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What Is The Longest Cruise You Can Take

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River Ship Line #: Amawaterways

10 Rules Cruise Passengers Break Most Often !

AmaWaterways cruises the waters of Europe, Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia, with a handful of new ships debuting in the past few years. In 2019, the line launched AmaMagna, a double-wide river cruise on the Danube that features massive 710-square-foot suitesa size unheard of on a river-going vessel. Despite the ship being so much larger than its sisters, the passenger count only increased by 20 percent to 196 guests, ensuring an intimate experience.

Are Cruises To Alaska Still Sailing

Lets start with the good news. With the passing of the bill, introduced by Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, cruise ships are now allowed to sail from Seattle, Washington to Alaska in 2021 without the requirement of a stop in Canada. The bill passed through the Senate last week with unanimous consent.

What Cruise Aficionados Say

Meet Canadian veteran cruisers Barry and Ilene Cole. While they were working, the Coles did cruises of seven to 14 days now they choose cruises ranging from 14 to 30 days. They do about five cruises a year their favorite lines being Regent, Crystal, Silver Seas and Seabourn and will complete their 100th cruise in 2020.

“We thought the Viking Sun was beautiful,” said Barry. “The food was very good, the service excellent, staterooms beautifully appointed, and most of the entertainment on board was good.”

The main thing these elegant Canadians don’t like about Viking is its relaxed dress policy, a matter of much debate in the cruising world. “Viking does not enforce its own dress code, and this to us was not up to the standard of a five-star cruise line,” said Ilene.

What’s more, they would never commit to doing a world cruise. Anything over “a hundred days” is too long, said the Coles.

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Things That Could Delay You Getting To Your Flight

Unfortunately, getting off the ship isnt just as simple of having it dock and then rolling your suitcase off. There are a number of factors that can delay things, which is why we recommend an ample five-hour cushion before your flight.

Weather DelaysOne of the biggest headaches for a cruise ship is fog. Early morning arrivals in humid port cities are a perfect recipe for delays due to fog. Its not unheard of for a ship to have to wait off the coast for several hours while the fog lifts before making it to port especially spots like Galveston, which are notorious for fog.

Debarkation DelaysWe mentioned earlier how there can be huge lines to get off the ship first. With such a rush of people trying to debark at once, it can take up to two hours to make your way off the ship and collect your luggage.

If you dont want to wait in line, you can debark later in the day. While that saves you the hassle of just standing around, it doesnt get you off the ship any earlier.

Customs & ImmigrationAnything to declare? Even if you dont, youll have to go through customs and immigration. This is another reason why it can take so long to get off the ship.

Weve seen ports where its a breeze to go through, taking almost no time at all. Weve also seen ports where its a major delay that forces you to stand in line for an eternity. Sometimes it seems there are too few agents working, leading to longer delays to get off the ship.

Oceania ‘around The World’ Cruise: 180 Days

You Can Take a Disney Cruise With Your Favorite Marvel ...

Oceania is offering an “Around the World in 180 Days” cruise beginning Jan. 6, 2022. This 180-day trip departs from Los Angeles, though you can extend your trip to 196 days by getting onboard in Miami on Dec. 21, 2021.

Your cruise will include stops to Grand Cayman and Cartagena, Colombia Costa Rica Nicaragua Guatemala and a few ports in Mexico. Youll return to Los Angeles before heading out to the Hawaiian Islands, the South Pacific and Australia. Youll hit a number of Asian ports, from Indonesia to India. Then your last leg will include the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and New England before you end in New York on July 4. Fares begin at $39,799, but you can pay as little as $5,399 per person for some of the smaller segments.

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How Can I Avoid Other Sneaky Fees

Do your internet browsing while youre in port instead of on the boat to avoid paying for pricey service while youre onboard. Switch your phone to airline mode in order to avoid scary roaming charges. Meanwhile, take advantage of the free activities and food. Dont pay for special meals or snacks that are just going to cost you extra. Youll also want to minimize your participation in any activities that require additional funds like visiting the casino or seeing onboard shows.

Go Shopping In Bowness

Bowness is full of awesome little independent shops and big high street brand names too. So, you could easily shop til you drop here.

From crystal shops, art galleries, Lakeland souvenirs, sweet stores and shops selling all things Beatrix Potter.

I would leave lots of time to look around.


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Medium Ship Line #: Holland America Line

Of Holland Americas 10 ships, eight of them fall into the medium-size category, carrying between 1,400 and 2,500 passengers. The refined ships sail to destinations across the world, but one of the most popular destinations for the cruise line is Alaska. When cruising resumes, we think you should check out the Noordam, which was refurbished in 2019, as it sails itineraries around the Japanese archipelago, China, and Southeast Asia.

