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How Much Is Mediterranean Cruise

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How much does Mediterranean cruising cost? Family boat life unplugged (#8)

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Experience A New Port Every Day Of Your Cruise

Norwegian’s itineraries have been designed to provide you the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean just the way you want to. Explore the highlights of this region in 7 days on one of our Western Mediterranean cruises. With fewer days at sea, you will get the most amount of time to explore some of the Mediterranean’s best hits. Looking for a longer adventure? Cruise from Rome, Athens, Venice or Barcelona and experience Italy, Croatia and Spain on one of our Grand Mediterranean cruises.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Yacht

Charter cruises aboard small ships and yachts have exploded in popularity in recent years and this trend will certainly accelerate given current concerns about traveler health and safety. The most common question we receive from travelers is How much does a private cruise cost? or How much does it cost to charter a yacht? There are many factors that will determine the cost of a private cruise charter including destination, yacht type and size, the length of the cruise, the season and timing of the cruise and several other considerations.

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Which Cruise Lines Are All Inclusive

Pricey luxury cruise lines such as Seabourn, Crystal, Regent, Sliversea are all inclusive but Oceania, Celebrity, Norwegian and MSC offer drink packages in some promotional fares to make them all inclusive, meaning, you can have all meals and basic bar in one fare.; Gratuities are typically extra for all but the luxury lines.

What Are Popular Activities In The Mediterranean

How Much Does a Mediterranean Cruise ACTUALLY Cost? (With ...

With such a diverse lineup of countries on its itineraries, the Mediterranean offers everything from beaches and mountains to museums and shopping, but history and culture tend to be major draws. Visitors are likely to get the most out of a trip to the Med by sightseeing and taking in the region’s many historic buildings and iconic points of interest before sampling local cuisine.

For example, a call on Civitavecchia is conducive to a trip to Rome for a tour of the Coliseum or Vatican City, followed by some gelato. During a port stop in Barcelona, you might enjoy exploring Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia or browsing the Mercado de La Boqueria for some homemade meats and cheeses or churros and chocolate.

If a beach day is what you crave, choose an itinerary that includes calls on Greece — particularly the port of Mykonos. Beachfront dining is ample in places like Santorini or Turkey’s Kusadasi, just a stone’s throw from the ancient town of Ephesus, which is still an active archeological dig site.

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Buy A European Sim Card

Only since last year roaming in Europe is free with any European sim card. Calling internationally within Europe is often still chargeable but using data is free. It is recommended to get a European sim card on arrival. Click here for a guide buying a sim card at Rome airport. For a Barcelona airport sim card click here.

Dine Like A Local On A Mediterranean Cruise


A Greek dish made with layers of sliced eggplant and potatoes baked in a spiced ground beef sauce and topped with a lush layer of béchamel sauce.


For a true taste of seaside Spain, enjoy this authentic saffron rice dish studded with chicken, chorizo, clams, shrimp and lobster. Pair with Sangria.


Gelato is a mixture of custard, cream, and milk, without eggs, and it has 4-9 percent fat as opposed to ice creams 14-25 percent. So, go ahead. Indulge!

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Best Months To Cruise The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is an appealing region of about 20 countries in Southern Europe and North Africa that border the Mediterranean Sea. Its mix of cultural and religious sites, big cities and quiet islands make it an ideal itinerary for a cruise.

The Med, as it’s known, is a year-round destination, with seasonal wine festivals and bustling holiday markets. What time of year you’re looking to sail depends on if you want to soak up the coastal sun or save a little money and avoid the crowds in the process.

The best month to cruise the Mediterranean depends on what you’re looking for in a vacation. We took a look at factors like weather and sea conditions, festivals and, of course, pricing, to determine which travel dates are right for you.

How To Find The Best Cruise Deals

Tips for your Mediterranean Cruise

Finding the right cruise to suit your individual needs is easier than you may think. Begin by launching our Cruise Finder, which will help you compare all cruise deals quickly and easily in one location. If you have any questions along the way about the cruise deals youre finding , feel free to ask an experienced travel agent. Call toll free at 800-665-4981 and ask to speak with an agent who specializes in finding the best cruise deals!

Compared to many land-based vacations, cruises offer excellent value. When calculate the value of superior dining, food selection, service standards, cleanliness, safety, and on-board entertainment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an equivalent vacation package on land for less money.

As your floating hotel transports you to various ports of call, you’ll avoid the hassle of having to pack and unpack. Especially in foreign lands, it is wonderful to experience local culture while returning to North American standards on-board the ship.

Start searching for your ideal cruise today!

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How Rough Is A Cruise On The Mediterranean

As far as I can tell you there were hardly any rough seas we had to cross on my trip with Princess cruises. I did a little research for you and found out that rough seas on the Mediterranean mostly only occur in the off-season. I took a Med cruise around mid September and it was a very smooth trip. March and October are considered to be the roughest months and still then rough seas are a rarity.

