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What Is Verandah On Disney Cruise

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Can You Book Disney Connecting Staterooms That Have Different Categories

Disney Cruise Verandah Room WORTH THE MONEY?

There are a few cases where there is a balcony connecting with a non-balcony, but they are for connected handicapped accessible staterooms. Here’s a video of one of those rooms – it has two windows and extra large handicap accessible space. It doesn’t have a privacy curtain like some of the other rooms in this category.

Outside of this exception, the Disney Cruise Line ships do not have rooms that connect between different room high level categories. What you can do is book rooms that are adjacent/adjoining to each other where they are close in proximity. Just make sure that your travel agent has booked rooms next to each other, linked the rooms, and added a notation not to upgrade you.

I know having an adjoining room might not be a great option for families with littles. I do think the main reason why this question has been asked so often by cruisers is for parents that have a desire to have one room with a non-verandah view for their kids and the other for the parents to be able to keep an eye on as well as use for their own enjoyment.

Is There More Noise In A Connecting Cabin Than A Non

Connecting rooms are not noiser. If your neighbors shout or make noise, you’ll hear them whether you have a connecting door or a solid wall.

Here’s a big tip: If you are on a Disney Cruise, there is bound to be children everywhere. If a family has booked a stateroom, you may hear children opening the connecting door out of curiosity and hear them asking their parents about the door. What you could do preemptively is knock on their door and ask the family to allow you to open the door so they can see what your room looks like to settle their curiosity.

Disney Cruise Connecting Staterooms

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Staterooms 5188 and 5688 so not have an obstructed view, but they have a very small balcony. These are staterooms that we really would avoid on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

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Disney Dream Secret Verandah Staterooms

What are the Disney Dream Secret Verandah Rooms? When the Disney Dream was first launched they were named as Category 6 Staterooms.

However, Disney Cruises began receiving complaints that some of these Staterooms had an obstructed view.

As these Category 6 rooms were priced the same as those with an unobstructed view, guests started to complain.

Disney listened to what people were saying and decided to designated these Staterooms as Category 7A, These are now priced at a lower rate than the Category 6 and above.

Category 7A on the Disney Dream is called a Navigators Verandah.

This is a bit confusing for anyone who has sailed on the Disney Magic or the Disney Wonder.

On the Classic Ships, the Navigators Verandah is a very distinct type of Stateroom. It has fully enclosed outside space.

It cant really be called a balcony as it is not open to the outside.

There arent any Navigators Verandahs like this on the Disney Fantasy or the Disney Dream.

The term Navigators Verandah on the Dream Class ships just means it has an obstructed view.

There are 22 out of the 24 Category 7A Navigators Verandah Staterooms which have an Obstructed View.

Some of these are less obstructed than others! So even within this category, there are some better rooms to look out for.

These Secret Verandah Staterooms are on Decks 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Disney Dream.

This is an example of one of the best Disney Dream Secret rooms. Stateroom 8022:

Here is a video showing 5688.

Verandah Door Safety On Disney Cruise Lines

Room #8188 Category 05E

On both the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream, the verandah door is a heavy sliding glass door in a steel frame that isnt easy to manipulate.

It has two locking mechanisms. Not only is it heavy with a handle that is not the easiest to manipulate, but it also has a safety lock at the very top of the door that children can not reach.

Its easiest to see this safety lock, so I took a video on our last cruise to demonstrate how to use the lock. Once you see the video, youll realize its impossible for a kid to reach easily, and it truly adds to the safety of the door.

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Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom With Verandah

Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah Oversized Verandah

Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with VerandahCategory V

Stateroom layout provided by Dreams Unlimited Travel

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Size: 304 sq. ft. including verandah
  • Room: Queen-size bed, double convertible sofa, upper berth pull-down bed, full bath , half bath
  • View: Private verandah

These newly updated staterooms are located on deck 8.; This 304 square foot stateroom is perfect for a family of 5!; Children will love to sleep in the upper berth pull-down bed. The couch is a great place to settle in and watch TV, while someone else can get a little work done at the room’s desk.; If one person wants to head to bed early, a heavy privacy curtain separates the seating area from the sleeping area.; H2O Plus products are available in the staterooms spacious bathroom.

To give you the most space possible, the wooden bed frames are elevated for storage underneath and the leather-upholstered ottoman has a storage compartment inside!; The room’s refrigerator will come in handy for chilling drinks and a private verandah offers beautiful views of the sea, complete with patio furniture and a plexiglass railing.

