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Are Msc Cruises Any Good

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Evening Dress Code Informal Nights

What is the Food Like On MSC Cruises?

On all nights which arent gala or elegant, the dress code on board will be casual.

On casual nights I often just wear the clothes that Ive been wearing during the day. There are a few things which arent allowed such as swimwear or shorts in the main dining room but apart from that, you are free to wear almost anything.

Do Msc Have A Dress Code For Excursions

There arent any specific dress codes for excursions with MSC but some excursions may come with dress code suggestions.

Some excursions may require things like walking boots and for some excursions, you may need to bring things like hats or swimwear. This depends entirely on the excursion that you choose to take.

If there is anything you need to remember to bring or wear during an excursion this will be clearly told to you at the time of booking and when you receive your tickets.

What If My Drink Is More Than The Limit On The Package

Some drink packages have dollar limits on what you can get with them. For instance, the Easy Package is good for beverages up to $6 per glass. If you order a drink more than the limit, then you are responsible for the full cost of the drink.

For example, say you purchase a $10 cocktail with the Easy Package, which has a $6 limit. In this case youd have to pay the entire $10 out of pocket plus the service charge. The package limits dont subtract from the drink prices if its more than whats allowed.

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Does Every Person In A Cabin Have To Buy It If One Person Does

Yes. MSC says that guests all sailing in a cabin must purchase the drink package. According to the terms posted on MSCs website:

The package must be booked by all guests occupying the same stateroom, or traveling together, including minors who must book the Child version of the package.

This is likely designed to limit sharing .

Its important to note that this extends to kids as well. So if you are traveling with a minor that is three years or older, then you will have to purchase the non-alcoholic beverage package for them. There is a $29 cost for those 12 years or older. The package costs $17 for kids 3-11 years old.

Kids under three dont have to get a drink package.

Msc Cruises Loyalty Program

Msc Cruise Line Seaview

MSC Cruises has a point-based frequent cruiser program, the MSC Voyages Club, that has four tiers ranging from Classic to Diamond .

Members earn points based on the length of the cruises they take and which experience they book on those sailings. There are five different experiences you can book on an MSC Cruises sailing, each with different inclusions and price points. The most basic Bella experience will get you fewer points than the top MSC Yacht Club experience. A chart shows how point-earning works:

Every person in your stateroom will earn the points for the cruise based on the chart above. You can also earn points with onboard spending and any prebookings you made before embarkation. Youll earn 100 points for every $150 in prepaid expenses and onboard expenses.

Caveats: Only the Voyagers Club member who makes the final payment for the onboard expenses will receive those points. For prepaid expenses, points will be equally distributed among the cabin occupants.

Say, for example, the total amount of prepaid onboard services that apply to all cabin occupants before the cruise is $600. If there are four cabin occupants, the spending for the points calculation of each member will be $150, which is equal to 100 points.

The real perks begin at Diamond status, which brings a free dinner in an extra-charge restaurant, some treats in your cabin, priority embarkation and late disembarkation, and priority access for everything from dinner to tenders.

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What Mscs Ships Have To Offer

During the busy winter season, MSC Cruises might have four or five ships sailing the turquoise Caribbean waters. Larger, newer ships such as the MSC Meraviglia and; MSC Seaside offer tons of onboard activities, easily comparable to the flashiest Royal Caribbean, Norwegian or Carnival ships.

Its worth noting that many of these activities come with an additional fee. This is one of the reasons we often say that when booking a cruise, make sure not only to look at the base fare, but any expenses youll encounter along the way.;

MSC Divina is a sparkling jewel in the Caribbean

Slightly older vessels like the MSC Armonia and MSC Divina have been kept up well thanks to recent refurbishments; the Armonia in late 2019 and the Divina in 2016.

While smaller than the newest MSC ships, both the Armonia and Divina have a classic, European feel and are generally well regarded among those who prefer a smaller ship experience.;

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Additionally, the MSC Splendida sails seasonally from Martinique and Guadeloupe, perfect for those who might want to extend their vacation on either of those islands.;

Onboard entertainment varies by ship. On the MSC Merivaglia, the options include a Cirque de Soleil show , a ropes course, and more bars than you could hope to drink from in a week.

MSC serves some of the best pizza at sea

Sailings range from two-night Nassau getaways to two-week adventures.;

A Basic Introduction To Msc Cruises

Before we take a closer look at why MSC Cruises might or might not be right for you, lets take a quick look at the history of the company. Founded in Italy in 1989 as a part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC Cruises has since become the fourth largest cruise company in the world.

Until relatively recently, their primary target was European cruisers, with minor forays into the North American market.

