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How Much Are Cruises On Average

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How Much it Costs to Take a Cruise (2021-2022)

The excellent service on cruise ships is almost always worth the extra cost. –

Unless youre sailing on one of the high-end lines that include everything in the fare, tipping on a cruise ship is expected and will set you back about $80 to $100 per person per week about $13 per person per day. On some cruise lines, the tip is required rather than optional, so read the fine print. Some lines discount this amount for children, but many of them don’t. In addition, 10 to 15 percent gratuity is typically added to bar bills for alcohol and soft drinks and gratuities are applied to spa treatments as well.

Estimated Cost: $100 – $150 per person

Norwegian Cruise Line And Royal Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean are two of the biggest American cruise lines. They are possibly some of the most well known cruise lines who frequently advertise all over the world.

Both cruise lines focus highly on their ships which offer new and exciting features and experiences. They generally focus on the younger cruise/family market but do attract passengers of all ages.

How Much Does A Cruise Cost For A Family Of Four

The price of a cruise for a family of four depends very much on what discounts are available for children. The price for a family could be double the price for a couple, or it could be very little extra.

Many cruise lines dont offer any discounts for children. This is usually the case on ships which have a lot of activities made for children like kids clubs, water slides and splash parks.

However, it is possible to get cheap kids prices, by either choosing a cruise line that doesnt charge full price for children or by looking out for special offers and booking at the right time.

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Raising Your Glass Without The Sticker Shock

The various policies and restrictions to the different drinks packages can mystify even the most experienced cruisers. In short, there is no simple one-stop solution for all, so it takes careful planning and the ability to accurately calculate your expected budget for drinks. Whether a la carte or an all-in drinks package, you have plentiful options. Its important to note that you are on vacation, and worrying too much over every dime will detract from the overall mood. Go ahead and do the math, plan your strategy, but be spontaneous too. Sometimes its good to just go with the flow. We have highlighted just a few ways to save on the cost of drinks but there are many other creative ways to keep your costs down check back for a dedicated article on the best hacks to get cheap drinks on cruises.

Check out these articles for more information on the costs of cruising:

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How Much Is A Cruise


So, how much does a cruise cost? Now you know that the answer is: As much as you want to spend. You can take the cheapest cruise and still have fun because cruises will always have the basics for you. Youll have some good food, a quiet place to rest your head at night, and at least some entertainment to keep you occupied during the day.

The rest is really up to you. You dont need to spend a cent more if you dont want to or you or you can pick and choose the extras that are important to you.

When considering cruise expenses, its all about what kind of experience youre looking for, which is what makes cruises the ideal vacation. For more tips and tricks, head to our First Time Cruisers guide to keep learning about what to expect.

Feel free to discuss this topic and all things cruise at our new boards. A place where readers can ask questions, help their fellow cruisers and general cruise discussions on cruise lines and ports.

And if you like, feel free to cast your vote in the 2021 Cruise Ship Awards covering a range of categories, including best cruise ship and best cruise line.

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Most Expensive Cruise Ships

Of course we had to include a list of the most expensive cruise ships ever built. Here are the Top 25 biggest price tags ever commanded by cruise ships. The “billion+ dollar club” is a significant portion of the list.

We also include the owning cruise line. You’ll find one cruise line in particular is writing the biggest checks!

How Much Does An Average Cruise Cost

The base cost of a cruise can vary based on:

  • Cruise line and cruise ship
  • Itinerary
  • Season
  • Cabin type
  • How many people are in your cabin
  • If you have perks included a newer option for cruisers available on some cruise lines
  • Past passenger status and special rates

Even though according to cruise industry market reports, the average cost of a cruise is approximately $160 USD per person/per day for cruise fare or ticket price, the above factors can bring the fare down or up.

Weve seen costs of repositioning cruises for as low as $50 a day, while an Alaskan cruise may average $200 a day. Caribbean cruises tend to have the most variety and affordable options, with many cruises selling for $70-$100 a day.

The advertised pricing will always be for the least expensive cabin available, usually an interior stateroom.

As you can see, there are many factors that determine the price of a cruise, even before we add on flights and any extra expenses.

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How To Calculate The Total Price Of A Cruise

The total price of a cruise is rarely just the ticket price and some government fees. While accommodations, most meals and tons of activities are included in your fare, you will have to pay extra for an array of tempting amenities and activities, like spa treatments, shore excursions and cocktails.

