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How Much Do Silversea Cruises Cost

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The Truth About Cruise Line Beverage Packages

How Much Do Cruises Cost? What’s A Good Price? Vacation Impossible

It sounds pretty enticing. Pay once prior to sailing and enjoy unlimited booze for the duration of your cruise. Its easy to see the appeal of an all you can drink package – no more worrying about running up a huge bar tab. Simply head to the bar, order what you like and enjoy. If you like a tipple, surely its a no-brainer. But not so fast Not all prepaid drinks packages are made equal and each one has its own restrictions. Is an inclusive alcoholic beverages package right for you? That depends. Firstly, lets look at the cost. They run for $50-60 per person per day , which means you will need to down quite a few drinks a day to make it worthwhile financially. Based on $10 cocktails, you would need to drink at least 6 each day. Youll need to do the math to work out whether unlimited drinks on cruises offer any cost benefits, or check out one of the online drinks package calculators. Also factor in port of call days. You are required to buy the beverage package for every day of your cruise but you will likely not make full use of it with a full-day excursion on shore.

Where Money Is Spent By Cruise Lines

Anyone knows that it costs money to make money, and that definitely holds true in cruising. While the cruise lines take in billions in cruise fare and onboard spending, they also spend billions to provide that service.

Cruise Operating ExpensesThe largest portion of expenses typically more than half of revenue are tied to operating costs to provide the cruise. This figure includes commissions paid to travel agents, costs to run the ship, employee payroll on the ship, food, fuel, repairs, and maintenance.

As you can imagine, these costs add up quickly. Its not cheap to feed thousands of passengers, fuel a 150,000 gross ton cruise ship, or pay thousands of ship employees. Taken together, the operating expenses run about 55-60% of revenue for the cruise companies.

Other Operating ExpensesOf course there are more costs in running a cruise line than just running the ship. Not only are there lots of shoreside employees that run the broader business, but marketing expenses are also a factor. That ad campaigns you see online, on TV, and in person dont come cheap.

In addition, there are depreciation and amortization expenses. With a business that features cruise ships that can cost a billion dollars, these expenses can be considerable.

Other ExpensesFinally, cruise companies have a few expenses that are considered outside their scope of running the cruise line. This is often referred to as other expenses or non-operating expenses.

How Much Cruise Lines Make Per Passenger

In addition to figures about revenue, expenses, and profit, cruise companies also release data regarding the number of passengers carried. Each year, the companies carry millions of people. So how much do they make per passenger?

Based on the 2019 reports, in a typical year Carnival Corporation earns a net income of $232 per passenger. Thats the lowest of the major companies. Royal Caribbean sees $291 per passenger. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. profits the most on a per-passenger basis, earning $345.

Of course, these figures are just averages across all lines. The amount made per passenger will vary widely depending on the cruise line, cabin selection, onboard spending, and more.

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Are Excursions Included On Crystal Ocean Cruises


. Consequently, are shore excursions included on Crystal Cruises?

Crystal Expedition Cruises offers both inclusive and optional shore excursions available for purchase on all voyages. Guests can be as active as they wish, and there will be multiple opportunities during the voyage to enjoy adventures in some of the world’s most coveted and beautiful yachting locales.

which cruise lines include shore excursions? If you want something a little different to highlight your time in port, here are the nine best cruise lines for boutique excursions.

  • Crystal Cruises.
  • How Much Cruise Lines Lost In 2020


    With the health crisis, 2020 will go down as the hardest year in history for the cruise industry. Even into 2021, cruise lines are yet to be back on track.

    So just how bad was 2020 for cruising? In addition to the suspension of sailing and taking on billions in debt and new equity, the cruise companies saw billions of dollars in losses. With no revenue for most of the year, combined with the costs of repatriating crew and keeping ships at sea with no passengers, the losses were staggering.

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    Is Costco Cruise A Good Deal

    Costco Cruises Can Be a Great Deal We get around 8 percent back in onboard credits, which are refundable, so if we dont use them we get a credit back on our credit card. Another member, RSF Cruiser, has booked about two Princess cruises a year for the past five years and has been totally pleased.

    Can I Carry Alcohol And Beverages Onboard The Cruise Ship

    The simple answer is almost always no. However, that doesnt deter hundreds of cruisers every year from trying to sneak bottles of scotch, rum and vodka aboard in a variety of creative ways. A quick browse of YouTube will find dozens of videos promising success with their sneaky booze smuggling hacks, but the simple fact is the cruise lines are aware of every trick out there. The penalty for getting caught? First up the embarrassment factor of being treated like a naughty school child is perhaps not the best way to kick off a cruise vacation. The illicit bottles will be confiscated until the end of the cruise and quite possibly you may never get them back. In the worst case scenario, there is even the threat of getting kicked off the ship which is perhaps unlikely, but worth keeping in mind before you hatch your smuggling plan.

