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How Far Is Rome Airport To Cruise Port

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Transportation From Rome Fiumicino Airport To Civitavecchia

2019 (how to) Rome to Civitavecchia cruise port

Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia

Transportation from Fiumicino airport to Civitavecchia port might be complicated for a foreign tourist. Fiumicino airport is huge and there’re so many transportation and shuttle services. Today the best way to reach Civitavecchia Port from Fiumicino airport are both a private transfer or a custom shuttle service by RomeHabiCabs. The private services are cheap and comfortable and the drivers are kind and warm. Call us at to reserve a shuttle or a private taxi service.

Distance From Rome Airport To Cruise Terminal

We’re taking a Carnival cruise in May departing in Rome. We plan to stay in Rome 2 nights before the cruise. Is it best to rent a car at airport or use metro transportation to Rome and back to cruise terminal?

It’s about 50 miles and an hour’s drive from the port to Rome. You could contact RomeCabs,, and they will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the port in a Mercedes Mini-van for about 115 Euros for up to 4 people. Comfortable, easy, they handle the luggage, on-time. We’ve used them several times and have been very pleased.

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How To Get From Fiumicino Airport To Civitavecchia By Train

There is the possibility to reach the port of Civitavecchia by train, but you will need to make a change. You can take the FL1 train from the railway terminal outside of Terminal 3. You should jump off at Roma Trastevere station and change to FL5 train to Civitavecchia Port. It will take you about two hours to reach the cruise terminal train station and will cost you 12.60 per person.

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Tour Example: Rome In A Day From Civitavecchia Harbour

we will drive you to the most historical city in the world, our tours are tailored made for every travel needs.with our Tours form you can choose the specific spot you dont want to miss in Rome!Our work is to understand what you want to see and drive by or stop in specific place for give to you the best suggestive and experience tour in the eternal city.

Which Rome Airport Is Closest To Cruise Port

Which Rome Airport is Closest to Cruise Port?


Rome is one of the most famous ports of call on lots of cruises in the Mediterranean. The Rome cruise port is in the city of Civitavecchia, located on the coast. The distance between Fiumicino airport and Civitavecchia port is 65 km.

While distance between the port and Ciampino airport is 85 km.

If you need a reliable transfer from airport to your hotel in Rome, order it on fix price is only 50 euro.

Very frequent trains run between Civitavecchia and Romes central Termini Station, offering cheapest transfer options for travelers . Moreover, you can reach most of other Roman train stations directly from Civitavecchia.

From Termini Station you can easily get to both Ciampino and Fiumicino airports. In case with Ciampino, the best option will be to take a bus which goes from Termini to the airport and you can choose among several bus operators that operate daily from 4.35 am until 11.10 pm. The price for a single ride starts from 4 euro. You can read more about how to get to Ciampino airport.

It will be useful for you to read about:

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From Civitavecchia Train Station To The Cruise Terminal

From Civitavecchia train station you can take a local Argo bus or walk towards the port. The Argo buses station is in front of the train station and they run every 20 minutes. The journey will take 10 minutes and the ticket costs 2 euro. You can purchase a ticket at the news-stand or at the bar inside the station.

You can also walk to the port by foot from the Civitavecchia station. The entrance of Varco Fortezza is located 600 m away

Airport Transfers Rome Airport Fiumicino And Ciampino

Transfers Rome Airport Fiumicino and Ciampino

1) How many airports can you find in Rome?In Rome you can find two airports that offer domestic and international flights . Fiumicino airport is 35 km far and Ciampino airport is far about 20 km from the centre of Rome .

2) How long does it take to get to city centre from the Rome airports?If you are coming in to Fiumicino airport it usually takes 45 minutes, but sometimes there are delays caused by traffic and the transfer takes 60 minutes.

3) When I arrive at the airport where can I find my driver?Once you have arrived at the airport and collected your luggage the driver will be waiting for you with a name board clearly displaying your name in the arrival hall, in front of the meeting point pillar.

4) How long will the driver wait for me?The driver will wait for you until your flight lands and he will wait up to a maximum of one hour and a half after the flight arrival time. If you discover that your luggage has gone missing or if your still waiting for you luggage, you can send an email or a message to our company.

5) How can I buy my transfer?You can pay by cash directly to your driver when the transfer takes place.You can also pay by credit card directly to the driver. In this case the amount is increased by 10% of the total.

Civitavecchia Cruise Port Transfers

Long transfer from Rome or Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino

Daily excursions from the Civitavecchia cruise port to Rome the Eternal City

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Rome Airport To Cruise Port

How To Get To Civitavecchia From Rome Airport

Situated on the Southern part of Italy is Civitavecchia Port. Civitavecchia this port serves as a transfer and start/stop point for a large number of cruises and other boats every year. Sometimes referred to as Port of Rome, this port plays a significant role in cruise-based tourism in Rome and the surrounding cities. Referring to the port as the Port of Rome can be deceiving though as the port isnt actually located in the city of Rome. On a map, you will see that the only major waterway in Rome is the Tiber River, and they dont send large cruise ships up the river.

