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Cruises From New York February 2022

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Cruise to New York City with Princess | Princess Cruises

Set sail to sunnier shores in 2022 with our collection of inspiring 2022 cruise holidays and look forward to experiencing more for less. With New ships, new itineraries and amazing early booking discounts you can secure your place knowing you definately have something to look forward to. Cruise-lines are making sure they have everything covered when they set sail again.

Spread your wings in 2022 and see more of the world from the Panama Canal to the Norwegian Fjords, Vietnam to the majestic climes of the Galapagos, we offer cruises to an extraordinary array of global destinations, giving you complete freedom of discovery. Seek out a bargain in the souks of Morocco discover the iconic heritage of Japan indulge in the delicious street foods and fascinating street arts of Cuba or lay your towel on the white-sand beaches of Thailand. We have great savings and discounts for 2022!

Top Things To Do In New York

Walk in Central Park

Central Park is one of the largest parks in a metropolitan area. Comprised of over a mile of green space and walking trails, it offers a killer view of lower Manhattan from certain vistas. When youre craving some time in nature in the middle of this loud, humming city, head to Central Park for a walk, a picnic, or just to people-watch.

Go to a Broadway Show

Theater lovers will plan an entire trip to New York around a single Broadway musical or play. If you can snag tickets, youll be front and center to some of the biggest performers and talents in the world, whether youre seeing an established, multi-run show or something artsy off-Broadway.

Pay Respects at the 9/11 Memorial

Built to honor the lives lost as a result of the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Memorial is a harrowing must-see experience during a trip to New York. It relays the significance of the terrorist attacks not only on the New York community, but the United States as a whole.

Where should I eat in New York?

New York offers nearly every type of cuisine in the world, whether youre craving an authentic New York slice of pizza or prefer to stop at one of the halal food trucks scattered throughout Manhattan. There are dozens of restaurants along every block. Famous spots include Peter Luger Steakhouse in Williamsburg, Katz Delicatessen, Gramercy Tavern, and Grand Central Oyster Bar.

Whats the culture and history of New York?
Where can I go shopping near the cruise port?

Cruises From New York

New Yorks port on the Hudson River in Manhattan is four blocks from Central Park. New York is situated on the Atlantic coast of NE United States. With its world-class museums, big statues, even bigger buildings – certainly the Manhattan skyline with its many skyscrapers is universally recognizable – and being the most linguistically diverse city in the world, the Big Apples hyperactive rush keeps drawing more and more people to it. The City of New York is a densely packed mass of humanity and all this living on top of one another makes the New Yorker a special kind of person. Read more

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Cruises From Nyc February 2023

Cruises leaving from New York ports in February of 2023. Escape the cold of winter on a cruise out of NY.

10 cruises are scheduled in February. 6 to the Bahamas and 4 to the Caribbean.

February 4: 8-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Royal CaribbeanFebruary 5: 5-night cruise to Bermuda on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 10: 8-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 12: 7-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Royal CaribbeanFebruary 17: 10-night cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 18: 8-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 19: 7-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Royal CaribbeanFebruary 26: 12-night cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 26: 7-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Royal CaribbeanFebruary 27: 11-night cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Brings The New To New York

Westbound Transatlantic Crossing from Southampton to New York, Cunard ...

New ships. New experiences. Cruise from the city that never sleeps and wake up to sandy beaches down south. Treat yourself to some tropical hustle and bustle on a cruise from New York on board a variety of our ships including Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Getaway, or Norwegian Epic. Enjoy some sun in The Caribbean, Bahamas & Florida, and Bermuda. Or re-discover the picturesque coast of Canada and New England. Vacation on your schedule with no set dining times. Bid the Big Apple adieu on your way to the next big thing with Norwegian Cruise Line.

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Cheap Cruises From New York New York

On your search for cheap cruises from New York City, you may be pleasantly delighted to find that affordable cruises are aplenty, with destinations ranging from the Bahamas and the Caribbean, all the way over to London or the Netherlands. You can take cheap cruises from New York City out to the Bahamas almost any time of the year and you may even have the option to travel out to Sydney, Australia if you choose to take a Trans Pacific cruise. Whether you’re looking for cruises by Royal Caribbean from New York or American Cruise Lines, we have access to a variety of cruise lines for you to choose from.

Vacation can be both luxurious and affordable when you book your trip through the right source. That’s why you should look at our options at We’ll help you find cheap cruises from New York City, in your price range, to the destination you desire, at the time of year you are looking to travel. Travel by cruise has never been easier.

