balcony?

Norwegian Cruise Line Smoking Policy

11 Major Things to NEVER Do on a Cruise Ship

Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas.Most ships , have acigar lounge where cigars are welcome. Nothing but cigars and pipes may besmoked in these areas. Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Encore havea designated smoking room within the casino where people can smoke whilst playing.On other ships, smoking is allowed throughout the casino. Cigar and pipesmoking is not allowed in the casino. Whilst smoking is not generally allowedin cabins or on balconies, guests staying in Garden Villas are allowed to smokein their private garden and on their private sun decks.

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Can You Smoke In Disney 2020

Smoking areas will no longer be present in our domestic theme parks, water parks and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Guests may use designated smoking areas outside of the parks, at Disney Resort hotels and at Disney Springs. Loose and dry ice is not permitted in our parks. Reusable ice packs are recommended.

Do I Need To Bring Any Special Clothing

Just like the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line offers a casual, informal resort atmosphere. Shorts, capris, pants, sundresses, etc. are all appropriate for warmer seasons. In the winter, a light jacket or sweater may be needed for cooler days and nights. Dont forget to bring comfortable shoes as well as shoes for hanging out at the pool. Also, dont forget to bring your swim attire.

As far as attire for the dining rooms, dining dress requirements vary by venue or theme night on your cruise. In general, most meals are Cruise Casualno swimwear or tank tops. Most cruises also have special theme nights with additional attire requirements. Button-down, open-collar shirts or polo shirts and slacks are recommended for men. Pants and a blouse or a casual dress are appropriate for ladies. In addition, shorts are now permitted in the three main dining rooms. Disney Cruise Line requests that no T-shirts or jeans be worn in any of the restaurants in the evening.

Aboard the 7-Night Caribbean Cruise there is a formal and semi-formal where Guests can wear more formal attire, if they choose.

For guests sailing on a 7-Night Cruise, you will celebrate the spirit with a special deck party. You are invited to join in the fun by wearing festive island wear including colorful shirts, dresses, shorts, or pants. This is the perfect time to dust off that Hawaiian shirt

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Where You Can Smoke

Smoking is permitted in designated open deck areas that are clearly marked as well as the upper level of the G32 nightclub on Queen Mary 2. Electronic cigarettes, including those which do not emit smoke, are not permitted in public areas but can be used in staterooms, balconies and designated areas of the open deck.

Can You Sleep On A Cruise Ship Balcony

9 Things To Avoid Doing on Your Disney Cruise Balcony ...

There are no rules that say that passengers on cruise ships cant sleep on their balconies. That said, cruise lines do generally advise against it. Despite this many people enjoy sleeping on their balconies and you wont have any problem doing so if you want to.

There are a few things that you should take into account before sleeping on the balcony such as how do you make it comfortable and how to ensure that you wont be woken unexpectedly. Some balconies and ships are definitely better for sleeping on than others. The photo below shows the balcony of the Royal Princess which is really quite small by cruise ship standards.

Royal Princess Balcony

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Smoking Policies On Australia Cruise Ships

Once upon a time, smoking on cruises was the norm. Who could forget the ever-suave Carey Grant puffing away onboard the SS Constitution in “An Affair to Remember”?

Fast-forward to the mid-1990s when smoking on cruise ships was banned in some dining rooms and not everyone was happy. Carnival Cruise Lines led the way and Princess soon followed. In 1998, Carnival launched the first purpose-built smoke-free cruise ship, Paradise, later renamed Carnival Paradise. It caused a bit of a stir at the time as Carnival promised to fine any person caught smoking on that ship and put them off at the next port!

Alas, the completely non-smoking cruise ship did not last. Apparently smokers also like to have a drink and a punt in the casino, so a non-smoking cruise ship meant loss of revenue.

So, can you smoke on a cruise ship these days? There are no “smokers lines” and there are no non-smoking cruises, but there are fewer places where passengers can light up. Here’s the lowdown on cruise ship smoking policies in Australia and on ships that regularly visit Down Under.

Waltdisney World Smoking Areas

DesignatedSmoking Locations around Walt Disney World

Please check our Disney World Maps for exact smoking locations.

On May 1, 2019, all of the theme parks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland became smoke-free. Smoking and vaping are both allowed outside of the parks’ entrances in the designated areas which are marked clearly on the theme park maps. Below are snippets of each park map so you can easily see where smoking is permitted. The full theme park maps are available by clicking the link above.

All Disney owned Resorts are Non-Smoking. This ban includes smoking on balconies/patios. Each Disney World Resort has designated outdoor smoking areas.

A $250 – $500 ‘Room Recovery Fee’ will be assessed for smoking in a guest room/balcony/patio.

Note that at Ft. Wilderness, smoking is permitted at campsites, on cabin porches and in designated smoking areas. Smoking is not allowed inside the cabins.

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What Should I Do If I See Someone Smoking In A Place Where It’s Off Limits

Nobody likes a tattletale, but in addition to keeping the onboard environment free from unpleasant odors, smoking rules are in place for safety reasons.

As you’re likely to hear during your ship’s muster drill, fire is the single biggest risk to any vessel, and cruise lines try to cut down on the risk by limiting the areas in which passengers can light up.

If you’re a smoker, please keep the above in mind, and be courteous of your fellow cruisers. They might have breathing issues that require them to steer clear of irritants like smoke, or they might just simply want to enjoy fresh air as they stroll along the lido deck or sunbathe on their balconies.

If you see someone smoking where they shouldn’t be, you can kindly ask them to move to an area where it is allowed. If you would rather not take matters into your own hands, you can instead alert a crew member who will handle it.

As mentioned above, smokers who refuse to adhere to the rules can face fines or — worse — disembarkation.

Where You Can Smoke:

New Smoking Policy on a Cruise Ships – Now STRICTLY enforced!

Holland America is one of the only remaining cruise lines that allow smoking on balconies. Smoking is permitted on all cabin balconies , open decks, the casino and Seaview Bar. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked inside the cabins, but not in other indoor areas of the ship. E-cigarettes can be smoked in the designated open deck areas.

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Costa Cruises Smoking Policy

Costa Cruises have a relaxed smoking policy that does allow guests to smoke on their balconies.

Smoking in cabins is not allowed and there are other smoking areas around the ship.

I took my first Costa cruise in 2018 and was surprised by the number of smoking areas on the ship. We cruised on the Costa Luminosa and on the top deck a lot of the bars had ashtrays.

Smoking is not allowed in cabins but is permitted outdoors on private balconies. In order to avoid a fire hazard, it is very important to always extinguish and dispose of cigarettes in the appropriate ashtrays and never throw them from the ship when still alight.

In addition to the balconies and top deck space guests are also permitted to smoke inside in the area marked Cigar lounge. In the cigar lounge passengers are able to smoke cigars, cigarettes and pipes.

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