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Long Beach To Mexico Cruise

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Boarding The Ship For Our Cruise To Ensenada

Cruise Packing Tips: 4 Day Carnival Cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada Mexico

The Imagination cruise to Ensenada sets sail at 5:30 PM and everyone must be aboard 60-minutes before sailing. Staterooms are ready at 1:30 PM, so, make your first day onboard more fun by arriving at the earliest boarding times!

Guests who are scheduled to arrive before 1:30 PM can check their bags curbside so they can be free to enjoy lunch, which will be served on Lido Deck 10 until 4:00 PM.

Tip! Bring a Carry-On Bag: When you first board your cruise ship, it can be a few hours before your luggage is delivered to your stateroom. Pack a few essentials like swimwear, sunscreen and a change of clothes in case you want to go to the pool or water slides.

Do I Need A Passport To Cruise

If youre a United States citizen, you dont need a passport to cruise a closed-loop itinerary. A closed-loop cruise starts in a US port and ends in a US port. However, you will need to show some form of picture ID, such as a state drivers license.

Knowing this, US citizens can sail on return cruises to the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, and Alaska, without needing a passport.

However, cruise lines recommend guests sail with passports. If something should happen during your cruise and you need to disembark in another country, you will need a passport to get home.

How To Get To Long Beach

If youre flying into Los Angeles International Airport , its a 25-mile journey to the cruise port. The exact address is 231 Windsor Way, Long Beach. Travel times vary on time of day and traffic. Cruise passengers can prearrange a shuttle through Carnival Cruises for USD 34.99 per person.

Alternatively, a taxi takes around 30 to 40 minutes and costs about USD 55 to 60. Since shuttles charge a per person rate, its advisable to use alternative transportation if youre a family of four or more.

California has both Lyft and Uber, often costing less than a taxi. An Uber X, suitable for two passengers with luggage, costs about UD 40 one way. A family of four would need the larger Uber XL, which costs around USD 60.

When using a taxi or ride-share program, make sure you tell your driver youre cruising with Carnival. Since Los Angeles has two cruise ports, you could end up at the wrong one.

If youre flying into Long Beach Airport , its a set USD 45 fee for a taxi, and the distance is half as far. A prearranged Carnival Cruise Line shuttle costs USD 31.99 per person. The estimated cost of an Uber X is USD 20, and USD 30 for the larger capacity vehicle.

Furthermore, if you purchase a shuttle through the cruise line, there is no discount for booking a return ride for disembarkation day.

If you live close enough to the terminal to drive, long-term parking costs USD 23 a day in its multi-story parking lot. There are 1450 spaces, and reservations arent required.

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Long Beach Cruises To Alaska

As an alternative to embarking in Seattle or Vancouver, local residents can cruise to Alaska from Long Beach. The 14-day Carnival Miracle cruise takes three days to reach Alaska and has two and a half sea days on the return. There are no port days on the route.

Residents can see Alaska without taking a flight by taking a return cruise from California.

Alaska cruises from Long Beach run from April to September. Its important to note that the Pacific Coast can be rough. So, if youre prone to motion sickness, choose a midship cabin on a lower level. Also, motion sickness patches are inexpensive and work incredibly well.

Carnival Alaska itineraries from Long Beach include the ports of Sitka, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Ketchikan, and Victoria. They also spend a few hours cruising in Tracy Arm Fjord to see the Twin Sawyer Glaciers.

Located on Baranof Island, Sitka has a rich history and once served as the capital of Alaska. Must-visits include the Baranof Castle State Historic Site, Sitka National Historical Park, Alaska Raptor Center, St. Michaels Cathedral, and Fortress of the Bear.

Juneau, the current capital, offers the largest selection of tours, from seeing Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching to dog sledding and Taku Lodge Floatplane tours. Since Alaska tours sell out fast, get book your excursions as soon as possible to prevent disappointment.

Whale watching is also offered at Icy Strait Point, as well as the worlds largest zip rider.

Cruising In Tracy Arm Fjord

Cruising on a Budget

Located south of Juneau and north of Petersburg, guests on the Carnival Miracle will enjoy 30 miles of breathtaking scenery in Tracy Arm Fjord. The views are beyond imagination, with steep cliffs, emerald water, and endless cascading waterfalls.

At the end of the fjord, youll enjoy vistas of two glaciers North Sawyer and South Sawyer Glaciers. Should you book an Alaska cruise at the start of the season , ice flow sometimes blocks the passage to the glaciers.

If this happens, your captain with turn the ship around in the fjord, and you will not see the icefield. If you want to get closer to the ice, consider booking the Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer cruise in a smaller vessel.

During the tour, youll feel the mist of nearby waterfalls, get closer to harbor seals, and have the option to purchase a cocktail made of glacial ice.