Enjoy concierge benefits such the Concierge Lounge on Deck 10 where you can use the internet, sample complimentary food and drinks, and watch the large-screen TV.

More details of these updated rooms are still to come!

Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with VerandahCategory 4A-B, 4E

Category V

What Do These Category Numbers Mean

When its time to reserve a cabin, youll notice each Disney Cruise stateroom has a category and number assigned to it.

Example: 5A – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah

These can be confusing until you learn these simple rules:

1) The higher the number, the less expensive the stateroom

Staterooms start at category 11 and descend to category 4 . The Concierge is the most expensive and doesnt start with a number at all.

This is handy to know because if you compare a Category 7 stateroom with a Category 6, you know at a glance that the 7 is less expensive.

2) The letter indicates a location on the ship

For example, 9B is a mid-ship oceanview stateroom while 9C is forward-ship oceanview stateroom. Same floor plan, just maybe on a different deck or different part of the ship. ;

If there are multiple sub-categories available within a category – such as 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D – then A will be the most expensive and most desirable and D the least expensive. Of course, most desirable is completely subjective so take it with a grain of salt and the price difference between the subcategories is fairly minimal.

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Disney Fantasy 5e Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom With Huge Aft Verandah 9674 Review

Recently, we sailed on the;Disney Fantasy for a 7-Night Eastern Caribbean cruise. We had been eagerly anticipating this stateroom for over a year after seeing photos from a similar room on the Disney Dream. 9674 is a Category 5E Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with a HUGE Aft Verandah. The Deluxe Oceanview staterooms are tailored for families of 3 or 4 with a queen sized bed, a pull-out couch and a drop-down bunk bed. The stateroom itself is almost;identical to 9648, which we stayed in on the Disney Dream.

9674 is located on the starboard side all the way aft.; The aft stairs and elevators are a short walk down the hallway providing;quick access to Cabanas & the pool deck!

Just like the staterooms on the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy beds are elevated providing more than enough storage space to hide away our suitcases for the week after unpacking.; With this additional storage space, the spacious closets opposite the split bath and the 4 dresser draws, offer more than enough space to hold a weeks worth of clothes for the 3 of us. Over on the other side of the stateroom, the desk adds even more storage, with 3 more large dresser draws.; I only used one of them to store my laptop, iPad, and cables.; Our daughter commandeered the coffee table to store her books, stuffed animals, and various other things during the day.

Other Ways To Stay Safe With A Verandah And Balcony On A Cruise

Tour a Deluxe Verandah State Room on the Disney Dream cruise ship

Other than use the safety lock available at the top of the verandah door, there are other ways to keep yourself and your children safe on the cruise verandah/balcony.

  • Dont let your child be on the verandah alone without adult supervision.
  • Do not let your child climb on or scale the verandah wall .
  • Do not let your child stand or play on the verandah furniture . If you are very concerned about them, you can even ask your stateroom host to remove the verandah furniture completely.

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How To Save Money

Unlike most of the other cruise lines, Disney is generally very consistent in only moving its prices one direction over time: up! Disney very rarely runs sales, and as the ship fills they will raise the price of the remaining rooms. Some very popular cruises can go up in price on the first day of booking! The bottom line is that booking as early as possible is the surest way to save money on a Disney cruise. Occasionally Disney will run a sale at the last minute, but you cant be sure any particular sailing will have a sale.

Booking way ahead allows you to grab the best staterooms and have a better chance of getting the first seating at dinner . Especially for the most popular times of year , you would be well advised to book as early as you can, because those cruises often sell out and rates for those dates will just go up and up. In the rare case;the fare;drops after you book, Disney is very good about adjusting it. You or your travel agent just need to call and ask for the lower;rate.

Other;tips that can save you money:

  • Last but not least, theres information right here on MouseSavers about how to save before and after your cruise:
    • get a good deal on a hotel for the night before your cruise
    • find the best prices for transportation from the airport or your hotel to the cruise terminal
    • save on trip insurance

    Disney Dream Secret Connecting Staterooms

    Sometimes you want to book more than one stateroom on the Disney Dream. Many of the Staterooms in all Categories are connecting Staterooms.

    Just like in a hotel room, your Connecting Stateroom will have a door between each cabin which is lockable from each side.

    These are a great choice for families, particularly if you have young children who are not yet old enough for a separate cabin.

    However, what many guests dont realize is that whilst some Staterooms do not have a connecting interior door, they do have a connecting Balcony Door.

    Most of the Verandahs on the Disney Dream and Fantasy are able to be connected. You simply ask your Room Steward to unlock the steel door which separates the Verandahs.

