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What Is Included On Celebrity Cruises

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What Is Celebrity Cruises Always Included

What’s included in your Celebrity Cruises drinks package?

Celebrity Cruises are known for offering exciting itineraries, world-class service and a luxurious onboard experience courtesy of their fleet of impressive ships. To make things even easier, this popular cruise line is also all-inclusive, meaning that drinks, tips and Wi-Fi comes as standard. To help you understand what this means for your cruise, we’ve put together a helpful guide on Celebrity Cruises’ Always Included.

Celebrity Cruises New Always Included


New Simplified Pricing with Amenities Included Begins Nov. 17

MIAMI Vacations should be effortless from the start.

Thats why Celebrity Cruises has announced a new approach to cruising called Always IncludedSM, putting an end to confusing promotions, complicated add-ons and limited time offers. Starting Tuesday, Nov. 17th, every Celebrity Cruises vacation will include Wi-Fi, drinks and tips, simplifying the luxury vacation experience.

Everything we do at Celebrity is driven by the desire to redefine what todays luxury looks and feels like, with experiences modern travelers want. With the launch of our Edge Series ships, Celebrity Edge and her brand-new sister ship Celebrity Apex, we tapped into a powerful New Luxury culture – relevant, relaxed, design-focused and inclusive, said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. Today, nothing is more luxurious than when things are extra simple and extra special. We wanted to bring that big wonderful feeling of everything is taken care of to life for our guests.

Always Included becomes the new standard rate for the luxurious experience offered on Celebritys award-winning ships and includes:

For guests who want even more luxurious simplicity, Celebrity is offering the option to upgrade to one of two packages:

About Celebrity Cruises:

Classic Beverage Package Explained

The Celebrity Cruise Classic Beverage Package includes quite a bit. Youll have an option of several wines by the glass, certain beer, frozen cocktails, classic cocktails, spirits and liqueurs. It also includes unlimited soda, many juices, water bottles, specialty coffee and tea. Café Al BacioTo read more about the menus and whats included at Cafe Al Bacio, please see this postCelebrity Cruises: 7 Reasons You Will LOVE Cafe Al Bacio

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Celebrity Cruises Always Included Package Inclusions

Classic Beverage Package

The Always Included cruise fare now includes unlimited classic cocktails, beer, and wine. Additional non-alcoholic drink inclusions are soda, specialty coffee and tea, juices, and bottled water. These are the typical Classic beverage package options which are up to $9 in price .

Guests can upgrade from this complimentary Classic Beverage Package to the Premium Beverage Package. This upgrade charge is $12 per person, per day which includes the beverage gratuity. Guests may only purchase this beverage upgrade after final payment. This can be done online via the Cruise Planner or once onboard the ship.

The Premium Beverage Package includes all beers, wines, cocktails, and specialty top shelf liquor priced at $15 or less. At most bars onboard, you will be hard-pressed to find a drink that is not covered in this package .

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Surf WiFi

The second included perk is basic WiFi. This Surf internet plan is capable of surfing, email, and social media. This perk is for all guests in the same stateroom and is unlimited for the duration of the cruise.

However, this now complimentary WiFi does not include streaming or use of technologies such as FaceTime.

Much like the drink package, guests can upgrade the internet package from Surf WiFi to Stream WiFi. This package allows for messaging and video chat. You can also post on social media, go live, and stream your favorite videos, movies, and music.

Daily Gratuities

Celebrity Cruises: The Value Verdict

Everything Included (and Extra) on Celebrity Cruises ...

While there are cheaper cruise lines out there, the “modern luxury” feeling of Celebrity justifies the extra spend for those who can afford it. Complimentary restaurants are a cut above those found on other lines, meaning there is little need to spend extra on specialty dining, unless passengers feel like a treat. Also, unlike many other mainstream cruise lines, room service remains free of charge. A diverse program of activities ensures there is plenty to keep passengers entertained without spending additional cash. The challenge for many Australians will be the onboard currency, with everything on Celebrity Cruises ships charged in US dollars. However, gratuities have since been included in the cost of Australian fares, which takes some of the sting out of the final bill. Celebrity offer a good value cruise experience, particularly for those who can resist spending more on extras such as specialty dining, drinks packages and spa treatments.

