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Pearl Of The Seas Cruises

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Pearl Seas Cruises: Unbiased Small Ship Cruise Review

The Oyster Experience 2017 – Pearl Seas Cruises Onboard Overview Video

Pearl Seas Cruises is a subsidiary of the firm that owns American Cruise Lines with its large and ever-growing fleet of coastal and river ships. Its one ship, the 210-passenger Pearl Mist, shares many of the characteristics of the U.S. flag fleet yet it is an ocean-going vessel, registered in the Marshall Islands and operates with a largely non-American crew.

With this ship, itineraries include Maine, Eastern Canada and the St. Lawrence, and the Great Lakes. The ship is stabilized.

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Pearl Mist in the St. Lawrence River. * Photo: Pearl Seas Cruises

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Pearl Seas Cruises Cuisine

PEARL SEAS prioritizes fine cuisine as a central part of your cruise experience. With an emphasis on seasonal fare, local dishes and locally-sourced ingredients, each menu offers something new to compliment each destination. Dietary needs can be accommodated and special menu are available to Pearl Mist cruise passengers with restricted diets. Beverages and snacks are available 24 hours a day, and complementary evening cocktail parties offer a chance to meet and mingle with fellow travelers.

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Pearl Mist Decks And Lounges

The Pearl Mist offers three spacious observation decks to make the most of your cruise: the sun deck, open exercise deck, or the comfortable Lido Lounge. Indoor entertainment can be found in the quiet refuge of the Coral Lounge, music in the Atlantic lounge, and the panoramic views of the Pacific Lounge. Discover a new favorite novel in the onboard library or retire to your private balcony to refresh for your next adventure.
For reservations and more Information please call ourTravel Specialist Toll Free at 1-888-756-9008Email: [email protected]

Pearl Seas Ready To Cruise Again

Norwegian Pearl at Port of Miami in 2020

Pearl Seas Cruises is pleased to announce the 2022 cruise season aboard 210-passenger Pearl Mist begins this week.

The 2022 season opens May 7, with a departure of Pearls 7-Night Maine Coast & Canadian Harbors cruise, roundtrip from Portland, ME followed by the Lines longest itinerary, a 15-Night Canadian Maritimes & St. Lawrence Seaway cruise, from Portland, ME to Toronto, Canada.

Both itineraries operate again in the fall when Pearl also offers 10-Night Canada & New England Fall Foliage cruises between Quebec, Canada and Portland, ME.

Pearls 2022 summer season will be spent exploring The Great Lakes. From June through August, Pearl Seas offers two of the best Great Lakes cruise experiences available: an 11-night Great Lakes & Georgian Bay itinerary and a shorter 7-night Great Lakes itineraryboth cruises operate between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Toronto, Canada, and visit numerous American and Canadian ports of call. Pearls first official 2022 Great Lakes cruise departs from Toronto on May 29th, 2022 and the entire Great Lakes summer season is nearly sold out.

After a long hiatus, we look forward to exploring again with our guests, and to visiting and supporting the many communities and shore side partners we work with in each region we cruise. We anticipate a great season exploring the historic and picturesque coastal towns throughout New England, Canada, and The Great Lakes, said Carter Robertson, President of Pearl Seas Cruises.

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Pearl Mist Cruise Ship Returning To Great Lakes Passengers To Explore 2 Michigan Ports

In this file photo, the Pearl Mist cruise ship arrives in Muskegon on June 9, 2016. Muskegon Chronicle

Pearl Seas Cruises is returning to the Great Lakes this summer after a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic with plans to visit two ports in Michigan multiple times.

The cruise lines Pearl Mist will soon begin a 15-night itinerary through the St. Lawrence Seaway ending in Toronto, Canada, on Lake Ontario. From Toronto, the ship will begin its 11-night Great Lakes and Georgian Bay cruise on May 29, which includes stops at Mackinac Island and Muskegon the cruise ends in Milwaukee, Wis.

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While cruise ship passengers dont offer a huge economic impact since they dont stay overnight, there are benefits to the states tourism industry, Dave Lorenz, vice president of Travel Michigan, told MLive.

Having cruise ships is a glitz and glamour factor, he said. When people know there are cruise ships, it elevates your brand value as a destination.

Many cruise ship passengers have never been to the Great Lakes before before, Lorenz said.

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The Pearl Mist will operate two itineraries from May to August: the 11-night Great Lakes and Georgian Bay and the 7-night Great Lakes and Georgian Bay, both include the two Michigan ports. A total of 10 cruises are planned.