It was the aforementioned MSC Seaside that really changed things where the companys efforts to penetrate the North American market were concerned. The ship which sails year-round out of Miami was specifically designed for North America, with the company heavily promoting Seaside to both American and Canadian cruisers.;

Two ships currently homeport in Florida: the MSC Armonia, which is expected to sail year-round from Tampa beginning in November 2020, and the Miami-based MSC Seaside. Seasonally, the MSC Merivaglia and the MSC Divina also operate from Miami.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is the newest private cruise line island in the Bahamas

In addition to the ships which ply the waters of the Caribbean, MSC Cruises recently invested heavily in the construction and opening of their own private Bahamian island called Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

The island, which differs from the private islands of other lines because of its focus on the environment, includes a dock for one ship, pristine beaches, and many activities for guests to enjoy.

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What Drink Packages Are Offered On Msc

MSC has a total of four drink packages. Of these, three are alcoholic packages and one is non-alcoholic.

Alcoholic PackagesFirst, there is the Easy Package. This deal offers selected drinks aboard the ship that are priced up to $6 per glass. At a limit of $6, your options are somewhat limited, but it does include some beer, cocktails, soft drinks, juices, bottled water and coffees.

A step above the Easy Package is the Premium Package. This acts like the typical drink package on other cruise lines, covering drinks up to $12 per glass. Here youll find a much wider selection with cocktails, wines, beers, as well as sodas, juices, energy drinks, and more.

MSCs top-of-the-line package is called Premium Plus. With this package you get any drink by the glass from any bar on the ship. So if you want a top-shelf cocktail, its covered under this package, as well as everything from bottled water to beer. It even covers items in the mini-bar.

Non-Alcoholic PackagesMSC also has a Non-Alcoholic Package that features drinks across the ship that dont have alcohol. This includes non-alcoholic cocktails, soda, energy drinks, juice, water, coffees, tea, and even ice cream.

Top Reasons To Cruise

MSC Virtuosa Cruise Ship Tour and NEW Boarding Process
  • Italian Heritage MSC embraces its Italian heritage and stylenot to flaunt it, but to share it.
  • Sophia Loren An Italian treasure, the iconic movie actress serves as godmother to MSCs ships.
  • Affordability MSC affords a contemporary cruise experience at favorable price points.
  • Family-friendliness With a kids-sail-free policy, MSC Cruises ships are ideally suited for family cruise vacations.
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    All The Time Youll Save

    No, really! Thats the great thing about that priority boarding and priority check in and check out.; Theres no waiting in long lines or spending your valuable vacation time with extra chores that you just dont want to do. The priority boarding and check in and check out processes for MSC Yacht Club guests are seamless, easy and headache-free, so you can spend your vacation time actually relaxing.

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    Plus, youll save extra time with your cruise planning, too, thanks to the stellar butler service. Want to reserve dinner at one of the specialty restaurants on your cruise ship? Theres no need to do research or wait on the phone to make your reservation. Just talk to your butler and theyll handle the rest, booking you the perfect experience.

    The same thing goes for shore excursions. The concierges and butlers help make your planning process a breeze, so all you need to do is tell them what you want, and theyll take it from there.

    Everything You Need To Know About Msc Cruises

    If MSC Cruises has its way, itll eventually be as well known in North America as brands like Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean.

    MSC Divina docked at Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

    Although MSC is far better known in European markets, they have slowly but surely been grabbing the attention of American cruisers, especially since the splashy arrival of MSC Seaside back in 2017.

    With prices that are often considerably lower than the competition and ships which have significantly raised the companys profile, MSC is definitely making a splash with North American cruisers.

    Its worth noting, however, that the Italian line has encountered a few growing pains along the way, especially in regard to the differing needs of an American audience.;;

    MSC Seaside was a game-changer for the cruise line, making it a much bigger presence in the North American market.

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    Msc Cruises Travel Insurance Overview

    MSC Cruises is a first-class cruise line with an Italian flair. They have a strong presence in the Mediterranean cruise market and growing in South America, Asia and the Caribbean. In addition, they are building a second Miami port terminal and private Bahamian island resort.

    Cruise travelers can find MSC Trip insurance rates when booking on MSCs website.

    Generali US Branch underwrites the MSC Travel Insurance, which is a reliable insurance provider. They are an A rated insurer by AM Best, an independent organization that rates insurance companies based on their financial strength.

    In addition, MSC Trip Insurance is administered by CSA Travel Protection, another reputable insurance partner. As a result, CSA Travel handles claims for this policy.

    In this review, we examine the benefits in MSC Cruises Travel Insurance, the cost of the plan, and the overall coverage. Finally, we compare MSC Travel Insurance with other travel insurance plans possessing better coverage and lower price available through AARDY.

    What Is The Dress Code On An Msc Cruise

    5th Cruise on Divina

    The evening dress codes on MSC cruises range from casual to elegant depending on the night. On relaxed nights the only restrictions are no shorts or swimwear in the main dining rooms. On gala and elegant nights, the dress code suggests a collared shirt for men and a dress or blouse/trousers combination for women.

    That said, the dress codes on MSC cruises arent very strictly enforced.;

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    Msc Starship Club’s Rob

    On Virtuosa MSC Cruises introduced the fleet’s first MSC Starship Club spaceship-themed venue served by the industry’s first humanoid robot bartender – named Rob. Working on this project for 6 years , MSC partnered with experts from companies specializing in entertainment experiences, digital solutions, robotics, automation, and interior design.

