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Do Any Cruise Ships Dock In Hamilton Bermuda

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Take The Ferry From The Cruise Port To St George Bermuda

Bermuda Walk from Cruise Ship to the Beach

If youre cruising on NCL, take advantage of the complementary ferry from the cruise port to St. George, on the other side of Bermuda. Its a great, free option, especially with kids and it provides amazing views of the coastline without booking and paying for a boat tour.

When you step off the ferry at St. George, enjoy the following things to do on Bermudas east end:

Tobacco Bay

Its fair to say that Tobacco Bay is the most beautiful beach Ive ever been to. The beach boasts some gorgeous, jagged coastline rock formations that tower above crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling. Since the water is calm, its a great place for families, too. Bathrooms, a restaurant, and a bar are on site.

The Unfinished Church

On the walk to Tobacco Bay, youll pass Bermudas unfinished church. Construction of the Gothic church began in 1874, but was never completed.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Bermudas Crystal and Fantasy Caves are a short bus ride from the ferry terminal at Saint George. The caves, full of beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and clear pools of water, were formed when sea levels were much lower and have since become submerged.; They were discovered in 1905 by two boys searching for a lost cricket ball and were subsequently opened as a tourist attraction by the property owner at the time.

We only toured Crystal Caves since we had a cranky toddler in tow.

Swizzle Inn

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock

Most ships now dock in Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf, also known as the Royal Navy Dockyard, or just Dockyard. This is a great location that serves as a home base close to many gorgeous beaches just a few minutes away by small shuttle or local pink bus .

The parishes of Hamilton and St. George are easily accessible by safe and comfortable ferries and buses.

Ideal Things To Do In Bermuda

Bermuda is a very beautiful place to visit, but what is there to do? This guide explains 18 ideal things to do in Bermuda.

According to a report done by the;Bermuda tourism authority, Bermuda welcomed over 808,000 visitors in 2019. This was their third consecutive year of exceeding previous;tourism numbers, with cruise ships being the main source of tourism.

If you have not visited Bermuda yet, you are missing out, as there are so many more things to do in Bermuda than just soaking up the golden sun and splashing in the tropical turquoise waters.;

No matter your interests, company, or abilities, the island nation has something to offer everyone. There are endless adventures, landscapes to explore, nature to experience, and mouth-watering cuisine to be enjoyed.

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The only question is, what are the best things to do in Bermuda? With so many activities, how do you know which ones are the best?

Thankfully, weve created this ultimate list of the best things to do in Bermuda, so you dont have to do all the research! Keep on reading to learn more.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go

  • Research the shore excursions and book them in advance, pre-cruise. The popular shore excursions sell out fast.
  • Bermuda, Newport, and Charleston all take U.S. dollars, and most places take credit cards.
  • Remember your sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, and bug repellant.
  • Have your documents protected and photocopied.

Take A Cruise To Bermuda

1956 postcard

If you are not interested in booking flights, searching for the right hotel rooms, or hassling with finding restaurants, then cruising into Bermuda is a great idea for you. Thankfully, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines just;added multiple new cruises;from the Big Apple and Boston to Bermuda.

Taking a cruise;to Bermuda is less stressful than other forms of travel because you can fully relax and have everything taken care of for you. We do suggest you do not get too comfortable to the point where you do not leave the ship, as Bermuda is an excellent place to explore!

