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What Cruise Lines Go To The Mediterranean

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What To Wear On A Baltic Cruise In June

Cruise ships return to the Mediterranean as travel revives

As for the best time to do a Baltic cruise, June is one of the warmer months in the Baltics and is still not packed with summer holiday tourists.

Take some light clothing if the weather is favourable but do still pack layers in case it takes a turn. A rain poncho might come in handy.

No matter what the time of year, don’t forget your glad rags if you’re cruising with a line that offers fancier evenings.

“Whilst on board there will be ample opportunity to dress up in the evenings if you wish, so consider taking suitable outfits for these occasions,” said Michelle. “Cocktail dresses for ladies for example and black-tie for the gentlemen.”

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Best Value: Norwegian Cruise Line

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Ship Name: Norwegian Epic
  • Itinerary: Naples, Italy Rome, Italy Livorno, Italy Cannes, France Palma de Mallorca, Spain

For an affordable and fun-filled cruise ship from a convenient departure port, consider the Norwegians Epics round-trip voyage from Barcelona. Norwegian Epic is one of the cruise lines most popular ships, with more than 20 dining venues and unique activities and entertainment. Cruisers can experience Cirque Dreams and Dinner show, the Aqua Park with the largest bowl slide at sea, a boxercise ring at the fitness center, a bowling alley, an adults-only lounge and an array of teens and kids clubs. Theres also a variety of cabin choices from solo traveler studios, family staterooms and spa suites. In addition, the cruise visits France, Spain and three stops in Italy.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent are the most inclusive of all the all-inclusive lines aswell as your meals, drinks, gratuities and taxes, your fare alsoincludes your flights, overseas transfers and a selection of shoreexcursions in every port. These included excursions are aparticular boon if you’re visiting archaeological sites, museums orgalleries where you need a guide to really understand what you’reseeing, and they’re great if you’re visiting a port where thepoints of interest are some distance away, such as Livorno . Regent also offer excursions themed around foodand drink, wellness and off-the-beaten track ‘Go Local’experiences. Ships range in size from 490 to 750 guests, and theaccommodation is particularly spacious.

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Mediterranean Cruises Special Events

If you’re lucky enough to head off on a Mediterranean cruise at the same time that one of these special events is held, you’ll get the opportunity to see a different side to the sunny countries in this part of the world:

Las Fallas de San José – held in March in Valencia, marvel at the celebrations, fireworks and hundreds of effigies going up in flames at this annual city-wide party.

Cannes Film Festival – this world famous film festival shows off the best of the best every year in May in France.

Festa de Santo Antonio – taking place in June in Lisbon, this festival celebrates St Anthony with parties, parades and tasty food on the streets.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival – see the streets of Dubrovnik in Croatia come to life in September with music, actors and artists showing off their skills across the city.

Our Guide To Mediterranean Cruises

The Best Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

Looking to cruise to the Mediterranean for the first time? Heres our guide to the best itineraries, destinations and when to go.

Looking to cruise to the Mediterranean for the first time? Heres our guide to the best itineraries, destinations and when to go.

What isnt there to love about the Mediterranean? Unlike the UK which is notoriously unpredictable when it comes to its weather during the spring and summer months the Med is warm, sunny and most importantly, within easy reach. And this is no doubt why it has become one of the most popular destinations for first-time cruisers.

As well as its convenience and proximity, another thing that is particularly appealing about a Mediterranean cruise is the fact that travellers get to experience the regions rich and varied culture without having to worry about transportation. Cruise routes will take you to the areas most renowned cities, from Rome to Barcelona, as well as stopping off at secluded beaches and hidden spots, so those of you who like combining city and beach holidays will be well-catered for.

If you choose to go during peak season, between April and October, you will be almost guaranteed glorious weather, but will inevitably face large crowds and some lofty prices. The off-season cruises during autumn and winter are quieter and see fewer tourists, but weather is more unreliable with strong chances of it being cold and rainy.

7-day Western Mediterranean from Barcelona, from £499pp,

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Mediterranean And Southern European Cruise Highlights

ShoppingThe southern Mediterranean offers shopping like nowhere else in the world. Explore marketplaces filled with fresh, local specialty foods. Shop for hand crafted jewelry, arts, local crafts and unique souvenirs. Memories can be had that will last a lifetime.

Beaches and Quaint VillagesThe beaches of the Mediterranean conjure up romance at its best. White-washed villages contrast with azure blue seas. Oceanside cafes dot the landscape. Quaint villages welcome the visitor with open arms and a relaxed attitude and make for a perfect adventure.

Art and ArchitectureThe Southern Mediterranean has been the birthplace and inspiration of many famous artists and architects. From the ancient cave drawings to the birth of the Renaissance from the impressionist movement to modern day, the Southern Mediterranean has been and will always remain a birthplace for artists and architects alike.

History and ArcheologyThe Southern Mediterranean has been a crossroads of civilization throughout history. The great explorers including Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Saint Paul, Marco Polo all explored the coastal cities. The histories of great civilizations lay waiting to be explored. From the Roman Empire to the Holy Lands a vast world filled with great heroes and adventurous stories waits to be heard.

