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What Is The Best Singles Cruise

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A Reassuring Way To Reach The Ship

What is a Singles Cruise like?

Our included chauffeur service makes it easy to journey to and from the port, which is especially reassuring when you’re travelling on your own. When the big day arrives, the chauffeur will meet you at home, load your luggage and whisk you off to Dover or Southampton. Just sit back, relax and leave the rest to us.

As soon as you step on board, you’ll feel at ease. The sailaway cocktail part is a great place to meet some of your fellow guests, and the free drinks are sure to put you in the holiday mood. Remember, our cruise are exclusively for those aged 50 or over, so you’ll be in the company of like-minded people every step of the way.

Best Cruise For Seniors

Regal Princess

For elegance and world-class amenities, seniors traveling solo will fall in love with the Princess cruise experience. Aboard ships like the Regal Princess, you will enjoy daily cocktail parties and the chance to get dressed up and strut your stuff with like-minded older adults. After all, you already have something in common: Cruising! In the fall, the Regal Princess leaves Southampton, England, for a Belgium and Netherlands sampler cruise, giving you a taste of life in Brussels and Rotterdam over the course of a scintillating five-day sailing. From there, you can indulge your artistic side with Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam and Piet Mondrian and M.C. Escher in The Hague. Or tour the windmills of Holland during any number of fine excursions.

What to expect:

No Single Supplement Cruise Specials

Traveling solo generally means that a passenger simply needs another person of the same sex as a roommate, to share the cost of the trip. Some specialized in single travel agencies offer even roommate matching services. The feature activities on a single travel ship vacation include introducing events, games, social gatherings, age-related events, dating events, parties, dance lessons, various classes, etc. As one of the most singles-oriented cruise lines, Crystal boasts the “Ambassador Host Program” – especially for singles, solo travelers, and mostly for the unescorted ladies onboard Crystal’s luxury vessels – with cultured and well-traveled hosts as dance and conversation partners.

Single occupancy cruise deals are special rates as on most voyages, the company’s official rates are based on double occupancy. To avoid paying double, check the company’s single supplement rates, i.e. how much exactly you are going to pay for single occupancy. Pricing includes cabin, dining, onboard activities, and entertainment, plus themed for singles events organized by the travel agency .

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Best Cruise Lines For A Singles Cruise

If you are a solo traveler wanting to go on a cruise then it can be difficult to find a cruise liner that is going to be affordable. Most of the big, established companies will expect you to pay a single supplement fee where you effectively have to cover the cost of two travelers.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the vast majority of rooms are designed with two people in mind and therefore the company will feel as though they will be losing money by selling such a room to a solo traveler.

Thankfully there are options out there or the single cruiser and there more companies who are either reducing the single supplement, creating single staterooms or allowing tour operators to book a large number of rooms for singles cruises.

Best For Millennials: U River Cruises

Best Cruise Destinations For Singles  CBS San Francisco

Courtesy of U by Uniworld

  • Ship Name: The A
  • Itinerary: Bratislava, Slovakia Budapest, Hungary Mohács, Hungary Novi Sad, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia

Geared towards millennials, U River Cruises takes a hip approach to river cruising, with sleek and stylish ships equipped with several modern cabins for solo travelers. On The A, a120-passenger ship, cabins include adjustable mood lighting, USB ports, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and luxurious baths with heated mirrors and plush bathrobes. Several public spaces make it easy to meet others, including a coffee shop, the U lounge that hosts paint and wine classes, and a rooftop lounge with an ice bar and silent discos. Plus, the ship crew hosts a complimentary happy hour every day. Theres also yoga, local DJs, and both daytime and evening shore excursions.

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Best Spa Experience: Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Ship Name: Norwegian Escape
  • Itinerary: Kings Wharf, Bermuda New York, NY

While solo traveler staterooms were a bit more common on smaller expedition ships, NCL made waves in the industry when it introduced trendy solo staterooms on the Norwegian Epic. Now, several of the NCL ships have these coveted rooms, including the Norwegian Escape. When booking a solo stateroom, passengers also get keycard access to the Studio Lounge shared only by other Studio guests. Escape also features a fabulous spa complete with a snow room and a salt room for unwinding, as well as the Waterfront, a quarter-mile oceanfront promenade lined with signature dining venues. On the Bermuda voyage, guests will spend three full days in port before returning to New York.

What Is A Singles Cruise

A singles cruise is a cruise itinerary thats geared specifically to single, unattached travellers. Its theme and activities are usually heavy on socialising and are partly designed to inspire shipboard romance however you might define that!

There are themed cruises for single people of all ages and interests, from rock-and-roll and disco cruises to cruises for cat lovers or wine lovers, and more.

There are even anything goes, clothing-optional cruises. Cruises in this category are usually open to couples and single women only. So if this isnt what youre looking for, swing a wide berth!

