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Greek Island Cruises From Athens

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What Is The Dress Code On The Boat

Day 9: Athens | Italy, Turkey and Greek Islands Cruise

Unlike the bigger ocean liners where evenings can be quite formal, life on our vessels is very relaxed and casual. During the warmer months, you will find our guests typically wearing shorts, summer dresses or bathing suits during the day. Summer evenings in Greece are also pleasantly warm, so clients will enjoy dining on shore in smart chino shorts, jeans, linen trousers or summer dresses. During the cooler months, we do advise guests to bring a windproof jacket and slightly warmer clothes as temperatures in the evening can get quite chilly. What to take with you on a Greek Island Cruise.

The Acropolis And Acropolis Museum

If the Acropolis is the most famous of the Athenian landmarks, the Parthenon is far and away from the most iconic. Dedicated to the goddess Athena, the temple was completed in 438 BC after several years of construction. The cultural weight of the Parthenon is unique in the world, and once youre up therefar above the traffic of the city belowstaring up at the massive marble pillars with views of Athens extending all the way to the sea, it feels almost ethereal. As you make your way up the steep path to the top, the first structure youll see is the Propylea, which was the monumental gateway to the ancient sacred complex. Youll also spot the Erechtheion, a structure famous for its six beautiful female Caryatid sculptures. While the structure of the Parthenon is mostly intact, the artifacts that were once there are now mostly on display in the stunning Acropolis Museum, which is located below the Acropolis itself. Inside it, you can peruse some 4,000-ancient works of art and artifacts starting from the Greek Bronze Age through the archaic and classical periods and beyond, housed in five collections on three levels. In addition to the permanent collections, dont miss the excellent temporary exhibitions on the ground floor and check out the large restaurant with its astounding Acropolis views, too!

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Romance And Culture Await On A Greek Island Cruise

Its no wonder the Greek Islands have always been a perennial favorite of travelers. Greece is a magical, romantic destination where you can wander alongside stunning coastlines, explore the ruins of ancient cultures, and dine on fresh Mediterranean cuisine all in one vacation.

On one of our luxury Greek Island cruises, explore far-flung beaches, drift out to sea on catamarans and kayaks, and duck into tiny tavernas where you can eat and drink like a local. From the sun-soaked stone buildings in Santorini to the white-sand beaches that beckon in Mykonos, a Greece cruise is the best way to experience the captivating Greek Islands.

Can I Swim Off The Back Of The Boat


With the enticing sapphire waters, including hidden bays, one of the highlights of our cruises is the chance to swim in beautiful clear bays. You can look forward to regular stops for enjoying a refreshing dip, depending on the season and the weather. There are ladders for convenient access to the sea from the swimming platform, but be sure to read the safety instructions before leaping in. Be aware that the ships are unable to drop anchor too close to the shore, so passengers arent able to swim to beaches that are nearby.

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Top Food And Drink Spots Near The Athens Cruise Port

Varoulko – Piraeus

Address: Akti Koumoundourou 52, Mikrolimano, Piraeus

This Michelin-rated restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood dishes and main courses cooked expertly, like white fish served with zucchini cream and horseradish, or cuttlefish risotto, or delicious leek soup.

Strofi – Athens

Address: Rovertou Galli 25, 11742 Athens, Greece

Just steps from the Acropolis, youll find Strofi, a restaurant that has been open since 1957. Try lamb stuffed wrapped in vine leaves and stuffed with cheese, or octopus with olive oil and oregano. Enjoy the outdoor dining area, with views of the Acropolis in the near distance.

Orizontes – Athens

Address: Lycabettus Hill, Athens, Greece

Most of the novelty of Orizontes is the fact that its located on Mount Lycabettus, the highest peak in Athens. Talk about views. Come for homemade bread, an extensive wine list, and classically Mediterranean lamb and fish dishes.

Mama Psomi – Athens

Address: 42-44 Zacharitsa St, Koukaki

This family-owned bakery is a favorite, providing everything from pies with sweet filling to bulgur wheat bread or walnut bread. Find and quickly devour these at Mama Psomis.

Areopagus And Ancient Agora

The marble path called Dionysiou Areopagitou, named for the first Athenian convert to Christianity following Apostle Pauls sermon straddles the base of the south slope of the Acropolis and connects several interesting historical sites. These include the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a spectacular ancient theater that dates to 161 AD and was originally covered with a wooden roof. Today, open-air cultural performances at the theater are a highlight of the prestigious annual Athens & Epidaurus Festival. Continuing along the path leads you to the beginning of the Areopagus Hill area which is a rocky prominence just northwest of the Acropolis. The site of a criminal court in ancient Athens, today the Areopagus is a magnet for those who come to appreciate the views of the Acropolis from the top of it, which you can easily reach by stairs. A bit farther along youll be by the entrance to the ancient Athenian Agora of Athens on one side and the start of the Filopappou Hill, or the Hill of the Muses, on the other. As the beating commercial heart of ancient Athens, the Agora is now home to a veritable catalog of ancient ruins and temples like the bouleuterion and the Altar of the Twelve Gods, making a detour of any length here a fascinating foray into the past. This area has a rustic, park-like atmosphere today but if time is lacking, top highlights on your list should be the Museum of the Ancient Agora and superbly preserved Temple of Hephaestus.

