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Why Are Viking Cruises So Expensive

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The Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ships

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

If youve cruised before, you know that Viking cruises arewell, expensive. You can expect to pay several thousand dollars for your trip , which seems costly compared to the $500-600 rates youd find from other cruise companies.

However, once youve paid, you dont need to spend much more. Your fare includes a shore excursion in each port of call , onboard meals with beer and wine, Wi-Fi access, self-service laundry, spa access, and 24-hour room service.

Viking estimates that their amenities are worth about $200, per guest, per day. To get that value, youll have to use as many of the onboard services as possible, but it beats constantly taking out your wallet for things like internet access and port fees.

And not to hammer home the point, but Viking cruises are truly luxurious. Standard features like heated bathroom floors and high-quality wooden deck furniture really help the cruise line stand out from its competitors . With that said, some If you want to enjoy a cocktail outside of lunch or dinner service, youll have to pay for the privilege. However

River Cruises Include So Much For Your Money

River cruises may seem expensive to some from the outside. But on the inside, when you book a river cruise and go experience the trip, you quickly see how much is included in the cost.

When you factor in what things like guided tours, drinks, and gratuities could cost you suddenly start to look at your investment a little differently. The word expensive in association with river cruises may even transform to being great value.

The value we get with a river cruise is great.

Additionally, it’s easy to budget for a river cruise when the cruise line isn’t nickeling and diming you for everything. For example, if the river cruise costs $3,000 and includes flights, the only additional money you’ll have to factor in is souvenirs, or something like buying beers in town if you choose to do so.

Big Ship Vs Little Ship

Most European river ships have four decks that includes an expansive sun deck. Any higher and the ships wouldnt squeeze underneath the low bridges along their path. Too wide and they cant fit in locks designed hundreds of years ago. Maximum passengers on a European river ship may range from 85 to 200 guests.

Compare that to 5,400+ on the biggest ocean cruise ships. River boats can be quite small, too, more like private yachts and as tiny as 8-passenger luxury barge boats. If small and cozy is for you, consider a luxury barge on narrow canals in France or the Netherlands, mysterious Scottish lochs or Botswanas exotic Chobe River. Cruise aboard small boats on Alaskas Inland waterways, experience the eastern seaboard or the lengthy Intercoastal Waterway in the USA, with only a few dozen guests.

The wedding cake design of river ships that ply the Columbia and Mississippi rivers in the USA may have four or five decks and a bright red paddle wheel. Some are replicas of old time steam boats. These may accommodate from 200 to 450 passengers.

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Tour The Bridge And The Galley

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

If youre on an ocean cruise, you can actually take a tour of the bridge and galley, but youll need to act quickly in order to get a spot.

At least once during your sailing, the ship will offer behind-the-scenes tours of the bridge, where the captain and crew manage the direction and speed of the ship, and the galley, the kitchen, a Viking representative says.

These are limited capacity and can only be booked once onboard, so talk to the guest services team once you arrive and watch your Viking Daily newsletter to make sure you can secure your spot.

That might not interest every traveler, but if youre interested in the inner workings of a major cruise vessel, its well worth the time.

River Cruises Vs Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises Review: Onboard an Adults

In general, river cruises are priced higher than ocean cruises. But this is only because most of whats included in the fare is considered as additional costs when on an ocean cruise.

Another reason why river cruises are more expensive than ocean cruises is the fact that ocean cruises can hold up to 6,700 passengers. This number of people can significantly decrease the experience of the guests as the staff can only accommodate several people at times, unlike in a river cruise where the staff can focus on individual passengers.

Lastly, staff on river cruises are generally paid better than those on ocean cruises, not to mention the multitude of things the staff in ocean cruises needs to do in order to keep the cruise going and its passengers happy.

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Are Viking Freezers Any Good

Viking has made a name for itself as a brand that makes first-rate luxury appliances. It combines advanced technology, useful features, and sleek designs into high-end products.

This commitment to excellent build quality is evident in its freezers.

And while they are rather on the expensive end of the spectrum, this is offset by a superb food preservation performance.

The freezers come in a variety of wood veneers and colors for customers to choose from. Meaning, you can find something to blend with most modern kitchen décors.

Every one of these factors informs the final retail price of a Viking Freezer.

Heres Why You Should Book Now

Its hard to know when cruising will return back to its normal cadence and schedule. Most cruise lines have already announced they are starting back with only a few ships in service when they have the green light to resume. The cruise lines will then slowly build their schedule to include more ships once they have a proven track record of success. Based on what we are currently seeing in the marketplace, booking a cruise that is a good deal should be done NOW!

