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How Much Is Laundry Service On Celebrity Cruises

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Iron Or Steam Your Clothes At Home First

Laundry Service on Celebrity Silhouette – 14 Day Cruise

Make sure that your clothing is wrinkle-free before you put it in your suitcase. A quick pass with an iron or steamer at home will save you time when youre on your cruise. No one wants to waste hours of their hard-earned vacation ironing!

Whether you iron or steam the wrinkles out, be sure the clothes are completely dry and cool to the touch before you pack them. This will prevent wrinkles or creases from setting while your garments are in your luggage.

Is There An Iron In My Cabin Or Can I Bring My Own

Irons or anything with heating elements are not permitted in cabins. If your ship has an onboard self-service laundry facility, there are irons and ironing boards available for use there. Otherwise, most ships will have a few irons to loan upon request for a few hours at a time. Contact housekeeping or guest services to inquire about borrowing an iron.

How To Do Laundry On Cruise Ships: The Ultimate Guide

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When you take a cruise, you dont always need to pack enough clothes to last for your whole trip.

If youre taking a long cruise or travelling with kids, youll definitely want to check out the laundry options on your ship and make a plan before you pack.

Ive found that kids can get through at least four outfits per day with day clothes, swimwear, evening clothes and nightwear. And its rare that anything is clean enough to be worn twice!

So, rather than packing 56 changes of clothes per person for a two-week cruise, its definitely a good idea to find out how to do laundry on a cruise ship.

Read on for everything you need to know, including one amazing free laundry hack that Ive recently discovered!

  • FAQs about doing laundry on a cruise ship
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    Paid Laundry And Dry Cleaning

    When it comes to paid services, laundry is usually handled through your stateroom steward, and prices vary by line. Cruise lines often provide a price chart look for the list and bag hanging in your staterooms closet.

    For a wash and press on Carnival cruises, a formal shirt or blouse is $5, while wet/dry cleaning a two-piece suit is $8. The wet/dry cleaning, which avoids traditional cleaning solvents, is only available on select ships.

    On Norwegian cruises, ships offer laundry and dry cleaning services as well. Simply fill out the order form provided in your stateroom and ask your steward to pick up your laundry.

    Disney Cruise Line also offers full-service laundry and dry cleaning, and items can be picked up from your stateroom in provided laundry bags to make things easy. Celebrity Cruises offers paid laundry and dry cleaning. Pricing examples: A dress costs $11 for cleaning and $16 for dry cleaning while pants cost $7 for cleaning and $8 for dry cleaning.

    Royal Caribbean offers washing and dry cleaning services onboard their ships. The line lists its item prices here.

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    How To Do Laundry While On Vacation

    Washing and pressing prices on Royal Princess

    One of the biggest concerns our guests have before they embark on a YMT vacation is how they are going to do laundry while on their trip. Will there be time to clean their clothes? Will there be facilities? What will it cost?

    Our suggestions vary by type of trip, cost, effectiveness, and ease.

    For our shortest tours, we recommend packing enough clothing to avoid needing to do laundry entirely, if possible. Doing laundry at home will nearly always save you time and money when compared to doing it on vacation. Barring that possibility, when on a land tour, you have three main options:

  • Use the hotels laundry service
  • Do your own laundry at facilities in or around the hotel
  • Hand wash in your room
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    Can I Do Laundry On Cruise Ships

    You dont have to pack enough clothes for your entire sailing, especially if its a long one. Instead, pack half as much as you need and do laundry on your cruise ship halfway through. You can do it yourself on many ships in their laundromats or, if your precious vacation time is more important to you than money, you can send your laundry out and have the staff do it for you. Here is our line-by-line breakdown of the services available:

    Self-Service: Complimentary laundromats with provided detergent and ironing facilities are available on all ships.

    Valet & Dry Cleaning: Full laundry and dry cleaning services are available for a fee.

    Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

    Uniworld offers send-out laundry service on its European cruises. In addition, there is complimentary self-service laundry available on River Countess, River Duchess, River Empress, River Princess, River Queen, S.S. Antoinette, S.S. Beatrice, S.S Catherine, S.S. Joie de Vivre and S.S. Maria Theresa.

    Sending out a shirt to be laundered costs 3.30 euros.

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    How To Iron Your Clothes Without Using An Iron

    Use gravity to drop out the creases

    There is not a lot more annoying than carefully picking out your outfit and realizing that you look like you need a good iron! Keeping clothes wrinkle-free when theyve been packed into a suitcase is quite a challenge.

    To get rid of the worst of the wrinkles I like to have a shower and then hang the clothes in the bathroom.

    This can be tricky if the coat hangers in your closet are attached to the closet but generally speaking its usually quite easy to take out a coat hanger and hang your clothes on the inside of the bathroom door.

    The creases mostly drop out as the bathroom dries. It isnt perfect but it is a lot better than just wearing your freshly creased clothes!

    If you are worried about wrinkles in your clothes it may be worth buying something like this: Wrinkle Releaser Plus.