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The Thrill Of The Climb

Another great thing to do while in Greece are the daily tours of the volcano Nea Kameni, which is located on an uninhabited island close to Santorini, begin with a short boat ride, followed by a climb up to the volcanic craters that takes just over an hour. The tour then takes in hot springs and mud baths, where you can recharge your batteries.

To Cruise Or Not To Cruise The Greek Islands

Discover Athens with Celebrity Cruises

If you arecoming to Greece this year and you want to seeas much as you can, what better way to see theGreek Islands and the coast of Turkey then togo in style on a cruise ship? But there are some things you should think about. For example do you want to spend all your time on a ship and 5 or 6 hours on an island, or do you want to spend more time on the islands? If you are using a cruise ship as a sort of introduction to Greece for a future trip where you will spend more time on an island or two then I get it. Think of it as getting the appetiser sampler instead of a main meal, so next time you come you will know what you like. If there is a next time.Of course if this is your one and only trip to Greece it would be great if you could do both. Well, actually there is. Fantasy Travel’s Smart Seven allows you to spend three nights on Mykonos and three nights on Santorini and in between you are on a Four Day Cruise that includes Turkey, Patmos, Rhodes and Crete.

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Tours From Cruise Ships

Many cruise companies discourage the use of taxi and limo companies for private tours in destinations like Rhodes, Athens, Crete, Santorini and places in Turkey. Whether this is to ‘protect’ the passenger or because the cruise ships themselves offer tours I don’t know . I do know that you can get excellent service from taxi companies which offer personalized tours, many of whom charge by the trip and not by the person. These tours are like having a local host show you around the islands, towns and cities that they know. Instead of eating in some giant tourist trap that accommodates the dozens of people who take the bus tours, you can go to small tavernas where the locals eat, on quietstreets or on the sea.

These are some drivers I recommend:

In Athens of course there isGeorge the Famous Taxi Driver who is now something of an international hero for his tours of Athens, the mainland and his ability to get customers from the boats to the airport or hotels comfortably and quickly. George, like the other drivers listed here is non-smoking, English-speaking, knowlegable and drives a very comfortable air-conditioned Mercedes.For groups of more than 4 there is his son Dennis, in the photo above, with his beautiful luxury Mercedes limo that seats 7 plus the driver. For even larger groups there is son Billy with their Mercedes Bus able to seat 12 people. You can e-mail them at

Best Time To Cruise The Greek Islands

Normally, the cruise lines in the Med operate year-round, but winters are notorious for rough seas and generally unpleasant weather. This description applies to Greek Islands too. The best season for cruises in this area is April to October, with special conditions applying every month. April and October belong to the shoulder season May to September is the high season the most popular time, despite scorching 100 °F , is July and August. One of the most appealing months is still September, due to fewer tourists, milder temperatures, and the grape harvest season on Santorini.

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Top Things To Do In Athens

Hike the Acropolis

Youll break a sweat getting there, but the view of these famed, ancient ruins including the Parthenon is well worth the climb. An unmissable activity for anyone visiting Athens. Treat yourself to Greek sweets in the Plaka District once youre done taking in the sights.

Go Museum Hopping

While on your cruise from Athens, you cant miss the chance to museum hop from one Greek masterwork to the next. Beyond the incredible ruins and sites available in Athens, their exhibits are unmatched. Take, for example, the Numismatic Museum of Athens, which has the largest collection of modern ancient coins in the world. Or see the National Archaeological Museum, which is home to antiquitys greatest artifacts and a true display of the lasting effects of Greek civilization.

Run the Famous Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is an iconic excursion for sports lovers and Olympic Game fans. Named for the 1896 Olympic marathon gold medalist Spyros Louis, the Olympic Stadium opened in 1982.

Walk Along the National Garden

The National Garden is a large public park and is conveniently located near the Olympic Stadium. After your stop at the Stadium, take a long walk through the National Garden for a glimpse of Greeces natural environment and plant life both native and exotic. The Garden is home to 7,000 trees, a getaway from the city even in the middle of Athens.

See As Many Historic Ruins As You Possibly Can

Best Time Of Year To Cruise In Greece

Idyllic Aegean Cruise &  Athens

The main cruising season in Greece runs from May to October each year. The months of May and October are cooler, mostly sunny and ideal if you are looking to see Greece crowd free. June and September are very popular months for cruising in Greece driven by warm pleasant weather. July and August are great months if you are after hot weather, plenty of sunshine and seeing the islands in full swing. We also do cruises in the off season months of November and April, which are perfect for exploring the historic Peloponnese region home to Nafplion, Corinthia and Mycenae.