Should you reach the Twin Sawyer Glaciers, harbor seals hang out on floating icebergs in front of South Sawyer Glacier. You could see mountain goats on the steep cliffs, whales near the entrance of Stephens Passage, and multiple bird species in the fjord.

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Eight Day Carnival Cruises

La Paz is located in the Sea of Cortez, where travelers enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and water-based tours. Consider a bucket list excursion to snorkel with whale sharks between December and April. While the sharks are enormous, they are gentle creatures who arent a threat to humans.

The marine-rich waters provide for excellent scuba diving too. During a dive, you can see whale and hammerhead sharks, dolphins, and giant manta rays.

For those who prefer to keep their feet planted on the ground, the city will delight you with its lively atmosphere and old-world charm. Be sure to see the art sculptures on the Malecon, and visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz.

Explore The Outer Beach Towns

Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu and Long Beach are four of Los Angeles’ most popular beach destinations. Of the four, Malibu is the most remote and least urban head here for surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. Depending on traffic, you can get to Long Beach in 40 minutes, while the others take around an hour.

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Long Beach Cruise Terminal

The Long Beach Cruise Terminal is used exclusively by Carnival Cruise Line. The terminal is inside the worlds largest, free-span geodesic dome which used to hold Howard Hughes famous Spruce Goose seaplane.

Carnival Cruise Line did a multi-million-dollar renovation in 2018 to the cruise terminal to make it even more amazing.

You will want to set an arrival time before your cruise. When you are filling out your Carnival Cruise docs make sure to pick the time you want to arrive at the Long Beach Port Terminal.

Trust me when I tell you they will only let you in when it is the time of your appointment. You are not going to be able to get past the gatekeepers even 10 minutes early! There is a waiting area inside the Long Beach Port Terminal with park benches and fun art to look at.

We sat outside and soaked up the sun for about 30 minutes before our scheduled arrival appointment.

The gatekeepers check every single boarding pass and you will not get in if it isn’t your time yet!!! I honestly can’t stress this enough. If you want to get on board early you may want to look at the Carnival Faster to the Fun program.

When it is time for your arrival appointment make sure every person has a boarding pass and their photo identification. Once you are past the gatekeepers the entire embarkation process is really quick.

How to get to the Long Beach Cruise Terminal

The Long Beach Cruise Terminal is located right next to the Queen Mary.

Long Beach Airport
Los Angeles
Orange County

Ignite Your Sense Of Wonder On A Luxury Cruise To Mexico

[4K] Carnival Cruise from Long Beach to Mexico- Cruise CA, Los Angeles

Theres no better way to discover the joys of Mexico than on a luxury cruise with Celebrity. Whether youre looking for a short and sweet four-night escape or a long 10- to 11-night journey through the Caribbean, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

On Celebrity Apex® or Celebrity Edge®, the newest ships in our fleet, embark on an unforgettable vacation to Costa Maya, Cozumel, and some of the Caribbeans most coveted destinations. Spend days at sea exploring cutting-edge venues, including the Magic Carpet, a moving cantilevered platform and Eden, a restaurant, lounge, and bar that will tantalize all of your senses.

On the West Coast, set sail around the Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles aboard Celebrity Millennium, a recently revolutionized ship with modern design and state-of-the-art technology. Discover the wonders of Mazatlán, a town known as the Pearl of the Pacific, the gorgeous beaches of Puerto Vallarta, the wine country near Ensenada, and the unforgettable sunsets of Cabo San Lucas. After your days at port, relax onboard and spend afternoons drinking a tropical cocktail by the pool, unwinding in the serene Spa, or watching a thrilling music and dance show in the theater.

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When Is The Best Time To Cruise To Mexico

Carnival Cruises offers cruises from Long Beach to Mexico year-round. Expect temperatures of 74 F to 96 F depending on your cruising month.

Being further north, Cabo San Lucas has cooler temperatures of 74 F to 77 F from December to February. However, the summer months (June to September can reach as high as 96 F or 36 C.

If the higher temperatures are intolerable, consider cruising December through to early March when its a bit cooler.

Cruises To Mexico From California

There are 300 cruises from California to Mexico each year. Depart from San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco for the sunny beaches of Baja, the Mexican Riviera or the Sea of Cortez. Trips range from 2 days to 10 days in duration. The complete schedule of cruises is below.

Ensenada is at the northern end of the Mexican Baja peninsula. Go kayaking, scuba diving, or whale watching. The food is a big attraction, with its own regional “Baja Med” cuisine.

Cabo San Lucas is at the southern end of the Baja peninsula. A tropical desert climate offers warm temperatures throughout the year. Kayak to El Arco rock, take the challenge of sportfishing, or snorkel with the marine life. Or simply relax with a margarita in a cantina.

Puerto Vallarta attractions include Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre. Explore the streets, shops and markets of the old town. Lay on the beach or join an excursion to mountain jungles.

