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How Much Cost Disney Cruise

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Gratuity And Onboard Purchases: $03

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost?

We had $100 in cruise credits and the only purchase we made onboard was a $3 bag of popcorn, so the credits went toward gratuity, which was awesome! At first I was bummed that I did not book some extracurricular activities for the girls, such as the pirate or mermaid makeovers, but once we were onboard it didnât even matter. There was so much for them to enjoy at the kid’s club and at the pool, and the characters and princesses made appearances so they didnât even care that some kids were decked out in everything glitter. Plus paying only $0.03 out of pocket for this part of the cruise was awesome.

Reasons You Might Not Need Dcl Travel Insurance

  • Cost of Vacation is Minimal

    Not spending much on flights or other travel? Got a screaming deal on a 3-day cruise and it just wasn’t that expensive?

  • Your Domestic Health Insurance Will Cover Medical Emergencies Abroad

    Check with your existing carrier to find out what they will or won’t cover overseas.

  • You’re Comfortable with Risk of Lost Luggage

    You can deal with the inconvenience of lost or stolen baggage.

  • You’re Okay with Losing Any Amount of Money

    You can handle the loss of the cost of your trip plus any additional costs you incur due to medical emergencies, evacuations, or added travel expenses.

Is A Disney Cruise Worth The Cost

The Disney Fantasy launched in 2012.

Disney is known around the world for its family-friendly entertainment offerings.

But family fun doesn’t always come cheap.;

On Disney Cruise Line, you may end up paying a pretty penny for a vacation. But is the higher price worth it all?

Compare the cost of an Alaskan cruise. On Carnival Cruise Line, a seven-day round-trip from Seattle starts at $849 per person, substantially less than the just-over-$1,400 Disney charges for a weeklong round-trip from Vancouver.

Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island.

Both cruise lines have cabins that can accommodate multiple generations, and both include fine dining, stage shows, film screenings, kids programs and areas just for adults.

But its the details in these features that set Disney apart.

When sailing with Disney Cruise Line, you get more bang for your buck, says Laura B. Ebersohl, a travel professional for Disney-specialist Fairy Godmother Travel.

Ebersohl notes that Disney offers free room service , unlimited soft drinks and Broadway-caliber Disney based theater productions ; and it’s currently the only line offering a fireworks show at sea.” Plus, you get to pal around with Goofy, Minnie and Mickey.


In the cruising world, shore excursions are priced pretty uniformly across lines, but Disney’s feature port adventures that tailor to traveling families with scheduled breaks, free snacks and activity sheets for children.

Family-friendly amenities



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Why Are Disney Cruises So Expensive

If you compare prices for any of the popular cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, or Carnival with Disney cruise prices, youll be surprised to see how much more expensive Disney cruises can be. There are a couple of reasons for this.

One is branding. Disney is a premium brand that offers an exceptional cruise experience to guests of all ages. The Disney brand is well-known and beloved and people are more than willing to shell out extra bucks for the Disney experience.

The other reason is demand and supply. While a cruise line like Royal Caribbean has around 25 ships, Disney has only 4 . Also, some of the Disney cruise ships are smaller, meaning theres great demand for Disney cruises, which drives prices up.

Interested In Booking A Disney Cruise Line Vacation

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? Is a Disney Cruise ...

Whether you sail onboard the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, or Disney Fantasy, there are so many fun experiences for the whole family aboard Disney Cruise Line, from incomparable dining to Broadway-caliber shows. Donât forget to check out Academy Travel so you can book your next vacation with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and take advantage of some amazing deals and experiences on your upcoming trip. We love using Academy Travel to make our Disney Cruise Line and other Disney vacations a total breeze.

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What Youll Spend On A Disney Cruise

Just like any vacation how much you spend on a Disney cruise depends largely on your own personal budget, below, weve provided three options a bare bones budget, a moderate budget, and a high-end budget.

For our comparison, we created a hypothetical family of four all staying in one cabin or room for a four-night cruise. And to make the comparison fair, we selected a cruise departing Port Canaveral , departing in August.

Bare-Bones Budget If you want to simply get on the ship, we found a cruise aboard the Disney Dream departing in August that runs a total of $4,725 for an inside cabin.

The cruise departs Port Canaveral, with a stop in Nassau, followed by a stop at Disneys private island Castaway Cay before heading home.

Keep in mind that this includes four people sharing a small cabin . However, you have full run of the ship. Furthermore, meals and entertainment are included, but extras like alcohol or shore excursions are not.

Moderate Budget The funny thing about taking a Disney cruise is that while most other cruise lines have large discrepancies between what you pay for an interior cabin and a balcony, Disney offers the upgrade for relatively little.

In our search, we found you could upgrade to a verandah cabin for just about 10% more, or $5,077. In this case, you not only get your own balcony, but you upgrade your cabin space from 169 square feet to 246 square feet. If you like, there is also a larger verandah cabin thats 299 sq. feet for $5,293.

