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When Do Cruises Go On Sale

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Reserve Popular Shore Excursions And Onboard Activities

Where did all the EMPTY cruise ships go? Where do you park hundreds of Cruise Ships?

When you book your cruise early, youll have immediate access to the extensive array of shore excursions offered on Celebrity Cruises, many of which sell out quickly.

For example, when sailing on one of our Hubbard Glacier cruises, there are a very limited number of spots for a spectacular small-vessel excursion that takes you close to Alaskas amazing native wildlife, spectacular waterfalls, and the magnificent glacier located along the ships fjord route.

Early booking also lets you reserve specialty restaurant dates and times, and you can set up spa and fitness center appointments before the most desired times and locations are snapped up.

Early Booking Cancellation Policy

If it feels a bit daunting to book a cruise thats still a year or more in the future, rest assured that most Celebrity Cruises itineraries have cancellation policies that allow you to cancel your booking up to 90 days before sailing, and as long as you cancel within the stated window, you wont be charged the fare for the cruise.

Further Changes Are Possible

The situation worldwide is changing weekly, and cruise lines are working with the relevant authorities for a safe return. Its all very fluid, and the restart dates may change even further. The CDC has been making some adjustments recently with relaxing masks and social distancing rules for vaccinated guests.

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Norwegian Cruise Line still plans to restart in August from Florida but parent company Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings recently filed a lawsuit against Florida on the states vaccine passport ban. The result of this could have an impact on any protocols the line implements.

The ongoing saga between the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Florida has still not been resolved. In fact, just recently, the CDC successfully got a hold on Florida being allowed to overrule its Conditional Sailing Order. On July 19, the Florida Governor said it will come out on top and could take its lawsuit against the CDC as far as the supreme court.

Cruise Hive will continue to monitor any new developments, so keep checking this detailed page for when cruises resume, not just this year but in 2022.

What Month Is The Best Time To Book A Cruise

Though there are peak times to book a cruise, the decision to book at a certain or best time comes down to your specific needs, wants, and itinerary.

September and October are the best months to book a cruise for the coming years summer itineraries, especially for Mediterranean cruises and some popular holiday cruises.

Read: Best Time to Cruise the Mediterranean

Different offers are available throughout the year. Even if it falls outside the best time to book, you might see a special offer that you should take advantage of if it will save you money.

For example, if you know you want to spend time at the spa during your cruise, a special promotion that lets you save on an upgrade to AquaClass is a great option for you. If you are a foodie and you want to try all the specialty restaurants onboard, and you see a promotion that has a substantial onboard credit offer, take advantage of those savings and book your cruise.

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Best Time To Buy Your Cruise: As Far In Advance As Possible

Disney Cruise Line Makes Changes to UK Domestic Sailings

When should you buy your cruise? While the lure of last-minute cruise deals tempt people, data actually suggests that its a much better idea to book as far in advance as possible.

This isnt because youll get amazing deals by buying earlier. There is a different benefit to booking early.

Truth is that cruise prices will vary, but tend to hover around the same point, whether the trip departs next month or next year.;

But what about last-minute deals?

It seems like basic logic that if a cruise were about to set sail with empty rooms, the company would slash prices to get people on the ship. After all, once a room leaves empty, it earns no money for the cruise line.

However, if every cruise line slashed prices last-minute, people would catch on and wait to book their trip. There would be no reason to book early.

This would be disastrous for the cruise lines, who want you to book as soon as possible. In fact, some lines refuse to drop prices any lower once the cruise gets within a few weeks of departure.

Where you can get burned waiting until last-minute is with cabin selection. If you wait until a couple of weeks before the cruise sails, then youre going to be left with cabins that other passengers didnt want. This usually means there are no or limited balcony rooms, and the locations of available rooms are often less desirable.

In other words, by waiting you can actually see fewer options for cabins and locations on the ship.

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What About Sailing During The Winter Or Hurricane Season

Weve shown you the best time to sail if you want to save money. But what if youre wondering about the best time to sail due to weather?

For example, is it fine to sail in the middle of winter or during hurricane season?

The good news is that there is no wrong time of year to sail for most cruises, such as those heading to the Caribbean or Bahamas.;

Lets take winter. While it might be cold in North America, the weather stays fairly consistent in the Caribbean. For instance, the average high temperature for Cozumel is about 84 degrees in January and 91 degrees during the peak of August. So temperatures are cooler during the winter, but not by much.;

Where there is a difference during winter months is with your departure port. If you are sailing from a port in the United States , then the winter months can be cold. That means the first day of your cruise during the winter can be chilly as the ship heads south.

