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Cruise To Australia From Usa

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What Are Popular Activities In Australia

Cruise Ships To Return To Australia | 10 News First

Australia offers a staggering selection of activities, making it an ideal vacation for groups of friends or families, or for couples.

With so much coastline, water fun is abundant in Australia. If you’ve never tried surfing, there’s no better place for it. Divers and snorkelers will want to check out the Great Barrier Reef for some of the greatest underwater scenery in the world.

For wildlife you don’t need to get wet to see, there are plenty of chances to view kangaroos, koalas, wombats and wallabies in zoos, or even in the wild.

Anyone who prefers more urban diversions can check out the numerous museums in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Tour Sydney’s opera house, test your courage on a Harbour Bridge climb or learn about Aboriginal culture at one of several Aboriginal centers.

Other popular activities include wine-tastings, shopping and visiting a tiny bit of the continent’s vast deserts and outback.

Australian Visa Requirements For Cruise Ships Yachts And Pleasure Crafts

If youre planning to enjoy the almost 60,000 km of Australian coastline while on your cruise and explore the most famous Australian coastal cities from a different perspective, you may be wondering what documents you need for a cruise to Australia and whether youll need to apply for an Australian visa.

Almost all foreigners visiting Australia will need an Australian visa or travel permit. This article includes useful information about Australian immigration policies for cruise ships, yachts and pleasure crafts as well as how to meet the Australian visa requirements when reaching Australia by sea.

Australia & New Zealand Cruise Highlights

Natural Beauty

Its the outdoors that makes this region truly exceptionalfrom the snowy peaks of New Zealand to the picture-perfect beauty of Tahiti. Dive the Great Barrier Reef on your cruise to see multi-colored fish and corals. Photograph the towering Mitre Peak as you glide through the otherworldly Milford, Dusky, and Doubtful Sounds in New Zealand. Discover a peninsula of pink granite mountains, eucalyptus forests, white beaches, and azure waters of Tasmanias Freycinet National Park.

Culture & History

The Mori are the indigenous people of Aotearoa and first arrived here in canoes from their ancestral homeland of Hawaiki over 1,000 years ago. Their traditions are still very much alive today. Tribal tattoos are an expression of commitment and respect, while skillful wood carvers create intricate works that pay respect to the past.


The flora and fauna found in this region is among the most diverse on earth. Koalas. Kiwi birds. Duck-billed platypus. Tasmanian devils. Kangaroos . See the most breathtaking reef inhabitants in the world including manta rays, sea turtles, and sharks on a South Pacific cruise. Hike through jungles to waterfalls in Fiji. And be sure to pick up some rare Manuka honey to bring home from New Zealand.

Culinary Exploration

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Which Us Ports Support Long Cruises

There is a load of options depending on where you live in the United States.

The two most popular embarkation points for long cruises to Australia are Los Angeles and San Francisco, but many other cities also provide viable cruise choices.

These cruises can range from 25-night trips to 50+ days, so theres plenty of time to explore all that Australia and local areas have to offer without feeling rushed.

Cruising Aus: Cruise To Australia From Us


by D McNiven | Dec 16, 2021 | Australia |

Are you a US citizen looking to Cruise To Australia from the United States? is here to help! We have everything you need for your next Cruise To Australia including information about how to prepare, what items are needed, and more. Check out our blog post on Cruise To Australia From US today!

Hop on board one of these luxury cruise liners and explore the best of Australia and New Zealand. Sail down under on one of these amazing cruises, departing from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide. With a variety of different itineraries to choose from, youre sure to find the perfect cruise for your needs!

Explore the stunning beaches of Australia, visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House, and take in the incredible scenery of New Zealand on one of these amazing journeys.

View the spectacular scenery from your cabin, enjoy the onboard amenities and activities, and take advantage of the ports of call on these amazing cruises!

Book your cruise today and set sail for an unforgettable adventure Down Under!

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How To Get An Australian Visa For Cruise Passengers

Fortunately, obtaining a short-term visa to enter Australia for tourism purposes is usually a straightforward process. The great majority of travelers will also find that they can apply for an Australian visa online from anywhere in the world.

Tourists reaching the Australian shore will most likely need to apply for one of the following 3 visas: Electronic Travel Authority , eVisitor visa, and Visitor visa.

