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What Jobs Are Available On Cruise Ships

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Working On The Bridge

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If you are interested in working on the Bridge, your chances are good that the job description of your job will be very different from the deck workers job description. A Bridge employee is responsible for watching the Captain and his staff as well as the other passengers. They must also keep an eye on things such as the steering, lifeboats, and engines. The Bridge job description usually requires at least a high school diploma. Many Bridge jobs also require that you have at least a masters degree.

There are other jobs on a Cruise ship that do not require a high school education. One of these is the Deck Technician. These workers are responsible for installing equipment on the Bridge. This includes but is not limited to installing safety railing systems, lighting, and electrical wiring. Some of these jobs also come with additional responsibilities such as cleaning the Engine Compartments. You may also be required to help maintain the ventilation system, like cleaning the air conditioning systems and making sure everything is working correctly.

What Publicity Will I Need To Start Applying For Cruise Entertainer Jobs

We can not stress this strongly enough – you need high quality promotional materials that reflect your talent and professionalism.

No matter how talented you are, if you don’t have excellent promotional materials you are much less likely to land a Cruise contract. You will need both photos and a video showreel showing the high standard of your previous performances.

Professional photos and showreels can be expensive, which is why we offer our members affordable photo and video editing services . You can also read more here about writing your profile, getting professional photos and a stunning showreel.

What Can I Do To Make Myself Stand Out & Get Noticed

The primary piece of advice we would give here is this make sure you have a strong USP! Your Unique Selling Point, the thing that makes you different to every other act an agent or recruiter sees that day, needs to be clear.

Make sure you make it obvious at the beginning of your showreel and in your biography that you have something special and unique that makes you different to other singers/dancers/musicians/magicians etc.

Part of your USP can be the highlights of your career, which you should add both to the top of your publicity and to your email signature.

Heres an example from one of our members who has worked on Cruise Ships:

  • One of the UK’s Most Experienced Professional Magicians
  • Member of the Prestigious Magic Circle
  • Performed on BBC1s The Apprentice – 2017
  • Performed LIVE on Channel 4s The Last Leg – 2015
  • Professional Close-Up & Comedy Stage Magic
  • Performed at over 2000 Events Worldwide
  • 17+ Years of Experience
  • Performed the World’s Largest Stage Illusion with a 5 Ton Lear Jet
  • Headlined over 100 Cruise Ships Worldwide

Most of us dont have quite so many amazing highlights , but that doesnt mean that you cant create some. For example, how about…

TV appearances & Radio shows

Social Media

You could start by creating a video of your very best performances and promoting it everywhere on social media. That could lead to a highlight like this: ‘His best performance has been viewed on YouTube over 800,000 times’.

Other Ideas

Good Luck & Happy Travels!

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What Experience And What Kind Of Act Do I Need

If you want to be a soloist ‘Guest Entertainer’ performing your own shows on the main stage in the ships theatre you will need solid experience in performing your show and at least 2 separate shows that you can perform. These would usually be 2 x 45 mins or for some contracts 1 x 45 for your main act and a 1 x 20 minutes show that would be split with another act or in the ship’s ‘variety show’.

If you are aiming to get a job in the on-board production team or are a musician hoping to be part of the ships band, then you will need to be highly skilled, expertly trained and the more experience you have, the better your chances of landing a contract.

For Lounge performers, such as Duos, you will again need to be experienced at performing your act, have a high-quality show and a large, varied repertoire of songs.

Types Of Cruise Ship Jobs That Fit Your Interests

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Job

Most of us do not have unlimited time to travel — work always gets in the way. But what if you could combine work with cruising by getting a job onboard a ship or within the cruise industry? Whether you’ve always wanted a career onboard or have never even considered it as a possibility, you might be surprised at the diversity of cruise ship jobs — perhaps even one that matches your skills and interests. If you’re looking for career inspiration, see our categorical list of cruise ship jobs below.

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Personal Care Staff Department

For those in the personal care staff department, the cruise passengers well-being is the main priority. Their jobs nature is the same as those you see in cities except that they work on a ship.

Beauty therapists, fitness instructors, hairstylists, manicurists, massage therapists, physicians, and nurses are under this category. See our article on cruise ship nurse salary if you are interested in becoming a cruise ship nurse.

Is It Hard To Get Cruise Entertainment Jobs

There will always be fierce competition for Cruise jobs, but if youre talented and hard-working your dream of being a Cruise Entertainer is achievable. Although there will always be plenty of applicants for Cruise jobs, there are also plenty of Cruise ships and lots of jobs to apply to. And Agents and Cruise lines are always looking for one thing fresh talent.

Certainly Covid has affected the industry, but Cruise companies are recruiting now for cruise trips starting in Spring, so dont be put off! You can find out more about when each Cruise line will resume sailing here.

If you have everything you need to apply and use the right channels then now is the time to get started. The sooner you start getting your publicity in front of the right people, the faster you will get to where you want to be.