One more thing to keep in mind is the summer months in the tropics can often mean regular afternoon thunderstorms. Late winter and early spring months are drier. Even so, it can rain any time of year in the Caribbean.

Hurricanes are always of interest to the Caribbean, and hurricane season runs from June through November. For cruise passengers, the risk of being caught in a hurricane on a ship is low. Cruise ships actively avoid storms, and steer for better weather.

When To Book A Cruise For The Best Price

Book a cruise early if … you want to lock in a good rate, secure your favorite cabin and a pick specific ship and itinerary — especially popular ones that tend to sell quickly, are one-off voyages, or are otherwise in high demand.

Book a cruise late if … you want the cheapest possible price and don’t mind being flexible about your cruise ship and itinerary. This strategy is best for cruisers who live close to a homeport and don’t have to rely on last-minute airfare.

And if you miss out on booking early but a last minute cruise is too dicey, you can find a low price in between. Just look for cruise line promotions — fare sales and extra-perk offers — and book when you see a good offer. It might not be the absolute best price, but you will get a deal.

For more cruise booking tips:

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Planning A Disney Cruise: Information & Guidebooks

When youre starting to plan a Disney cruise, the very first thing you should do is watch;the FREE Disney Cruise Line Vacation Planning Videos! Theyre available to anyone online and have lots of useful info in them.

In addition to viewing the videos, which will give you a good general idea of what the Disney Cruise Line has to offer, you may want to look at a guidebook or two to get more detailed information about it. See our list of suggested guidebooks for cruises and port excursions.

Theres a lot of FREE information about the ships and getting the most from your cruise on this page and the Onboard Advice, Tips and Tricks page here on this site! We also recommend visiting the independent Disney Cruise Line Blog, which has lots of useful information, including scans of menus and daily schedules from recent cruises.

Best Time To Sail For Cheap: Go When School Is In Session

How To Book a Cheap Cruise for $50 Per Day (2019)

Knowing the best time to purchase your cruise is just one part of the puzzle. The other piece of that puzzle? When you actually set sail. When you sail has a much bigger impact on what you pay than when you buy.

The simple rule of thumb is that prices are lowest when school is session.

When school is back in session, its much more difficult for families to set sail. That means cruise lines offer cheaper cruises in an effort to get more people on the ship during these times. So youll find the cheapest time to book a cruise is in the fall and winter.

Specifically, the following times of year see cheap fares:

  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Meanwhile, youll see the highest fares during summer, Spring Break, and the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.

How much can you save based on when you sail? Take a look at the chart below. Weve charted the per-person cabin prices for both a balcony and interior room. Specifically, these prices are for a 3-day cruise aboard Carnival from Miami.

During the course of a year, the price of the cruise varied from a low of $299 for a balcony cabin and a high of $539 even though this is the same trip on the same ship.

In other words, if you sail at the least expensive time, your cruise can be a sharp discount off the peak price.

Again, the best time to take a cruise if you want the cheapest price is when school is in session. If you have to sail during the summer or holidays, expect to pay a premium.

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Royal Caribbean Flash Cruise Sale

Save up to $300 Off + Up to 30% Off every guest when you book a Royal Caribbean cruise for 2022 or 2023These fantastic savings are available on Royal Caribbean Cruises in Alaska, Europe, The Caribbean and on local summer cruises from Sydney and Brisbane.Check out fantastic local destinations like the Great Barrier Reef or Tasmania with Royal Caribbean size fun for all the family

Quantum of the Seas is one of the worlds most technologically advanced ship and she will be sailing round trip cruises from Brisbane for Summer 2022/23

If you are planning to head further afield in 2022 then right now you can score an amazing deal on a Royal Caribbean Cruises Alaska holiday. Quantum of the Seas relocates to Alaska after her season in Australia and cruises start from an amazing $916 per person, share twin

For those of us that have missed our Europe fix for the last two years its great to see that Royal Caribbean will have a huge flotilla of ships in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe for the northern 2022 Summer. 5 night Mediterranean Cruises start from a tiny $732 per person, share twin and make the perfect addition to any UK or Europe holiday. Its also a great way to re-connect with friends and family overseas if you all hop on a cruise together. Royal Caribbean offer a choice of 7 fantastic ships with cruises from 2-14 Nights on offer

Does It Pay To Plan Ahead Or Should I Wait Until The Last Minute

Its an age-old question does the early bird really get the worm, or are there perks to taking a wait-and-see approach? If youre booking a cruise vacation, youll find there are benefits to both strategies. Planning ahead is a great way to score big savings, as Royal Caribbean often runs early saver deals to guests booking well in advance. Its also pretty safe to assume prices usually go up as availability goes down the closer you get to your sail date, so booking ahead is a surefire way to lock in a great rate. That said, booking a cruise at the last minute can also yield some unexpected savings but only if the itinerary youre interested in hasnt sold out yet.