New York Cruise Guide

While a popular cruise port for most major cruise lines, New York City is a vacation in itself. Before or after taking a cruise to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada and New England, or sailing on a world cruise, the cosmopolitan city of New York offers an endless list of attractions and excursions to check out.

Explore the highlights of Manhattan on a walking tour or take a Helicopter ride over famous landmarks like the Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and more. Its also a great pedestrian-friendly city to explore local dining, entertainment and nightlife by foot on your own schedule. Subway lines, taxis, busses, bicycles and ferries are affordable and easily accessible and can easily take you to several boroughs throughout the city, including Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Pick up some souvenirs by the Statue of Liberty, or designer goodies at the ultra-hip SoHo, or stroll through Greenwich Village for nifty craft shops and bookstores. Enjoy art on every corner, whether its the glistening lights of Times Square, or the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum. Once youre done with the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, youll appreciate the contrast of unwinding on a calm cruise at sea.

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New York Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are New York City cruises?

    New York City cruises are indeed the best way to get out and explore the world while also relaxing on boat travel days in between. They are perfect for travelers of all ages and all types. No matter what you’re interested in seeing, there is guaranteed to be an ideal cruise for you.

  • Whatâs included on a New York City cruise?

    Each New York City cruise has slightly different amenities depending on the cruise line, but you’ll have accommodation and dining covered. You’ll also have stops at the many different port cities throughout the trip, though that varies depending on which cruise you book!

  • Whatâs the best New York City cruise?

    No New York City cruise is genuinely better than the other because each one is so different. You’ll just want to do research and find the one that most suits your needs and your budget! An excellent way to do this is to calculate the cost per day for the cruise options you’re considering to see which one is affordable.

  • How much do New York City cruises cost?

    Every New York City cruise has a different cost. Most cruises cost at least around $150 per day, but a lot of the cruises that Affordable Tours offers include some sort of discount or promotion. We are here to help you save up to 80% on advertised prices!

Nyc Coalition For The Homeless: Cruise Ships Are Not The Right Solution For Asylum Seekers

22 Tips for Royal Caribbean cruise in 2022

Mayor Eric Adams administration is reportedly close to a deal with Norwegian Cruise Lines to lease one of their ships for at least six months using the site to house migrants as theyre processed into the citys shelter system. The NYC Coalition for the Homeless has criticized the idea. staten island advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Cruise ships are not designed or equipped to provide adequate shelter and services to homeless people, the NYC Coalition for the Homeless has stated, harshly criticizing Mayor Eric Adams administrations plan to lease the Norwegian Bliss to house asylum-seeking migrants. The agency, which is considered the nations oldest advocacy and direct service organization helping homeless individuals and families, is now urgently pleading with the city to come up with another plan.

Issuing a joint statement with the Legal Aid Society, an equal justice advocate, the organization stated that the newly announced shelter plan simply does not make sense.

Given the limited number of spaces in New York City where a cruise ship could dock, were especially concerned with individuals and families ability to access jobs, health care, schools, childcare, legal assistance, community-based services, and other critical resources, the joint statement reads.

Locals were caught off guard Friday after news broke of a cruise ship possibly docking at the Homeport in Stapleton to help deal with the citys migrant crisis.

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New York Cruises Travel Tips

  • Venture out of the touristy spots to find the most affordable food options!
  • Wear layers when you’re out exploring. New England weather can be a bit iffy at times, so you’ll want to be prepared for any weather possible. This is particularly true in the spring and the fall when the days are warm, but the mornings and late afternoons cool down.
  • Try to visit the city with a budget in mind. You can easily go overboard in New York City, but if you come to the city with a budget, then it won’t be hard to stay within your means! This is especially true because a lot of the city’s best sites are free.
  • Utilize public transportation. The traffic in New York City can be horrendous, but honestly, the public transit is pretty reliable. Try to purchase a public transportation pass to save some money.
  • Book your hotel in the area that you most want to explore. Most people underestimate the size of New York City, but by staying where you most want to visit, you’ll have a lot of great spots right at your doorstep.

Top Sights & Attractions To See Before Cruises From Nyc

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building has been memorialized in movies and TV for decades, and a trip to the top is something you should experience for yourself at least once. Made up of 102 floors and coming in at over 1,200 feet tall, the observation deck offers an unbeatable view of the Manhattan skyline.

Ellis Island

Take a day trip to Ellis Island to discover the history of immigration in America during pivotal points in U.S. history. Spend the afternoon looking at historic immigration materials in the museum and learning about how the United States opened its doors to the world.

