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Are Alaskan Cruises Worth It

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Prince William Sound 26 Glacier Cruise

This THRILLING Excursion will make your Alaska Cruise Worth It! | Ovation of the Seas

Alaska is filled with ice flows. Princess offers a Prince William Sound 26 Glacier Cruise excursion out of Anchorage. Board your catamaran and sail right up to the beautiful glaciers. Witness the glaciers calve as chunks of ice break off and drop into the water. View otters, seals, sea lions, and eagles. You may be lucky enough to spot a bear or two. From your heated cabin with panoramic viewing windows, listen to your U.S. Forest Service Ranger guide narrate your day-long journey. Prices begin at $149 for the 10-hour cruise.

Can You Stay Entertained

Short answer: Yes. Todays cruise ships have no shortage of onboard entertainment, from comedy acts, piano bars, cooking demos, and trivia games by the pool, to figure skating, lectures, late-night movies, Cirque du Soleil performances, concerts, and even Broadway at Sea productions. A lot of these are included in the cost of your ticket, but somelike fitness classes, spa treatments, wine tastings, IMAX movies, laser tag, escape rooms , and gamblingwill cost you extra.

Whats included aside, the question isnt if youll be entertained, but how. Designed to accommodate all passengers, cruise entertainment is far from a local experience, so if youve paid all that money to see cool destinations, youll want to deboard and get the real thing. That said, entertainment is subjective, so choose activities youll actually enjoy doing, onboard or not.

INSIDER TIPLook over the list of included entertainment and activities prior to booking your cruise. If everything you like doing costs more, consider that when evaluating the cost of your trip.

Which Is The Best Cruise Line To Go To Alaska

Set sail with Princess® the best cruise line in Alaska. We offer a range of enriching Alaska cruise vacation options to see the Great Lands glaciers, wildlife and national parks from the perspective of spectacular ships, exclusive rail service and Princess Wilderness Lodges. With both roundtrip and one-way Alaska cruises you can experience

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What Is There To Do On The Cruise Ship

Seeing as we spent all day at the pool on our Caribbean cruise, we were nervous there wouldnt be too much to do on our Alaskan Cruise. But thats not the case at all.

First, you have hot tubs. And one of my favorite activities was to alternate between the hot tubs and relaxing with a glass of wine while reading a book.

Second, they do have a great kids club for all ages that really keep the kids busy if you do decide to bring them along.

And Third, there are TONS of shows and plays and games and planned activities for everyone. Not to mention the casino if you want to win your cruise fare back!

Each day at sea also had a newly released movie play on the big screen on the top deck, and stewards passed around hot chocolate and blankets to watch movies under the stars.

Visit Glacier Bay National Park

Win a Ultra

While on Disney Alaskan cruises, you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of national parks. However, exploring Glacier Bay isnt so common. Its unspoiled natural beauty where a swarm of tourists hasnt bombarded. While on the Disney Alaska excursions, you can enjoy the mountain scenery, wildlife, and glaciers, etc.

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Mushers Camp And Sled Dog Experience

Youâll begin this trip with a 35- to 40-minute bus ride to the remnants of the nearby ghost town of Dyea, which was Skagwayâs biggest competition during the gold rush days. Itâs now set within the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park as the site of a dog musherâs camp. Once there, youâll board an all-terrain vehicle called a Unimog, which will take you up a rugged mountain road to where the mushers keep their dogs.

There, youâll be assigned to a special wheeled summertime sled, where youâll grab a seat and prepare to have a team of eager huskies speed around a mile of twists and turns in the crisp mountain air. Your assigned musher will introduce you to the dog team, fill you in on the sport of sled-dog racing and snap some photos of you along the way.

After your sledding experience, youâll have a chance to play with sled dog puppies. This is also a nice if youâre unable to take the glacier dog-sledding flightseeing excursion in Juneau.

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Insider Tips For Alaska Cruises

  • Transfer day is a sightseeing day The trip between Whittier or Seward and Anchorage travels one of the most scenic stretches of road in the state. Youll cross the mountains and follow the coast of Turnagain Arm. Transfers are typically by motorcoach, private shuttle or train, but this is far more than getting from A to B. Keep your camera at the ready, and dont be surprised if you spot wildlife and incredible natural landscapes along the way.

  • Day cruises get even closer to glaciers Its worth adding a day cruise either in Prince William Sound or Resurrection Bay/Kenai Fjords. These nimble vessels are able to slip into smaller spaces than the big ships, better navigate to sea lion haulouts, bird nesting areas and whale watching hot spots in the moment, and get closer to glaciers and then linger in silence. These incredible sights also makes day cruises a great option for independent travelers as well. If spending nights aboard a ship doesnt appeal to you, day cruises are a great way to sample the marine ecosystem and keep the start of each day on solid ground.