Wait How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost

Sherri Eisenberg

Family cruisers hear a lot about how wonderful Disney Cruise Line;ships are especially from us. We love the high level of service, the cabins designed just right for travelers with multiple kids , the industry-leading kids clubs that are constantly being updated with cool new areas , and the giant roster of activities for little cruisers of all ages.

Disney Cruise Line includes a few things in its fares that cost;extra on other lines. For example, there is no additional charge for soft drinks on Disney ships at meals and at the self-serve taps by the pool. The line also doesnt charge for loaner strollers or sand strollers for use on its;private island , nor is there a fee to borrow;jogging strollers or wagons to pull your kids and all of their toys around the island. Carnival charges a fee to borrow strollers on its;ships, whereas;Norwegian and Royal Caribbean don’t offer strollers at all.

Disney Cruise Line includes a few things in its fares that cost;extra on other lines. For example, there is no additional charge for soft drinks on Disney ships at meals and at the self-serve taps by the pool. The line also doesnt charge for loaner strollers or sand strollers for use on its;private island , nor is there a fee to borrow;jogging strollers or wagons to pull your kids and all of their toys around the island. Carnival charges a fee to borrow strollers on its;ships, whereas;Norwegian and Royal Caribbean don’t offer strollers at all.

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Broadway Musicals & First Run Movies

Also included in the price of your Disney Cruise is complimentary access to nightly Broadway-style musicals and movie screenings, including first-run and 3-D films.

Each dining seating is perfectly timed to ensure that all guests will have access to the amazing Broadway-style musical aboard every ship, so guests dont have to choose between an amazing meal and an amazing theatrical experience.

Whats The Cheapest Destination For A Disney Cruise

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost in 2022? | Real Travel Quote Proposal

The cheapest destination for your Disney cruise will often be one that you dont have to fly to as adding in flights and pre-cruise hotel will bump up the cost of your vacation.

If you live in the US, short cruises to the Bahamas are the cheapest as many of these last only three nights. If you live in the UK, the short British Isles cruise in summer 2021 will certainly be your cheapest option.

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Top 5 Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

1. Your cruise dates play a big part in your Disney cruise prices.; Booking off season and when kids are in school can help you land soe cruise deals on Disney Cruise Line.; Keep an eye out for deals out of Florida cruise ports in the Fall .

2. Selecting the right Disney cruise itinerary can save you money on your Disney cruise too.; If you can drive to the port you can save on flight costs.; Also shorter Disney cruises that are 3 or 4 days will give you a taste of what Disney Cruise Line has to offer at a lower cruise price.

3. Your stateroom type plays a big part in your Disney Cruise Line costs.; If you book an entry level lower deck interior stateroom on Disney Cruise Line you will defiantly save money.; BUt also look at what you want to accomplish on your cruise vacation.; Is waking up to the sun rise and going to bed to a drink on the balcony something thats important to you?; If you want extra space, price in the stateroom upgrade.

4. Book with a Disney Authorized Vacation Planner.; These travel agents have access to all the latest Disney Cruise Line offers and latest Disney Cruise Line discounts.; You dont have to worry about missing a Disney Cruise Line deal when booking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and they also have been on the Disney cruise ships, know the shows, food, island excursions, and can guide you as well as save you time and money.

The Real Answer: How Much Is A Disney Cruise

If you are considering taking a Disney cruise, youre probably wondering, How much does a Disney Cruise cost? Youll probably also wonder whats included and whether its worth the money. Ive been on five Disney cruises, so clearly, I think that a Disney Cruise is worth the money; however, you may look at other cruise lines when planning for your vacation. Yes, Disney Cruise Line is almost always more expensive than its competitors, and without really knowing about the experience, it can be hard to justify. Im here to try to explain why I believe a Disney Cruise is worth it.

The price of a Disney cruise depends on many factors: time of year, itinerary, length of time, and availability of staterooms. Here are some current average prices for a Disney Cruise from their website:

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Daytime And Nighttime Entertainment

Disney cruises are filled with both daytime and nighttime entertainment for the entire family. From pools to deck parties, and live shows to character experiences, there are a wealth of activities to do while in port or at sea. In order to find out all of the days activities or upcoming activities, open your DCL Navigator App and find the Personal Navigator. You can heart what you are interested in and the app will notify you 15 minutes before so you dont miss the show or activity. Disney Cruise Line used to print out a paper version of the Personal Navigator, and housekeeping would leave it on your bed at night. Now, it is online; however, you can request a paper copy at the concierge or sometimes they have them on display in the lobby after dinner.

One unique aspect of the Disney Cruise Line is that there are no casinos onboard. This is either a great thing for you or not. I personally love that there is no casino, as it gives more room for other fun activities, but I know there are people who love to cruise because of the casino component.