Brooklyn Bridge

Built in the late 1800s to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is a marvel of human achievement and an architectural delight. A walk or ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, whether youre in a taxi or on your own two feet, is pretty spectacular.

Times Square

It wouldnt be a trip to NYC without a stop at the overwhelming, world-famous Times Square, a stretch of several blocks of bright, flashing billboards and crowds clamoring for neon photos.

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Cruises Out Of New York Ny

There are 54 cruises that depart from New York, NY in the year 2022. Five cruise lines offer cruises that leave out of New York in 2022 – Norwegian , Cunard , Princess , Carnival and Seabourn .You can see New York cruise schedule for 2022 in the table below. Be sure to look at the $/Day column to find cheap New York cruise deals in 2022.

New York Cruise Packages

Cunard announces new itineraries for its three queens  CRUISE TO TRAVEL

New York City is arguably beautiful no matter the time of year. The summer months provide warm weather and sunny days, the fall is perfect for seeing New England foliage, the spring is great for seeing the flowers bloom, and the winter is ideal for viewing the city in the snow.

  • Spring and Fall – October to November and March to April – Shoulder Season

    Spring months in New York City have an average temperature of 58°F while the fall is a bit warmer at around 64°F. During the spring and fall, the days are warm, but the evenings and early mornings are cold, so you’ll want to pack lots of layers. Not many people visit during this time, crazily enough!

  • Summer – May to September – High Season

    The majority of visitors prefer to see New York City in the summer. The weather is at its warmest, averaging around 79°F. A lot of the city isn’t shaded, so it gets quite warm if you’re walking around and making use of public transportation a lot, which is something to keep in mind.

  • Winter – December to February – Low Season

    New York City is magical in the winter. Though it’s quite cold and averages around 32°F, the city has an abundance of holiday festivities during this time. However, some tourist attractions may have limited hours or may not even be open during this time.

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Calendar Of Brooklyn Cruises

Cruises departing from Brooklyn go to England, Canada, New England, the Caribbean, Greenland, Scandinavia and Australia. Have fun and explore the world on one of the cruises from Brooklyn NY in 2022 and 2023.

In addition to the cruises from Brooklyn, there are many other cruises from New York. Follow that link for year-round cruises to the Caribbean, Bermuda and Canada.

Cruises From Nyc February 2022

Cruises leaving from New York ports in February of 2022. Escape the cold on a cruise out of NY.

8 cruises are scheduled in February. 4 go to the Caribbean, 3 to the Bahamas and 1 to Panama.

February 8: 10-night cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 10: 11-night cruise to Panama on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 11: 9-night cruise to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean.February 18: 10-night cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 20: 7-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Royal Caribbean.February 27: 7-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Royal Caribbean.February 27: 7-night cruise to the Bahamas & Florida on Norwegian Cruise LineFebruary 28: 10-night cruise to the Caribbean on Norwegian Cruise Line

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From The Statue Of Liberty To The Empire State Building

If you book a Transatlantic cruise from New York, you can not help but visit the Statue of Liberty. This figure is the most famous landmark of the city. The 47-metre statue, symbolizing the end of slavery, was once a gift from the French to the Americans. Inside the figure you step up and enjoy a fantastic view of the harbour from the crown. Bring the camera, because the skyline of the city is also very visible from here.

Visiting New York on New Years Eve? Then Times Square on 7th Avenue is an absolute must. But on all other days, you should not miss this experience. Huge neon signs, countless shops and malls and the real American lifestyle are hardly anywhere else as tangible as here.

To recover from the bustle of Times Square, treat yourself to a break in Central Park. A walk around the artificial lake allows you to feel the peace in the middle of the megacity. Do not be surprised if you find a lot of familiarity here, because Central Park has already been the backdrop for numerous feature films.

The most famous skyscraper is the 381 metre Empire State Building. Visit the viewing platforms on the 86th or 112th floor. On floor 80 you will learn interesting facts about the history of the building and its construction.

New York Cruises Highlights

Norwegian Breakaway – Day 1: Embarkation – Cruise From New York to Maine & Canada
  • Walk around and relax at Central Park.
  • Visit the High Line for the best views of the city.
  • Take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Grab a bite to eat at Chelsea Market.
  • See a play on Broadway.
  • Visit the observation deck at the Empire State Building.
  • Take a quick trip to Coney Island amusement park.
  • Explore art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
  • Walk along 5th avenue for shopping.
  • Snap a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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