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Which Cruise Lines Offer Dialysis

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What Does Dialysis At Sea Cruises Specialize In

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Dialysis at Sea Cruises specializes in the treatment of hemodialysis care while onboard cruise ships. Hemodialysis patients have undergone renal failure and must be dialyzed with an artificial kidney to rid the body of fluids and toxins. Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides a renal care specialist team consisting of a Nephrologist, dialysis nurses and certified technicians. We sail on select cruise sailings with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines. We provide the most advanced equipment and supplies which are housed and maintained with Dialysis at Sea Cruises and undergo strict maintenance protocols for the most optimum performance.

Dialysis at Sea Cruises is the largest provider of dialysis services aboard cruise ships in the world. Since our inception in 1977, thousands of individuals on dialysis and their families have been able to experience the pleasures of cruising and the excitement of taking their dream vacation. Travel with us in confidence as all of your shipboard medical needs are handled by experienced and trained medical professionals.

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Explore The World With Dialysis

  • From the moment we arrived at the meeting called by the dialysis team on the day of departure we knew we were in safe hands. They were so welcoming, everything was fully and professionally explained and we were all shown round the dialysis facility and which lifts we needed to take to get there!

  • Dialysis on each ship has been extremely reliable and the medical staff in every case have been competent and friendly. When on holiday the dialysis patient must fit the inevitable treatment into their travel itinerary but the staff make these treatments a time for restful quiet or fun conversation.

  • We had such an amazing experience, it is just wonderful to know that our holidays are just beginning again.


The Dialysis Cruise Company run by Dialysis Professionals.

The fully qualified medical team at Dialysis Cruise offers haemodialysis on-board cruise ships in conjunction with a medical travel agent.

Our patients are cared for by a highly trained team of Nephrologists and nurses with access to the latest technology in dialysis care, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and visit the destinations you have always dreamed of.

We make the utmost effort to tailor your individual dialysis schedule to the ports of call ensuring your maximum enjoyment. We offer the ultimate in cruising convenience with no compromise on the luxury and adventure of high seas travel.

Interested In Becoming Part Of Our Medical Team

Dialysis at Sea Cruises is offering our medical staff the opportunity to experience the excitement of cruising to majestic ports of call throughout the world, vl/nile enabling the dialysis patients the freedom to cruise with condence, knowing their shipboard medical needs will be handled by qualied and trained professionals. Dialysis patients can cruise with family and friends on their dream vacation, with the assurance that their dialysis treatments can be provided onboard ship throughout the world with the assistance of our trained medical staff.

Our program is designed to ensure that the dialysis patient has the absolute best and safest dialysis treatments possible onboard a cruise ship. We use the Fresenius 2008K dialysis machines on all of our cruises and expect our staff to be procient in its use. In order for us to achieve our goals, we seek qualied, responsible and dedicated medical personnel that share the same vision and level of caring, as we do.

If you are interested in helping dialysis patients enjoy life please consider this âworking vacationâ. It is a wonderful opportunity for both the medical staff and the dialysis patient to cruise to some of the most exotic destinations in the world while relaxing on some of the most luxurious and beautiful ships on the high seas.

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Does Carnival Cruise Have Dialysis


Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Also Know, can you go on a cruise if you are on dialysis? People on peritoneal dialysiscan pack their supplies and bring them on the cruise ship. Both in-center hemodialysis and HHD patients can plan a cruise that provides treatments on the ship. Independent travel company, Dialysis at Sea®, is one place that provides a cruise vacation for dialysis patients.

Moreover, how much does it cost to have dialysis on a cruise ship?

The cost of the dialysis only was $4,500, and none was paid for by Medicare or other insurance. The price sounds more reasonable when you consider that for a dozen or so passengers per cruise, Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides up to 11,000 pounds of equipment plus a nephrologist and several technicians.

Is it painful to have dialysis?

Dialysis itself does not hurt. In hemodialysis the needles may hurt going in, but they should stop hurting after that. You can ask for numbing medicine before you get the needle sticks if they bother you. In peritoneal dialysis , abdominal pain can be a sign of an infection called peritonitis.

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Can You Fly With A Dialysis Machine

Kidney Dialysis On Cruise Ships

Portable dialysis machines are considered to be medically necessary assistive devices under the Air Carrier Access Act. Carriers must permit passengers to stow the portable dialysis machine in the aircraft cabin or, if it is too large, in the cargo hold. There is no baggage charge for medical equipment.