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Boats And The Bronze Age

The Naval Museum has exhibits that present ship building from ancient times to the present day. You will be fascinated by the Neosoikoi, the archaeological remains of the ship sheds where local craftsmen maintained and repaired the boats. Art lovers will have plenty to see at the Piraeus Archaeological Museum, from Bronze Age sculptures to classical Hellenistic pottery.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

While in Greece, youll use the Euro as your primary form of currency. Smaller shops and businesses frequently dont accept credit cards, so ask before using one. Tipping taxi drivers isnt common, but rounding up to the nearest euro is polite, especially if you had a helpful driver. Leave some a 10% tip behind at a restaurant if there is no service charge included. Dont forget to tip your tour guide! 5-10 is polite when taking a guided tour in Athens.

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Where Does The Ship Dock Overnight

Most evenings our boats are docked in the small ports, giving guests the opportunity to go and enjoy dinner in a wonderful selection of traditional Greek tavernas. This is one of the highlights of our cruises, the opportunity to enjoy evenings dining alfresco and soaking up the local atmosphere. There will be a handful of dinners on board the boat, one of these being Greek night which is great fun and one of the highlights of the cruise.

Culture & History Of The Athens Cruise Port

Greek Islands Cruise with Celebrity Cruises

Clues point to settlement in Athens dating as far back as the Neolithic period. In the 6th century BCE, Athens saw both geographic and cultural growth, where new structures and sculptures were built to replace more rudimentary, earlier works on the Acropolis. The Acropolis quickly became a symbol of the city. In the 5th century BC, Athens became the first democratic city-state, or polis, to be brought into existence, and its effects on history rippled well into the modern era.

During the Roman and Hellenistic periods, Athens saw an increase in its importance in trade and commerce, producing and shipping more oils and goods to Italy. As the Roman Empire saw its zenith, Athens was a particular favorite of Emperor Hadrian, who built Hadrians Library on the north side of the Acropolis in 132 AD. However, as the Roman Empire fell into decline, Greeces global prominence sharply withdrew. Like many parts of Greece, Athens switched hands frequently throughout the centuries. In the 19th century, the Turks possessed the Acropolis until 1833, when Athens was selected as the capital of the kingdom of Greece. During World War II, Athens was thankfully spared of major destruction.

Athens Port Facilities & Location

You have two options to get to Athens from the terminals: take a taxi, available from every terminal gate, for a 20-30 minute ride to Athens, or you can take a subway train from Piraeus.

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Contact Cruise Guru For More Information About Athens Cruises

If you happen to run into any problems booking your cruise from Athens, contact us immediately and our team of travel specialists will be able to help you with any question or query you have. You can contact Cruise Guru directly by dialling up or by filling out a . Our experienced travel specialists will ensure that your problem will be taken care of promptly and with ease.

Be sure to additionally follow or like our , , or pages to receive the latest information on exclusive cruise deals, astounding promotions, and must-see cruise-related news. For the best itineraries at an affordable price, look no further than Cruise Guru for all your holiday-planning needs!

Can I Add A Few Days Before Or After The Cruise

Yes absolutely. More than 90% of the clients that book their cruises with us book either a pre or post cruise extension. The most popular cruise extension tends to be an extra 2 nights in Athens giving guests the opportunity to visit ancient Delphi and Olympia which are private day tours we do from Athens. We also are seeing an increasing number of clients wanting to do Turkey before the cruise, visiting Istanbul for a few days followed by Cappadocia and then a short flight to Athens to board the cruise.

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What Is The Difference Between A Main Deck Or Lower Deck Cabin

Main deck cabins benefit from a small picture windows which makes them quite popular. Lower deck cabins have 1-2 port holes which still let light in but not as much as the main deck cabins. Size wise the lower deck cabins can often be slightly larger than the main deck cabins. During the warmer busier months, lower deck cabins are worth considering as they tend to be cooler and quieter than the main deck cabins. If you have any disabilities, then we suggest booking a main deck cabin.

What About The Smaller Boats That Do Greek Island Cruises

One day cruise to Greek islands, from Athens

In my opinion this is a great way to go. Yes it is a cruise except there are only from 5 to 25 cabins meaning there are only 10 to 40 people on your boat instead of hundreds or thousands. They are mostly old style wooden sailboats though they mostly travel using the engines. And unlike a cruise where you wait in lineto get on and off the ships and sometimes have to use smaller boats to get to shore because they are too big for the harbor, these boats pull up to the dock and you get on and off as you like. They also stop in quiet coves and beaches for swimming, fishing and lunch. The famous Captain Alexander Matsakis does cruises of the Cyclades, Sporades and the Ionian Islands and is something of a legend. Besides his weekly scheduled cruises his boats can be chartered as well. See Greece Sail Cruises and Charters.

Another option is the Jewels of the Cyclades Cruise on the motor-yacht Gallileo which has 25 cabins or the Classical Greece Cruise on the 21 cabin mega-yacht Harmony.

Greek Island Cruise Video

This video was made by filmaker Andy Emery during his honeymoon. It gives you a pretty good idea of what a cruise of the Greek Islands and Turkey is like even though Easy Cruise no longer exists.

You can get discounted rates for cruises by going to Fantasy Travel’s Cruise for inexpensive packages that includes a 4 day cruise, 3 nights in Athens and Delphi.

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