Instead, Civitavecchia Port is located in the city of Civitavecchia. This city is located about an hour and 5o minutes away by car from Fiumicino Rome Airport. As a large number of tourists to Rome come over via cruise ships, a lot of people often want to know more about the Port of Civitavecchia. With that in mind, we have created this mini guide to help you get the information you need.

Not everyone wants to drive to Civitavecchia to board a cruise, or even can. That means flying into the local airport, Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport. The Fiumicino Airport is located near Rome but not in Rome itself, that means getting from the airport to Civitavecchia will need some planning. We recommend doing this planning before you start your trip.

Here are some options for getting from Romes Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia City/Port.

Trains Between Rome City Centre Its Airports + Cruise Ports

How To Get From Rome To Civitavecchia Port. (2019)

Inside a Civitavecchia train

The local trains themselves are more often than not run with double deck carriages. The picture is of a typical interior, seats are not allocated.

There is a small space between the seats where you can put a medium size case and overhead luggage rail. It’s not as bad as it might look, luggage will be a problem if you have two or more large cases per person, plus hand luggage.

Trains are not normally crowded at all except at the height of the commuter period into Rome, in the morning and out in the evening.

At Rome’s Termini Station there is a left luggage office so it is possible to have a brief visit to see the sights of Rome before catching a late flight or train.

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How Far Is It From Cruise Port To Rome

I am taking a cruise next month and one of the ports is Rome. I’m really new at cruising and would like to get input if anyone knows approx. how far it is from the Royal Caribbean cruise port to Rome and also looking on recommendations on modes of transportation from the port to this area? Any help or input would be so greatly appreciated!

Rome, it’s Civitavecchia, which is 1 hr from Rome by train.

I recommend that you purchase a book from Rick Steves on excursions available from all of the ports of call in the Mediterranean sea. It will give you great alternatives and at much lower prices.

Please don’t believe that these alternatives might not get you back to the ship on time and might sail without out. It’s their business

Civitavecchia is in fact administratively part of the city of Rome, hence the cruise ships can claim it’s Rome, though it’s a town north along the coast, as you’ve probably established on google maps.

Lots of people use public transport as this video indicates

On ways to use the transport system the video is excellent. Especially the purchase of a regional day ticket, called a BIRG . You want a BIRG per Roma. You must validate that ticket before going to the platform and then no need to validate it again, you’ve imprinted the date of use. You want the regionale train, not one of the faster long distance trains also running on the line, which require higher fare and reservation.

Is There A Train From Civitavecchia To Rome Airport

No, there is no direct train from Civitavecchia to Rome Airport . However, there are services departing from Civitavecchia and arriving at Fiumicino Aeroporto via Roma Trastevere. The best way to get from Civitavecchia to Rome Airport without a car is to train and bus which takes 2h and costs 4 11.

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What Can I Do Around Civitavecchia

The town of Civitavecchia and the surrounding area are filled with important historic and archeological sites.

Fort Michaelangelo is an imposing four-towered fort that had its first stone blessed and placed by Pope Julius II in 1508. Today, Fort Michaelangelo houses the Port Captaincy offices and is surrounded by a lovely flower-laden pedestrian walkway. See the inscription over the bronze jamb that reads: Drop the arms.

Civitavecchias town center is about a ten-minute walk from the port. In the center of town, youll find locals shopping for fruits, vegetables, and fish at Piazza Regina Margherita, an indoor farmers market.

You can also visit the Archeological Museum of Civitavecchia, which is filled with ancient relics and artifacts of the area. Cap off your day in port with an espresso and pastry at one of the towns cafes.

Private & Shared Transportation To/from Rome Cruise Terminal

Rome Airport Map

Civitavecchia Shuttle Express official partner and authorized by the Port Authority and the Ports of Rome and Lazio offers travelers in transit, loading and unloading from the port of Civitavecchia and consequently to and from all cruise ships, a transport service of excellent quality, comfort and price from Rome to Civitavecchia.

We offer private service transportation from Rome to port or from Civitavecchia port to Rome, from Limousine to new generation Minivans, from the most economic and much appreciated by users, shared shuttle transfer with a luxury Minivan 8 + 1 seats , always ensuring the customer the ultimate in elegance and comfort, accessible for all budgets, ideal for families, couples and small groups who do not want to give up quality service while saving money.