Princess Cruises Island Princess World Cruise: 111 Days

How To Use Cruise Control | Learn to drive: Car knowledge

This second Princess World Cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Sydney. Youll ride the Island Princess for a 111-night cruise, leaving Jan. 5, 2022. You can also board the boat in Los Angeles on Jan. 19. This route is what Cruise Critic calls the most destination-intensive world cruise itinerary the line has offered to date. Youll hit 50 ports of call and stop in 32 countries across six continents, where youll have access to 25 UNESCO sites, such as Petra, Ephesus and the Great Barrier Reef. Stops will include Nicaragua and Mexico, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, as well as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. But thats not all! The ship then heads to the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. It will also include the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Bermuda and back to Fort Lauderdale by April 27. All of this can be yours to see starting at $17,669 per person. Segments start at $1,149 per person.

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Queen Mary 2 108 Days

Unlike the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary 2 is not a world cruise in the real sense of the word. It will not visit the Western Hemisphere, as it will only go through Africa, India, Asia, Australia and Indonesia. A double room will only cost $19,578 per person, while a balcony stateroom will cost $23,328 per person. Of the 108 days cruise trip, 62 days will be spent at sea.

Small Ship Line #: Ecoventura

As Ecoventura operates a fleet of three expedition yachts with a capacity of only 20 passengers, you know youre getting a personalized experience on board. The ships sail two week-long itineraries in the Galápagosyou can combine them both if you want more time with the islands incredible wildlife. The luxurious ships each have 10 well-appointed cabins, a lounge where naturalists provide lectures and briefings before excursions, a dining room and bar, a library filled with scholarly tomes on the Galápagos, and a sundeck for relaxation.

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River Ship Line #: Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions has three river ships: Aria Amazon and Aqua Nera, which sail the Peruvian Amazon, and Aqua Mekong, which traverses the Mekong between Cambodia and Vietnam. Guests sailing aboard these modern, luxurious vessels will partake in daily excursions that introduce them to both the ecology and the culture of their destinations. Aqua also operates the expedition ship Aqua Blu, which sails through Indonesia.

Mega Ship Line #: Msc Cruises

How to Spend the Winter on a Cruise Ship â Snowbird Tips!

Though MSC is headquartered in landlocked Switzerland, this cruise line has mastered the art of mega-ships, building five of the 25 largest in the world: MSC Grandiosa, MSC Bellissima, MSC Meraviglia,MSC Seaview, and MSC Seaside. Each can hold between 5,300 and 6,300 passengers at maximum capacity. MSC Grandiosa is the newest of the five, offering innovative features like Zoe, an artificial intelligencepowered virtual assistant that can help you with any questions or requests on board, as well as impressive entertainment like the third set of Cirque du Soleil shows at sea . But on all five ships, youll find everything from top-notch dining options to bowling alleys to copious outdoor space for sunbathing. MSC has some plans for mega-growth, too: it has another Meraviglia-Plus class ship and four World-class mega-ships in the pipeline, each with a capacity between 5,800 and 6,850 passengers.

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The Process Of Getting Off A Cruise Ship & When To Schedule Your Flight

In our experience, getting off the ship once a cruise had ended is much more time-consuming than boarding.

Thats because once you depart the ship you now have to go through customs and immigration to declare anything you bought while you were abroad and be checked back into the country. Combine this delay with thousands of people trying to leave at once and youve got a recipe for long waits.

Most cruise ships have self-assist debarkation. This allows passengers who can carry all their luggage with them to depart first.

The thing is that most people seem to opt for this method, instead of waiting to leave later in the morning and not carry their luggage. Weve seen lines around the ship first thing in the morning that took 1.5 hours to get off the ship and out of the terminal.

Other passengers wait for their selected debarkation time . While this means you wont get off the ship first, the process of actually leaving is usually faster since the lines are shorter.

In any case, given that it can take a considerable amount of time to get off the ship, what time should you book your departing flight?

The earliest time for your departing flight depends on a lot of factors. We recommend no earlier than five hours after your ship arrives back at home port.

How Long Do Most Cruises Last

The time most cruises last is highly variable. Typically the most popular cruise length is a seven-day long cruise, but there are many other varieties worth considering when you want to take a cruise, and many different lengths that will help you plan the cruise that best fits with your schedule.

Many people cite that the shortest cruises are three days long. This is in fact inaccurate. There are numerous cruises that are day length, or are dinner cruises. It’s perhaps arguable that most cruises last a day or shorter, since popularity of single day cruises or dinner or brunch cruises tend to be very high. These shortest of cruises tend not to be taken into account when considering how long most cruises last.

The next shortest cruise is usually three days in length, and people may choose these as either part of a vacation or just alone. Some people argue that most cruises last, or at least should last longer, especially for a person who takes a few days adjustment to being on a cruise ship. If you do tend to get seasick, or tend to start off seasick and off balance at the beginning of a cruise, you may want to consider a longer cruise so that youll have more time to enjoy activities once you adjust to being on a ship.