Need some motivation?

This is an email we received from one of our members last year:

It’s been a while since we’ve touched base, but it would be a shame if I didn’t personally thank you and Entertainers Worldwide.

I became a member almost a year ago and was quite diligent in checking frequently for any work I could obtain as a Singer or Singer/Dancer on ships. It was a dream of mine, and have profiles on Actors Access, Backstage, and go to in-person auditions for cruises constantly since I live in Florida .

As you can see, it doesnt always happen quickly, but its worth persisting!

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Jobs On Cruise Ships What Kind Of Jobs Are Available

In fact, the pay can be so good that many employees will choose a cruise job over a more traditional one just to make the money. Getting a job on a cruise ship is very rewarding. Here are some of the jobs oncruise ships that people can get.

A Deck Worker is the most common job on any ship. They work in the kitchens and bathrooms. Their duties include cleaning up the mess, running the water source, and cleaning the deck. This job also includes cleaning the bathroom after guests have gone off the ship. However, this job does not require a high school diploma.

How Do I Get Started

Front Office Jobs in Cruise Ships | Guest services Jobs in Cruise Ships

You have a great, professional act , plenty of professional experience and fantastic promotional materials so what now? As the testimonial at the start of this article will tell you, creating a profile with us and applying for Cruise jobs and auditions via our website really works.

The reason for this is simple, we are the easiest place online to get Cruise Entertainment jobs, since we have jobs linking directly to the cruise lines. Agents worldwide also add cruise posts to our jobs pages. This allows our members to apply to the exact agents who are putting acts out onto cruises now.

“I think becoming a member of Entertainers Worldwide is the best investment I ever made. In less than one day after my profile activation, 4 different agencies have already got in touch with me and everything feels very promising. Looks like I will be working as pianist on a cruise starting from November!” Maurizio Mariscoli, Italy.

You can also contact specialist Cruise agents and try to get onto their books that way. You can find out all about Agents and how they work here.

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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Entertainment Work On Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Performer jobs remain the ultimate dream for many talented performers but how do you get started, what do you need and what can you do right now to help you on your path towards performing on ships around the world?

There is very little good quality, easy to follow advice out there that will tell you everything you really need to know, so for our latest update to the Get More Gigs guide, weve pulled together all the information and advice you’ll need to land that cruise contract. You can either read the full guide, jump to the sections that matter to you or listen to the podcast below.

If you havent already registered with us and would like access to the full Get More Gigs: Essential Guide to Marketing for Entertainers as well as free job email alerts for your act, you can sign-up here.

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship

to learn about how to get a job with a hotel

to learn about how to get a job with an airline.

So you want to live in the middle of the ocean, see the world’s most glamorous ports, and get paid for it? Those in with a chance will be outgoing, friendly, willing to work their fingers to the bone and live in constant proximity to other people . Getting a job in the cruise industry is a bit tricky for South Africans, as the cruise liners are all based overseas, and one needs to avoid the scams that do the rounds with fake jobs, scumbags trying to take advantage of those who are desperate for work – do not use an agency which charges fees for its services – this is a sure sign of a scam.

There are two ways to get a job on a ship:

  • Apply to a cruise line for a job on one of their ship.

  • Apply to a concessioner for a job on a ship. A concessioner is a company contracted to operate a spa, retail shop or entertainment on the ship.

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    What Sort Of Entertainment Contracts Are Available On Cruise Ships

    In short, there are “Guest Entertainer” Headlining Act Contracts, Lounge Performer Contracts and Cruise Ship Show Team, Party Bands and Band Member Contracts. We have covered this in depth on our Cruise Entertainment Jobs page as well as outlining how much you are likely to earn from each type of contract.

    Cruise Companies Departing From South Africa

    Best Agencies For Cruise ship jobs, &  How to apply online ...

    MSC Starlight is one of the main cruise lines in South Africa, based in Johannesburg with itineraries throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Their fleet includes the MSC Sinfonia and the MSC Melody boasting a crew of around 700 and 530 respectively. You can easily be part of this crew and sail off into the sunset.

    Oceania Cruises ship the Nautica departs from Cape Town on various month-long journeys along the African coast, eventually reaching destinations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

    The Seaborne Quest departs for various length cruises leaving Cape Town, heading East where stops include Singapore, the Maldives, and Mumbai, India.

    Silversea offers two smaller cruise ships, the Silver Wind and Silver Whisper, both offering local cruises to Richard’s Bay and international cruises to Spain and Mauritius.

    Princess Cruises operates the Ocean Princess out of Cape Town traveling to London and Paris.

    Holland America‘s Amsterdam cruise liner offers a 24 day grand world voyage departing from Cape Town, visiting The U.S.A and Caribbean Islands.