Whats The Most Expensive Room Or Cabin On A Ship

Usually what they call the Owners Suite , but its more like an apartment.; There are many affordable mini-suites and suites offered, and you need to compare the included amenities.; The suites are targetted to people who live in large luxury homes and who expect more space, finer furnishings, and more attentive service.; They are limited in number, book very far in advance, and are seldom discounted other than on a no cabin assignment basis.

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Best Time Of Year To Cruise The Mediterranean

When we think about a western mediterranean cruise we think about swimwear, beaches, sunglasses and beautiful people, right? Of course the best time of the year to cruise the Mediterranean is in summer. The most popular months are June, July and August. These are also the peak months for cruising around the Med so if you want to go a little bit outside the peak season and still enjoy the warm weather then taking a Mediterranean cruise in May and September is the best time of year.

How Much Does A Cruise Cost

How Much Does a Mediterranean Cruise ACTUALLY Cost? (With ...

Many first-time cruisers are curious how much a Royal Caribbean cruise will cost.; While your cruise fare includes most onboard activities and meals, there are government fees, excursions, spa treatments, drinks and more to consider.

To help budget and give you a ballpark idea of what to expect cost-wise, you should be aware of the possible areas where costs exist. No one can accurately predict exactly the cost of a Royal Caribbean cruise in total, because the total vacation cost will depend on your preferences and what choices you make in the course of your trip.

To help you get a better idea of what you might actually spend on a cruise vacation, we compiled a list of the major factors that influence the total cost to figure out the total cost of your cruise before you book.

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Mediterranean Cruises Travel Tips

  • It is recommended to book hotel and other hot spot visits at home online, so you’re ready with your tickets when you arrive.
  • Eat like the locals eat and try some of the delicious local foods while you are there.;
  • The beaches are going to be backed with tourists and residents alike during the summer months, so plan on this.;
  • Visit during the wine touring months to enjoy some of the local wines made right from the area.;
  • Do not over schedule yourself because this can be exhausting, and you want to enjoy your time at each port.;
  • Considering checking to see which currencies each place is using and exchanging yours for some of theirs. This way, you’re prepared to purchase items at markets.
  • Choose the cruise line that stops in the places you want to visit.;
  • Familiarize yourself with what there is to do off the ship prior to going. You can plan ahead and know what to do and where to go.;

Summing Up The Total Cost Of A Cruise

So whats the grand total?

The chart below lays out the costs of taking a cruise, using the estimated amounts mentioned above. Weve also laid out the estimates for both a shorter cruise and the traditional seven-day trip.

Keep in mind that these are just estimates, per person. A couple would expect to double these prices.

As well, remember that what you spend will vary widely based on any number of factors, including your own budgeting for the trip and how much you let loose on your vacation.

But as you can see, on a per-person basis the cost for a 7-day cruise can run around $2,000 when you factor in everything youll spend. Shorter cruises will run around $1,500.;

Mediterranean Yachting Events This Year

There are a number of yacht events in the Med this year where you can charter a yacht for the event. The Monaco Grand Prix is popular as certain yachts are able to be moored track-side for the best view if the race. Later in the year the Monaco Yacht Show certainly bears a worthy mention. Down the French Riviera coast a little we also have a couple of notable events in Cannes, namely the Cannes Film Festival and MIPIM. St Tropez hosts some important sailing yacht racing events. Sardinia also host an important yacht racing regatta called the superyacht cup. There are various boat shows in the Mediterranean such as the Barcelona Charter Show. Here are all the yachting events.

Where Can I Find The Best Cruise Deals

Top 10 tips for a Mediterranean cruise

Our cruise grid shows the lowest priced cruise for each month, and this can also be sorted by lowest price per day.; For example, a 10 day cruise may be more expensive than a 7, but on a daily basis, the 10 night a better deal.; Airfare is a big factor from Canada.; Weve packaged the most popular cruises booked with flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax for certain times of year.

Where Should You Stay On A Ship To Avoid Seasickness

The date range of your cruise will have more impact on seasickness than the placement of your cabin.; Mid ship lower decks experiences less rolling but in calm seas this is practically irrelevant.; Some itineraries traverse open seas more than others, and certain times of year are more likely to have better weather.; If you get motion sickness in a car or airplane, you will probably feel sea-sick, and that does not stop people from enjoying cruises you are better to speak to your doctor or pharmacist about motion sickness if you routinely get car sick.