What Are Popular Activities In The Mediterranean

With such a diverse lineup of countries on its itineraries, the Mediterranean offers everything from beaches and mountains to museums and shopping, but history and culture tend to be major draws. Visitors are likely to get the most out of a trip to the Med by sightseeing and taking in the region’s many historic buildings and iconic points of interest before sampling local cuisine.

For example, a call on Civitavecchia is conducive to a trip to Rome for a tour of the Coliseum or Vatican City, followed by some gelato. During a port stop in Barcelona, you might enjoy exploring Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia or browsing the Mercado de La Boqueria for some homemade meats and cheeses or churros and chocolate.

If a beach day is what you crave, choose an itinerary that includes calls on Greece — particularly the port of Mykonos. Beachfront dining is ample in places like Santorini or Turkey’s Kusadasi, just a stone’s throw from the ancient town of Ephesus, which is still an active archeological dig site.

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Mediterranean Cruises By Year

Western Mediterranean Cruises

Take in the incredible cultural landmarks of Rome, Monaco and Barcelona on a cruise through the Western Mediterranean along with stop offs at a variety of picturesque islands including a visit to Gibraltars monkeys, Ibiza and Majorcas beaches and the rustic coastlines of Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily. On many cruises theres also the chance to explore a traditional souk in Morocco or take a camel ride. If taking a no fly cruise from the UK, youll also get to take in ports of call at La Coruna, Bilbao, Porto and Lisbon as well, while on a fly cruise we recommend booking a cruise and stay package to further delve into the city you begin and end your sailing from.

Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Usually starting in either Athens or Istanbul after a quick flight from the UK, the Eastern Mediterranean boasts exciting destinations from the historic city of Jerusalem and the pyramids of Egypt to beautiful Cyprus, the Greek islands, Crete and the Adriatic. As well as the option to extend your stay in a hotel before flying home to further explore these amazing sights, many cruises can also go beyond to the Red or Black seas.

What Is Considered In Season And How’s The Weather

East Mediterranean And Greece Cruise Tips And Watch Outs. 9 Must-Knows Before Cruising.

Beach days are less common in the Med, but ports like Mallorca can still give you a day of sun and sand. –

While you’ll find some ships sailing the Med yearlong, high season is from May to September . Ports in Greece and Turkey enjoy clear, sunny days throughout the summer, with temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s. Ports in the French and Italian Rivieras can be a bit cooler, but you’ll still be wearing short sleeves and shorts.

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What Are Popular Regions Of The Mediterranean

Europe’s Mediterranean region can be broken down into two sub-regions: Eastern Mediterranean and Western Mediterranean. The Western Med offers a well-rounded mix of culture, history, beaches and shopping, featuring popular ports in Italy, Spain and France.

The Eastern Med is known more for its beaches and ancient historical sites, offering calls on ports in Turkey and Greece, as well as occasional visits to Croatia, Montenegro, Israel and Russia.

How Do We Get To Port Do I Need To Take Some Kind Of Transportation To The Popular Sights

Barcelona’s city center is an hour walk from the port. – Photo by Shutterstock

At major embarkation ports like Barcelona, Venice, and Civitavecchia , your ship will dock right at the pier. But at many other ports, your ship might anchor in the harbor and you’ll board a tender that takes you to the cruise terminal. That’s especially true if you’ve booked passage on a very large ship that isn’t able to dock at smaller ports.

From the cruise terminal, you may be able to walk to the center of town or take local transportation. Luxury lines usually offer complimentary transportation from the tender drop-off to the center of town, which is usually not far.

A few caveats exist, though. Some Mediterranean itineraries have Florence as a port of call, but the nearest cruise terminal to Florence is Livorno, so you’ll need to travel 70 minutes from there to the sights in Florence. Likewise, Civitavecchia is the cruise terminal for Rome, which is an 80 minute drive away. In most other cases, however, your cruise ship will get you very close to the action.

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Baltic Cruise And Travel Tips

Baltic Sea cruise holidays are a popular cruising option for travellers thanks to such gems as Riga and Vilnius. Here are the top tips you need from packing to which cruise line is best.

Baltic cruises are offered by a number of major cruise lines, visiting such Northern European highlights as Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Helsinki, not to mention taking in the gorgeous scenery of the region.

If you’re interested in cruising the Baltic Sea, check out our top tips on what to pack for a Baltic cruise, what to wear on a Baltic cruise, what currency to take on a Baltic cruise and which cruise line is best for Baltic cruises.

The Best Small Ship Cruises To The Mediterranean

Best Mediterranean Cruise Ships

The Mediterranean has a timeless appeal, with its winningcombination of historical treasures, charming port towns, balmysummer weather and fantastic food and drink.

