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How Much Is An Alaskan Cruise Cost

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How Much Does An Alaskan Cruise Cost

How Much Is An Alaskan Cruise? Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas Glacier Cruise

How much does an Alaskan cruise cost is something that all tourists ask when they are looking for a good vacation on a cruise ship when they are looking to sign up with one of the major cruise liners which operate in this region. Cost is something that is seriously dependant on several other factors like time of the year and the packages that you want to sign up on. Irrespective of all facts, a cruise in Alaska is something that will give you the most different kind of cruising experience that you can have in the USA. With a large number of on land and on board activities that you can check out, this is a cruise that you must try if you want a whole different experience on your cruise.

How Much Are Alaskan Cruises Cruise Fare

Besides cruise line and time of year, the cruise cabins themselves are also highly variable in costs. For those new to cruising, understanding the costs of a cabin can be frustrating. In general, all ships have different cabin categories, with the cheapest being inside rooms on lower decks.

Typical cabin categories include Inside, Outside, Balcony , and Mini-Suites/Suites. Some cruise lines may offer more categories, especially on the upper end like Norwegian Cruise Lines Haven Suites or Celebrity Cruise Lines Concierge Class. With additional features and amenities comes extra costs. Reviewing prices for most Contemporary and Premium Cruise Lines, below are price ranges for the most popular cabin categories.

Price Ranges for Alaskan Cruise Fares

  • Inside Cabins $650-$1200 a person
  • Ocean Views $800-$2000 a person
  • Balconies $1300-$2500 a person
  • Mini Suites/Suites $1800-$3500 a person

While not an exact science, looking at the costs of upgrading across brands, we find that costs tend to increase by 50% by moving up one category. So, it is not uncommon to see pricing for an Inside room starting at $800 and a balcony on the same ship for the same date going for $1800-$2000.

For Many a Balcony is a Must on an Alaskan Cruise

On our Alaskan cruise, we opted to get a balcony and scored a shoulder season deal with the cabin costing us $1400pp. But, during peak season, a balcony on the same ship would have cost close to $2000 a person.

How Much Are Alaskan Cruises Cruise Lines

When it comes to choosing the right cruise ship for your Alaskan cruise, cost may be a determining factor. Most major cruise lines sail to Alaska, meaning you will have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a cruise within your budget. Cruise lines are often grouped by categories, indicating amenities and price points. Even still, costs do fluctuate quite a bit depending on cruise ship and time of year.

Celebrity Solstice a Premium Cruise Ship

The prices quoted below are based on the cheapest advertised fare, which can be impacted by when you book, time you sail, and other ongoing promotions. The prices below are just to give you a sense of the relative pricing of cruise lines and are for illustrative purposes only.

Contemporary Cruise Lines

  • Carnival Cruise Lines starting at $619 a person
  • Royal Caribbean starting at $671 a person
  • Norwegian Cruise starting at $649 a person
  • Princess Cruises starting at $699 a person

Premium Cruise Lines

  • Celebrity Cruises starting at $799 a person
  • Holland America starting at $799 a person
  • Disney Cruise Line starting at $1299 a person

Luxury Cruise Lines

  • Oceania Cruises starting at $1799 a person
  • Silversea Cruises starting at $2799 a person
  • Crystal Cruises starting at $3000 a person

The prices quoted above are for the lowest level cabins you can get on that line.

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Where Youll Spend Money On A Cruise

Think that the cost of a cruise is simply the fare that you pay to get on the ship? While that makes up the lions share of your spending, theres a lot more that goes into the cost of your vacation.

Cruise FareOf course, when most people think of the cost of a cruise, they are thinking mainly of the price of the cruise fare. This fare is what the cruise line charges for you to sail on the ship. Cruise fare includes your cabin, meals, entertainment on the ship, and access to pools, lounges and more.

What it doesnt include are the extras like drinks, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, gambling and other things bought on board.

What you pay for your fare can vary widely. Factors that go into the price include the type of cabin you choose, length of cruise, when you sail, and even the ship and cruise line you sail.

Short cruises on budget cruise lines can run as little as a few hundred dollars, while long luxury trips can run well into the thousands of dollars per person.

Onboard SpendingThink youre done spending money after you buy your cruise fare? Think again. Once on the ship there are lots of extras that you will likely want to purchase that add to the cost of your cruise.

Onboard spending is a wide umbrella. It includes everything from money spent gambling in the casino to alcohol, specialty restaurants, cruise line shore excursions, and even the souvenirs you buy in the gift shop.

How Much A Cruise Costs In 2021

How Much Does it Cost to go on an Alaskan Cruise?

Wondering how much youll spend to take a cruise? We have specific estimates below.

Before we get too far, however, you should know that just like buying a car, you can spend as much or as little as you want for your vacation.