    MSC Starship Club provides integrated bar-and-entertainment experiences and its interior is marked by a cold-white ceiling, a digital art wall, 3D holographic projections, a 12-seat digital table for personalized interactive galactic tours.

    Rob mixes and serves cocktails while entertaining the guests by moving his body, head and arms in a natural way. The humanoid barman speaks 8 languages and engages with his voice and human-like expressions/emotions.

    Between making and serving beverages, Rob interacts with the passengers, changes his facial expressions, dances, tells jokes, riddles, cosmic facts and trivia. Orders are placed in vertical digital cockpits. The drinks are served in futuristic, custom-made souvenir glasses. The humanoid bartender can prepare a total of 16 “cosmic cocktails” plus personalized drinks using 40+ ingredients.

    Dress Codes In Speciality Dining Restaurants

    Most of MSCs specialty dining restaurants dont have strict dress codes.

    The majority of guests do dress nicely when going to a specialty restaurant as opposed to the main dining room as its generally seen as a bit of a treat!

    Passengers tend to go to specialty restaurants for birthdays, anniversaries or just to experience the specialty restaurant.

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    Dress Codes For Children

    When it comes to children they are also expected to adhere to the formal night dress codes.

    That said MSCs dress codes are already very relaxed and for children, these are relaxed even further.

    I would not worry too much about what your children will wear on an MSC cruise, you definitely wont be turned away from the dining room due to what your children are wearing.

    Adults are not allowed to wear shorts in the main dining room but children can definitely get away with breaking this rule.;

    For boys:

    Most young boys will wear chinos/a shirt or t-shirt. Some do dress up with bow ties and jackets although this is definitely not a requirement. Again, as long as they are dressed and clean, you will be fine.

    For girls:;

    Most girls will usually wear a dress or shirt/trousers. Almost anything is okay.

    The way that MSC are so relaxed with dress codes is one of the primary reasons why I consistently recommend them as being one of my favourite cruise lines for families.

    To find out the other reasons, and which other cruise lines I recommend, check out our recommended cruise lines page:;Best Cruise Lines For Families

    Is Gratuity Included Do I Need To Tip More

    MSC Seaside Review | MSC Cruise Review

    Yes. If you purchase before you cruise, the service charge of 15% is waived, meaning the package is a better deal. If you wait until on the ship, the 15% charge is included on the daily fee.

    Either way, at the bar you dont have to worry about additional charges or gratuity. It is already taken care of. You can tip more if you feel generous, but its not expected or required.

    You should note that if you use the package to buy a drink while in port, you will be charged tax on the purchase.

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    Whats The Service Like On Msc Cruises

    In my experience, one area where MSC Cruises falls a little short of other cruise lines is the service. It just doesnt have the wow factor that you may be used to if youre a regular cruiser with cruise lines such as Disney.

    But remember, MSC Cruises are cheap and you get what you pay for. If the service were better, you would expect to pay more!

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    The guest-to-crew ratio on MSC Cruises is pretty high, with an average of 3.4 guests for each crew member. The actual number varies depending on the ship and how full it is.

    MSC Cruises new ship, MSC World Europa will accommodate up to 6,774 guests with a crew of 1,413, giving a ratio of 4.8 to 1. By contrast, some ultra-luxury cruise ships actually have more crew than guests, meaning that a higher level of service can be offered.

    The following table shows the guest to crew ratio on some popular cruise ships:

    Azamara Quest 1.91

    Because there are fewer crew members in relation to the number of guests, the MSC Cruises crew really have to work their butts off. They do so with a smile, but they dont usually have time to chat as their next guest is waiting.

    I noticed that one bartender was wearing a jacket on a very hot day when I went to the bar in just a bikini. Arent you hot?, I asked?

    Yes, he replied, But I dont have time to remove my jacket.

    Why Are Msc Cruises So Cheap

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    When you search for cruise deals online and order the results by price from lowest to highest, MSC Cruises usually appear at the top of the list.

    According to my research about how much cruises cost with each cruise line, MSC Cruises cost around 25% less than the average cruise.

    But why are MSC Cruises so cheap? Are MSC Cruises bad? Or just great value for money?

    In this article, Ill explain all the reasons why MSC Cruises are cheaper than most other cruise lines so that you can decide whether to go ahead and book one or not.

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    What Does The Dress Code Actually Mean


    Any t-shirts or shirt would be acceptable for men.

    Technically speaking, shorts arent allowed in the main dining room but jeans are okay. Hoodies, sweaters, and jackets are also appropriate.


    For women, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt would be perfectly appropriate.

    Alternatively, any dress/skirt/trouser combination would be more than okay. Sneakers, sandals, heels or flat shoes would all be appropriate.

    Generally speaking: As long as you are clean and dressed, youll be okay!;

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