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    The Cruise Reservation Agent

    One other job that you may find on a Cruise Ship is the Cruise Reservation Agent. This is a job that deals solely with reserving a room on a Cruise ship. In order to qualify for this job, you will need to have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. Along with your degree, you will also need to pass a background, drug and background check. This job will require some experience in either the hospitality or tourism industry.

    There are other jobs on Cruise Ships that are listed on the job description, but you can expect that most of them relate to assisting passengers with their needs. The jobs that deal directly with the operation of a Cruise ship also tend to have a lot of responsibility.

    Deck And Engineering Department

    People in this department are usually working behind the curtain of the cruise industry. They are in charge of keeping the ship running smoothly. These are the crew members who work side by side with the captain.

    Knowledge about safety maritime laws and regulations are their expertise. Included in this department are the captain, engineer, chief officer, and electrician.

    Keep in mind that there are lots of other jobs available on a cruise ship. The job that fits best for you depends on your personality, background, and interests.

    Next, Ill list the 9 best jobs on a cruise ship and describe each one so that you can get an idea of which is right for you.

    Also, for an excellent accessory for anyone working on a cruise ship, take a look at this GoPro Hero8 Black Action Camera. If you work on a cruise, you will want to have a light, compact, high-quality camera to take photos of your experiences traveling the world:

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    Cruise Ship Yoga Teacher Jobs

    Fitness Class Instructor – Yoga – Royal Tunbridge Wells. 8 am – YogaPilatesSpinning class.

    Cruise To Work In The Fitness Industry Find A Job On A Cruise Ship

    Warehousing fulfillment Jobs Available For Fresher Experienced Candidates.

    Cruise ship yoga teacher jobs. 2 pm – Free Seminar. Sport Fitness Jobs on Cruise Ships. Usually the contracts last for six weeks but they can go longer than that.

    Yoga Instructor At Cruise Ships 2021-22 Job Vacancy Mumbai – Recruitment Careers Jobs – QuikrJobs. 10 am – Free Seminar. This team provides fun and exciting activities for guests like trivia games Zumba classes ice sculpture demonstrations dance lessons and arts and crafts.

    Yoga Teacher Instructor 441. Or go to advanced search. Full Time Yoga Pilates Teacher for a 5 Star Hotel Spa in Saint Lucia.

    Yoga Pilates Teacher. FITNESS YOGA PILATES INSTRUCTOR – TOUR GUIDE. Enthusiastic working environment where merit skills enhancement of potential and adherence to corporate values are rewarded.

    It is oftentimes possible to do work exchanges as a yoga teacher with the agreement that you will receive free accommodation food and other perks as your form of payment. With timetables packed full of a diverse range o. You Get a Salary.

    Health. The Junior Assistant Cruise Director is an entry-level position on the Cruise Staff team.

    Fitness Instructor Jobs On Cruise Ships Yoga Aerobics Jobs

    How To Teach Yoga On A Cruise Ship The Ultimate Guide

    Cruise Ship Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer Jobs

    Service And Hospitality Management Department

    Jobs Available On Board – Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

    Also known as hotel management jobs in the cruise industry, positions in this department render direct services to passengers. These services include housekeeping, serving food and beverages, laundry, and other related assistance.

    Cooks, receptionists, cabin stewards, and bartender staff all belong to this department.

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    We Love What We Do And Hope You Will Love Working With Us As Well

    Solo Musicians, Singing Musicians, and Music Groups wanted for onboard cruise ship entertainment.

    Salaries: US $ 1600 – 5000 per month per artist

    Interport and Guest Cruise Ship Shows wanted! If you are solo or duo with self contained musical, comedy, circus, show, etc. programme of 45 min

    Salaries: Vary

    Seeking creative and stage personnel for upcoming cruise ship productions for contracts at sea of various duration.

    Salaries: US $ 2500 – 6000 per month per artist.

    Cruise Line Job Opportunities For South Africans

    Working on a luxurious cruise ship means that you can do it from anywhere in the world, even in South Africa, where top recruiters and concessionaires on constantly on the lookout for hard working, dedicated South African cruise ship workers.

    Well, then cruise ship life might just be for you!

    No matter where in South Africa you live, you can easily apply for a cruise ship job. The main ports where you will depart from are Durban and Cape Town, with some of the largest cruise liners in the world berthing here. East London, Port Elizabeth and Richard’s Bay along the east coast of South Africa also provide ports of call for cruise liners.

    Cape Town is perhaps the most exciting port to visit, where the Victoria and Alfred basins are used as far as possible for the medium sized and smaller cruise vessels. This used to be the harbor, but now houses the world famous V& A Waterfront complex and drops cruise passengers off right in the heart of the vibrant Fairest Cape. The large liners dock in the main harbor.

    Durban Harbor has a well equipped cruise ship terminal for passengers, namely the N-Berth on the T-jetty. This is busiest during the summer months between November and May each year, with one cruise ship based there as a “resident.” There can be as many as 3 cruise ships in the port at any one time.

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