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Cruise To Egypt And Israel

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Cruise From Rome Italy

Touring Egypt, Jordan and Israel – Vlog video 15 – Entering Israel

You’ll embark in Rome for your journey. Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world and is on many people’s bucket list. Do you want some neat experiences to add to your bucket list? Visit the famed Colosseum. Enjoy a sightseeing cruise along the Rome Tiber River. Take a gondola ride along the city’s canals. Visit the Vatican Museums. These are just a few of the bucket list activities to do in Rome.

What Youneed To Know

  • Port Name & LocationShip will DOCK at this port.
  • The official language is Hebrew. English is widely spoken throughout.
  • Currency & ShoppingNew Israeli Shekel ATMs are widely available. Shop for hand-blown glass, pottery, silver and gold.
    • Famous ForEach year, thousands of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze pilgrims visit Haifa’s cave of Elijah, said to have magical qualities and healing powers.
    • Fun Fact #1Haifa, a historic, picturesque town in its own right, is a great base for day tours of Biblical sites, including Nazareth and Galilee.
    • Fun Fact: FoodiesDon’t leave before trying shawarma, thinly sliced turkey or lamb served in a pita, much like a falafel. Make it your own with hummus, tahini and other toppings.
    • Fun Fact: LandmarksBaha’i Gardens are 19 meticulously landscaped terraces leading up the slopes of Mt. Carmel. Admire the lush beauty as well as the best panoramas of Baha’i Bay.

Onboard The Rhapsody Of The Seas

Year Refurbished: 2012

Double Occupancy Capacity: 1998

Rhapsody of the Seas® features dramatic walls of glass, a retractable canopy, a soothing Day Spa, two pools, a whirlpool and eight lounges.

Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

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Tours Packages And Cruises In Egypt

Historic sites and monuments are endless in Egypt, so to are our range of travel options.

  • Day tours: We offer a variety of private or group day trips around Egypt. Most tours operate daily with return transfer to your hotel included.
  • Escorted Coach Tours: Travel around Egypt on an escorted tour visiting the main historical sites of Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheik and more. All escorted coach tours are guided in English only and guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people. The option to combine an escorted coach tour with a Nile cruise is also available.
  • Nile Cruises: Cruise along the Nile River from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa and see some of Egypts most important monuments. Itineraries are identical between cruise lines. We offer 3 and 4 night itineraries as well as 7 nights.
  • Partially Escorted Private packages: Packages are a combination of escorted coach touring and touring on a private basis with your own English-speaking guide. Partially escorted private packages with Nile cruise are also available.
  • Independent Private Packages: Enjoy the flexibility of exploring Egypt independently. Packages are made up of accommodation, private transfers and private day tours with an English-speaking guide. Independent Private packages with Nile cruise is also available.
  • Tailor Made Holidays: Let us tailor make your next holiday to Jordan with a package that includes transfers, accommodation, day tours and a Nile cruise of your choice.

Enjoy Three Days In Haifa Israel

21 Day Egypt, Jordan &  Israel With Nile Cruise

This amazing cruise also includes three days in Haifa, Israel. Haifa is one of the largest cities in Israel. You’ll find an amazing kaleidoscope of sights in Haifa. Explore the Baha’i shrine and tropical gardens, which is one of the most popular sights in the city. Tour the locations and scenery where Jesus lived and preached.

Make sure you explore the Basilica of the Annunciation, which is the largest church in the Middle East. There is a nice collection of ceramic and mosaics in this church. You can also walk through the many colorful Arab bazaars that line the city streets.

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Luxury Cruises To Israel

Explore the ancient sites, cities, and historic ports of the Holy Land on a luxury cruise to Israel with Celebrity. Visit sacred temples, awe-inspiring museums, and natural wonders like the Dead Sea. Learn about thousands of years of religious and cultural heritage. Enjoy delicious cuisine that blends multiple cultures together with the bounty of the Mediterranean, and take in the breathtaking views of the sea as you do so.

Israel cruises will take you to ports like Ashdod, the gateway to Jerusalem, where you can walk in the footsteps of prophets and kings and Haifa, where you can see the beautiful Bahá’í Gardens. Youll also have the opportunity to take an excursion to see the biblical sights around Nazareth and the tranquil Sea of Galilee. No matter what you choose to do, a cruise to Israel is sure to be an adventure with the luxury amenities and world-class service that Celebrity is known for.

Luxury River Cruises In Egypt And Israel

Searching for a top-class cruising experience? Look no further, as our Luxury cruises in Egypt and Israel will allow you to discover exceptional destinations such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Taste the adventure and discover new cultures while enjoying premium services and facilities. Read more on luxury river cruises.

  • 1 to 99 year olds
  • 1 to 99 year olds
  • 1 to 99 year olds
    Travel Style
  • “Wow! What an incredible experience we had in Israel, Jordan and Egypt! The sites…”

    6 to 79 year olds

    You save: $3,498Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees. Download Brochure

  • Tel Aviv, Galilee, Jerusalem, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Cairo
    Age Range
    12 to 99 year olds

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Visit The Valley Of The Kings In Safaga Egypt

You’ll also spend three days in Safaga, Egypt, on this cruise. Explore the many famous tombs, temples, and monuments that are found here. Spend a day at Karnak, which is the largest religious site in the world.