    Alternatively Get Celebritys Internet Package

    Celebrity Cruises Breaks Barriers: Celebrity Edge Sets Sail With The First All-Female Bridge Team

    If you must stay connected to your friends, family or work back home, then take advantage of Celebritys internet packages. You pay a fixed daily flat rate in return you get unlimited internet. That helps you stay in touch.

    If you dont carry electronics during your vacation, you can visit one of Celebritys iLounge and use the public computers there. Booking certain staterooms, like suites and spa staterooms, comes with perks such as free internet, or beverage packages. You can consider this option as opposed to paying for the internet yourself.

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    Drinks And Drink Packages

    On all lines, you will be able to get water, coffee, tea, and other non-alcoholic drinks as part of your cruise fare. Certain juices, specialty coffees, soda, and alcoholic beverages are usually not included unless youve opted for an all-inclusive fare or you purchase a drinks package.

    Some lines, like Azamara, include non-alcoholic drinks along with select spirits, beers, and a selection of wines by the glass in its cruise fares. Others will include drinks at lunch or dinner only. Cruisers can opt to add each drink to their cruise tab or if it seems like better value a drinks package could save you some money over the course of your trip.

    Each cruise line is different with how they handle a drinks package but usually, youll have the option to get a non-alcoholic package or an alcoholic beverage package. Drinks packages start from around $12 for a soft drinks package up to $130 for a premium drinks package.

    Stuff Shoulders And Bodices Of Formal Items With Tissue Paper

    If your cruise line has formal nights, you likely will be packing some dressy clothing. Protect any parts of these clothes that could crush under pressure, like the shoulders of a suit jacket or dress, or the bodice of a formal gown. Ball up some tissue paper, and stuff these sections to help them keep their shape.

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    Get A Discount On Your Cruise

    The price of your cruise will be different depending on who you book it with. Its always cheaper to use a travel agent with access discounted rates.

    See the best cruise deals from all travel agents in one place.

    Of course, not all travel agents are equal in terms of the service that they provide, and a great travel agent is worth their weight in gold.

    • If you prefer to email your enquiry This travel agent always goes above and beyond to provide the very best personalised service
    • If you want to speak to someone right nowThis large travel agency has great prices and Ive always found them to be really helpful

    Is There A Way To Get My Laundry Done For Free

    Cruise Deals From Celebrity Cruises 2018/2019

    Many cruise line loyalty programs offer a free bag of laundry per cruise at a certain level. Princess Cruises’ Captain’s Circle Elite members receive complimentary laundry and professional cleaning services. If you’re a passenger on a luxury line staying in an upper category suite you might be eligible for suite perks, such as complimentary laundry services.

    Another free option is to do it yourself. There are no liquid restrictions on cruise ships, so you can bring your own detergent and hand-wash your clothes in the cabin sink. Most in-cabin showers have retractable clotheslines so you can hang your wash to dry.

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    Medium Ship Line #: Celebrity Cruises

    Celebritys Millennium-class shipsCelebrity Millennium, Infinity, Summit, and Constellationare the smallest in the fleet, each with a capacity between 2,100 and 2,200 passengers. The ships just got a bevy of both new and upgraded staterooms as part of Celebritys fleet-wide modernization, and when they launched in the early aughts were some of the first ships to use more eco-friendly engines that combined gas and steam power. The four ships sail from home ports around the world, from Europe to North America to Asia.

    The Best Way To Handwash Clothes On A Cruise Ship

    Ive recently discovered a fantastic solution to cruise laundry called the Scrubba Washbag. This genius handwashing bag makes it so quick and easy to wash clothes on a cruise ship!

    Heres what my Scrubba washbag looks like

    Ive only heard of this clever device recently and I wish that Id bought one sooner. That said, my kids still manage to cover themselves in ice cream every single day on a cruise so Im sure Ill get a LOT of use out of it in the years to come.

    The Scrubba washbag is basically a pocket-size portable washing machine. It allows you to wash your clothes in under five minutes which is about how long it would take to walk to the ships laundry room .

    Heres what the bag looks like when its unfolded

    I think that using the Scrubba bag is the easiest way to wash clothes on a cruise ship.

    Heres how to use it:

  • Put the clothes in the bag
  • Add a little water and travel wash
  • Roll down and clip the top
  • Turn the valve to let out the air
  • Rub the clothes for a couple of minutes
  • Tip out the water
  • Rinse with clean water inside the bag
  • Remove the clothes and hang up to dry
  • Heres what the bag looks like with clothes inside

    The Scrubba Washbag has some really clever features like the internal washboard with nobbly bits that help to rub the dirt out of your garments.

    I like how the valve makes it easy to expel all of the air and the top clip makes the bag watertight so theres no need to worry about water going everywhere.

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    Mega Ship Line #: Msc Cruises

    Though MSC is headquartered in landlocked Switzerland, this cruise line has mastered the art of mega-ships, building five of the 25 largest in the world: MSC Grandiosa, MSC Bellissima, MSC Meraviglia,MSC Seaview, andMSC Seaside. Each can hold between 5,300 and 6,300 passengers at maximum capacity. MSC Grandiosa is the newest of the five, offering innovative features like Zoe, an artificial intelligencepowered virtual assistant that can help you with any questions or requests on board, as well as impressive entertainment like the third set of Cirque du Soleil shows at sea . But on all five ships, youll find everything from top-notch dining options to bowling alleys to copious outdoor space for sunbathing. MSC has some plans for mega-growth, too: it has another Meraviglia-Plus class ship and four World-class mega-ships in the pipeline, each with a capacity between 5,800 and 6,850 passengers.