Pearl Seas Cruises Announces The 2022 Cruise Season Aboard Pearl Mist

The travel brand Pearl Seas Cruises announced the beginning of its 2022 season aboard the 210-passenger ship Pearl Mist.

The company will celebrate the return to the water with a season of small ship cruises in the Canadian Maritimes, St Lawrence Seaway, and the USA’s New England, Coastal Maine, plus a full summer on the Great Lakes.

The 2022 season opened on May 7th, with a departure of Pearl Mists 7-night Maine Coast & Canadian Harbors voyage, roundtrip from Portland ME , followed by Pearl Seas’ longest itinerary – a 15-night Canadian Maritimes & St. Lawrence Seaway from Portland to Toronto . Both itineraries will operate again in the fall when Pearl Mist also offers 10-night Canada & New England Fall Foliage sailings between Quebec and Portland.

During the 2022 summer season, Pearl Mist will be exploring The Great Lakes. From June through August 2022, the ship offers 2 of the best Great Lakes experiences available: an 11-night “Great Lakes & Georgian Bay” itinerary and a 7-night Great Lakes itinerary. Both sailings operate between Milwaukee WI and Toronto, and visit American and Canadian ports of call. the first official 2022 Great Lakes cruise of the ship departs from Toronto on May 29.

Pearl Seas Cruises delivers personalized service and itineraries exploring the Canadian Maritimes, the St Lawrence Seaway, The Great Lakes, and New Englandhighlighting Coastal Maine.

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Public Rooms On Pearl Mist

Two lounges are located forward. The Pacific Lounge has good views over the bow and to either side while the Atlantic Lounge, two decks below, has views to port and starboard. Additional small lounges are located on the next to lowest deck and the Library Lounge on the 4th deck. The highest offers both covered and open seating.

What To Expect From Pearl Sea Cruises

Pearl Seas Cruises – Redefining Luxury Adventure

People looking for small, luxurious and scenic cruises in the Northeast U.S. and southern Canada should look into Pearl Sea Cruises. This small, high-end cruise line focuses on experiential cruises, combined with beautiful destinations and luxurious amenities. They offer the romance and excitement of the sea in an intimate and personal setting.

With the Pearl Mist, a 210-guest ship, the company is able to offer some of the best small-scale cruises in North America. Staterooms are over 300 square feet large, reminding passengers of high-end hotel rooms, while spacious lounges and stylish furnishings provide comfort and luxe. Additional amenities include a gym, library, sundecks and a dining room.

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About Pearl Seas Cruises

The pearl is the jewel of the sea and Pearl Seas Cruises is committed to providing a cruise experience worthy of its name. Capture the excitement, beauty and romance of the sea as an attentive staff caters to your every wish.

Enjoy the small ship cruising difference with just 200 other like-minded passengers who also share a passion for travel and adventure. They are pleased to offer unique itineraries featuring small ports, unreachable by larger ships. Their ships are able to navigate right into the heart of each port, allowing you to come and go as you like. Experience the ease of traveling with Pearl Seas Cruises from the minute you arrive at our ship. Their attentive staff is ready for your arrival and will happily take your luggage to your stateroom while you enjoy their embarkation celebration! We offer world-class shore excursions, onboard activities and guest lectures catered to your interests throughout your cruise.

Launched in 2014, the brand-new Pearl Mist was designed to give you the relaxing intimacy of a yacht, with all the amenities of a cruise ship. Join them on the Canadian Maritimes, Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Virgin Islands and West Indies for an enriching cruising experience youll remember for years to come.

Pearl Seas Cruises Enrichment Program

PEARL SEAS Cruises offers enrichment opportunities both on board and ashore. Optional shore excursions include guided tours and behind-the-scenes museum visits. On board the Pearl Mist cruise ship, engaging lecturers bring each destination to life, while musical entertainment, culinary demonstrations, and a host of onboard programs fill your evenings with entertainment.

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Things That Set Pearl Sea Cruises Apart

Pearl Sea Cruises huge drawcard is that theyre small. The Pearl Mist is a small cruise ship, which can go where other, much larger ships simply cannot get. This alone sets the company apart from other major luxury cruise lines.

On top of that, theres a strong dedication to service, in the broadest sense of the word. Just because there are no more than 210 guests on board, the staff is able to offer an exceptional, personalized service. The crew even knows guests names!

According to Pearl Sea Cruises, they pride themselves on the following seven aspects.

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