Depending on your cruise line, there are three cruise ports in Bermuda. The Royal Navy Dockyard is the largest with two piers, Kings Wharf, and Heritage Wharf. Hamilton Port is located in the capital area of Hamilton and is the closest dock to the busy areas of Bermuda.;

St. Georges Port is located on St Georges Harbor, at the eastern end of Bermuda. This port can only take small to medium-sized ships because of the maneuvering required by the Captain to enter the bay.;

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Churches And Other Places Ofworship

If your cruise ship will be inBermuda on a Saturday or Sunday or otherreligiously-significant day and you want to attend Mass or aservice ashore, expect the on-board cruise director staff to have fullinformation on what churches and other places of worship are nearby, with timesof services, and what public transportation or taxi services are available.;

  • At King’s Wharf/Heritage Wharf/Dockyard, the nearest churches are St. James , and St. Joseph’s , both in Somerset, about 2 miles away from cruise ship berths for large ships.
  • In the city of Hamilton, the nearest churches are the Bermuda Cathedral on Church Street and St. Theresa’s Cathedral on Cedar Avenue, both within walking distance of the cruise ships’ berths for small to medium size cruise ships.
  • In the Town of St. George, the nearest churches are St. Peter’s Church and Stella Maris , both within walking distance of the town’s cruise ship berths for small to medium size cruise ships.

Planning Your Bermuda Vacation

There is a lot to do and see in Bermuda.; Have a game plan for all the things you want to check out, but be flexible with the weather and remember that some things on the island are seasonal.; We actually had a couple days of light rain but packed a couple ponchos so we were ready.

Even though its only 22 miles from end to end, traveling by bus will require changing routes a few times and will take an hour or so, depending on traffic and the schedule.;; Traveling by ferry is the easiest way to go from St. Georges to Dockyard and vice versa.

I would recommend hitting parts of Bermuda on certain days and doing everything you want in that area before moving on to the next.; For instance, you can have a day to check out St. Georges and everything around it one day, and then visit Hamilton and everything in that area the next.

Just the cruise port at Royal Naval Dockyard and everything to do in that area can keep you busy for more than a full day, so if you dont feel like traveling far or are worried about getting back to the ship this might be an option for you.

On day one you might just want to pay for a tour of Bermuda so you have a better idea of everything the island has to offer.; Seeing it first hand is much more insightful than reading about it online or seeing a brochure after all.

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Restaurants Near The Dock

Bone Fish Bar & Grill Lunch Dinner Seafood, Pasta

Frog & Onion Pub & Dockyard Brewing Co. Lunch , Dinner Pub Fare, Burgers, Live Music. Free WiFi with purchase. They make their own beer on-site.

Hammerheads Bar & Grill Pub Fare $$

Cafe Amici Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner Italian Fare, Pizza

Freeport Seafood Restaurant Lunch , Dinner , Seafood, Sushi

Get Into Nature On Bermudas Railway Trail

Bermuda Cruise Port Guide: St. George’s and Blue Hole Park

Railway Trail is a massive hiking and biking trail that runs along what used to be a railroad on the island. The railroad was built in the 1930s to make it easier for residents and visitors of Bermuda to get around since cars werent permitted on the island at the time.

Eventually, the government decided it was too expensive to upkeep and closed it down in 1948. But this was a good decision for nature and cycling lovers since it was turned into a National Park and it is now the lovely Railway Trail that goes through forests and along the sea.

The Railways Trail covers 18 miles and extends nearly the entire length of Bermuda. If youre visiting Bermuda on a cruise, you wont have time to hike the whole thing, but youll be able to hike some of it if you so desire since access points are located all over the island.;

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Map Of Hamilton Bermuda

Ship docked in the center of the city. Only a small cruise ship can do that! Bermuda is so much nicer than the Caribbean Islands. Original itinerary had us going to St. Martin and Puerto Rico, but the hurricanes diverted us to Bermuda. Most everyone was happy for that change.

Visited: Nov 04, 2017

Had our own plans. Because you walk right into the city from the ship, there are all the conveniences of a major city nearby.

Visited: Apr 04, 2018

Cruising is the way to go to Bermuda due to the ridiculously exorbitant prices of goods and services there. The beaches and places to visit are beautiful. The services such as public transportation are convenient, comfortable and on time. The people are friendly and you feel safe all over the Island. The taxi drivers we had are hard working and honest. We didn’t bother dining out of the ship. During meals when we could, we went back to the ship and consumed the 5-star food quality they served without incurring additional expense. And that’s the beauty of cruising in Bermuda.