Take a quick trip across the Nile River to the Valley of the Kings. You’ll get to see firsthand more than 60 tombs, the most famous of which is the final resting place of King Tutankhamen. Take a traditional wooden sailboat back to Safaga just before the sun sets and marvel at the beautiful colors that fill the sky.

Greece + Turkey Israel And Egypt

Israel unearths cave from Pharaoh Ramesses II-era on Israel’s coastline

This post describes an opportunity for you to Travel With an Architect yep – that’s us!


We always keep our readers informed of what trip is next, in case you want to tag along. This one is really “out there” as of the post date, but it is a sure thing so we want you to feel welcome to join us. Not traveling until October of 2023. We don’t conduct tours but will be glad to share our expertise and give guidance during the trip like your own personal hosts! We will make ourselves available to you during the cruise. You will have our contact info ability to communicate.

Of course we also want you to book through us. So here is a link to the pricing options that are available. The best time to book a cruise is actually way in advance, like this. By doing so you get the best offers and also the best selection of rooms. In this case – it’s even better because our deal was contracted prior to cruise line policy change on inclusive amenities! We have them all! Anyone booking directly with Celestyal will now pay extra for them! What are they?

  • Unlimited Classice Drinks

  • Two Shore Excursions per week

  • Entertainment onboard

– You can’t do this one online because we have special group rates. But trust me – thats a GOOD THING! We sailed with Celestyal back in 2019, only months prior to the Pandemic outbreak. We have been trying to sail with them again EVER SINCE! We have to wait until October of 2023 for the Itinery that we want! Greek Islands + Israel and Egypt!

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Little Petra Wadi Rum


In Wadi Rum, a soul-enriching stay awaits at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp, where youll feast on a traditional Arabic banquet. As evening falls, board a Jeep and journey out into the Wadi Rum desert. The lunar-like desert landscape provides the perfect backdrop for stargazing. Learn all about the stars and be given the opportunity to view them up close with telescopes.

Set off towards Al Beida or Little Petra, thought to be one of the first settled villages in human history. Continue through the amazing desert landscape to Wadi Rum, where youll join a Jeep ride with a local Bedouin exploring all of the hidden sites of the desert.

Stay: Wadi Rum, Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

Holy Land Cruise Tours

The following map shows the cities and main religious sites visited on a classic Holy Land cruise tour.

Rome, Italy . The eternal Rome has something for all tastes – stunning architecture, ancient history, lots of art galleries and shops. Visit one of the many marvels in this extraordinary city, stroll its beautiful streets, enjoy the delicious Italian food.

Alexandria, Egypt . Another spot with so much ancient history to discover! The catacombs and Pompey’s Pillar hold secrets of a different era. Visit the impressive fort, join for an excursion/tour to Cairo and see the Pyramids. Or enjoy a relaxing day on the beach! There is plenty of choices.

Athens, Greece . A center for philosophy, arts, and learning, home of Aristotle’s Lyceum and Plato’s Academy, widely referred to as the birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western civilization.

Ephesus, Turkey . Ephesus is well-known for the Temple of Artemis, which is one of the seven wonders of the world and popular tourist destination. Add to this the opportunity for snorkeling or lazing on the beach is nearby. For the thrill-seekers – try Kusadasi’s “Adaland” AquaPark.

Jerusalem, Israel . One of the oldest cities in the whole world is considered holy to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital. Israel’s primary governmental institutions are maintained there, but neither claim is recognized internationally.

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Cruise Itinerary: Three Continents From Limassol

The boarding time will begin boarding at 2:00 p.m. to start the journey at 6:00 p.m. Onboard, Greca Travel includes full board, 2 excursions, and a package of unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so that your only concern is to have a good time.

After a peaceful night’s sailing, you will wake on the famous island of Rhodes, which once hosted one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, “the Colossus of Rhodes”.

From your arrival, at about 12:00 am until your departure at 6:30 p.m. you will have a whole day to explore the renowned medieval town of Rhodes, recognised by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, the Acropolis of Lindos or simply lay back and enjoy the natural beauty of the largest island in the Dodecanese island complex.

Greca Tip: Visit the Palace of Grand Master, the Street of the Knights, the old port of Mandraki and Hippocrates Square in the medieval Old Town of Rhodes and try some of the island’s traditional delicacies, such as Pitaroudia with chickpeas fritters and melekounia, a healthy dessert with sesame and honey.

At 07:00 hrs, after a quiet night of navigation, you will wake up on the Turkish coast where Kusadasi is located, from where the visit to the ancient city of Ephesus begins. Ephesus is one of the twelve Ionian cities, an important cultural, religious and commercial center of antiquity visited by San Paul, Marco Antonio, and Cleopatra, among others.

At 17:00 p.m. the cruise will sail to continue navigation.