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Singles Cruises Expectation Vs Reality

When a lot of people think about regular cruises they will imagine an elderly couple who will enjoy strolling around a ship in their retirement. If people think about cruises for singles then they might also have a lot of misconceptions about what goes on and the types of activities that you are going to be doing.

Here we will look at some of the common expectations that can be placed around singles cruises and see whether or not the reality of the situation is going to live up to that. As with all kind of preconceived notions, there is often a little truth in them but also a lot of the time the real truth is going to be very different.

No matter if you are not sure if you want to make a singles cruise or which cruise line is the right one for you, we will help you to get an idea of it. In general a singles cruise is a great way to have a memorable trip but you are going to be able to take things at your own pace and do what you want to do. A singles cruise shouldnt be anything scary but instead a break that you can be excited about.

  • My destination options are going to be limited on a singles cruise
  • Cruises For Singles In Their 30s

    What Are The 5 BEST CRUISE LINES If You Are Over 40 ?

    According to McDaniel, cruisers in their 30s are likely looking for a good mix of “bustling nightlife and engaging in classes, but they also really want to explore and experience culture.” She says river cruises that offer things like silent discos and paint-and-wine classes appeal to this age group.

    The eight-day Vienna Vibe cruise from U by Uniworld is a great option. This cruise line was originally built to cater to millennials, and this itinerary includes excursions like a walking tour of Vienna and biking around Passau. On board, morning yoga classes and a rooftop ice bar ensure guests will always have something to do.

    Other travelers might want to opt for a South American adventure with National Geographic. The aboard the Delfin II offers a chance to spot diverse wildlife within this impressive ecosystem.

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    The Best Cruise Destinations For Singles

    The next thing to think about is the destination. Youll probably want to pick somewhere warm, as the combination of sunshine and swimwear will set you off on the right path.

    If youre in the US, then a cruise from Florida to the Bahamas is a great option. These short cruises tend to include a day at a private island where you can spend the day at the beach with people from the ship.

    If you live in the UK, then a short cruise with an overnight stop in Amsterdam would be a great option for people who like to have a good time. Consider booking an excursion with the cruise line as a way to get to know your fellow passengers better.

    Shorter sailings, particularly weekend cruises tend to attract more groups of friends and solo travellers. On a longer cruise, youre likely to find more couples and families.

    What Is A Single Supplement On Cruise Fare

    A single supplement is an additional fare for a passenger traveling on their own.

    You may be wondering, Why do I have to pay more if Im not sharing the cabin with anyone?

    A cruise line will charge you extra because they provide you with a private room and space when others might only sleep in bunks.

    Some people think its unfair that singles have to pay more than double what couples would pay per night, but there are many benefits of going solo:

    Youll get your own cabin instead of having two people take up space in one some travel.

    Some of the best ways to avoid extra costs while traveling on a singles cruise include:

  • Stay in a single cabin instead of a double cabin.
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    When Traveling Solo The World Is Your Oyster

    The overriding message of these types of cruises is that you are what you make them. If you are looking to have as much fun as possible then you will be able to do that but if youre looking to be able to do something more low-tempo then that is fine too. If you just keep a few tips in mind, you can make an incredibly great time out of it.

    Often with these types of cruise experiences, the reality is the one that you make for yourself. It is always a good idea to push yourself further and try to let loose, as you will often have a lot of fun in the process but you will never be forced into doing anything.

    Generally what you find is that passengers will quickly get into their own rhythm and routine while they are on the ship. You will quickly get comfortable with your surroundings and happy with what you want to get out of your trip away from home. Acclimatization on these cruises doesnt take long and you will be having a great time very quickly.

    Hopefully this article has helped ease any worries that you might have had. Being on a cruise is a wonderful experience and the facilities that you have will ensure that you will never be short and things to do any people to meet. You are able to spend your time on a cruise ship thousands of different ways but it will always be the one that you choose.

    Check out these articles for more information on singles cruises:

    Mega Ship Line #: Msc Cruises

    Singles Cruises

    Though MSC is headquartered in landlocked Switzerland, this cruise line has mastered the art of mega-ships, building five of the 25 largest in the world: MSC Grandiosa, MSC Bellissima, MSC Meraviglia,MSC Seaview, and MSC Seaside. Each can hold between 5,300 and 6,300 passengers at maximum capacity. MSC Grandiosa is the newest of the five, offering innovative features like Zoe, an artificial intelligencepowered virtual assistant that can help you with any questions or requests on board, as well as impressive entertainment like the third set of Cirque du Soleil shows at sea . But on all five ships, youll find everything from top-notch dining options to bowling alleys to copious outdoor space for sunbathing. MSC has some plans for mega-growth, too: it has another Meraviglia-Plus class ship and four World-class mega-ships in the pipeline, each with a capacity between 5,800 and 6,850 passengers.

