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What Night Is Pirate Night On Disney Cruise

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Pirate Night Appetizer Menu

Disney Cruise – Pirate Night | Highlights Fireworks | Disney Magic

Sri Sumbhajees Vegetable Samosa with Potato, Peas, Garlic, Cumin, and Ginger served with Tamarind Chutney and a Plain Yogurt Raita.

I always order the Vegetable Samosa. It is good and I particularly like the Tamarind Chutney.

Master Gibbs 1/2 Pint of Shrimp Cocktail Dill Marinated Shrimp with on Iceberg Lettuce, with Cucumber Tomato, Caviar and a Marie Rose Sauce

The shrimp cocktail arrives at your table looking as it does above. Then your server tips it out on the plate so it is displayed like the image below.

Slightly bizarre presentation not winning a lot of approval on visual appeal or taste!

I always order a Shrimp appetizer if there is one. As you can see from the picture, most of this is shredded lettuce

Boucanier Smoked Saucisson, Baked Brie, Brioche and Honey with Caramelized Orange and Sliced Figs.

Davy Jones Locker Rock Crab Cake Seared and Served with Chili-Cajun Spiced Coleslaw and Lime

The Lobster Crab Cake is one of my favorite Disney Cruise Menu appetizers. I always love crab cakes, and the coleslaw side is delicious as well.

Pirate Night Games & Activities

Pirate night actually starts in the afternoon when most of the regular entertainment shifts to a pirate theme.

A big hit with the wee lads and lassies is the Disney Junior Pirate and Princess Dance Party.

You can also get crafty and create your own pirate treasure with the cruise staff.

Later, Captain Mickey and his pirate crew host a Pirate Celebration on deck between the first and second dinners.

Do you like game shows? Then join in the fun at the action packed pirate game show at A Pirate’s Life For Me or test your pirate knowledge by participating in pirate trivia.

So much to do!

Mickeys Pirates In The Caribbean

This is the first live show of the night and takes place on the pool deck . All of your favorite Disney characters come out in pirate costumes, interact with the audience, and lead you in some serious swashbuckling fun! Keep an eye out for Captain Hook and Smee- sometimes they are up to no good and try to hijack Mickeys show/ship

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Disney Cruises Can Be A Lot Of Work

Whether you are about to head on your first Disney Cruise or your 10th, theres no doubt: Disney Cruises can be a little overwhelming.; Dont get me wrong we love them.; But planning for your Disney Cruise can be a LOT of work if you let it. First of all, its Disney, so many families will pack their favorite Disney costumes, Mickey Ears, and other Disney attire to wear around the ship and for character meet and greets.

If you are sailing on a Halloween Disney Cruise, you will want to pack Halloween costumes for trick or treating and partying on the ship. If you are booked on a Marvel or Star Wars themed sailing, those costumes and accessories are definitely must-pack items.

But Disney Cruises dont just stop there if you decide to participate in a Fish Extender gift exchange, magnet exchange, ornament exchange, etc, you might just need to pack some extra luggage to fit everything.

Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake Tart:

Pirate Night on the Disney Wonder (With images)

We love anything caramel, so we jumped all over this when we read it. ;The tart crust was thin but sense, almost like a really good cookie, and had a dense cheesecake filling which was really good, not too sweet. ;On top there were a few macadamia nuts, and a small side of whipped cream and drizzle of caramel on the side. ;I thought it was good overall, not quite what I was expecting as I was hoping for a bit more caramel flavor actually in the cheesecake, but a solid dessert.

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Pirate Night On The Disney Cruise Line What You Need To Know

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me! Disney is known for its fantastic entertainment, and that extends to Disney Cruise Line. An offering that youll find on no other cruise line is Pirate Night! On most itineraries, guests will eat, dance, and party like a pirate on the high seas. Weve enjoyed two different pirate nights on the Disney Magic and Disney Dream. Both were fantastic evenings we enjoyed very much. Keep reading for what you need to know about Pirate Nights on the Disney Cruise Line.

Editors Note: Disney Cruise Line has suspended all Disney Fantasy departures through September 11, 2021, Disney Wonder departures through September 19, 2021, and Disney Magic departures in the US through November 4, 2021. The Disney Dream is now operating. We present this article for future cruise planning, though be sure to check with the following link as new operational guidelines are in place.

1 A Pirates Life for Me

The very popular Pirate Nights are on select itineraries on the Disney Cruise Line. If you are sailing to the Caribbean, your cruise will almost surely have a Pirate Night. Not surprisingly, you wont find a Pirate Night on an Alaskan Cruise. When searching for a Disney Cruise, you can check the itinerary to see if a Pirate Night is offered.

