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What Cruise Ships Have Solo Cabins

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What About Solo Cruises For Seniors

Cruise Tips Which Ships Have Solo Cabins

Senior citizen cruises provide a worry-free vacation featuring world-class accommodations and a vacation experience tailored to their interests. Our cruises have onboard activities to suit everyone, from thrilling entertainment and live music to speakers series and guided meditations.

On solo cruises for seniors, accessible staterooms and excursions for all types of mobility levels ensure our guests see as much of the world as they desire.

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Best For Adventure: Cruise And Maritime Voyages

Cruise and Maritime

  • Sails from: Portbury
  • Duration: 12 nights
  • Ship Name: Magellan
  • Itinerary: Kollafjørður, Faroe Islands Seyðisfjörður, Iceland Akureyri, Iceland Ísafjörður Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland Cobh, Ireland Portbury, England

If youre a solo traveler seeking an adventurous experience, consider a ship from Cruise and Maritime Voyages. The company caters to singles by offering dedicated cabins at a lower cost in both oceanview and interior styles, as well as onboard events and get-togethers with your fellow passengers. The Magellan ship carries 1,250 guests and offers lively evening comedy shows and cabarets, along with educational guest speakers and arts and crafts. Passengers can also have some quiet time in the library, two outdoor swimming pools or three heated whirlpools, wellness center , or in many comfortable lounges.

Best Cruise Line For Solo Travellers 6 Years In A Row

Whether you’re taking some me time on a cruise, just happen to be the odd number person in a group, or think it’s best you and your buddy get your own rooms, Norwegian Cruise Line gives you plenty of options to plan your singles cruise vacation.

During each of Norwegian’s sailings there are plenty of opportunities to meet fellow passengers. Most sailings have singles meet-ups for those cruising alone. Some of our onboard cruise staff host bar crawls around the ship, or even get your pride on at the Friends of Dorthy happy hour happening every night.

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Is Taking A Solo Cruise Affordable

You dont have to be stuck on a budget cruise line or spend a fortune to enjoy a solo cruise vacation. This is good news if youve heard of the single supplement, which happens when cruise lines add on an additional fee when a traveler books a double occupancy stateroom for just one person.

Booking a single stateroom can be just as affordable, if not more so, than any other type of vacation experience.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

16 Unusual Cruise Ship Balcony Cabins

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offers solo travelers the opportunity to purchase a solo cabin on many of their most popular ships. Almost half of Royal Caribbeans fleet now has solo cabins. The type of cabin varies by class of ship. Studio Interiors can be found on the Anthem, Adventure, Brilliance, Harmony, Jewel, Mariner, Ovation, Quantum, Radiance and Serenade of the Seas and offer 96 square feet. Studio Virtual Balcony cabins can be found on the Anthem, Harmony, Ovation and Quantum of the Seas are similar to Studio Interiors but feature a Virtual Balcony flat screen television which simulates a picture window. A Studio Ocean View can be found on the Harmony of the Seas with 96 square feet of space. While the Studio Ocean View Balcony on the Anthem, Quantum and Ovation with 119 square feet of cabin space plus an additional 55 square feet for the balcony.

On Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ships, solo cabins are located in Central Park and Boardwalk neighborhoods one is an inside stateroom while the other is an outside with obstructed views . Solo travelers have access to the Cruise Connections Lounges where they can relax and take advantage of Wi-Fi.

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Best Cruise Lines For Solo Cruisers

Traveling alone on cruise ships just got a whole lot better. In the last several years, a variety of cruise lines have introduced single-occupancy cabins on their ships, as well as events and activities just for those interested in solo cruises. Here are the top cruise lines to consider when planning your next cruise adventure:

How To Safely Use An Atm In Port

Cruise lines will offer to exchange foreign currency for you at their Front Desk or Pursers Office. Theyll also warn you about money scams in foreign port. Remember, the cruise lines charge commissions to exchange currency, the same as youll find on shore. Its the amount of commission that can vary. I usually avoid currency exchange on the ship, whenever possible.

Using an ATM in a port does have some risks. With no one to watch your back, you have to be extra aware of your surroundings as well as using your PIN and pocketing your new money. Do it quickly, securely and leave the area.

Heres what I try to do in foreign ports. There will be people on your ship that head to an ATM as soon as they go ashore, so I follow them. How do I know where theyre going? I listen and watch. Usually its a topic of conversation.

As I walk to the nearest ATM with them, sometimes Ill strike up a conversation, especially if we sort of recognize each other from the ship. As we queue in line for the ATM, Ill ask if theyll watch my back as I use the machine. And then Ill offer to do the same for them.

Theres nothing wrong with exchanging currency on the ship. But usually the commission is lower at an ATM machine. Ill even walk into a Currency Exchange if it looks safe or if Im tagging along with other cruise passengers. And I quickly put my money away before walking out the door.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines Ncl Solo Studio Cabins

Norwegian Solo Studio Cabin wins the award for innovation in the solo traveler space. The studio cabins are inside rooms of 100 sq. ft. with a double bed! Not a twin bed. The cabins are generally over two decks and connected with an inside stairway and solo lounge with a bar, vending machines, coffee area, televisions and living room to work or relax in. Theres a reason these studio cabins sell out so quickly they are really nice and provide a pleasant journey. For the single traveler, the group traveling that each want their own cabin or for the multi-generation family that has grand mom, aunt or uncle traveling that dont want to share a cabin .