The prices have steadily gone up the past few weeks for 2021 sailings. Just two months ago, you could easily find many cruise lines offering 7-night Caribbean cruises for $299 to $399 per person. Now you would be hard-pressed to find that deal as prices across most major cruise lines start at least $499 or more per person for the same sailing.

David Crooks, SVP of Product and Operations of World Travel Holdings, told the following on price increases, We are currently seeing a gradual rate increase for 2021 and suspect this is due to demand vs potential capacity limitations. He further mentioned, we anticipate solid demand due to the high usage of FCCs from canceled cruises as well as overall pent- up demand. This factor in combination with reduced capacity – both in a reduction in ships sailing as well as reduced capacity onboard – would indicate that it is not advisable to wait to buy.

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You Don’t Budget For Life Onboard

A major mistake in planning your next cruise is not considering what you’ll spend once onboard — or how you can save money during your trip. When on vacation, the spa treatments, exclusive sun deck passes, dinner theater shows, souvenirs and, of course, cocktails come a-calling. Self-control quickly vanishes.

To avoid racking up shipboard expenses nearing another cruise fare, don’t forget to take advantage of onboard savings like discounts at the spa on port days or sales at the shops toward the end of the cruise. If you’re planning on gulping gimlets or the kids imbibe soda by the liter, look into purchasing a beverage package. For lines with many specialty restaurants, an unlimited dining package might also be prudent if you look forward to experiencing a new dining venue nearly every night of your sailing. Or simply make an onboard spending budget, and stick to it.

Dining On Viking Cruises

I Test Out If Viking Cruises Lives Up To All The Hype

The Restaurant With diverse locations to choose from, every dining area on Viking Star has been carefully considered. Viking Star’s crown jewel is The Restaurant, with the widest choice of culinary offerings. You’ll want to return again and again because Viking created a daily-changing menu highlighting local cuisine so you can explore regional specialties. Your menu is ever evolving to reflect the seasons, your destinations, and locally sourced ingredients. But you have other options as well.

The Chef’s Table Perhaps one night reserve an intimate experience at The Chef’s Table for a specially prepared tasting menu complete with wine pairings.

The Italian Grill Or make a reservation for the Tuscan experience of The Italian Grill to try antipasti the perfect locally inspired pasta or a steak in the legendary Florentine tradition.

Wherever you find yourself on board, Viking’s dining rooms offer menus that incorporate ingredients freshly gathered from local markets, and an authentic local feeling. And of course, Viking Concierge is always on hand to recommend a great local restaurant. But there’s even more dining choices: on Viking Star you have options beyond our traditional restaurants.

Viking Deli Indulge in Scandinavia specialties at the Viking Deli in the Explorers’ Lounge, surrounded by two-story ocean views.

No-Fee Room Service And for those times when you would rather unplug in your comfortable stateroom and just relax, there’s no-fee room service.

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Viking Ocean Cruises Silver Spirits Package:

The cost for the Viking Silver drinks package is $19.95 USD per night per guest. The total cost varies according to the length of the ocean cruise.

For a 7-night cruise, the cost is $139.65 USD p.p.

For a 14-night cruise, the cost is $279.30 USD p.p.

Beverage gratuities are included in the package.

See the 2020 rates for the Silver Spirits package .

Note: Both guests in the stateroom must buy the package.

Is Viking Owned By Carnival

Speaking of independents, that only leaves those lines that may be owned by a larger corporation but are not affiliated with any other cruise brands. These include Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Star Clippers, Viking Cruises and Windstar Cruises, which was formerly owned by Carnival Corp.

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Is Celebrity Or Viking Better Value

On face value a Viking cruise is generally more expensive than a similar cruise on Celebrity, however the fares are mostly all inclusive and the lead in stateroom is a balcony cabin with a private veranda. Viking holds a few promotions annually, such as the Explorer sale, which run for a few months at a time, offering savings and value add ons. If you get in early, you can take advantage of discounted business class flights, companion fly free or free port extensions. Viking provides a premium cruising experience at an attainable price point.

When you cruise with Celebrity you will pay a base price and then add on for-fee extras on top of the fare. You fare includes your accommodation and complimentary dining, some soft drinks, tea and coffee and most onboard activities and entertainment but you will need to pay for specialty dining, alcohol and some other beverages, onshore excursions, room service charges after 11pm and Wi-Fi packages.

Often you can add the features that Viking include as standard onto a Celebrity stateroom fare and your total price may come out similar to a Viking balcony fare. This will really come down to which itineraries you are comparing, and what specials each line is running at the time.

You Underestimate Travel Agents

Why You Should Choose a Viking Ocean Cruise

In the Age of Information, sometimes we forgo humans with real expertise and let the Internet compute all of our cruise details. As valuable as the Web can be, especially for research, cruise professionals can not only provide you with experience and personalized attention but can lock in a deal that comes laced with comped dinners, free wine and/or copious onboard credit. Established cruise agencies have access to special rates and can help you monitor fares and promotions so you book at the right time for the best price.