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Usa To Australia Cruises

There are cruises from the United States to Australia, but there aren’t many because it’s a long trip. A cruise to Australia is the comfortable and luxurious way to get down under.

US to Australia cruises depart from Los Angeles, Hawaii, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco.

36-day cruise to Australia on Holland America Line. One-way from Seattle to Sydney . Visit Honolulu , Kauai , Kona , Samoa, Dravuni Island , Suva , Lautoka , Vanuatu, Mare , Noumea , Alotau , Kiriwina , Conflict Islands , Cairns , Airlie Beach and Gladstone .& #8226 2023 departure: October 2.

21-day cruise to Australia on Princess Cruises. One-way from Honolulu to Sydney . Visit Tahiti, Bora Bora, Picton , Wellington , Auckland and Bay of Islands .& #8226 2022 departure: October 2.

18-day cruise to Australia on Celebrity Cruises. One-way from Honolulu to Sydney . Visit Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Auckland and Bay of Islands .& #8226 2022 departure: October 3.

29-day cruise to Australia on Princess Cruises. One-way from Los Angeles to Sydney . Visit Hilo , Honolulu , Tahiti, Bora Bora, Pago Pago, Fiji, Auckland , Tauranga , Christchurch and Dunedin .& #8226 2022 departure: October 3.

16-night cruise to Australia on Royal Caribbean. One-way from Honolulu to Sydney . Visit Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea.& #8226 2022 departure: October 4.

18-night cruise to Australia on Royal Caribbean. One-way from Honolulu to Brisbane . Visit Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Noumea and Mystery Island .& #8226 2022 departure: October 13.

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The Process Of Booking A Cruise To Australia From The Us

To prepare for this adventure, first, find the right cruise. This may take some time as this isnt an inexpensive trip, but it will be worth it. Luckily, there are plenty of cruises to choose from. Once youve found your cruise, make sure you have all the documents you need before booking. Youll need a passport and a valid credit card or debit card. The last thing to do is book your flights!

For the cruises listed above, you will need to arrange the flights yourself. You will depart from either Los Angeles or San Francisco depending on the cruise you choose and arrive in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane. The cruises last anywhere from 2 to 14 days so make sure you have enough time off work!

Once everything is booked its time to start packing! Make sure to pack light as you will need to bring all of your luggage with you on the plane. You will also need to pack a few items for the cruise such as sunscreen, hats, and swimsuits.

The final step is to say goodbye to your friends and family and head off on your amazing adventure! We hope you have a wonderful time cruising around Australia & New Zealand.

For more great ideas on how to plan the cheapest vacations, check out our popular destinations for the ultimate travel experiences.

Find Your Perfect Cruise

First cruise in two years set to sail out of Sydney | 9 News Australia
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    Cruising The Us To Australia For Less Than $2000 Per Person

    When most people think about cruising, they imagine spending a week or two relaxing on a luxurious ship as it sails from one exotic destination to the next.

    But can you cruise from the US to Australia direct? What if you could cruise from the US all the way to Australia for less than $2,000 each?

    It may sound too good to be true, but its actually possible!

    Price Matters But Shouldnt Be Your Top Consideration

    Unless you live locally , your flights to Australia or New Zealand will likely be some of the most expensive youve ever purchased . That makes shopping around for the best price a tempting proposition. However, its also very important that you not miss your cruise due to delays or cancellations. Give yourself a big buffer between when you arrive to your embarkation city and depart on your cruise. Or

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    Kate Winslet Had A Funny Take On How Tom Cruise Must Feel After Sharing Story Of Breaking His Record Again

    On Pandora, the shores are alive with the sound of records breaking. As Avatar: The Way of Water continues to crush as a new movie release in theaters, worldwide grosses are propelling co-writer/director James Camerons latest film to quite lofty heights. Should this movie take the top spot of the highest-grossing theatrical release, itll be an impressive feat. However, it might still pale to the fact that Kate Winslet broke Tom Cruises previous record for underwater breath-holding.