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Celebrity Silhouette Cabins Honest Reviews And Cabins To Avoid

If you are considering a cruise on the Celebrity Silhouette, you may be wondering which cabin to book and which to avoid. In this post, we will look at all cabin grades available onboard the Celebrity Silhouette, and I will share a review of the balcony cabin that I cruised in.

I recently stayed in a balcony cabin on the Celebrity Silhouette during a northern Europe cruise. Im usually more of an inside cabin cruiser but the price increase wasnt much, so I decided to treat myself.

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Celebrity Cruises: How To Have Fun Onboard For Free

Celebrity Cruises has slightly higher fares but also offers more standard inclusions than other lines, with an array of upmarket complimentary restaurants, room service available at no extra charge and a comprehensive onboard enrichment program which includes everything from a live “Hot Glass Show” to high-end production shows in the main theatre, cooking classes and astronomy lectures. Here are our top picks for free fun onboard.

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Further Upgrades To Celebrity Cruises Always Included Pricing

There are two upgrade options available to the new Always Included base price. Celebrity Cruises now offers guests the Elevate and Indulge upgrade options.

The new Elevate package upgrades classic drinks to premium drinks and adds up to $200 per person for shore excursions. This shore excursion credit is based on the length of the sailing. The value includes: $100 1-5nights $150 6-9 nights $200 10 nights or more.

To upgrade to the Elevate package, guests can pay an additional $30 per person, per day.

The Indulge package includes all the offerings of the Elevate option in addition to unlimited streaming WiFi and up to $400 of onboard credit per person. The OBC value with the Indulge package is also based on length of sailing. The value includes: $200 1-5nights $300 6-9 nights $400 10 nights or more.

This package is available for an additional $60 per person, per day.

All guests in the stateroom must upgrade and choose the same package.

Of note, single guests will need to pay double the per day amount for either the Elevate or Indulge upgraded packages. Single guests will receive double the amount of corresponding onboard credit however, the beverage and Wi-Fi packages will not be doubled as these amenities are per person.

Further, if guests choose to upgrade to Elevate or Indulge after their initial booking, their reservation will be converted to prevailing Always Included pricing on the day the package is added.

The Celebrity Cruises Fleet

Everything Included (and Extra) on Celebrity Cruises

Of the seven big cruise lines that account for the majority of cruises taken by North Americans, Celebrity has one of the simplest fleets.

At the core of the brand are 11 relatively big ships that can be bunched into just three groups, or classes, as they are known in cruise industry lingo.

The newest group of ships at the line is the Edge Class, consisting of just two vessels that have been unveiled since 2018 each holding around 2,900 passengers. If youre in the newer is better camp when it comes to cruise ships, this is the Celebrity ship class for you.

Celebrity currently has plans for five Edge Class vessels in all. A third vessel in the series, Celebrity Beyond, already is under construction at the Chantiers de lAtlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France. Its scheduled to be completed in 2022. Two more of the vessels are expected to be constructed by 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Eventually, the abovementioned rollouts will make the Edge Class the new core of the Celebrity fleet. But, for now, that title falls to the lines five-ship Solstice Class series. If you take a Celebrity cruise now, the odds are youll be on one of these ships.

Just a tad smaller than the Edge Class ships, the Solstice Class vessels were unveiled between 2008 and 2012.

The last grouping of relatively big ships in the Celebrity fleet is the Millennium Class, made up of four significantly smaller vessels that debuted between 2000 and 2002.

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Which Plug Sockets Are On The Celebrity Silhouette

In each cabin onboard the Celebrity Silhouette has at least two US plug sockets and one European plug socket. There are no USB sockets in the cabins.