While the prices for a Disney cruise can be substantial, Disney offers so much entertainment for the money spent. A great way to take advantage of this is to watch currently playing or recently released Disney movies in the Buena Vista Theater. My family was able to watch Star Wars movies, Marvel movies and Pixar movies that had recently been in theaters and one that was currently out in theaters. It was amazing and free!

With New Cruise Ships Disney Looks To Sea To Boost Growth

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? Is a Disney Cruise ...

ight around sunrise Tuesday, the newest addition to the Walt Disney Co.’s global vacation empire will glide up to a pier at Port Canaveral.

The Disney Dream, a 130,000-ton ocean liner with room aboard for 4,000 passengers, is the first of two new cruise ships Disney is building at a combined cost of more than $1.8 billion. Together, the Dream and the Disney Fantasy which will debut in spring 2012 will increase the company’s capacity at sea by nearly 150 percent.

Disney has big expectations for the cruise expansion, a business that has proven immensely profitable for the company since it launched its cruise line 12 years ago. Disney’s two existing ships, the Magic and Wonder, have generated better returns than any of the company’s recent theme-park investments; in some years, they have churned out higher profits than the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs predict that, as it adds the new ships over the next two years, Disney Cruise Line will be responsible for a quarter of the overall profit growth in Disney’s $10.8 billion-a-year parks-and-resorts division. Once the Dream and Fantasy are sailing from Port Canaveral, those analysts and others expect Disney’s cruise revenue will reach $1 billion a year.

But to get there, Disney will have to navigate around a number of potential shoals.

Profitable, flexible

Cruising has become a lucrative venture for Disney.

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How Much Does A Cruise Ship Cost To Build

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Is A Disney Cruise Worth The Money

Whether or not a Disney cruise is worth it for your family depends on your budget and how much your family enjoys the Disney experience in general.

First, the pros. A Disney cruise is a more premium experience with a slightly more intimate feel, especially on the smaller Disney cruise ships. Some of the larger cruise ships on other cruise lines carry 5,000+ passengers. If you cruise during a peak holiday period, you can feel overwhelmed by kids running amuck. This is less likely to occur on a smaller Disney cruise ship.

Now, the cons. Other cruise lines besides Disney are more likely to have a larger roster of destinations and itineraries with year-round sailings from North American homeports. You can take your pick of sailings to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska or head to more exotic destinations like Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia. While Disney does have worldwide itineraries, you wont have as much choice.

It boils down to this. The extra cost of a Disney cruise is worth it if you really enjoy the Disney experience. If on the other hand, you want casinos, flexible dining, and more adult-oriented entertainment and activities, then a Disney cruise might not be worth it for you.

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Disney Cruise Line Internet Access

Disney Cruise Line no longer has public computer terminals. Internet access is available using your own device. For help with internet, visit the desk, which is located in the Promenade Lounge on the Magic & Wonder, and on Deck 4 near the Midship elevators on the Dream & Fantasy. See rates below.

If your laptop computer is wireless equipped, you can use it onboard. If you don’t have a laptop, there are computers available.

Internet services are available aboard the ships with options like Wireless hotspots and Internet cafes. Check with guest services for these locations.

Please Note: Due to the technology involved and satellite connectivity, the onboard internet service will be slower than you may be accustomed to and may at times be interrupted or unavailable. This is particularly true on at-Sea Days, when there are more people onboard the ship accessing the service.

Wireless Internet Pricing

  • Pay as you go – $0.25 per megabyte
  • Small package – 100 megabytes for $19
  • Medium package – 300 megabytes for $39
  • Large package – 1,000 megabytes for $89
  • Concierge guests in Cat S, T and V will get 100 free megabytes of internet.;
  • Concierge guests in Cat R will get free internet for the length of the cruise.

Internet plans can be used interchangeably on laptops and desktops throughout the ship. Please note, however, that plans cannot be upgraded once purchased, and credit will not be issued for unused plan minutes. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Disney Cruise Line Gifts & Amenities

Disney Cruise – How Much Did I Spend? Sunday Sofatime

If you want to add on any of the beer, wine, or packages to your next cruise you can pre-order online through their Gifts and Amenities page:

In addition to beer, wine, and water, you can also preorder cakes and other specialty gifts. Selections can vary based on your port and itinerary, so you will need to see what is available ahead of time.

Effective Friday, March 15, 2019,;all;Disney Cruise Line;Gifts and Amenities, including onboard credits, food & wine, spa, and pre-purchased merchandise or beverages, will follow the;order;deadlines below:;

In addition, a;consistent cancellation policy has been established for specialty cake orders. Effective Friday, March 15, 2019, ;specialty cake orders may be canceled up to 7 days prior to the Guests sail date for a full refund.

All prices are as of article published date.

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