    The record is something thats surely made the Titanic actor smile, and in an interview with USA Today , Winslet shared this funny take on being the current champ in that arena:

    Poor Tom. I mean, I don’t know Tom at all I’ve never met him in my life but I’m sure he’s getting very fed up of hearing this story of how I broke his record. I loved it, though. … I was amazed how good I was at it and how I just kept getting better.

    Its a story that has definitely made the rounds throughout the press tour for Avatar 2. Kate Winslet even told our own Sean OConnell that she was inspired by the success of the first Avatar to conquer that very record, and it sounds like she wants to do it again. Though if you look a bit further back in the press cycle for The Way of Water, you can see why Tom Cruise might be tired of hearing this story.

    Cruises From Usa To Australia

    Princess Cruises redeploys Sapphire Princess to Australia â CRUISE TO ...




    Country Routes

    Cruise Lines

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    When To Cruise Australia And The South Pacific

    The temperate climate of both Australia and the South Pacific make them both year-round cruise destinations. October through April, known as Wave Season, are the most popular months to cruise and therefore youll find the most departures offered during that time period. March and May are shoulder season months, which can sometimes yield excellent prices on cruise fares. The winter months of June, July, and August can be a bit cold in southern Australia but you can still tour ports in comfort. The summer months of December through February bring hot weather, sometimes as warm as 35 to 40 degrees. Plus, with Sydney and Brisbane often being the starting point for many cruise ships, Australia is often the best place to start your South Pacific voyage.

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    Cruise Length And Ship

    Consider not only the length of your Australia cruise but also the liner on which you travel. Because of its expanding market, contemporary and luxury brands travel to and through the continent, and out of all possibilities, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Princess Cruises offer what are considered the best overall deals and discounts.

    Similarly, decide how long you want your trip to be. Transpacific cruises, beginning in Los Angeles or Hawaii, last from roughly 18 days to two months. A cruise starting in Sydney, on the other hand, may stay less than a week at sea, providing travelers with quick glimpses of Melbourne, Brisbane, and parts of Tasmania. Or, a slightly longer trip may begin on the continent, stop at multiple ports in New Zealand, and then return.

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    What Items Are Needed For Your Trip

    When preparing for a vacation, its important to make sure you have everything you need. For a cruise to Australia from the US, youll need your passport, visa , tickets, and cruise documents. Youll also want to pack sunscreen, hats, swimsuits, and insect repellent. Be sure to check with your cruise line for a list of recommended items to bring on your trip.

    Some of the essentials you will need include:

    -Clothing for warm and cold weather

    -Shoes that can handle both walking and hiking

    -Toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, razor, etc.

    -Sunscreen and hats to protect you from the suns rays

    -Insect repellent to ward off pesky bugs

    -A camera to capture all of the memories made on your trip!

    Make sure to also pack any medications you may need, as well as copies of important documents like your passport and visa. With a little bit of preparation, youll be ready for an unforgettable adventure Down Under!

    Whos Sailing Australia Right Now

    First cruise ship makes a welcomed return to Australian waters | ABC News

    Australia is one of the hottest cruise destinations in the world and so its no wonder that every single cruise line is closely looking at ways to bring their vessels to the region. Youve got plenty of options when it comes to booking cruises from Australia. Here are some of the lines offering Australia cruises right now:

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    Visa Requirement For American And Canadian Cruisers To Australia

    This also applies to those from Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea.

    Most people reading this will be from either the United States or Canada. If your cruise embarks, debarks, or includes port days in Australia, you will need an Electronic Travel Authority visa.

    To apply for an ETA visa, youll need to download the free Australian ETA app from the Apple Store or . The application process is quick and easy but you will need to take a photo of yourself and scan your passport . There is an application service charge of AUD20 per person that must be paid at the time you apply. I received my approval notification via e-mail in around 10 minutes. Heres what it looked like:

    Note that your visa will be electronically linked to your passport . I also recommend taking a paper copy of your approval, just in case.

    What Are Tips To Find Cruise Deals To Australia

    Here are our best tips for finding a cheap cruise or cruise deal to Australia. If you book a guaranteed cabin , a cabin on a lower deck or sail on an older ship from a brand you like, then you can get the best price for a specific cruise to Australia. Last minute cruises deals to Australia appear as you get closer to the sail date, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Taking a cruise to Australia in the shoulder season can also be a great way to find a cruise deal.

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