2 Dress the Part

3 Consider The Pirates League in Advance

First Mate Package Price: $44.95

  • Unique coin necklace
  • Choice of select costumes

4 Family Trivia & Games

5 Pirate Character Greetings

Disney Cruise Pirate Night Costumes

You may be wondering Do I need to dress up for pirate night?. While many families do dress up for pirate night, many do not. Youll see everything from families with every family member dressed up, to families with just the kids dressed up, to some with just a few accessories like a pirate bandana and/or an eye patch, to absolutely no pirate apparel at all. Typically, my family doesnt really dress up much and we feel very comfortable. Everything goes.

Pirate costumes are available on board, and the onboard Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique transforms into the Pirates League for the special night. Youll want to book reservations for that, as early as you can to ensure availability. You can also purchase some accessories in the on board gift shops, and your stateroom attendant will leave complimentary bandanas in your stateroom for the party.

You may also decide to bring your own pirate accessories and costumes from home. Here are some you can easily purchase and bring on board with you. If you are participating in a Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender exchange, some fun gift ideas are pirate party accessories like bandanas, eye patches, and glow sticks. Just make sure that you give them as gifts before they are needed.

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Pirate Night On Disney Cruise

You may have heard that every Disney Cruise Line ship has a Pirate Night Deck Party, which is a nighttime show thats pirate themed, which then ends with a fireworks at sea show! Whats fantastic about the Pirate night, is that its not just a show and fireworks, but Disney Cruise goes all out in making the whole day full of pirate festivities!

Beginning in the Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab , they have pirate activities throughout the day. When my daughter went on our trip last week on the Disney Wonder, she got a pirate temporary tattoo and pirate facepaint, and even got to hang out with Captain Hook in the Oceaneers Lab! You can also get special pirate makeovers for girls and boys in Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, so whether you brought a pirate costume with you or not Disneys got you covered .; Also during the daytime turndown service, youll be left pirate bandanas to wear in the evening.

As dinner time approaches, they start having pirate-themed character meet-and-greets. Some of them are Captain Hook, Smee, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Jack Sparrow, and pirate Captain Mickey, pirate Minnie, Goofy, and Chip & Dale:

Animators Palate on Pirate Night

After dinner, we headed to the main deck to watch a pirate dance party with pirate Captain Mickey and the gang, where they had a dance off with Captain Hook and his crew! The show then ended with a grand fireworks finale!

Are Costumes Required On Pirate Night

Meeting Disney Princesses & Captain Marvel Pirate Night | Disney Cruise Line | Day 3

The quick answer is no. This was my biggest concern about Disney Cruise Pirate Night on our first Disney Cruise. I am not really a costume person, but didnt know if I would feel left out without one. I opted to wear regular clothes our first Pirate Night, and although it was fine I did wish I had done a little something pirate inspired.

I still dont wear a pirate costume, but I do opt for a pirate inspired look with regular clothes. On our most recent trip I used black jeans, black booties, a necklace and bracelets I already owned. I added a striped T-shirt and big hoop earrings from Target and ordered an that I used as a sash. This allowed me to participate in our Disney Cruise Pirate Night, but in a way I felt comfortable.

If you are a costume person then go for it. There are lots of people in full pirate gear and make-up and it is awesome. I especially love to see when full families get into the costume spirit. My only rule is do the level of pirate night costume you are comfortable doing.

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Final Thoughts On Disney Cruise Pirate Night

I think the reason people love Pirate Night so much is that it is a chance for everyone to be a bit of a kid for the night. People are in a good mood and the feeling of fun is infectious. The live shows, fireworks, Club Pirate, and late night buffet keep the Pirate Night fun going for hours. I really enjoy this special Disney Cruise event on our Caribbean cruises and I hope you do, too!

Find more of our Disney Cruise tips here.

Edge Tween Club For Children Aged 1114

When your kid outgrows the fun in the main kid club, dont worry, Edge is waiting just upstairs. Technically, Edge is for kids 11-14, but you can get your 10-year-old in with permission and once they figure that out, its probably all over for the little kid club.

Edge is a much smaller space, but tweens have tons of fun here playing video games, having dance parties, doing crafts, playing trivia games, etc., with their newfound cruise friends.

This club does not utilize parent sign-in and -out, so you need to trust your kid if they are coming to Edge.

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How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost

Magic aint cheap, and Disney cruises are expensive. They arent the priciest voyages out there, but they will cost more than family-friendly competitors such as Royal Caribbean by a noticeable margin.

For a family of four, the cheapest Disney cruise currently available in 2021 or 2022 is just over $2,000 but both of the cheapest options are for two-night cruises on the West Coast. The cheapest price for a family of four on a three-night cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau and Castaway Cay in an inside stateroom is currently about $2,500. An ocean view will add about $70 and a verandah will add about $200.

On these shortest cruises, concierge-level staterooms and access start at about $5,000 for a family of four.

Those sorts of prices will only be available during the offseason, such as in mid- to late January and early February. That same cruise during spring break can cost double, so the more date flexibility you have, the better.