Which Side Of A Cruise Ship Is Better Or What Side Should By Cabin Be

There is no real difference when docked.; Ships can dock on either side, and the view from either side could be favourable in one place vs another.; If scenic sailing from your balcony is important, you need to consider the route and direction during the scenic sail.; This can get complicated on Fjord and Alaska cruises as the ships sails between various islands.; Consider this only if your ship is sailing in one direction and not a back and forth scenario.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Quarto D’altino Italy

IMPORTANT NOTICE – The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located on the Italian mainland in the town of Quarto d’Altino – approximately 30 minutes by train from the island of Venice. The hotel is not located on the island of Venice. Train station is a one minute walk from hotel. The Crowne Plaza is an ideal hotel for the price conscious guest.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located on the Italian mainland in the town of Quarto d’Altino – approximately 30 minutes by train from the island of Venice. The hotel is not located on the island of Venice. Train station is a one minute walk from hotel. The Crowne Plaza is an ideal hotel for the price conscious guest.

The Crowne Plaza Quarto d’Altino hotel, with its comfortable and fashionable rooms, is ideally located at just 30 minutes by train from the magic of Venice and provides easy access to Venice Marco Polo airport. All rooms offer high speed internet access and interactive TVs. For those leisure moments, clients can unwind in the Minigym & Sauna and enjoy the “Il Campiello” restaurant and bar where authentic cuisine blends perfectly with innovative and creative dishes.

The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to the airport. You’re also walking distance to the rail station, where it’s only 20 minutes to Venice by train.

Distance/ Airport: 7 minutes

Transfers between Airport and Hotel Transfers between Hotel and Pier

Discover Hidden Gems On Your Mediterranean Cruise

Great Mediterranean Sea Cruise

Whether it’s your first or fifth time in the Mediterranean, there is always something new and beautiful to discover in this stunning part of the world. In addition to more frequented ports, you will get to uncover gems like Split, Croatia. There, you can savour classic Dalmatian cuisine, known for its masterful use of seafood paired with aromatic herbs, olive oil and vegetables.

The Guests Get A Huge Deal On The Charter Cost

With the huge cost of chartering a Below Deck boat, it’s fair to assume that guests would be getting a significant deal in order to allow cameras to film what is supposed to be a vacation.;

Producer and creator Mark Cronin confirmed that guests get a 50 percent discount on the three-day charters, and their airfare is covered by production. The guests are responsible for paying the tips, however, which are supposed to be 15 to 20 percent of the total real cost of the charter.;

The staff of the boat also makes money from production for being on the show. It’s some consolation if the tip doesn’t quite measure up.

If you watch the show, then you know that these coveted tips often cause a significant amount of the show’s drama. Most guests on the show give a speech before leaving the boat about the successes and failures of the staff before handing the tip in. Mark also said that every charter is included on the season, even if the guests are boring. So there’s no hope that being tame will get you a discounted charter and no air time.

The moral of the story is that if you ever want the chance to have chief stew Hannah bring you an omelet in the morning, it’s going to cost you quite the pretty penny. Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Ready To Learn More About Mediterranean Private Yacht Charters

We are proven specialists in the planning of fully crewed luxury charters on private yachts, vacations that allow you to set the pace and agenda for your vacation. Our specialists attend charter yacht shows in the region, have been to the popular destinations, and have access to every fully crewed yacht available for charters there.

Discover The Magic Of A Mediterranean Cruise In 2022

Escape to the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast on one of our breathtaking cruises that sail around this world-renowned region of Europe, where youll enjoy scenic views, delicious cuisine, and centuries of history and culture at every turn. Our Mediterranean cruises in 2022 visit some of the worlds most beautiful destinations, including romantic ports in Italy, stunning beaches in Greece, idyllic islands in Spain, and cosmopolitan cities in Turkey.

Board our award-winning cruise ship, Celebrity Edge or our newest Edge series ship Celebrity Beyond, and sail around Italy and the Greek Islands. Take advantage of our new overnight stays in;Florence, Bordeaux and Istanbul. Book your next vacation now and embark on one of our unforgettable Mediterranean cruises, where youll find out for yourself why Celebrity Cruises has been voted the Best Cruise Line in Europe for 10 years in a row.


Our exciting 2022 Mediterranean cruises make it easy for you to experience the best of Europe. Choose from our 7-, 11-, and 13-night cruises around the region, which stop in picturesque destinations all over the glittering Mediterranean coast.

Explore The Mediterranean In Ultra

Mediterranean Cruise: Set Sail with Celebrity Cruises

From the picturesque European Riviera to the wonderfully warm waters of the Cycladic Islands, the world-class design of Scenic Eclipse provides exclusive access to charming Mediterranean ports and villages.

Throughout your voyage, you will dock right at the heart of historic cities and visit idyllic islands, thereby avoiding long drives into towns from commercial ports. Cruise the Guadalquivir River in Seville and taste its world-famous sherry.;

Sail the Mediterranean where the larger ships cant reach, from the small island of Paros, to docking in the heart of the bustling city of Barcelona. Explore the sea faring ports of ancient civilisations, being immersed in local traditions both old and new.

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