    How Much Does Laundry Cost On A Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise

    Why we cruise Celebrity Cruises

    Washing, ironing, and laundering a pair of jeans with Norwegian Cruise Line averages at around $7.95, for a t-shirt this costs $4.95. Shorts also cost $4.95. A dress costs around $11.95 and underwear as little as $1.95.

    The table below was created using data from a number of Norwegian ships. This is designed to give you a rough idea of how much things cost and should not be taken as being exact.

    The prices of laundry change regularly.

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    Faqs About Doing Laundry On A Cruise Ship

    How difficult is doing laundry on a cruise?

    Doing laundry on a cruise ship is easy. Almost all cruise ships offer a professional laundry and dry cleaning service and many also have self-service laundry rooms. Alternatively, you may prefer to wash small items in the sink in your cabin.

    Do cruise ships have irons in the cabins?

    Cruise ships do not have irons in the cabins as this is seen as a fire risk. Many cruise ships have laundry rooms where there are communal irons that you can use. Alternatively, there will be a pressing service that you can use to get your clothes crease-free.

    Can you bring an iron on a cruise ship?

    Most cruise ships have banned guests from bringing clothing irons on board as they pose a fire risk. The exception is Marella Cruises which does allow guests to bring a travel iron. Cruise ships will allow guests to bring a flat iron for hair, so you could use this to iron your clothes in a pinch.

    Can you bring a clothes steamer on a cruise ship?

    Just like irons, clothes steamers are banned from cruise ships as they pose a fire hazard. If you want your clothes to be steamed, you will have to send them to the ships laundry and pay a fee. Some ships do have self-service laundry rooms where you can use an iron and ironing board.

    How do you keep your clothes wrinkle-free on a cruise?Can you bring laundry detergent on a cruise?Whats the best way to do your own laundry on a cruise ship, if there are no washing machines on board?

    Celebritys Loyalty Program Captains Club

    In June 2021, Celebrity updated its Captains Club loyalty program .

    The offerings now include:

    • onboard events Captains Club Sneak Peek Series , Create and Pour , Welcome Parties , Captains Club Cocktail Hour .
    • Spa discounts , deals exclude MedSpa and Spa Retails, but for Elite and above members Persian Gardens access is complimentary on one of the port days .
    • Laundry packages now include Evening Chic with the optional US$20 add-on for unlimited pressing .
    • Internet discounts plus bonus minutes for Elite and Elite Plus members, an additional 10% discount is offered with pre-cruise booking. Zenith members receive complimentary the Stream package .
    • Beverage package discounts . Zenith members receive complimentary the Premium Beverage Package.
    • Wine discounts . Zenith members receive one complimentary dinner at a specialty restaurant, marked with complimentary wine and flowers.

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    Use A Hard Shell Suitcase

    If youre flying to your embarkation city, be careful where you pack your most wrinkle-prone items.

    Have you ever seen what an airplanes baggage hold looks like when its full? Suitcases are stacked on top of one another, so theres a good chance that your suitcase will have hundreds of pounds of pressure sitting on top of it for the duration of your flight.

    Hard-sided suitcases without expandable panels are your best bet to protect your clothes from becoming creased. Zippered expandable panels made of heavy-duty fabric will compress under pressure. A well-made solid case can withstand the weight of whatever ends up on top of it, not affecting whats inside.

    If you dont have hard shell luggage, place the items that youre most concerned about wrinkling in your carry-on suitcase. As long as your suitcase fits easily in the overhead compartment, you wont have to worry about your clothing getting squashed.

    Small Ship Line #: Hapag

    Celebrity Cruises Expeditions

    German company Hapag-Lloyd is not just in the shipping business: its building a luxury expedition cruise empire, too. Though it currently only has two ships in its fleet, the MS Europa and MS Europa 2, the line has impressed its customers with suite-style cabins, impressive itineraries across all seven continents, and extremely polished service thats anything but stuffy. Hapag-Lloyds budding empire will expand with three new expedition ships scheduled to launch in 2021.

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    Amenities Included With Iconic Suite

    • Exclusive access to The Retreat Sundeck
    • Exclusive access to The Retreat Lounge
    • Exclusive access to Luminae at The Retreat
    • Premium Beverage Package
    • Two complimentary bottles of alcohol
    • Mixers for cocktails
    • In-room beer, soda, and water
    • Peloton cycle in your suite by request
    • Tote bag designed by Nate Berkus
    • Welcome bottle of Perrier-Jouët
    • Afternoon tea hosted in The Retreat Lounge
    • Premium Frette terry bathrobes, slippers
    • Premium Frette towels
    • Daily delivery of delectable delights
    • In-suite specialty coffee
    • Premium CO Bigelow bath amenities
    • Shoeshine service

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