For instance, are you happy with the lowest-cost interior cabin or would you rather spend more for a balcony or a suite?

Or are you the sort of person who can only sail during the summer months or can you sail during the off-season and save hundreds of dollars?

That means tracking down the specific cost of a cruise for each person is hard. But we can give you an idea of what a typical trip will cost and help you get an idea of what you can plan to spend.

We get into all the details of how much a cruise costs and exactly where youll spend money below.

In This Article…

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Dont Forget About Gratuities

The excellent service on cruise ships is almost always worth the extra cost. –

Unless youre sailing on one of the high-end lines that include everything in the fare, tipping on a cruise ship is expected and will set you back about $80 to $100 per person per week about $13 per person per day. On some cruise lines, the tip is required rather than optional, so read the fine print. Some lines discount this amount for children, but many of them don’t. In addition, 10 to 15 percent gratuity is typically added to bar bills for alcohol and soft drinks and gratuities are applied to spa treatments as well.

Estimated Cost: $100 – $150 per person

Why Cruise To Alaska

The staggering natural beauty of Alaska is impossible to ignore. Its hard to believe so many unique cruise ports are contained in a single state, but a voyage to Alaska by ship unfolds rugged mountainscapes peppered with wildlife and tiny, eclectic towns founded by gold prospectors.

Alaska cruises blend a mix of port calls with spectacular scenic sailing through Glacier Bay National Park or through other routes that also hold calving glaciers and potential whale sightings. The experience of watching the scenery from your cruise ship is just as rich as the stops it makes along the way.

In fact, many sites in Alaska including its capital, Juneau are only accessible by air or sea, making a cruise one of the best ways to explore the Last Frontier.

To make sure visitors by cruise ship don’t miss the sprawling interior of the state, nearly every cruise line offers a variety of tours that can be added before or after your cruise. The most popular extensions include a visit to Denali National Park & Preserve.

On some Alaska itineraries, American citizens might not even need a passport .

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Cost Of Flights To Alaska

No doubt, the fastest way to get to Alaska is by air travel.

Is it cheap though? Well, actually, the price of flight can be ok and cheaper than the alternatives.

For a more comprehensive price analysis, we sampled prices along several dates. We checked the price of one-way tickets between Anchorage and three popular destinations: New York and Los Angeles in the United States and, for the benefit of those arriving from Europe, London .

CHEAPESTReturn Flights From Anchorage to the Lower 48 and Europe
Anchorage, AK New York, NY
Delta Air Lines: from $239 Sun Country Airlines + Norwegian + Air France

Keep the following in mind

  • These are the cheapest rates sampled at the same time for different dates in the future. When you look for flights a few months in advance, youre more likely to find the cheapest ones.
  • You should add baggage fees to these prices. Most airlines charge around $25 for a checked bag.
  • This is a blog post and not a flight search engine, so obviously these prices may no longer be available when you search for flights. Or you may find cheaper rates.
  • Budgeting Tip #1

    You can get the best rates on airfare by being flexible. If you can, base your travel dates NOT on your preference but rather on which days have cheaper airfare. There are other considerations as well but overall, flexible dates mean cheaper flights. Shoulder seasons are more likely to have cheaper flights to Alaska.

    Budgeting Tip #2

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    When Is A Good Time To Cruise To Alaska

    How Much Does An Alaska Cruise Cost? How To Save Money On Alaska Cruises

    Alaska is a seasonal destination, meaning cruise ships only visit for a few months out of the year due to harsh, long winters and ice blocking the waterways. The standard Alaska cruise season coincides with summer, beginning in May and ending in September. Some small adventure-style cruise lines run special voyages that depart as early as March and continue into late September.

    The most popular time to cruise to Alaska is smack in the middle of July and August. The midnight sun shines in many parts of the state during the summer, meaning nearly endless sunny days. For savings on your cruise, consider a sailing at the beginning or end of the season.

    The weather here can be unpredictable no matter the month be sure to pack lots of light, waterproof layers. Days can get surprisingly warm, especially considering your activity level, while wind and rain on an outdoor tour can have you reaching for a hat and gloves.

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    Find Alaska Cruise Deals Now

    You can see the port from your balcony. Has it really been 2 weeks already? Between the chef-prepared meals, endless entertainment, and sliding down a pitch black water slide the time flew by.

    But theres no denying you had the time of your life. The shows, food, and excursions were all well worth the time and money.

    Youve spent months, maybe even years saving for this trip. But that doesnt mean you have to blow the whole budget by paying the sticker price.

    You can put the money well save you towards extra activities and dining. So why spend more than you have to? Head to our deals page now and find Alaska cruise deals now!

    How Much Are Alaskan Cruises Gratuities

    Except for luxury cruise lines, your fare will not include onboard gratuities. These typically run $13-$18 a person, per day, depending on your cabin category. Also referred to as service charges, these additional daily costs go to your room attendant, dining staff, and other crew members who work hard to make your cruise a special vacation.