  • Anchorage as flightseeing capital Anchorage isnt just the spot to catch the flight into or out of Alaska. With a huge concentration of pilots and small aircraft, its also a prime spot for sightseeing tours by air. Flights from Merrill Field or Lake Hood in Anchorage take off for glaciers in the nearby Chugach Mountains, the waters of Prince William Sound, or even circle Denali by air.

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    Is Glacier Bay Worth It

    Hi, I have been to Alaska once before as a kid with my family on a Princess Cruise where we went through Glacier Bay. I remember it being very beautiful and wanting to go back again on my own with more flexibility than being on a cruise ship.

    This July 11-July 23 I am planning to go to Alaska with my wife. We plan to fly into Anchorage, rent a car and camping equipment and then do a mix of car camping and hotels/lodges near the Kenai Peninsula, Seward, Homer etc. And maybe Denali. I had planned to spend 7 days here and do Kayaking, Hiking , whale watching, white water rafting.

    We then were planning to fly to and then on to Gustavus for 3 days to see Glacier Bay via the daily national park service boat, then maybe another day and half possibly visiting a dog sled camp, Helicopter ride, more hiking etc.

    I have a couple questions:

    1) Is it worth it to go to Juneau/Gustavus to see glacier bay or can we have a similar experience out of Seward. Specifically I wanted to take a boat along side the glacier and watch the ice falling off . The flight to Gustavus is an added expense and we want to save our money for some of the bigger ticket tours such as Helicopter ride etc, but would be willing to spring for it if Glacier Bay is that much better than anywhere else.

    4) Any advice on helicopter or dog sled trips. My impression is that there are several options that provide a combined day long experience.

    Book A Large Stateroom Or Suite

    How Much Is An Alaskan Cruise? Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas Glacier Cruise

    Celebrity Cruises Suite

    We all need space to spread out, which can be a challenge when you have young travel mates. On an Alaska cruise with kids, you will want to book the largest stateroom you can, opt for The Retreat, or consider booking two interconnecting staterooms. The good news is housekeeping will tidy up twice a day and pick up those dirty socks!

    Especially in Alaska, one of the best kids cruise destinations, veranda staterooms are worth it with the whole family enjoying amazing views at practically every turn. They also give you and your tween or teen a private space where you can have some alone time.

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    Is A Cruise To Alaska Worth It

    You’ll never really see all of Alaska.

    The 49th state is bigger than Texas, California and Montana combined. For each mile of paved road, there are 640 square miles of land. Some of the best places to see wildlife are only accessible by plane lodging in these remote locations can cost $1,000 per night.

    So, is a cruise to Alaska worth it? Our family thinks so. We believe that the best way to see Alaska is however you can afford to do so.

    An Inside Passage cruise is one way to visit Glacier Bay National Park, which is a sight to behold. That tiny speck in front of the Johns Hopkins Glacier is a 19-deck cruise ship. Amazing, just amazing.

    Salmon And Halibut Fishing

    Thereâs good fishing off Sitka, and with this full-day, small-group excursion, you hit the waters in search of king, silver or chum salmon, as well as halibut. The captain will take you to known fishing spots where various techniques â weather permitting â are employed for salmon fishing and halibut fishing. You should be aware that being on a small boat on the open sea subjects you to swells and wind chop.

    Note: You need to buy a one-day fishing license from the captain of the small boat for $25 cash, as required by Alaska law. Also, in May and June, you need an additional $15 king salmon stamp. If you catch a fish, you can have it packaged and shipped home for an additional fee note your catch will not be permitted back onboard the ship. Lunch and snacks are provided on this excursion.

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    What Is An Alaskan Cruise Really Like

    Its not like what Mike and I experienced, no word of a lie. I cant lie to you and pretend that our trip was the norm. We had prepared for rainy, chilly weather. We bought new raincoats off of Amazon, we bought new rubber duck shoes and we made sure that we packed umbrellas. We had looked online, read the cruise forums and did our research. We hadnt even taken an Alaskan cruise before so we were prepared for the rainy days that were most likely going to happen on the trip.

    It was sunny the entire trip.

    Not one rainy day. In fact, it was quite hot when we were in Sitka, one of the hottest days they had had all year so far. We had worn layers when walking to the Sitka National Historic Park and we were in t-shirts by the time we hit the totem walk in the forest.

    So first, Alaskan cruises are normally chillier and rainy than what we experienced. That doesnt really matter in my opinion because Alaskan cruises are filled with spectacular beauty. Sitka was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been to. The National Forest was breathtaking and not to be missed.

    Every port you are at on an Alaskan cruise is candy for the eyes but Juneau will steal your heart as soon as you see her. This is a sight that you will only see if you come in by air or by sea, making it a pretty special thing indeed as there are no roads into Juneau.

    The food?

    Now, I am sure that I missed something so please ask in the comments below and I will try to answer!