It’s an incredibly diverse region, and here in the UK we’relucky enough to have the Med right on our doorstep, so it’s nosurprise that it remains the most popular destination for Britishcruisers year after year. Every major cruise line sends its shipsto the Mediterranean during our summer months, though theexperience on offer can vary dramatically. There are certain portsthat appear on every cruise line’s Mediterranean itineraries, andrightly so: the likes of Venice, Barcelona and Dubrovnik arepopular for a reason. But a small ship cruise opens up a wholedifferent side to the Mediterranean, allowing you to visit thesmaller ports and secluded bays that a bigger ship just can’treach.

At Mundy Cruising we specialise in ships that carry guests inthe hundreds, rather than the thousands, which makes for a verydifferent atmosphere on board: more intimate, more spacious, with alevel of personalised service that has more in common with aboutique hotel than a mainstream cruise ship carrying 5,000passengers. Even within the small ship category you have afantastic breadth of choice in the Mediterranean, from resort-styleships offering dining choices and entertainment venues aplenty, totiny 100-guest vessels that are more like travelling on your ownprivate yacht.

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Second Guest Flies Free Offer

Pay airfare for one guest, and you’ll automatically lock-in roundtrip flights for two. Secure these savings online by choosing your nearest airport in step one of your cruise booking, and enjoy air-to-sea made easy. We’ll coordinate your roundtrip flights, and transportation between the airport and cruise port.

Find this offer on 4+ Day Cruises to this destination and beyond.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Cruise The Mediterranean

Summer in the Mediterranean is hot, sunny, and beautiful, which means that millions of tourists gather there to soak up the coastal sun and sea on the beaches. That means that summer is by far the most crowded Mediterranean season. If you want to avoid those crowds, aim to travel in the spring or fall . You’ll avoid the crowds and enjoy lower prices on travel: These are great times to find Mediterranean cruise deals. Every season in the Mediterranean can be beautiful, but remember that in the winter, temperatures drop and the ocean becomes choppy.

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Night Mediterranean Cruises Cruise Only

The table below shows example prices for a selection of Mediterranean cruises. These cruises take part during the months of April, August and November.

Each cruise was found directly on the cruise lines website and only one example from each cruise line was used for the comparison. The prices of cruises do of course vary but the prices below do provide a good example of what to expect.

Types Of Mediterranean Cruises

Top 10 tips for a Mediterranean cruise

Fly Cruises

Most fly cruises are from Barcelona for the Western Mediterranean and Athens or Istanbul for the Eastern Mediterranean. In every case, we highly recommend extending your stay in your port city either before or after your sailing as part of a cruise and stay package to really do your stops in these amazing cities justice.

No Fly Cruises

Southampton is the main cruise hub in the UK for Mediterranean sailings, with five to fourteen day cruises visiting destinations including Portugal, Spain and France. This is a stress-free way to embark on a Mediterranean cruise for those who may be wary of flying, or families heading off on holiday with young children in tow.

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Norwegian Cruise Line And Royal Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean are two of the biggest American cruise lines. They are possibly some of the most well-known cruise lines who frequently advertise all over the world.

Both cruise lines focus highly on their ships which offer new and exciting features and experiences. They generally focus on the younger cruise/family market but do attract passengers of all ages.

What To Pack For Baltic Cruise In September

The Baltics are cooler in September – the average temperature in Estonia in September, for instance, is 12°C and the weather can be unpredictable, but it’s a good time of year to escape the crowds.

Include the following in your packing list:

  • Comfortable walking shoes

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Michelle Lupino, Head of Destination Management at Ambassador Cruise Line told World of Cruising: “The weather in the Baltics in September can often be unpredictable, with an average high temperature of around 16c.

“Its always advisable to pack for all potential weather conditions including wind, rain and even glorious sunshine! On that basis pack layers of clothing and a waterproof jacket.

“Some sites or venues may have strict dress codes, such as shoulders and knees covered in some places of worship, no sandals etc. Its worth researching your destination prior to arrival to ensure youre prepared.”

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Norwegian Cruise Line To The Mediterranean

Few places in the world are so concentrated with history, culture, and well-known cuisine as the Mediterranean. From Greek and Roman Empires shaping history to the Renaissance creating definitive works of art, the countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea â Greece, Italy, France, Turkey, and North African nations, just to name a few, essentially directed innovation.

You likely visited it in high school history books, art classes, and culinary guides, but why just experience it at a distance? Immerse yourself head-on with a Norwegian cruise.Out of all contemporary cruise lines, NCL leads Europe â and not just the Mediterranean, either. But cruises through this region make up a large portion of European itineraries, with trips divided between western and eastern halves.

Fewer Crowds Calmer Seas

Explore Best Mediterranean Cruises Routes and Best Time to C

The French Riviera is a bucket-list destination.Cities along the French Riviera that are normally jam-packed tend to wind down this time of year, allowing cruisers to enjoy nearby cruise ports at a more leisurely pace. The city of Nice stands out with its medieval town, gorgeous beaches, and golden hues against cloudless blue skies in the fall. The Mediterranean waters also remain warm enough for a swim as late as November and calm enough for easy sailing.

Insider Tip: After a cool dip in the Mediterraneans calm, azure waters, try Nices favorite tuna sandwich, the delicious pan bagnat.

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