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Sailing With Children Or A Teenager

The Carnival Imagination offers three clubs for kids Camp Ocean for 211 year-olds, Circle C for 12-14 year-olds and Club O2 for 15-17 year-olds. Our son had just turned 16 and loved the teen club.

It opened around noon daily and closed at 1 A.M. As I shared above, my husband and I found that our son wanted to hang out with the other teens and for the most part planned his days and nights around the club.

The teens in Club O2 hung out in the club room, went to onboard shows, the video arcade and met for meals. Our son had a great time and loved connecting with other teens and my husband and I found we were on our own for most of our cruise having dinner on our own and enjoying many of the onboard shows.

Im sure if we did a longer cruise, there would be more family time, but with just three days my son opted to hang with the other teenagers on board.

So you know: The kids and teens clubs are all included in the price of the cruise.

Planning Your Day Onboard


Each day on the cruise you will receive a Fun Times itinerary that includes everything there is to do onboard. It shares sections for top entertainment, food, drinks, spa, music, movies, casino, shopping, kids & teens as well as a schedule for everything happening with the times and locations.

Its your cruise ship bible and we carried it with us and constantly referred to it throughout the day and evening.

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St Cruise Ship From California In Months Heads To Mexico

A cruise ship headed for the Mexican Riviera set sail from the Port of Long Beach on Saturday the first cruise ship to depart from California in 17 months

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A cruise ship headed for the Mexican Riviera set sail from the Port of Long Beach on Saturday the first cruise ship to depart from California in 17 months.

The Carnival Panorama is on a seven-day voyage and will stop in the Mexican ports of Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan before returning to Long Beach, Carnival Corp. said in a statement.

The 1,060-foot Carnival Panorama debuted in 2019.

Passenger Bob Lechtreck said he and his wife were on the inaugural sailing on Dec. 11, 2019.

I cant tell you how excited I am to be on the Panorama for its inaugural return to service, Lechtreck told the Press-Telegram in a text. “Its been way too long since weve sailed, and we couldnt be happier returning to our favorite activity.

The cruise industry was hard-hit by the pandemic after passengers and crew members tested positive for COVID-19 and some ships were turned away from ports. The industry has battled the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over health requirements for resuming sailing in U.S. waters.

The company said its operational protocols exceed CDC recommendations. They include having all employees vaccinated and requiring all passengers to show a negative COVID-19 test.

How Much Does A Cruise To Mexico Cost

The cost of a cruise to Mexico can vary greatly, ranging from $200 or less for three-day cruises to Mexico to more than $1,000 for longer trips. The prices will also depend on your choice of cruise lines to Mexico and the package selected. CruiseDirect can help you find the best Mexico cruise deals thanks to our best price guarantee, so you’ll pay as little as possible when you book with us.

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Day Baja Mexico Cruise From Long Beach On Carnival Imagination

In late March my husband, son and I sailed on Carnival Imagination for a 3 Day Baja Mexico cruise from Long Beach. This is a great weekend getaway, especially for anyone within easy driving distance of Long Beach, California. We were guests of Carnival Cruise Line and this was our first cruise as a family.

It was a super fun way to spend a weekend and what my husband and I found out, is we truly had a vacation. Because of the teen club, which my son loved, we found we had lots of time to relax and enjoy the cruise to Mexico as adults.

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Below youll find some helpful tips for cruising and some of our favorite moments on our 3 Day Baja, Mexico cruise from long beach to Ensenada.

Save Big on Your Dream Cruise

Read Reviews of the Best Mexico Cruises

Baja Mexico Carnival Cruises

CARNIVAL RADIANCE CRUISE REVIEW – Long Beach, Catalina Island & Ensenada, Mexico by Tommy Italiano

From Long Beach, Carnival offers three and five-day Baja Mexico cruises, which are ideal for long weekends or mini getaways for locals. These mini cruises often come with bargain prices. So, if you sail a back-to-back short cruise, you can usually get a longer trip for less than a 7-day cruise.

Three-day return cruises sail to Ensenada and back and are offered on the Carnival Radiance for the 2022 to 2024 seasons. Ensenadas coastline is more rugged than its sister cities to the south.

Most who stop in Mexicos Napa Valley shop for wine at low prices. Nearby wineries offer tour tours to taste before you buy. Prepare for your port day by getting your tour tickets in advance.

There are two options for five-day cruises. If you prefer different ports, select the itinerary that goes to Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. Alternatively, spend two days in Cabo San Lucas. The Carnival Miracle sails these itineraries. Heres our full review of the Carnival Miracle.

Contrasting Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas offers pristine beaches and shore excursions focused on water activities. At the end of the Sea of Cortes, the Arch or El Arco, Lovers Beach, and Divorce Beach are must-visits. For fishing enthusiasts, the Marlin Capital is a haven for Marlin and other fish species.

Alternatively, travelers can choose a four-day cruise from San Francisco on the Carnival Miracle. It includes one day in Ensenada, Mexico.

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