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Small Ship Line #1: Seadream Yacht Club

Sailing through the Caribbean, around Europe, or across the Atlantic on either of SeaDreams two 112-passenger yachts means quickly getting to know your fellow guests. Facilities on the six decks include a pool, whirlpool, and casino, but the real highlight is the watersports marina that can be lowered down to the waves for easy ocean swimming, kayaking, and more. The ships often overnight in port, allowing guests the opportunity to experience the local nightlife before taking off for their next destination. In 2021, SeaDream will launch a 110-cabin luxury expedition yacht, SeaDream Innovation, that will sail to all seven continents.

Crystal World Cruise: 288 Nights

9 Things You Can’t Do On A Cruise Any More !

Start the new year off right with a Crystal cruise for the better part of a year, at 288 nights. You start out in Miami or Los Angeles. Leaving on Jan. 17, 2022, youll visit the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Mexico, Hawaii, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Oman, Egypt and Jordan, then cross the Suez Canal on your way to Israel, Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean. There are also stops in the Azores and Bermuda. As for the cost, you can get this life-changing experience starting at $53,646 for the full world journey or $41,571 for certain segments.

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Large Ship Line #: Norwegian Cruise Line

Things escalated quickly for Norwegian: the cruise line jumped from medium-size ships to mega-ships practically overnight , with just three ships in its current fleet sized somewhere in between. But thats soon about to change. Norwegian currently has six ships on order as part of Project Leonardo, each of which will hold about 3,300 passengers. Its interesting to see a cruise line scale back from its mega-ships and opt for a more manageable size for such a large order. Details about the new ships are scarce, though the first is expected to launch in 2022.

Small Ship Line #: Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourns five ships feature fewer than 300 suites eachbut they leverage that small size into access at some of the worlds most beloved yacht ports: St. Tropez in the south of France the Greek island of Kos and popular large ports like Dubrovnik and Monte Carlo. Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller designs specialty menus on the ships, and a partnership with UNESCO ensures shore excursions and sustainable tourism practices at some of the wildest and most wonderful destinations around the world. In 2021, the line will debut its first expedition ship, Seabourn Venture.

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What Is Life Like On The Worlds Longest Cruise On Viking Sun

Its two weeks into the worlds longest cruise on the Viking Sun and we find out from Australian couple, Roger Foenander and David Mutton, just what its like to be aboard.

The record breaking 245-day Ultimate World Cruise is Roger, 71, and Davids, 62, third world cruise. They were on Vikings inaugural world cruise in 2018 and just earlier this year, completed a world cruise segment and they are excited to be back on the seas again.

If their names sound familiar, its because the committed cruisers who spend between two and eight months at sea every year previously shared with Cruise Passenger how they managed to retire at sea.

Read what the couple thought about their first weeks on the Viking Sun, who they have met on board and what are they most looking forward to in the next eight months.

And find out how they keep in touch with their family and friends across different timezones without the help of Facebook.

We do not update by posting on Facebook anymore, we stopped over 18 months ago and recently we have taken down our Facebook page completely. We feel that Facebook is very impersonal and is really a source of a lot of empty noise in most cases. We can personalise our emails to individuals. This of course takes a lot more time and effort but we think that it generates a more personal and genuine connection with people, says the couple.

2. How did your send off go? Were there any special events?

Medium Ship Line #: Oceania Cruises

These Cruise Lines Want You To Get Off The Ship

Its all about the food on Oceania Cruises. Its 1,250-passenger MS Marina and MS Riviera offer restaurants by Jaques Pepin, a six-course Dom Perignon dinner with a pairing of three vintages, a cooking center where passengers of all cooking skill levels can take classes, and culinary-themed excursions, like a visit to the market in Nice with a chef. Its four smaller Regatta-class ships also have excellent dining options, like the Polo Grill and the Italian eatery Toscana. Two new 1,200-passenger ships are on the way for Oceania, set for delivery in 2022 and 2025.

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Why Did Viking Do This

Viking’s first World Cruise launched in 2017. The cruise spanned 141 days and visited 35 countries.

“We received resounding feedback from guests on our first sold-out World Cruise in 2017 that they were interested in spending more time with us,” said Viking marketing executive Richard Marnell. He noted that a “good number” of guests on Viking’s first World Cruise also booked on the latest, much longer cruise.

He added that the Ultimate World Cruise itinerary “was developed with feedback from our guests who desire to experience the cultures of the world in-depth, over an extended period of time, while sailing onboard a ship that was designed for discovery, with all the comforts of home.”

However, one person’s idea of home comforts may be wildly different from the next. Someone who fancies a floating family vacation with young children in tow, gaudy umbrella-topped cocktails, or nightly flutters at a casino should not choose Viking.

We received resounding feedback from guests on our first sold-out World Cruise in 2017 that they were interested in spending more time with us.Richard MarnellViking’s SVP of Marketing

Tranquility rules on Viking ships. Apart from the captain’s noon-day message, PA announcements are a rarity, and melodious birdsong plays in all the restrooms.

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