Make sure you pack adapters! This is one of the most common things for first-time cruisers tend to forget. You can find my full list of cruise essentials on the page here Cruise Essentials.

Celebrity Cruises Premium Beverage Package

The Premium Beverage Package includes all beers, wines, cocktails, and specialty top shelf liquor priced at $15 or less. At most bars onboard, you will be hard-pressed to find a drink that is not covered in this package .

The Premium Beverage Package will cover martinis at the Crush Martini bar and most handcrafted drinks at the World Class bar, as well as a wider selection of wines. This package also includes a 20% discount off all bottles of wine.

Further, guests with the premium package receive unlimited premium still and sparkling bottled water, Red Bull, and Vitamin Water, as well as soda, juices, and specialty coffee/tea.

This package starts at $69 a day. If you receive the Classic Beverage package as part of the Always Included fare, you can still upgrade to the Premium package by paying only the difference .

If you want a truly all-inclusive cruise, this package is your best option when sailing with Celebrity Cruises.

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Examples Of Whats Included In Each Package

The Classic Drinks Package includes all kinds of branded drinks, but the choice of brands is smaller than with the Premium package.

For example, if you like gin, the Classic package gives you the option of Beefeater, Gordons and Bombay Dry. However, the Premium package includes seven more gin brands, such as Hendricks and Tanqueray.

With most Premium drinks, theres a Classic package equivalent. So if you usually order a Peroni, you could save money by switching to Moretti on the Classic package. However, there are some unique drinks like Guinness which are only available on the Premium Package.

Which Internet Package Is Included

What is Included in a Celebrity Cruise?

Celebrity offers two different Internet packages: Xcelerate Surf and Xcelerate Stream. The Surf package allows basic web browsing for things like checking email and social media. The Stream package offers streaming capability, as well as things like Facetime and other video calls.

With the Always Included program, you get access to the Surf package for two devices per stateroom.

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Are Drinks Included In All Restaurants

Celebrity Cruises always included drinks promotion is available in all lounges, bars, and restaurants.

The below are examples of menus from the ship. Im not sure why there isnt more information on the menus about what each drink is made of, but the bartenders are very knowledgeable and will always be happy to help if you have any questions.

If youre taking a cruise on the Celebrity Silhouette, check out or cabin guide here: Celebrity Silhouette Cabins Honest Reviews and Cabins to Avoid

What If I Booked A Cruise Before The Always Included Program Was In Place

The new program went into place in November 2020. If you booked a cruise before this, then you werent offered the Always Included program.

If its something that youre interested in, then Celebrity says that you are eligible to participate at prevailing rates. In other words, you can call the cruise line and get the deal, but you may have to pay a little more if there is a price difference between the rate you booked and what it is now.

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Final Thoughts On The Premium Beverage Package

On the surface, the Premium Beverage package might seem like a steep investment if you are paying out of pocket for the package. But, if you plan appropriately, you may only have to spend a few dollars more to upgrade to this package from the Classic package.

Often times, you will qualify for a complimentary Classic Beverage package when booking a balcony with Celebrity Cruises. When compared to an inside room, this category jump can cost you anywhere between $250 to $600 a person. This is where having a good travel agent and planning accordingly are essential to get the best value and deal.

That is what we did on our two cruises.

For our 7-night Alaska cruise, the cruise line was running a promotion for a free Classic Beverage package with a balcony or higher category. Our preferred travel agent was running an additional promotion that upgraded our drink package to the Premium Beverage package and gave us free gratuities.

This veranda cabin cost an extra $700 more than the inside cabin that we might have booked normally. With those extra costs, we got the $168 in gratuities and the premium beverage package which was a total value of $1,101 , which means we scored a savings of 40%.

For our recent 10-night Ireland/Iceland cruise, we opted for the cruise lines Go Best promotion. This promotion was an upgrade of $900 for the two of us and gave us four perks.