We will pick you up and leave you at your cruise ship in the port of Civitavecchia and take you to Rome or from all destinations. Some of the services available include to and from Rome Fiumicino airport and Ciampino airport, Rome Hotel and Apartments, Fiumicino Hotel and Apartments and Civitavecchia harbor hotel or apartment .

Rely on us to pick you up or take you to your cruise ship, a partner you can trust with maximum capabilities for a perfect transfer Rome to Civitavecchia and other transfers.

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Getting To The Port Of Civitavecchia By Private Transfer

It won’t be the cheapest option but surely getting to the;Port of Civitavecchia by private trandfer from the airport is the more comfortable solution.

Nowadays all buses, taxis, etc which are authorised; who make the transfer;arrive directly at the;Centro Servizi Largo della Pace,main;information;point of the Port of;Civitavecchia and point of arrival and departure for all cruise passengers. From there you can use;a free shuttle bus service to get to the docks where cruise ships embarking and disembarking take place.

Usually,;when you buy the flight tickets with the cruise;company;the airport transfer is included; in case you don’t have it, we invite you to do some online research to find the solution most suitable to your demands.

Getting to the Port of Civitavecchia by private transfer

Taxi At The Last Minute Call Us / Sms / Whatsapp :


COVID-19. Sanitization of taxi and chauffeur-driven car

Drivers of taxis, shuttles and limousines must comply with the legal obligation that provides for the sanitation of their car after each race and that of wearing masks while driving.

Rome Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia Cruise Port

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Rome Stations For Travelling From Civitavecchia

Our Friends Service

The central station of Rome is Termini Station, which is the main public transport hub for Rome in the city centre. The trains stop at S.Pietro , Trastevere , Ostiense and finally Termini . From Roma Trastevere station you can also go directly to the Fiumicino airport, while from Ostiense you can take the Rome Metro and go directly to the Colosseum or Spanish Steps.

How To Take The Train From Civitavecchia To Rome

2019 (best new route) Civitavecchia guide Train station to cruise terminals

Civitavecchias station is near the entrance of the port, but quite a distance from where passengers usually disembark. During cruise season, you can take the new Civitavecchia to Rome express train with 2 morning departures and 2 afternoon returns, stopping at Roma San Pietro and Roma Ostiense. Use the Civitavecchia Portlink shuttle bus to get to the train station for the express trains.

See port shuttle bus for information about various shuttles for getting out of the port area to where you want to go.

From the Civitavecchia train station there are also several regular trains per hour going to Romes Termini station. In a little over an hour, regional or Intercity trains take you to Roma Termini . Faster, and more expensive, frecce trains make it to Termini Station in about 45 minutes. Or take a shorter train ride to the town of Tarquinia to see the painted Etruscan tombs and archaeological museum and stroll through the charming medieval town center.

If youre spending the night in Rome youll probably need to take a taxi to your hotel from the station as buses and the metro can be very crowded and difficult to manage with luggage. Read more about taxis in Rome.

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Homeport Cruise Ships At The Rome Cruise Terminal/port Of Rome

There is a 12-page list of all the ships that come in and out of Romes cruise port in Civitavecchia on the ports website. Theyre alphabetically listed by the ship name, followed by the agent, but theres no part of the list that includes the cruise lines name. Its clear in some cases the Carnival Dream, for instance, is a Carnival Cruise Lines ship but some of them are definitely less obvious.

Getting To The Port Of Civitavecchia By Car

If you are planning to;get to the;Port of;Civitavecchia by car;follow these easy directions:

  • From South;

    Casello A1 Roma sud 90 km.;Drive along the;GRA A90 direction to the inside;Appia/Fiumicino airport; then take exit for;Fiumicino aeroporto/Autostrada A12 and continue on;A12-towards;Civitavecchia. Exit at;Civitavecchia Sud and from there follow directions to;Interporto-Civitavecchia-Sardegna.

    Alternatively;continue until the toll booth;of;Civitavecchia Nord; and from there, at the junction to;Tarquinia follow directions to;Interporto-Civitavecchia-Sardegna. You will drive a little more kilometers but it will be faster since you will avoid the traffic of the city center.

  • From North;

    Casello A1 Orte 84 km. Take;SS 675 towards;Viterbo; exit at;Viterbo Sud and continue along the;SS 2 Via Cassia towards;Vetralla. At Vetralla continue along the;SS1BIS direction;Civitavecchia, and then along the;SS1 Aurelia. At this point, follow directions for;Interporto-Civitavecchia-Sardegna.

Getting to the Port of Civitavecchia by car

The only access to vehicles of the port is at;Varco Vespucci. We recommend to have close to hand your travel documents and the ID documents necessary for embarking. Finally print your parking booking confirmation, or, if you haven’t booked it;yet click on the following link:

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