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Will I Still Be Able To Take Part In On

One of the great benefits that large, modern cruise liners traversing the planet afford you is their huge range of activities that are available on board. The cruise holiday is specially designed to provide enjoyment and entertainment for all demographics, whether you like to take it easy or enjoy immersing yourself in new experiences. It is up to you and your medical staff to decide upon the activities that you can take part in.

These dedicated medical practitioners will also be able to guide you as to whether the on-shore excursions are safe for you to experience. Being on dialysis doesnt automatically preclude you from being able to get involved, Dialysis at Sea is all about making your holiday as enriching, enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

If the above cruise companies do not travel the route that you wish to take, its always worth contacting the companies that meet your travel requirements as to whether they can help provide the means for dialysis treatment at sea. Many of the respected cruise companies will try in earnest to accommodate your needs. Additionally, speak to your medical practitioner as they may have knowledge accrued from other patients who have previously travelled on cruises.

How Much Is Dialysis On A Cruise

11,000 pounds

Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

One may also ask, can you do dialysis on a Carnival Cruise? DIALYSIS. There are significant risks associated with undergoing dialysis during a cruise. Guests should be aware that our ships do not have kidney specialists or dialysis equipment and supplies available on board and our medical staff are not trained to perform dialysis.

People also ask, does insurance cover dialysis on a cruise?

Medicare and Medicaid do not cover dialysis on board a cruise ship, but there are supplemental insurance companies that will reimburse a percentage. The dialysis treatment cost is a flat rate determined by the length of the cruise, and is billed separately.

Does Symphony of the Seas have dialysis?

Your dialysis takes place onboard the ship and an experienced dialysis team and nephrologist are onboard throughout your cruise so you can be assured of the best attention at all times. 2020& 2021 Cruises from LONDON TILBURY Click here for itineraries and fares.

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Dialysis Nurse Jobs With Great Pay And Benefits

Posted: Dialysis Travel Nurse RN – $2360 weekly. Nomad Health 3.0. Decatur, TX 76234 +19 locations. $2,360 a week. Full-time. RN degree from an accredited registered nurse program. Nomad offers nurses a hassle-free experience, industry-leading pay rates, full benefits, and exceptional. Posted. 30+ days ago.

Cruise Ship Medical Capabilities

Cruise lines offer Black Friday deals in effort to bounce back business

Medical facilities on cruise ships can vary widely depending on ship size, itinerary, length of cruise, and passenger demographics. Generally, shipboard medical centers can provide medical care comparable to that of ambulatory care centers some can provide hospitalization services. Although no agency officially regulates medical practice aboard cruise ships, consensus-based guidelines for cruise ship medical facilities were published by the American College of Emergency Physicians in 1995 and most recently updated in 2013. ACEP guidelines , which are followed by most major cruise lines, state that the cruise ship medical facilities should maintain the following minimum capabilities:

  • Provide emergency medical care for passengers andcrew
  • Stabilize patients and initiate reasonable diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • Facilitate the evacuation of seriously ill or injured patients

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What Does Dialysis At Sea Cruises Do For You

Dialysis at Sea Cruises offers dialysis patients and their families, “Freedom”.

Freedom to explore and visit some of the most exotic destinations once thought impossible to do as a dialysis patient. Freedom to relax, with the piece of mind knowing a team of trained renal care specialists will be cruising with you. Freedom to live out your dreams while awakening a sense of travel and exploration once inhibited by renal disease.

You can now travel around the world with family and friends in comfort knowing your dialysis needs will be taken care of by caring and dedicated medical professionals. No longer will you have to wonder how to travel while on dialysis, the only question will be, where are we traveling to next?Learn more about dialyis services aboard your next cruise!

Will Nhs Cover My Dialysis Treatment On

After meeting with the British Kidney Patient Association, NHS England has agreed to reimburse the cost of dialysis treatment onboard cruise ships, subject to specific conditions.

For example, if the majority of the ports you visit on your cruise are within the European Economic Area, or the country has formal healthcare agreements with the NHS, then the amount will be reimbursed per the National Tariff your Holiday Dialysis Co-Ordinator will be able to tell you of the exact amount. Additionally, youll need to get approval from your renal team before you go on your cruise, as they will help to reimburse you when you get back to the UK.

Cruises that take place outside of these countries, i.e. those not covered under Article 56, are not exempt from the total cost of dialysis, and this will have to be paid for by yourself.

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How Do Dialysis Treatments Work On Cruise Ships

Depending on the type of dialysis treatment you will need, you may need to pack your own medical supplies and/or your cycler machine.

Depending on your type of treatment, you have two choices about where the treatment will take place:

  • Treatment can be completed in your cabin
  • Treatment can be completed in the onboard medical center

In an interview with the LifeLines at Home newsletter, Marie encourages everyone dependent on dialysis to fulfill their dreams of going on a cruise.