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    Disney Cruise Line Weddings And Vow Renewals

    Disney Cruise Line wedding packages are usually available on all cruises, but only a few weddings are allowed for each sailing: one or two on the ship, one on the island.;You can hold a Disney Cruise Line wedding, commitment ceremony or vow renewal that is as small as just the two of you, or as large as 100 guests.;A Disney Cruise Line wedding package is an add-on on top of your regular cruise fare.;Disneys Fairy Tale Weddings;offers full details on locations, guest limits and pricing.

    The same information applies to a commitment ceremony or vow renewal. As far as Disney is concerned, the planning and costs for these ceremonies are all interchangeable.

    • If you will have guests sharing your special day, it is easiest to have a single travel agent handle everyones arrangements, so that all of the names and reservation numbers can be cross-referenced as part of your wedding party. This will also help you to get group seating arrangements for dinner aboard the ship. Every attempt will be made to seat you and your guests near each other, if not at the same table.
    • If you and your guests will be booking at least 8 cabins, you may qualify for group status, which brings some extra benefits. Ask your travel agent for details.

    Deluxe Verandah Stateroom On Disney Fantasy And Dream Category 5a5b5c5d5e6a6b And 7a

    Disney Cruise Stateroom Guide: Disney Dream & Fantasy (Nov ...

    These are the most plentiful staterooms with 499 to choose from onboard the Fantasy and Dream. They sleep up to 4 and have 203 square feet of living space and a balcony verandah of 43 square feet.

    They have a Queen bed and sleeper sofa with some also having the drop-down bunk.

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    What About Single Travelers On A Disney Cruise

    There are certainly many people who travel on Disney cruises as singles. Unfortunately, they will pay as much for a stateroom as 2 guests though Disney does not give a price concession to singles.

    There are sometimes singles lunch events on Sea Days but Disney is not concentrating on the single market. We would love to see more encouragement of single cruisers but for the moment we guess that Disney really doesnt need to pursue this market.

    Want more Disney Cruise Tips?

    Which is your favorite Disney cruise stateroom? We would love to hear from you, so just leave us a comment!


    If We’re One Family Do We Need To Book Port Activities And Everything Else Twice

    Each room will have its own reservation numbers, and you’ll need to complete two online check-ins and answer the same questions twice. You should ask your agent to link your reservations, and it will allow you to book port activities with the members of your linked reservations. This way, you’ll be able to see everyone when doing excursions.

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    What You Should Know About Disney Cruise Staterooms

    Disney Cruise Line staterooms are tailored especially to families.

    From split bathrooms, to bathtubs, to beds that pop out of the ceiling, to extra storage space and more, Disney has thought of everything!

    In fact, their standard cabins are about 25% bigger than standard cabins on other cruise lines.Dont get me wrong, they are still much smaller than a hotel room, but bigger than the cruise industry average.

    Whatever your budget and taste, Disney Cruise Line has accommodations for every traveller. Stateroom options range from cozy and comfortable to grand and luxurious.

    Disney Cruise Lines Aft

    Disney Wonder | Navigator’s Verandah Stateroom | Room Tour | Disney Cruise Line

    On most other cruise lines, aft-facing cabins are more expensive. Why? They are super popular with cruisers. Being at the back of the ship, traffic from fellow passengers walking by is dramatically reduced. You just wont have kids or drunk adults creating noise as they walk past your cabin. Its peaceful and quiet. But thats likely not the real reason they are so popular. Its the view. Dramatic wake views, in particular.

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    Which Deck Is The Best On The Disney Fantasy And Dream

    This is a question which people spend a lot of time over but really it isnt that big of a deal. The lower the deck the cheaper the price is the usual idea. There can be hundreds of dollars difference between the same design stateroom if one is on a higher deck.

    We have sailed on many of the decks and decided it really does not make any difference to your enjoyment of your cruise. The advantage of the lower decks is they are nearer to restaurants, shopping, and the theater. The higher decks are closer to the pools, the spa and the adult areas and of course the buffet.

    The general idea of cruise ships is that the lower, midship rooms are more stable so if you think seasickness may be an issue. But we have sailed on rough seas on the Disney Wonder on Deck 8 and really not been affected at all. This just depends on your personal preference.

    Another consideration is what is above your stateroom. In our opinion, this doesnt matter that much on the Disney ships. We have sailed on Deck 8 of the Disney Wonder many times and it is true that you can hear some activity, sometimes, on the pool deck above. But we have never found it loud enough to be a problem.

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