If youre on a budget, it can be tricky to figure out just what your total vacation cost will be and what kind of extra charges to anticipate. While a $7 pina colada likely wont break the bank, you might be surprised to discover how quickly an exercise class here and a round of bingo there can add up.

To help you figure out how much you might actually spend on a cruise vacation, weve culled and tallied the prices of common extra charges found on weeklong Caribbean cruises and listed them for eight popular and amenity-laden cruise ships. Weve also added in the daily gratuities for each passenger in a standard cabin. Use these numbers as a guide to help you calculate the total price of a cruise.

Editors Note: Prices may vary by ships within the same cruise line, as well as by itinerary, and theyre subject to change at any time, without notice these prices were accurate as of July 2018. We realize that travelers will not rack up every one of these charges every day, but we have presented both the prices and a sample a la carte cost for one day to make the point that onboard charges can accumulate rapidly.

Bingo: $30 for six cards, four games

Total price: $309.85

What Kind Of Customization Is Available On A Chartered Cruise

How Much It Costs to Live on a Cruise Ship For a Year

Youll want to offer your guests, members, clients, and executives the most memorable cruise experience possible, so there are a number of ways to customize a full charter.

One of the easiest and most requested ways to tailor a charter, creating an even more special sailing, is to switch out a port of call within your chosen itinerary while keeping the departure port and dates of departure and arrival the same.

Its also possible to combine itineraries, creating a unique cruising adventure. All departing cruises from the United States must visit at least one foreign port, and each of these customized scenarios is subject to additional costs and fees, which are included in the initial charter quote.

In addition to itinerary changes, there are many opportunities to add excitement and value to your charter. Possibilities include food and beverage arrangements, such as specific menu items or courses entertainment events, including arrangements for specific shows even fireworks displays.

Depending on your groups focus, you could request that specific onboard venues, such as the casino or certain bars, be closed for the duration of the cruise, with incremental fees added to the charter contract to cover lost revenue.

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Length Of Your Caribbean Cruise

Surprise!…Longer cruises actually cost less per night than shorter cruises. The cruise lines offer this incentive based on the idea that the longer they have you on board, the greater chance they have of getting you to spend money at their spa, gift shops etc. The same is true with Theme parks. A one day admission is far more expensive per day than a week pass.

Now that you have an idea of how much a family Caribbean Cruise costs and what factors can affect the price that you pay, in the second part of this two part post, we’ll discuss how to properly prepare a vacation budget for your family Caribbean Cruise.

The Cruise Line You Choose

The example here was for Carnival Cruise line which offers a fantastic, affordable cruise for families. That said, family friendly cruise sailing to the Caribbean are not all created equal. There are contemporary and premium cruise lines that offer different levels of service and features at different price points. When sailing to the Caribbean, it’s important to choose the right family cruise that’s best suited to the needs and wishes of your family. Here are some average prices for 7 night sailings on other cruise lines –

Disney Magic – $4785 Average cabin total – $1196.25 per person

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas- $4369.88 Average cabin total – $1092.47 per person

Norwegian Escape – $4,047.56 Average cabin total – $879 per person

Carnival Glory – $2200.00 Average Cabin Total – $553 per person

By comparison, a Family Disney Cruise to the Caribbean costs more because it is considered a Premium cruise line compared to the other contemporary cruise lines listed here.

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How Much Do Cruise Ship Workers Make

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Have you ever wondered how much cruise ship employees make? Perhaps youve noticed that many cruise ship waiters originate from countries like India and the Philippines where wages are lower?

Or maybe youve seen that the cruise director always looks happy and are wondering how much he must be making to have such a big smile on his face?

Perhaps youve always fancied a life at sea and want to know how much money you make working on a cruise ship? This article looks at the average salaries of cruise ship workers with cruise lines such as Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean.

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Carnival Cruise Alcohol Packages


If youre a drinker, beer, cocktails, and wine will increase the cost of your cruise. Expect to pay $5 to $12 per drink, depending on your beverage. A can of soda or a small bottle of water costs approximately $2. Most lines sell drink packages for alcohol, unlimited fountain sodas, or packages of bottled water. A Carnival Cruise alcohol package costs about $55 per day per person and gets you about 15 drinks. These might be worth it if you tend to drink throughout the day. Estimated Cost for drinks on a Carnival Cruise: $50 $350 per person, depending on each person.