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    Cruise From Home And Relax

    Everyone knows that a cruise vacation is one of the most relaxing, hassle free vacations you can take. Imagine if you also didnt have to worry about traveling to start your vacation but could just drive up to a port near your home and get onboard your luxury cruise ship. Here at weve made it easy to see which cruises start close to home. Get started with our Home Port widget by clicking on your home port below.

    Best Cruises For Singles Over 40

    Cruises offer single travelers in their 40s and 50s a comfortable launch pad for their global adventures. They can be great vehicles for meeting people and exploring in a group, while providing a safe base that’s less isolated than other forms of travel.

    Single travelers over 40 are often looking for ways to meaningfully connect with other travelers on a cruise, without the “meat market” or party cruise atmosphere. They also might be seeking trips that they can arrange around their work vacation schedule and itineraries that offer a good value.

    The solution? Consider a cruise that meets the needs of singles over 40, whether it’s a small river cruise company, a major line that sails the globe or a theme cruise specifically devoted to singles. Many offer adventures with learning components, laid-back bars ideal for chatting over a cocktail, group social activities and discounts for solo cruisers, making them a great choice for the traveler without a plus-one.

    If a cruise is your preferred getaway, here are the best cruises for singles over 40.

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    Expectation: I Wont Find Anything In Common With Other Single Cruisers

    Reality: Even if you are going to be on a large cruise ship, if you are going on a singles cruise adventure then you are only going to be with a finite amount of people and you might think that your opportunities to find like-minded people are going to be slim.

    In reality, you are going to be on a cruise ship with others who decided to go on the same vacation, you already have a lot in common with everyone youre going to be with on the ship. You will soon find that you have plenty of other things in common with your fellow passengers too.

    That doesnt mean, of course, that you are definitely going to fall in love and live happily ever after, but it does mean that you are going to be able to have a great time, meet great people and have a very enjoyable time while you are out there on the ship.

    Expectation: Everyone Is Looking For That Special Someone On A Singles Cruise

    Top Tips For Single Person Cruises: How To Find Lover and Have Fun on the Ocean

    Reality: Some people will be put off from going on a singles cruise as you might think that its going to be a little bit too intense. It could be that you are not ready to commit to anything special yet and would be uneasy about going on a vacation with a lot of people who are.

    Whether you are looking for fun, to flirt or to find someone special, you are going to be able to find people who are in the same situation as you. On a cruise youll find that people are the same as they are on land and there will be a wide range of different mentalities.

    Some people will also go into a singles cruise thinking that no-one will want commitment and are just there to relax. Again, whatever your mentality you are going on your cruise with, you will find that a lot of people will be thinking like you are.

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    Best Cruises & Cruise Lines For Solo Travelers

    Cruising is the perfect vacation for solo travelers who want their own independence but also want the flexibility to join activities or dine with other travelers. Luckily, many cruise lines are very welcoming to singles and even have special programs and accommodations to make solo travelers feel right at home. Here are some of the best cruise lines for singles.

    Large Ship Line #: Cunard

    For those longing for the romantic nostalgia of bygone transatlantic sailings, Cunard is your go-to. The legendary cruise line was established in 1840 and has had dozens of ships in its fleet, though today, there are just three active vessels: the Queen Mary 2, the worlds only true transatlantic ocean liner, designed specifically for ocean crossings, as well as the worlds only pet-friendly ship the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria. Activities havent changed all too much in the last 180 yearstheres still a proper afternoon tea, black-tie dinners, and galas in the ballrooms. Its quite like a step back in time, with all the modern safety measures, of course. Cunards next ship is scheduled to be christened in 2022.

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    Best Cruise Lines For Solo Travelers

    Solo traveling can be quite liberating, and it’s even more so when you’re on a cruise. Imagine having loads of downtime to relax, recharge and maybe read all those books you’ve neglected for so long. When you cruise as a solo, you’re able to dine when you want, choose the port experiences that you want and spend time doing the activities that you want to do, without compromising with other people.

    In this coupled-up world, a solo traveler can find a few things difficult when cruising alone. Mega-ships can be so big that it can be hard to meet people and run into them again onboard. Snagging solo tables or finding dining companions if you do want company can be hard, especially in an era where social distancing has become the norm. Then there’s the issue of cost: A solo can expect to pay between 125 percent and 200 percent of the published cruise fare to cover the cost of the “missing” passenger.

    Some cruise lines make an effort to cater to solos. Some will greatly reduce or even waive single supplements to fill berths, or offer meet-and-greets or dining options for single cruisers. Several lines offer dedicated solo cabins, touting priced-for-one fares that generally run higher than the per-person cost for a double occupancy cabin, but lower than assuming the cost of the single supplement on a standard cabin.

    Here is a look at the seven best cruise lines for solo travelers who are ready for their own adventure.

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