    Many cruise lines now give you the option to pre-pay these charges before cruising so you can budget accordingly. If you do not get that option or chose not to pre-pay, expect $200 in general gratuities to be added to your bill at the end of the cruise.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Vacation In Alaska

    It might surprise you to learn that an Alaska vacation is within the financial reach of all travelers, regardless of their budget. But be aware that the cost of traveling in Alaska does vary considerably, depending on the time of year you want to travel, the mode of transportation you choose, the type of accommodations you select, and what activities you choose.

    Estimate rates for Alaska Trips.

    Alaska Bargains in the Winter Season

    The least expensive time to visit Alaska is during the winter. We recommend the months of December March. Winter in Alaskais a great value where you can go skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing through Alaskas pristine wilderness very affordably. These months are also the best time to view the Northern Lights. If you stay in a moderate Alaska hotel and take a few local tours, you should estimate about $200 per person/per day, based on double occupancy. If, however, you choose to take a scenic helicopter or flightseeing private plane flight or stay at an all-inclusive remote lodge, you would probably need to increase your budget to about $500 $800 per person per day.

    Traveling during the shoulder seasons in Alaska , reduces the price of an Alaska tour by about 10% versus peak summer prices.

    Summer Prime Time Alaska Vacations

    The summer time in Alaska is the most expensive season but of course, also the most popular time to visit.

    Please contact us to get a price quote on your Alaska vacation

    The Difference Is In The Details

    How Much Should You Pay for an Alaskan Cruise?

    With more people watching their pennies today than ever before, if you want to plan a trip to Alaska, you will likely want to do it in the most budget friendly way that you can. Here are some things that you can help you to navigate the wide range of choices and prices you can find something you can afford without having to sacrifice your ideal time.

    First of all, remember that generally the larger and the more luxurious the cruise liner, the more you can expect to spend for your trip. In addition, the number of ports you will visit will also affect the bottom line. Stopping at fewer ports is a more economical move, but will also cause you to miss some great opportunities, too, so be sure to weigh the cost against what you will get in the end.

    Some of the smaller ships can be much less expensive but often offer fewer extras. But if you can live with simple meals and simple activities, you can spend much less than you might on a fancier cruise ship.

    If you dont need a private experience but first-class amenities do make a difference to you, a luxury cruise liner is likely your best fit. This is typically a large ship that can hold several thousand passengers at a time, and feels like a big city at sea, complete with movie theaters, fitness centers, big name entertainers and multiple bars, restaurants and other dining options. Just remember that these details will add to the overall expense.

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    Alcoholic Beverages & Some Non

    Alcoholic beverages are not included in your cruise price, and since soft drinks come over the bar there is charge for them as well. Specialty coffees are also almost always additional.

    All beverage purchases are signed to your shipboard account and the service charge, a.k.a. the gratuity, is automatically added. Prices are usually about the same as they are at home, and a lot less than you’d find at most hotels and resorts!

    Some cruise lines have a soda package, which is great news for families. Not only is it a lot more economical, it has really cut out a lot of whining. In the past, you’d have to pull yourself out of your deck chair every time your kid needed a soda. Now, he or she can approach the bar themselves and hand the bartender their bottomless bottle or show their soda card. Feeling like an adult probably makes them suck down twice as much, but what do you care as long as they leave you alone?

    How Much Does A Cruise Ship Cost To Build

    How much does a cruise ship cost to build?What is the most expensive cruise ship ever built?What cruise line has the most expensive cruise ships?What cruise line has the cheapest ships?How much have cruise ship costs increased over time?How much are Carnival Cruise Ships worth?How much are Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships worth?How much are Norwegian Cruise Ships worth?What is the biggest cruise line company?Largest Cruise Ships in the Worlduse the âShareâ buttons below

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    What Is The Average Cost Of An Alaskan Cruise

    Alaskan cruises can start as low as $430 per person on up to $6,000 or more depending on the cruise line, time of year, and room.

    This doesnt include the cost of hotels while traveling to and from the ship. If youre leaving from Seattle, one of the most popular starting ports, the average price for a hotel room in the city is between $179-$261 per night depending on the time of year. And a hotel in Anchorage will run you about the same.

    If you have a one-way cruise ticket and plan on heading back via flight from Alaska, you can expect to spend at least $470 on a plane ticket back to the west coast. East coast travelers should expect to spend at least $600 on their ticket home.

    Are you planning extra excursions while the boat is docked? Is it an all-inclusive plan or will you need to remember to bring your wallet to the bar with you?

    These are the questions you need to ask on top of all the given costs like hotels and airfare.

    So lets talk budget first. If the price is your main concern, dont worry. You can still land a spot on an awesome cruise.

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