She states that it is so easy to travel with Hemodialysis Dialysis, and she enjoys the new sights they see, the new activities, the new friends, and the wonderful memories.

Jobs For An Lpn On A Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean International  Cruise Dialysis

Posted: Nov 28, 2018 · Working on a cruise line as a licensed practical nurse is an opportunity for nurses looking for a change of pace and a little adventure. Medical crew members can enjoy a wide range of privileges, such as their own cabin, officer privileges, attractive working hours and pay and the obvious globetrotting benefits.

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How Much Does Dialysis Cost On A Cruise Ship

As a general rule, the cost of a dialysis session on a cruise ship varies between $300 and $900. The majority of mainstream American cruise lines charge around $800.

There are many companies that organize dialysis treatments onboard cruise ships. These companies work closely with major cruise lines.

Dialysis Cost

Can You Do Dialysis 3 Days In A Row

You can choose your treatment days as long as you dont go more than 2 days in a row without dialysis. You can also choose your treatment times. Some people also do longer treatments than they would in-center. You and a partner learn to do HD at home on the standard three days a week schedule used in clinics.

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How To Be A Cruise Ship Nurse

Posted: Mar 15, 2019 · The Salary of Cruise Ship Nurses Via A cruise ship nurse can earn $4,200 to $4,900 each month. The rate will depend on your chosen cruise line and your experience. Most cruise lines offer free meals, a private cabin, and the opportunity to travel. Some companies cover their nurses travel expenses as well.

Will Insurance Pay For My Dialysis Treatments

Dialysis at Sea Cruises

The dialysis treatment cost is a flat rate determined by the length of the cruise, and is billed separately. The dialysis patient must pay their dialysis bill prior to the cruise. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid have never covered dialysis for any cruises we offer, however there are many supplemental insurance companies that will reimburse a percentage. We strongly suggest that you contact your insurance carrier for reimbursement possibilities. Once you return from your cruise, we can provide you with an itemized statement of your dialysis treatments so you can file a claim for reimbursement. We do not deal directly with insurance companies and therefore are not aware of which companies and individual policies will reimburse for the dialysis.

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Which Do Cruise Ships Provide Dialysis

Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Through Dialysis At Sea

The largest provider of dialysis services aboard cruise ships since 1977, Dialysis at Sea have helped thousands of dialysis patients to enjoy holidays they previously thought they may not be able to.

The company provides patients with a specialist care team including a nephrologist, dialysis nurses and certified technicians on specially selected cruises. The service also includes the most advanced and best maintained medical equipment and supplies, subjected to strict maintenance protocols to ensure they are always operating at optimum level.

The company provides patients with a specialist care team that includes a nephrologist, dialysis nurses and certified technicians on specially-selected cruises. Youll be safe in the knowledge that the service also includes the most advanced and well-maintained medical equipment and supplies at sea, all subjected to the strictest maintenance protocols, ensuring that theyre always operating at optimum levels.

Booking through them is easy. Once youve got a date and destination in mind, call them on 001 727 372 7490 or send over an email, where their trained sales representatives will be on hand to talk you through your cruise dialysis needs with ease.

The service takes up to 16 patients per cruise, with dialysis times operating on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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What Is Dialysis At Sea Cruises And How Does It Work

Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Cruise Ship Medical Jobs

Western Caribbean onboard Liberty of the Seas sailing from ...

Posted: Register for Cruise Ship Medical Jobs Now! The medical department on board a cruise ship offers the following job positions: Chief Doctor, Doctor, Nurse Practitioner , Registered Nurse and Paramedic. The department usually consists of two doctors and anywhere from two to six registered nurses depending on the size of the ship …

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Payment & Reimbursement For Dialysis Sessions

For UK Residents : We are very pleased to announce that following a meeting between NHS England, the BKPA and Lisa Parnell of Cruise Dialysis, NHS England has chosen to exercise its discretionary rights to partially reimburse the cost of healthcare onboard cruise ships subject to certain conditions:-

If the majority of ports visited during your cruise are within the European Economic Area then you will be reimbursed the amount of the National Tariff.

Further information about the policy can be viewed by clicking on the following links:-

Which Cruise Lines Offer Dialysis

The following are some of the major ocean liners that offer and can assist with dialysis treatments:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • CroisiEurope
  • Celestyal Cruises

Always make sure that you check with your travel agent before booking to make sure that your chosen cruise line will be able to accommodate your dialysis treatments.

Just because a cruise line is on the list above, this doesnt mean that they can accommodate dialysis treatments on all cruises.

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