A seven-night cruise, such as one going from Cape Canaveral to the Western Caribbean, or from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera, will likely start around $5,000 for a family of four. Expect Alaska and European cruises to start at $5,000 to $6,000 for inside cabins for a week, and go up in price for longer sailings and upgraded staterooms.

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Pick Your Fireworks Viewing Spot Carefully

Disney Cruise Pirate Night

We were running late to Buccaneer Blast after second seating dinner on our most recent trip. I rushed upstairs and grabbed a good spot to watch the live show on the starboard side of the stage, but I forgot all about the firework viewing.

The fireworks are launched over the starboard side of the ship. For those who dont speak boat that means on the right side of the ship if you are facing front. We were able to see the fireworks, but had a obstructed view because of the AquaDuck tubing.

For the best fireworks view grab a spot on the port side of the boat. The best pirate night fireworks viewing spot is probably port side on the upper deck, but then the view of the live show isnt as good. Just remember to pick port side and youll be in good shape for fireworks viewing.

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Many Sailings Offer A Late Night Buffet On Pirate Night

Years ago, I remember attending MANY midnight buffets on various cruise lines.; It was a pretty predictable food experience and then when we sailed on our first Disney Cruise I was surprised at the lack of late night dining.

However, on Pirate Night, Disney makes an exception and almost always offers a late night buffet, after the deck party.

How is it?; Thats funny that you think I can still stay awake that late.; LOL!!; I wish I had more details, but I have yet to make it to one.

Idea #: Keep It Simple

Dont want to take up precious suitcase space on pirate garb?

Dont sweat it, matey. Nobody’ll make ye walk the plank.

Just throw on an eye patch and the provided bandana and call it good.

If you wanna do a little more, go with a simple Jolly Roger t-shirt like this one. They come in all sizes and colors.

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Pirate Costumes Tips Tricks Where To Buy

As you might imagine, many people wear costumes on pirate night. You will see everything from simple costume accessories to full-blown head-to-toe pirate regalia.; You can choose either extreme or something right in the middle.; There are no wrong choices! Some cruisers choose not to get dressed up at all, though typically the Disney crowd tends to be game for a little fun.

Disney Cruise Pirate Night Guide: Our Top Tips And Everything You Need To Know

Disney Cruise Pirate Night Party – Wonder 2015

If you ask people what activities they enjoyed on a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean, Pirate Night always seems to top the list. At first I wasnt sure about the Pirate Night hype, but now it is one of my favorite on board activities. Here is our complete guide to Pirate Night with our family-tested tips so you can avoid rookie mistakes on your Disney Cruise Pirate Night.

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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The Big Highlight: Buccaneer Blast Fireworks

Buccaneer Blast fireworks are one the most anticipated events on a Disney Cruise.

This pyrotechnic spectacular is set to a dramatic score featuring songs from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

We go into more detail on this explosive show below including where the best viewing spots are. So keep reading…

Pirate Night On Disney Cruises

Ahoy there, Matey! Pirate Night on Disney cruises are one of my favorite evenings. They are so much fun! The more you play along and go all out, the more exciting it is! Trust me, I am not much of a Halloween person or much for wanting to get dressed up other than myself, but I will admit, going all out for Pirate Night on the open seas is a must!

I have done it both ways. We have gone all out, and if I can get my dad to put on a pirates costume, you can for sure do it! I secretly think he actually really enjoyed it. We also decided one year to wear matching pirates shirts and use the bandanas that they give you that day. The spirit and energy just werent the same.

Yes, any situation is what you make of it, and you can still have a great time. I just think when you immerse yourself into the role-playing for Pirate Night on Disney cruises, you just feel more a part of it. Most importantly, you do YOU, and what you are most comfortable with!

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Pirates League Makeover Experience

When entering Pirates League dont expect a polite welcome, but thats part of the fun. The pirates take the job very seriously and expect you to have the right swagger to join their crew. Their first task is to get you a new pirate name. You roll dice and the numbers decide what your new name will be.

Then the next available pirate calls you to their chair. Here you will choose exactly which make-up option you would like. There are some additional choices to be made during the princess pirate makeover such as eye shadow, blush, nail polish, and lipgloss color.

During the entire makeover your pirate stays in character and makes a big show of getting you ready to join the crew. Once you look the part you take the pirate oath. This oath binds you to the pirate crew.

The take home goodies from Pirates League, other than a costume if you choose that option, are a sword, a special bandanna, your pirate oath with new name, a medallion necklace, and an eye patch. For the pirate princess makeover you also get to keep the nail polish and lip gloss.

If you ask Elizabeth her favorite Pirate Night activity her answer is an emphatic makeovers at Pirates League, but really that ;is just the beginning of the Disney Cruise Pirate Night fun.

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