Worth looking into

Study Ancient Civilizations In Kusadasi Turkey

" The Exodus"  Egypt, Jordan &  Israel 15 Day Tour

Kusadasi , Turkey, offers you a view of an ancient civilization. A must-see is the Scholastica Baths. These dozen ancient marble toilets provide a glimpse into the past. They give you an idea of what ancient life was like in Turkey.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. These impress even those who are not interested in history The ruins are made up of high columns that feature a statue of the goddess of wisdom. Don’t miss the famous Temple of Artemis, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Or you can simply stroll along the scenic seafront promenade and check out the bustling city center.

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Explore Beaches & Temples In Rhodes Greece

Rhodes, Greece, is located at the island’s northern tip. Rhodes offers a varied landscape with many different types of things to explore. You can spend the day at golden beaches relaxing beside the blue waters. Pick up colorful seashells along the shore. Explore many of the ancient sites in Rhodes, like the medieval Street of Knights and the Temple of Venus.

Don’t forget to spend a couple of hours in Old Town, and check out the ancient gates and medieval walls. Then, before you head back to the ship, stop at the awe-inspiring Grand Master’s Palace. This is where Colossus of Rhodes, an ancient warrior, once stood.

Middle East / Holy Land Cruises To Israel And Egypt

The Middle East features so many topographical contrasts- from vast deserts to lush valleys – this is one of the perfect destinations to become an adventurer! On some Middle East cruises you will be also transiting the Suez Canal .

Part of the “Middle East Cruises” group, Holy Land cruise tours deals may also include visiting Eastern Mediterranean ports in Greece or Turkey. When you have to fly a long distance for your Holy Land or Middle East cruise, better arrive at the departure port one or two days in advance, and you will have time to rest. Get oriented before you board the ship- most lines offer pre-cruise packages with hotel stays, and even guided city tours.

Holy Land voyages are derivative of Eastern Mediterranean itinerary group, but “Holy Land Cruises” always visit Israel and Egypt – calling on ports of Haifa and/or Ashdod in Israel, and Alexandria or Port Said in Egypt. A cruise ship vacation to Holy Land will promise a rich in history voyage and much adventure. Today’s fate of Jerusalem is at the center of Middle East unrest. But in spite of all religious fighting and political maneuvering, you will find the Holy Land cruise being an unmatched destination itself. This is a very special itinerary and a unique combination of history, climate, natural beauty, and meaning. After you visit Jerusalem, you will be changed forever. The Holy Land is a historic destination, it will both educate and fascinate you.

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Debark & Explore In Dubai United Arab Emirates

You will debark in the cruise port of Dubai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Dubai is an interesting combination of futuristic buildings and ancient traditions. You’ll notice the perfect blend of western and Arab culture on your cruise to Dubai. Spend a day or two after your cruise exploring the more than 1,200 shops in the city.

Book your Arabian Odyssey cruise with Norwegian today. For more information about the various cities and ports that Norwegian travels to, check out our blog.

Bucket List Vacations: Cruise To Greece Israel And Egypt With Norwegian

Inside Tour of Red Sea Beach Resort in EGYPT

Science says that people who spend their money on experiences instead of things are the happiest, and there is no better travel experience than a cruise. It is a unique way to explore that lets you experience both land and sea. You get to visit multiple destinations on a single trip, and you only need to unpack once. How can you beat that?

If youre looking for cruises to add to your ultimate travel bucket list, Norwegian offers some of the most exotic and diverse itineraries to make checking off that bucket list a breeze. With state-of-the-art ships built for freestyle cruising, lively entertainment, and delectable food, Norwegian Cruise Line offers some of the best bucket-list cruises. If youre ready to start ticking off those lust-worthy destinations, lets start with one cruise that should be on every traveler’s bucket list: the 21-Day Wonders of the Mediterranean and Arabia. Here are some highlights from this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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Life Onboard Celebrity Infinity

With endless actvities, luxurious staterooms and suites you will love cruising on Celebrity Infinity. Read more

Relax or watch a movie on the Roof Terrace found only on the Millennium class ships. Read more

Dont miss this special experience where food, wine and a movie come together in celebration. Read more

A total rejuvenation of the senses awaits in the aqua therapy garden of the on board spa. Read more

The Celebrity crew pride themselves in their impeccable service and guests return for it too. Read more

Celebrity ships just get better and more luxe with the planned Celebrity Revolution. Read more

Cruise To Jordan Israel And Egypt

Red Sea

  • Day 1 | Sunday: Aqaba, Jordan
  • Day 2 | Monday: Sharm El Sheikh – Hurghada, Egypt
  • Day 3 | Tuesday: Hurghada – Luxor, Egypt
  • Day 4 | Wednesday: Luxor – Hurghada, Egypt
  • Day 5 | Thursday: Suez, Egypt
  • Day 6 | Friday: Suez, Egypt
  • Day 7 | Saturday: Suez Canal Crossing – Port Said
  • Day 8 | Sunday: Tel Aviv/Herzliya Marina, Israel

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