  • Norwegian Epic 128 solo studio cabins
  • Norwegian Breakaway 59 solo studio cabins
  • Norwegian Getaway 59 solo studio cabins
  • Norwegian Escape 82 solo studio cabins
  • Norwegian Bliss 82 solo studio cabins
  • Norwegian Pride of America 4 solo cabins

The category is Studio. Norwegian has even added solo cabins to their Hawaiian cruise, Pride of America, which sails year round. There are only four cabins but if you are keen to visit Hawaii and the Hawaiian islands now you can. Note that depending on the specials and deals, the studio option might cost more than the single supplement in an interior room category. Studio Lounge access is included in the Studio booking and those not in the Studios can visit the lounge during Solo Happy Hours.

No Solo Cabins Charging Single Supplements Up To 200%

What Are Studio Cabins For Solo Cruisers Like On Norwegian Cruise Line?
  • Carnival Cruise Line the fun cruise is no fun paying 200% solo
  • Princess Cruise Lines great itineraries, wonderful food, beverage and entertainment yet no solo cabins
  • Disney Cruise Lines its a shame that Disney doesnt have solo cabins to recognize the multi-generational families that are sailing with them. Solo Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents pay 200% for a cabin unless you can split the family up to save money.
  • Paul Gaugin French Polynesia in luxury

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Cruise Solo Around The World

So hopefully if you were considering traveling solo on a cruise, this is a helpful list. While the cruise lines are slowing adding solo cabins or a bit of attention to this long neglected group, dont expect the onboard to have more than the one or two single meetups which is, in my experience, a free drink with ship crew and a few other solo travelers. Only NCL does the Solo Lounge meetups right for now. If you are keen to meet people onboard, I suggest using Cruise Critic roll call boards and cruise sailing Facebook Groups to meet ahead of time, sign up for group tours and enjoy drinks at sailaway. On board, rather than a set dining table each night, I like to do anytime dining and be seated at the communal table. Every night, you can meet a new group of people to share stories with and if lucky, like me, make new cruise friends that youll sail with in the future.

Let me know if you have sailed in a solo cabin with any of the above cruise lines and how it was. Would you pay the single supplement if the cabin was larger and additional amenities were included? What is your dream sailing itinerary?

The Joys Of Cruising Solo

Sailing in and out of ports, an aft-facing balcony gives you a whole new perspective.

Since first I fell in love with cruising about five years ago, Ive taken around a dozen voyages, all of them by myself. Im a huge fan of getting away from it all including my friends and family to enjoy a week of me time. Thats not to say I hole up in my stateroom like some kind of an antisocial hermit.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. But theres a certain freedom that comes with doing what you want, when you want without anyone to answer to.

Want to sleep all day? Go for it. Want to party all night? Have at it.

While I always travel solo, thats not to say that I dont sometimes know people on board. There are almost always familiar faces whom Ive cruised with before, especially since some of us try and coordinate our cruises.

But theres a difference between traveling with people you met on a cruise and doing so with people who know you in every day life.

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Royal Caribbeans Studio Staterooms

Royal Caribbean boasts the most single digs of any cruise line, with about half of the ships in its fleet housing at least two. However, the most impressive are Super Studio staterooms with balconies, found on Anthem of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas and Odyssey of the Seas.

Reaching up to 199 square feet with 55-square-foot balconies, these cabins are outfitted with a mix of bedding types and plenty of space for one person.

Top 10 Cruise Ships For Solo Cruisers

Which Ships Have Solo Cabins

Many people may find the idea of going solo on a cruise daunting but the truth is that millions of passengers enjoy cruising solo every year! Now with more cruise lines adding extra sole-occupancy cabins and offering better discounts rather than hefty surcharges for those travelling alone, it’s all good news for solo travellers!

Cruising is an attractive holiday for solo travellers as there is always something to do, people to meet, and it is a safe and hassle-free way to travel. Most ships have meet-and-greet sessions for solo cruisers and some have specific tables assigned for those who may not want to eat alone, plus there is a wide range of activities and events on offer.

Heres 10 cruise ships that are bound to make your solo cruise experience enjoyable:

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Royal Caribbean Solo Cabins

The newest ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet, Ovation of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas offer interior and ocean view options for solo cabins with space of 101-119 sq. ft. and full size beds while others offer twin bed in the smaller space on their other ships. The balcony category is the most interesting to me since the other ships are all inside cabins. A new feature is the virtual balcony view on the interior rooms of some ships.