Visited: Aug 07, 2011

Relax At Jobsons Cove

Jobsons cove is more than just a beach, it is a small cove with pink sand, lots of sea life, and a perfect place to suntan for the day. You can find it on the South coast near Bermudas Warwick Parish, by Dockyard and Hamilton.

Because of the sheltered area of this beach, it makes it one of the best things to do in Bermuda with kids. The water is calm, there are plenty of places with shade , and there are places to eat nearby.

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Why Cruise To Bermuda

Bermuda has become a very popular cruise destination for numerous reasons.

1. It has convenient 5-7 day cruise itineraries leaving from New York, New Jersey, Boston and Baltimore.

Many Americans and Canadians; love to drive to their port rather than fly, and a Bermuda cruise offers this option for those living in the North East.

2.The itinerary is fantastic! Bermuda cruises offer 2-3 full days to visit Bermuda.

What an incredible opportunity for cruisers to really explore a destination and see many Bermuda attractions!; After all, on which cruise can you spend 2-3 days exploring an island?


And yes, there is that much to see and do in Bermuda. You may as well book your next cruise on board as you will be back :-)!

3. Well, its Bermuda!

Bermuda beaches really do have blush pink sand and the sea glistens against the unique rock formations under the Bermudan sun.

However, theres more and you will feel it and see it in Bermuda.

Cruising To Bermuda Best Things To Do And See In 3 Days

Bermuda Cruise Port

After cruising to Bermuda several times, Ive put together a Bermuda Cruise Guide along with a list of the several must-see Bermuda attractions.

I hope that this will help you as you plan for your favorite things to do in Bermuda while you arrive by cruise; whether you are looking for family-friendly activities, beach excursions or something off the beaten path.

You may also enjoy our Bermuda video tours on YouTube, which are also included below.;

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Best Time For Bermuda Cruises

Bermuda’s cruise season runs from April to early November, with high season being June through August. There’s no rainy season per se, but October is the rainiest month; summer temps are hotter and more humid than the mild spring and fall months. The majority of Bermuda cruises take place during Atlantic hurricane season; be aware that peak storm season falls between August and October. While Bermuda is usually affected by hurricanes only once a year, a Bermuda cruise disrupted by a storm could turn into a Canada/New England sailing. If you want to travel in the shoulder season, May is your best option.

The Cruise Port: Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

Royal Naval Dockyard was once a principal Western Atlantic base and home of Victualling Yard for the Royal Navy. Today, its known as Kings Wharf and welcomes thousands of cruise goers annually. Passengers step off of their ships to find shopping, history, dining, and plenty of gorgeous coastline. Without having to go far, visitors can find the following things to do while their cruise is docked in Bermuda:

National Museum of Bermuda

The National Museum of Bermuda is just footsteps away from Kings Wharf. Inside Bermudas largest fortress, you can find military history and cannons, shipwreck artifacts, art, and views for miles! The National Museum is also home to Dolphin Quest Bermuda,;where visitors can swim with dolphins.

Dockyard Pastry Shop

Not far from the dock and National Museum, you can enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea at;The Dockyard Pastry Shop and Bistro. The pastries are incredible and it has that authentic British charm you look for in Bermuda. I have a distinct memory of stopping here, in the pouring rain, taking refuge under their awning with a nice, hot cup of coffee while my toddler devoured his chocolate pastry. It was a simple, yet incredibly special and authentic memory from our recent trip.

Snorkel Park Beach

Bermuda Fun Golf

Clocktower Mall

Eat at the Anchor

Frog and Onion Pub

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Dining In Kings Wharf Bermuda

Bermuda is not really known for innovative cuisine since most of their food has to be flown in. There are a few local favorites including spiny lobster, Bermuda Rockfish, a black-eyed peas and rice dish called Hoppin John, conch dishes and shark hash.