    There are some exceptions to the no-booze in bags rule. For many people, a cruise trip is a special occasion perhaps an anniversary, birthday or even a honeymoon. A bottle of wine or Champagne is permitted on some lines to toast the occasion, although you may be liable for the corkage fee if imbibing in one of the shipboard restaurants. Bringing your own bottled water, soda and juice is allowed on some cruise lines although quite strict limits are set.

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    The Cost Of A World Cruise

    Several cruise lines already booking short in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, California coast or Mexico have also entered the world-cruise market. Among those companies embarking on world cruises are Crystal Cruises, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises, Oceania Cruises, P & O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seaborn Cruise Line, and Silversea Cruises.

    Of that group, the most expensive are Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seaborn Cruise Line, and Silversea Cruises while you can find more affordable fares on Holland America, MSC Cruises, and Princess Cruises.

    Here are two types of itineraries:

    This 111-day world cruise round-trip from Los Angeles on Princess Cruises visits 48 ports . Cost: $18,499+

    This 180-day world cruise from Los Angeles to New York City on Oceania Cruises travels to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India, South Africa, Namibia, Gambia, Senegal, Spain, France, U.K., Netherlands, Ireland, and Canada. Cost: $39,999+

    Is It Worth Getting A Balcony On A Cruise

    How much does it cost to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

    The extra price for a balcony is worth it if youll put it to good use. Your ship design places balcony rooms on higher decks. This means rooms with balconies have better views, especially on river cruises where lower rooms are close to the water line. If you want the extra space offered by a balcony room.

    Rick Randall

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    Smoking Policy On Silversea Cruises

    In consideration of evolving consumer trends, and to further promote a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for all Silversea guests, staff and crew, an updated smoking policy will go into effect for voyages departing after 1 January 2013.

    Smoking is not allowed in most areas of Silversea ships, including:

    • Guest suites and guest suite verandas
    • The Bar

    Silver Clouds Second Act: Polar Expedition Vessel

    Launched in 1994 as Silverseas very first ship, the 16,800-ton Silver Cloud was converted into a proper ice-strengthened expedition vessel during a massive drydock in Malta between August and October of 2017.

    As part of this work, she recieved an ice-strengthened hull, complete with a new black-and-red livery additional spacious Silver Suites a new forward-facing Observation Lounge a fleet of Zodiac rafts a specialized Mud Room for storing boots, jackets and other expedition gear and the transformation of the current show lounge into a bi-level lecture hall and briefing room.

    Originally built, Silver Cloud could carry 296 guests. With this late 2017 refit, that capacity has been reduced to 254, and just 200 when operating in the worlds Polar regions.

    As part of this refit, Silver Cloud also had substantial upgrades made to her existing public rooms and suites, most of which were altered to better maintain a color and decor palette similar to that found aboard the recently-launched Silver Muse. While most public rooms received a fairly substantial sprucing-up, some areas like Dolce Vita and La Dame are essentially as they were prior to the refit. Thats not a bad thing we liked the Silver Spirit-esque decor that was added to The Bar, now Dolce Vita, during her 2012 refit.

    See Silverseas Silver Cloud to Join Expedition Fleet in 2017

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    The Cost Of Drinking On A Cruise

    The all-inclusive nature of a cruise vacation is perhaps its biggest attraction inclusive of accommodations, food and many activities for a single price whilst cruising to far-off exotic destinations. Its the perfect hassle-free vacation style for many people who crave the easy life and no-nonsense trip planning. The only thing missing is the free booze. Those endless poolside piña coladas can soon add up. Cruises undoubtedly offer superb value for money, but a few drinks each day can seriously blow your planned vacation budget out of the water. If you have a taste for beer, wine or hard liquor you could effectively see that ultra-cheap short cruises almost double in price. There is no getting away from the fact that shipboard drinks are expensive, even before gratuities are factored in. From $8 beers to $15 cocktails, drinking on a cruise can easily rack up an onboard bill of hundreds of dollars.

    Sure you can abstain, but where is the fun in that? You can still enjoy your guilty pleasures without the worry of a huge bar tab with a little creative planning. Check out our insightful tips to make your dollars go that much further with drinks on cruises, and the all-important question of whether a prepaid drinks package or a-la-carte pricing is best for you.

  • Raising your glass without the sticker shock
  • P& o Cruises Wifi Packages

    How much does a cruise cost?

    We cruised on the Iona on one of the first cruises from the UK following the pandemic in August 2021. While some people like to disconnect while at sea, we like to stay connected so we can share our experiences.

    There are various WiFi packages you can buy on board and the details of all these are included below. We also let you know if we think purchasing one of these packages is good value or not.

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    A Hack To Make It Affordable

    Ever consider renting out your house or apartment via sites like or Imagine raking in cash while sipping margaritas on your private patio in the open ocean. listings in New York City command between $80 and $144 per night, on average, more during peak season, so if you hosted for the duration of a world cruise, you might put $8,000+ back in your bank account to cover your rent or mortgage.