Cruising Tip: Dont forget that you can bring one bottle of wine or champagne per person for free on your cruise. It will save you a bit if you would like to have a couple drinks without paying for drinks or packages on the ship. Also, dont forget you could purchase drinks for a lot cheaper when you are in your ports of call. However, you will not be able to take your purchased bottles to your staterooms, you will get them the last night of the cruise.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go To Antarctica

Cruising among massive glaciers and walking among penguins on the White Continent is a dream come true for many travelers. But the cost to go to Antarctica may cause some sleepless nights. Our experts share their inside knowledge and money-saving tips to help you answer the question How much does it cost to go to Antarctica?

The average Antarctica cruise cost is about $8,000 per person. The least expensive expeditions start at under $5,000. Luxury voyages can exceed $15,000 per person.

Below we crunch the numbers and outline the considerations that influence Antarctic travel costs to help you determine how much it costs to go to Antarctica.

Whats Included In The Price Of Your Disney Cruise

When you are looking at how much a Disney Cruise costs, I think one of the main factors you have to take in is how much stuff is included in a Disney Cruise. Passengers on Disney Cruises can expect the full Disney experience throughout their trip. Lets take a look at everything that is included in your Disney Cruise sailing.

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When You Book Your Cruise

In the old days, the cruise lines used to offer plenty of last minute discount deals. What they discovered is that this trained the public to wait to make their reservations which in turn created HUGE financial risks for the cruise lines. Now the cruise lines offer the best deals and incentives early! This means you should plan to deposit your cruise approximately 2 years in advance. Planning ahead pays in many ways. First Vacationkids offers free vacation layaway which can save your family a ton in credit card interest. We can also “babysit” your reservations and apply and last minute deals or perks that you do qualify for to your existing reservation. Of course nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to the future, we can protect your investment with travel insurance.

Activities On The Cruise Ship

What Will It Cost You To Live FULL-TIME On A Cruise Ship?

I saved this to the end, as most entertainment and activities are included on a cruise. This includes Broadway and Vegas style shows, comedians and the kids club.

However, on some cruise ships there are some activities that have a nominal fee. As an example, the race track on Norwegian Joy costs $15 per person.

You may also have additional charges for room service and for child care services after 10 pm. Please verify details for your specific ship and cruise line.

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Caribbean Cruises In Summer

Summer is actually the down season for the Caribbean because the temperature increases dramatically and hurricane season runs from June-November. Many other parts of the world have good weather in summer so less people feel the need to escape the bad weather and head to the Caribbean.

The prices of cruises do tend to increase in August when the schools break up and demand increases.

Benefits of Cruising The Caribbean in Summer:

  • Cheap cruises
  • Children are off school for the summer break

Drawbacks of Cruising The Caribbean in Summer:

  • Hot weather
  • Less choice of cruise lines and itineraries

Cruise Price Comparison Table

One of the biggest factors affecting the price of your cruise is your choice of the cruise line.

The table below shows the average price for a 7-night Caribbean cruise in a balcony cabin .

Cruise line
not available $2645

The aim of this data is to give you a rough idea of the average cruise prices for each cruise line. I sourced the prices from the cruise lines websites.

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Caribbean Cruises In Spring

Cruising in Spring is a great way to get a slightly cheaper cruise. The weather is less predictable and the cruise ships and ports tend to be less busy. The Caribbean is a very popular destination for spring break cruises but apart from this the spring is less popular with families and children are usually at school.

Benefits of Cruising The Caribbean in The Spring:

  • Cheaper than peak season

Drawbacks of Cruising The Caribbean in The Spring:

  • Not in the school holidays
  • The weather isnt the BEST
  • Less choice of cruise lines and itineraries

Your Stateroom Price Breakdown

2,506 Cruises Studied... Here

This is where you should start. Lets assume youre taking a 7-night cruise from New Orleans to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. These are some of the most popular ports in the Caribbean. Your stateroom could cost from around $450 per person for an interior room for 7 days. It would be about $800 per person if you would like to have a balcony in your room and $1600 if you would like a suite. Paying about $450 per person for 7 days seems really affordable, especially since it includes food and a stateroom. While this is the lowest price, while you are still booking, Carnival will try to up-sell you! You will have to pay an extra $5 per person per room if you would like to avoid bunk beds. If you want to stay on the higher part of the ship, you might have to pay another $2-$5 per person. From there, you will need to counter in taxes, which will be around $100 per person. Carnival Cruise also offers a vacation protection for an average of $80 per person that includes: Cancellation, Fee Waiver Program, Carnival Travel, Insurance and Emergency Assistance. So whats is the Carnival Cruise cost for a stateroom? It is an average of $1300 per stateroom or $650 per person.

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