While Bermudas restaurants have improved in the last several years, the prices are higher than one would typically pay in the US or Canada. You will also notice that there are no chain fast food restaurants. A Kentucky Fried Chicken managed to set up shop before the government stopped allowing franchise and chain restaurants from outside Bermuda.

Royal Naval Dockyardtop Excursions

Bermuda Cruise Port Guide: Royal Naval Dockyard

We know the destinations you’ll be visiting and what there is to see, do and experience. We offer you a variety of excursions to choose from, in every port you’ll visit.

Rising Son Catamaran Swim & Snorkel

Join Rising Son Cruises for Bermudas ultimate sailing experience. Lounge in the roomy shaded cockpit, or lie out on one…

Snorkel Safari

Zip through Bermudas turquoise waters in a RIB boat and then snorkel a protected coral reef that is teeming with marine…

Zaras Luxury Catamaran Snorkel

Sail the luxurious Zara catamaran across the expansive Great Sound, where you will have the opportunity to snorkel the c…

Zaras Luxury Catamaran Sunset Sail

Indulge in an evening of sophistication and elegance while sailing through the Great Sound on board the beautifully appo…

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Historical Reenactments From The Victualing Yard

Historical reenactments are something to experience in Bermuda. Make sure to check the calendar of activities in Dockyard so that you can catch an interactive reenactment of life in the Royal Naval Dockyard in the early 1800s. Walk through the beautiful Victorian victualing yard, lined with palmetto palms, along with the fortifications, storehouses, barracks and workshops and learn about the history and life of past days in Bermuda.

Cruises To Royal Naval Dockyard

Located at the tip of Bermuda’s West End, Royal Naval Dockyard is home to exceptional shopping and pristine beaches. The beautifully restored Royal Navy Dockyards provide quaint boutique, a crafts market and fascinating maritime museum. Don’t miss the chance to try out one of the many water sports offered in and around this gorgeous harbour.

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Contract And Other Cruiseships

  • Contract cruiseships. Those those subsidized by the Bermuda Government to come to Bermuda weeklyin the season. They include Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. They offer regular Bermudasailings. Those on contractships get to spend several days in Bermuda and thus have the chance to see Bermudain some depth. Other cruises last only part of a day, 12 hours or less.;

  • Other cruise lines.; Include Aida Cruises,Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard, HollandAmerica, OceaniaCruises, P&O, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven SeasCruises, Royal Caribbean International, Seabourn Cruises, SilverseaCruises and Windstar Cruises.

What Days Are The Cruise Ships Docked

Photos: Veendam Cruise Ship Docks In Hamilton

Will be staying in Grotto Bay 7/8-7/14 and am trying to plan half day itineraries to see the sights/beaches. I have five half day itineraries and would like to get an early start each day and return to the hotel about 1-2 pm each day. I would like to avoid the crowds and I am hoping someone can give me some suggestions on planning excursions!

I realize that the highlights will be crowded, but some days may be better than others! I’d like to do Hamilton, St. George, Dockyard and at least Horseshoe Bay!

Any help in planning would be appreciated. Can’t wait to leave, really excited!

These days there are cruise ships berthed in Bermuda most days of the week during the ‘..season..’..

The HAL ‘..VEENDAM..’ will be berthed in downtown Hamilton Tuesday-thru Friday and there will be two larges ships berthed out at Dockyard every day of the week.


For what it’s worth to you….though just about every minute, of every mile, of every public bus and ferry route in Bermuda is a ‘..great ride..’…a few are ‘..better..’ rides than others….and it’s often worth while to bear these details in mind when planning ‘..routes..”round Bermuda. Buses and ferries in Bermuda are a grerat deal more than mere ‘..public trtansportation….they’re great ‘..raised platforms..’ with ‘picture windows to see Bermuda’s incredible natural beauty–from both landward and seaward perspectives–as you go.

Enjoy, kdk’s and others information is invaluable!


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