  • Anthem of the Seas Interior 14 solo cabins / Ocean view 12 solo Cabins
  • Adventure of the Seas Interior 5 solo cabins
  • Brilliance of the Seas Interior 3 solo cabins
  • Harmony of the Seas Interior 3 solo cabins / Ocean view 12 solo cabins
  • Jewel of the Seas Interior 3 solo cabins
  • Ovation of the Seas Interior 16 solo cabins / Ocean view 12 solo cabins
  • Quantum of the Seas Interior 16 solo cabins / Ocean view 12 solo cabins
  • Radiance of the Seas Interior 3 solo cabins
  • Serenade of the Seas Interior 3 solo cabins

Cunard Cruise Lines Single Cabins

The luxury Cunard ship line recently added 15 single cabins to the Queen Mary 2 when the ship was renovated in dry dock. The category code is KB and KC and located mid-ship on deck 2 and deck 3 as the area used to be the Photo Gallery and part of a casino so the cabins have windows! The cabins have a twin bed and are between 159-162 sq. ft. Cunard recently added solo cabins, Britannia Single Staterooms to the other ships in their fleet. Cunard do transatlantic sailings to/from New York and Southampton, England as well as intensive itineraries that are a month or longer. The ships are luxury, skew older demographic and have a Canyon Ranch Spa onboard.

Recent pricing for a New York to Southampton, England crossing of 7 days were $1,586 in November vs. $699 per person for inside cabin plus taxes/fees. So you are paying a bit more for less space but for a window view of the water. If you have points for a one way flight to New York or London, this is a nice, leisurely way to return home.

  • Cunard Queen Mary 2 15 Ocean view solo single cabins
  • Cunard Queen Elizabeth 8 outside / 1 interior solo cabin
  • Cunard Queen Victoria 8 outside / 1 interior solo cabin

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Single Staterooms On Apex Edge And Silhouette

As part of the Celebrity Revolution, our fleet-wide modernization, there are more options than ever for the solo traveler.

Celebrity Apex features 24 single staterooms, the highest number of single staterooms in our fleet. Celebrity Edge is home to 16 solo staterooms with an Infinite Veranda. Celebrity Silhouette will also have 4 inside single staterooms perfect for solo guests.

The single stateroom is 131 square feet, giving you plenty of space to move around. Not only are single staterooms spacious, but theyre also outfitted with the same modern, sleek design and luxurious amenities like all of our staterooms.

On Celebrity Edge, the single stateroom with infinite veranda is perfect for solo cruise guests.

The infinite veranda isnt like your normal cruise ship balcony. With the push of a button, the doors to your veranda seamlessly open and fold into the sides of the room, bringing the outdoors in, making it perfect for those who love to explore on their own.

Holland Americas Oceanview Single Cabins

NCL, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, MSC, Costa, Cunard – Solo Cabins

From its Alaska itineraries to the impressive music scene on its newest vessels, Holland America might be more up your alley. In its lineup of accommodations, HAL includes 127- to 172-square-foot solo cabins on Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam, Rotterdam and the new Ryndam.

Each of the single rooms on these ships has an ocean view and a twin bed.

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How Carnival Is Failing Solo Cruisers

Carnival Sunshine leaving Port Canaveral.

While Im not big on labels, if there was one which defines me as a cruiser it would be solo. And people like myself look at things slightly differently than do most of our fellow passengers. Were constantly looking for ways to either avoid the dreaded single supplement or significantly reduce it.

We bookmark sites like and rely on the fact that sometimes, unsold cabins will be greatly reduced at the last minute. And yes, sometimes we just bite the bullet and if theres a ship or itinerary we really want to sail pony up the full fare.

Thats how I wound up taking an absolutely amazing trip on the Carnival Sunshine a while back. It was during that voyage that I fell in love with the Alchemy Bar, and it was on that ship that I first experienced the pleasures of sailing north as opposed to south from my homeport of New York City. Ill be taking a similar trip next fall after the Carnival Triumph completes her transformation into the Carnival Sunrise.

The mixologists at Alchemy Bar have the cure for what ails you.

But Ill be honest: The majority of my cruises have been booked with Norwegian and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines because, much as I love Carnival, they havent done much to embrace the solo traveler. This makes sense on a certain level, seeing as Carnival has long had a reputation of catering to families. And in that regard, theyre hitting home runs.

Rendering of a Studio Room

Fred Olsen Cruise Line Single Cabins

Fred Olsen Cruise is a UK based company that has offered solo cabins since their founding in 1988. With only four ships in their fleet, they have nearly 200 solo cabins across the four ships each offering a twin bed.

  • Fred Olsen Braemar 40 single-occupancy cabins
  • Fred Olsen Balmoral 64 single solo cabins
  • Fred Olsen Black Watch 43 single solo cabins
  • Fred Olsen Boudicca 43 single solo cabins

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Opt For An Assigned Seating Time For Dinner

As a solo cruise traveler, you may benefit more from doing a traditional assigned seating time instead of dining at different times.

With an assigned seating time, youll be sat at the same table each night with other cruise passengers and the same crew waiting on you. It will give you some familiarity as your tablemates, server, and sommelier get to know you and your dining preferencesand sparkling personality!

If you dont feel totally compatible with the other folks at your table, talk to the maître d and ask for a different table.

If youre seated at a table on your own, have a book or journal on hand. A journal is a lovely way to pass the time at dinner, giving you the opportunity to reflect on the day and write about all the amazing things you saw in port or did on the ship.

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