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    Make sure you check about city ordinances, however, as some allow 30-night minimums per reservation. You can always stipulate that in your listing, too. Some condo and apartment buildings are not too keen on long-term guests so its best to check with the landlord or condo association. Another option to find a long-term renter is to contact local universities for leads on graduate students or visiting faculty.

    Or, if youre lucky enough to be pondering a movewhether in the same town or out of stateconsider moving your items into a storage unit for rent and mortgage-free living.

    Minimum Age Policy On Silversea Cruises

    Silversea cruise guidelines state that minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied, in the same or connecting suite, by a parent or other responsible adult over the age of 21. If the adult accompanying the minor is not their parent, a parental consent guardianship form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and received by Silversea prior to sailing. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to purchase or consume alcohol. Silversea reserves the right to refuse to serve anyone who in its sole judgment may be under the influence of alcohol, or for any reason necessary in its judgement to preserve the health and safety of guests and employees.

    Silver Explorer cannot accommodate infants under the age of 1 year. Silversea Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper and Silver Spirit cannot accommodate infants under the age of 6 months. Guests must notify Silversea of any children between the ages of 6 months and 1 year who will be sailing on board the ship. A signed and notarised waiver will be required for all children between these ages. Although Silversea accepts guests over the age of 6 months , there are no special programmes for children on board, and Silversea does not provide for the care, entertainment or supervision of children. Silversea reserves the right to limit the number of children less than 3 years of age.

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    The Value Of A World Cruise

    Some world cruises take you to a dozen countries, which is impressive if youre trying to rack up passport stamps. What would it cost if you independently visited six of these countries, including booking airfare to all of those destinations? Say you live in or near Los Angeles and you plan to visit the countries on the Princess Cruises itinerary mentioned above. This means buying plane tickets to two U.S. states and 24 countries. As airfare costs fluctuate greatly, lets say each ticket to a destination is $500 one-way. Youve just spent $13,000 on airfare. This makes the $18,449 world-cruise fare suddenly more affordable, right? And this is before factoring in lodging or food.

    Plan A Budget For Your Next Cruise

    WHAT DOES A CRUISE COST? How much a week long cruise actually costs (Ocean View Room Cost)

    Answering the question, how much does a cruise cost, is a slightly complicated one because it depends on so many changing factors. The best thing to do is to figure out your own budget first.

    Check different cruise lines, the individual cabin offerings, and different times of the year to get an accurate idea of cost.

    Need more personalized help? Reach out and request a customized recommendation, and were happy to help you find the ideal cruise.

    Like this article?

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    Health And Safety Protocols On Silversea Cruises

    Everything Silversea does, onboard and on land, is about safeguarding the guests and crew. Silversea ships provide a worry-free vacation! Here are some steps we are taking to ensure we keep you healthy. Silverseay has developed a comprehensive plan to respond to COVID-19 situations, just in case. Preparedness is key! If someone should fall ill or display symptoms while sailing, Silversea has rigorous protocols in place, including intensified cleaning, air filtration, and sanitizing procedures and medical isolation. Each ship has reviewed their inventory and are all well-equipped with supplies and personal protective equipment, such as masks and medicine.


    Along with a team of medical experts and guidance from health organizations, Silversea is monitoring the situation and either canceling or modifying itineraries to impacted areas.


    At the pier, all guests participate in mandatory screenings that include exclusion due to travel based on temporary restrictions and even a thermal scan to check everyone’s temperature. Some guests may be subject to a secondary review. Dependent of screening results, some guests may be denied boarding to ensure Silversea is keep their ships healthy and safe.







    Silver Cloud Public Rooms

    In the stern on Decks 5 and 6, the two-story Explorer Lounge has tiered seating and a profusion of cozy seating clusters. Formerly the Venetian Lounge, this former show theatre now functions as a lecture hall and expedition briefing room. Noteworthy features include a new, brighter decor that better mimics that found aboard the Silver Muse and three brand-new digital projection systems, but seating options are awkward and uneven, and the design of the lounge makes it difficult to get out of the banquettes once youre seated. Since the individual chairs in front of the banquettes are actually higher than the soft couches, sightlines are an issue when the lounge is full.

    Just outside the show lounge on Deck 5, Dolce Vita, formerly The Bar, is a social hub where a band or DJ provides music for dancing, plus activities during the day. All beverages are served at no additional cost throughout the Silversea fleet, and though it has a new name, Dolce Vita still retains its Silver Spirit-esque decor added during a 2012 refit .

    A card room and Internet center are located above on Deck 6, while Deck 8 offers the Panorama Lounge, which by day serves up a continental breakfast, cocktails, and phenomenal sea views , and by night transforms into an intimate nightspot for dancing and piano music. Afternoon diversions like Team Trivia are held here, but afternoon tea has been moved downstairs to La Terrazza, for those who are curious.

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