Celebrity Cruises Introduces All

Drinks. Wi-Fi. Tips. Always Included.

With the introduction of the Celebrity Edge and the Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Cruises, the luxury brand of the Royal Caribbean Group, has taken a big step towards highly innovative, luxurious ships. Now comes the next step: the introduction of an all-inclusive price system.

With the resumption of ship operations, the tour price includes:

  • Unlimited drinks These include classic cocktails, wine by glasses, beer, soda drinks, coffee and tea specialties and bottled water.
  • Unlimited internet.
  • mandatory tips.

No rule without exception! Celebrity Cruises reserves upgrade options. The upgrades provide the following additional benefits.

  • ELEVATE option: The shipping company recommends this package to guests who expect services that go beyond the new standard. It includes unlimited premium drinks and excursions worth up to $ 200.
  • INDULGE option Indulge stands in English u. a. for pampering. The Celebrity Pampering Program includes all the benefits of the ELEVATE option, plus unlimited internet streaming services and onboard credits up to $ 400 per person.
  • Benefits for retreat guests In addition to the booked services, guests in the suite category The Retreat receive the INDULGE package at no extra charge.

Galapagos voyages are exempt from these regulations. It should be clear that Celebrity Cruises guests have to accept higher prices for the additional services. The company is silent about the expected price increases.

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Get The Best Price When You Book Your Celebrity Cruise

The price you pay for your cruise will be different depending on who you book it with, even though what you get will be exactly the same.

Its generally always cheaper to use a specialist cruise travel agent that can access discounted rates.

Of course, not all travel agents are equal in terms of the service that they provide. If youd like to get a quote from a trusted travel agent that Ive used to book multiple cruises myself,.

What Is Included In The Fare For Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises recently introduced a new approach to cruising called Always Included. This new pricing structure aims to put the cruise line among luxury brands with a more all-inclusive feel. With new inclusions like free beverages and gratuities, we detail everything that is now included in your cruise fare with Celebrity Cruises.

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Celebrity Cruises For All

Why Take a Cruise Vacation? Well, with all the cruise lines available, all the cruise destinations,and the range of prices, there exists a cruise to please even the most jaded traveller.

If you think about it, itâs an extremely cost-effective and time-efficient way to take a holiday. Consider all the time youâd spend driving yourself to several different destinations, packing and unpacking at each hotel, and searching for restaurants and other services. On a cruise you donât drive anywhere for seven, ten, fourteen days or even even more. Even if you were on a bus tour with no driving yourself, you haul your luggage or at least one package and unpack it at every new stop. On a cruise, you check your luggage when you check in and it magically appears in your cabin, stateroom, or even suite. Youâre at home for the duration of the cruise. And the food! Every ship has several restuarants staffed by world-class chefs, and the cost of the food is included as part of the cruise. At each port, guided tours are available so you wonât miss any local attractions. Supervised activities such as snorkeling are available to keep the children occupied. And at the end of your holidy staff will pick up your luggage and place it on shore at the intended pick-up point. Taking a cruise vacation frees you from so many of the hassles of traveling, and leaves you with more time to relax and enjoy your destination.

Frank Vanderlugt

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Carnival Late Night Room Service Menu Fees

Find out everything that is included in a cruise vacation ...

From 10:00pm to 6:00am, theres a per item charge for everything on Carnivals late night menu. The menu features the same selection as during the day plus a Portabella & Veggie Bun, a Grilled Cheese, Bacon & Tomato Sandwich, Roast Turkey Wrap and Omelette and French Fries.

For $2.00, you can order their Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownie or a Doughnut Sandwich. Again, like the à la carte daytime menu specialty items, the cost runs between $2.00 and $6.00 per selection.

Bar items can also be ordered through room service. This includes beer, liquor and wine. If you order wine through room service, you can only order two bottles and it must be consumed in your stateroom.< Of course, late night snacks at the Carnival Deli and pizza stations are open and still free.

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