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Does Viking River Cruises Have Laundry Service

Depending on your stateroom category, laundry services, including pressing, may be complimentary. On board ships sailing our Mississippi itineraries, self-service launderettes including irons and ironing boards are available free of charge, with detergent available for your use at no additional cost.

How Much Do Viking River Cruises Cost

The beauty of Viking River Cruises is that you can sail right into the very heart of your destination, even if its located far inland. If theres a major river running through or near it, youll be able to get there. Viking Longships are essentially floating luxury hotels, offering the same amenities as stationary accommodation but with the obvious perk of bringing you to your next destinations. Its brilliant.

Prices vary according to the cruise duration and destinations, but typically, they fall within the $1,699-$4,999 range. Note that there are many Viking River Cruises in Europe that fall under the $2,000 price point, which makes them surprisingly affordable. Their Asia, Egypt and Russia cruises are generally a bit pricier, starting from $3,224.

Of course, the longer the cruise, the higher the price. Its a pretty straightforward setup, making basically every cruise with Viking worth every penny. Check out this page for a detailed overview of all available Viking River Cruises.

So, now that you know how much Viking Cruises cost, you can decide which one suits your budget best. Whichever concept you go for, rest assured that it will be a trip to remember.

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How Much Are Gratuities On Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises Europe Onboard Staff: 12 per person, per day. 2 per person, per day, Program Director. Egypt, Russia, Southeast Asia: $15 per person, per day, crew. $10 per person, per day, Viking tour escort.

Viking River Cruises recommends varied gratuities depending on your cruise region. Additional tipping is at each passengers discretion. For the crew tips, you may tip in cash or charge the gratuity to your credit card. Program directors do not share in the onboard staff gratuities, and they should be tipped in cash.

Also, how much are gratuities on Viking Ocean Cruises? You should also research tipping policies for your vessel while tips are voluntary for both ocean and river cruises, Viking ocean cruises have a discretionary hotel and dining charge of $15.00 per day .

Considering this, what is the tipping policy on Viking River Cruises?

Tips are not included in your cruise price, but are a voluntary way of showing satisfaction for good service. You may tip onboard staff in cash if you like, or you may charge your tips to your credit card at the end of the cruise .

Are Viking cruises worth it?

Wide range of itineraries: With the largest number of destinations of any river cruise line, Viking offers a cruise for nearly every part of the world. Value: Vikings notorious 2-for-1 deals offer a great value for river cruisers. Best for: Viking River Cruises is best for older travelers.

River Cruise Ships Centrally Dock In Ports

Viking Inclusive Value

Can you imagine docking in the center of a city with this historic bridge as the view from your cabin? It’s possible with river cruises!

Because of the mere size of ocean cruise ships, they often have to dock far away from the action. But river cruises usually dock steps away from the city center.

With Danube River cruises, for example you’ll be steps from Bratislava’s town center in Slovakia. Or just a short walk to many of the beautiful buildings that line the Danube riverbanks in Budapest, Hungary.

Imagine docking in Passau during a Christmas Markets river cruise and you’re just a five to ten minute walk from the charming holiday markets!

This luxury is already included in the trip. Which means you won’t see additional port fees and taxes on your final bill it’s already accounted for in the price of your river cruise.

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On A River Cruise Get Off The Boat

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

Given the luxurious nature of the Viking vessels, its easy to understand why a traveler would want to stay on the boat. Thats fine if youre on an ocean cruise, but for river cruises, make sure youre taking advantage of the local culture.

Sailing down rivers puts you in the heart of many of the cities you visit, our source tells us. During each port of call, guests can explore the destinations with a short walk from their ships dock. Plus, the ships sail smoothly down Europes waterways, meaning, no waves for those who get seasick.

This is where a carefully planned travel itinerary can really elevate your trip. Of course, if you miss a stop, you can still enjoy the cities: Vikings Culture Curriculum program provides onboard performances and lectures from artists, musicians, and historians, along with authentic culinary demonstrations.

In other words, youll have plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge of world cultures. Just make sure to make an effort!

What Drinks Are Included On River Cruises

The most common option for included drinks is that beer, wine, and soft drinks will be included with meals. This means that the free drinks are available in the main dining room when meals are being served and also in the main lounge at the same time.

You will probably find that you spend very little extra on drink when you are on a river cruise because of this. Dinner can often last a long time and with the drinks flowing guests are rarely in a rush to leave the dining room.

Top Tip: Make sure that you have a full glass before you leave the main dining room. You can take it with you to your cabin or into the lounge to continue your evening.

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