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Booking Palo/remy/enchant Excursions Onboard Activities Spa Appointments And Kids Club Online

Disney Cruise Line has an online system that allows guests to make advance reservations for Palo, Remy or Enchanté as well as shore excursions, spa treatments, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, popular character breakfasts and meetings, and babysitting. In addition, you can do advance registration online for the kids clubs.

In order to use this service, your cruise must be paid in full.

  • Platinum Castaway Club members and those who are staying in Concierge cabins can make their online reservations up to 120 days prior to embarkation.
  • Gold Castaway Club members can make their online reservations up to 105 days prior to embarkation.
  • Silver Castaway Club members can begin making reservations 90 days before embarking.
  • All others can go online and make reservations 75 days in advance of departure.

To start making reservations online, register at Youll need your cruise reservation number. Reservations open just after midnight EST, the exact number of days in advance listed above.

If you are not able to book the restaurant, shore excursion, spa treatment, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment and/or babysitting time you want, try to get on the ship as early as possible on embarkation day. There will be locations on the ship where you can go in person and try to get your reservations. Some time slots are held back for onboard booking, so you have a decent chance.

The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Black Friday & Cyber Monday Cruise Deals

Travel Deals: Disney puts Alaska cruises on sale

If youre a longtime cruiser, you probably know there are plenty of convenient tips and tricks you can use to help boost your savings on an epic vacation. If youre new to the world of cruise deals, the wealth of information out there can be overwhelming. But dont worry weve put together a helpful guide that explains key offers and how you can get the most bang for your buck the next time you book a cruise vacation. Royal Caribbean runs great deals all year long, but there are some seasonal specials that are well worth waiting for like Black Friday and Cyber Monday cruise deals. Offered every November around Thanksgiving, these huge sales often include a range of unbeatable discounts, like reduced cruise fare for your second guest, kids sail free, instant savings, and onboard credits you can use toward shore excursions, drink packages, and more. Keep reading to learn about Thanksgiving season specials, and what to expect from all the savings each cruise offer includes.

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Culture From A Local Lookout

Traveling for pleasure is fun, but traveling for knowledge is a privilege. Global summer destinations will give you a taste of diverse cultures and customs. Venture to Roatan, Honduras, to meet the multi-faceted Garifuna peoples at the annual Garifuna Festival, where their Afro-Caribbean heritage remains strong. Explore the ancient San Gervasio Mayan ruins in Cozumel, Mexico, which date back to 300 AD. Or set your sights northward to Ketchikan, Alaska, home to three tribes of Northwest Coast Native Americans.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Cruise Last Minute

For those who think that later is better, waiting until the last minute to book your cruise has some advantages, especially if youre flexible about stateroom location, dining times, and shore excursions.

If your main vacation goal is to escape the demands of everyday life for a bit and relish the luxurious amenities offered onboard a Celebrity Cruises ship, then last minute may be the best time for you to book your cruise vacation.

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Hello November P&o Cruise Salecomments Off On Hello November P&o Cruise Sale

Always good to start the month with a P&O Australia Cruise Sale and with these local favourites included, our online sale is sure to be popular!Plus remember these great value holidays are also covered by the risk free money back guarantee! Cancel at any time up to final payment date… Read Article

When Is The Best Time To Book A Cruise To Alaska

Motorhomes For Sale — Save Big, Buy a Used RV From Cruise America

If youre planning an Alaska cruise, whether you want to sail in shoulder season when youll find fewer crowds and drier weather, or in peak season , youll want to book as early as possible.

In shoulder season, the initial posted fares may be the best fares offered, and Celebritys Best Price Guarantee ensures youll benefit from a price change.

If youre cruising to Alaska during peak season, June through , youll want to book early for suites and your pick of staterooms. Another reason to book early is to reserve shore excursions like glacier helicopter tours that sell out quickly.

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