    Happy travels!

    Get Ready For Your First Time On An Alaskan Cruise

    Alaskan Cruise Overview

    Hooray! Youre about to go on an Alaskan Cruise! Want to know what its really like? Ill fill you in on all the details about my 7-day Alaskan Cruise aboard the Ruby Princess.

    Ive been hearing about Alaskan cruises for years but always assumed they were for old people and all you really did was sail around and look at snow-capped mountains. I could not have been more wrong!

    We originally wanted to discover Alaska but did a lot of research and found Alaska very hard to get around if you wanted to see multiple places. So we decided on a cruise as our best bet to be able to see several different areas of Alaska in one trip.

    Fun Fact: The City of Juneau, which is also the capital of Alaska, can only be accessed by boat or plane. There are no roads leading in or out of Juneau crazy huh?!?

    We loved our cruise so much, we are already planning a second one with the kids. So sit back and let me tell you everything you need to know about your first time on an Alaskan Cruise!

    Dont forget to follow me on to get more information on your Alaskan Cruise!

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    Where Does It Stop

    Each cruise line and often individual itineraries within the same cruise line makes different stops as they travel through Alaska. So one important thing to consider when you choose an Alaska cruise is where you want to visit and what you want to see and do. Heres what you can expect in the main Alaskan cruise ports of call .

    Disney Alaska Cruise Tips

    When it comes to traveling, fraudsters try to hook you into many scams. Besides, you may also unknowingly make several mistakes especially if its your first time. To avoid getting scammed or making mistakes, you should know the right trips and tricks when boarding the Disney Alaska Wonder cruise. Here are a handful of helpful tips.

    1) Always book your cruise from an authorized Disney vacation planner to have the satisfaction of contacting the right person.2) If its your special day, do mention it when hiring a cruise. It may help you get special gifts.3) To get the best deals, try booking the cruise as early as possible.You can save a handful of bucks if you book a secret room .4) To get the best view, request your cruise planner for a window seat.5) To enjoy everything on the ship, download the personal navigator app of the Disney Cruise.

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    Which Cabin Should You Book

    Cruisers tend to be split into two camps the ones who dont spend any time in their cabins and are happy to go without a window to save money, and the ones wholl pay a bit extra to have a balcony to relax and soak up the views from. As Alaska is such a scenic area, with some great views along the Inside Passage, we decided it was worth the cost to have a balcony. Turns out we had fog on the way up and didnt see a lot, but it came into its own at the glacier.

    It can help to be able to see the horizon and get some fresh air if youre worried about seasickness. You can also choose a cabin on as low a deck as possible, in the middle of the ship rather than the forward or aft as they move less. It can cost a bit more to reserve a specific cabin rather than a generic category but I like to know where Im going to be .

    Misty balcony morning

    So which is your ideal cruise? I was travelling with my parents at the end of August, wanted to do a round trip from Vancouver, didnt mind too much about what stops we made, and wanted a mid-size ship with a bit of luxury. So we ended up choosing a Celebrity Cruises seven-night Hubbard Glacier cruise and really enjoyed it, but there are tons of options to create your own perfect Alaska cruise.

    What Are The Best Things To Do On An Alaskan Cruise

    Is a cruise to Alaska in July worth it??

    10 Things to Do on an Alaska Cruise

    • 01 of 10. See Whales.
    • 02 of 10. Ride the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway.
    • 03 of 10. Visit Glacier Bay National Park.
    • 04 of 10. See Bald Eagles on the Chilkat River.
    • 05 of 10. Ride in a Helicopter.
    • 06 of 10. Go Dog Sledding.
    • 07 of 10. Ride the Alaska Grandview Train.
    • 08 of 10.

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    Is Disney Alaska Cruise Worth It

    Lets come to the real question: is it worth going for an Alaska cruise or not. You may have heard countless times that you should try going on Disney Alaska Cruise excursions at least once in your life. But is it really worth it? To answer this question, we should first know what is there to do on the Disney Alaska cruise.

    How Big Are The Rooms Should I Get A Balcony

    Im not gonna lie, the rooms are small. you pretty much just have a bed and a small bathroom. It worked just fine for 2 adults, but I would go crazy if I put my family of four all in one room togehter .

    Fun Tip: Did you know you can get 2 rooms for cheaper than the price of 1 on ANY cruise line when you cruise with at least 4 people? Its a secret not many know about. Send me a message at to find out how!

    I did think there was ample storage space. You have the closets, some drawers, nightstands and even room under the bed to store clothing and other items.

    Oh and YES GET A BALCONY! Trust me, its SO worth the extra money. Not only for the extra sitting room but each night we left our door open and listened to the sound of waves as we slept. And we had amazing sunset views, saw glaciers and ice floating by as we sailed, and even got a glimpse of some orcas swimming as we got ready for dinner one night.

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