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What Is The Best Dinner Cruise In Maui

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Dine At Sea On These 5 Maui Dinner Cruises

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise

Taking a romantic sunset cruise with the one you love is something that everyone ought to experience at least once. It’ll make for an evening that you’ll remember forever, and is well worth the splurge! Plus with perfect weather, breathtaking sunsets, and a whale or two thrown in , Maui is one of the best places to do it.Have the kids with you? Consider taking advantage of your hotel’s babysitting service just this once!

What makes this such a perfect way to spend an evening on Maui? For starters, there’s the drop-dead gorgeous ocean sunset. Then mix in the gentle rhythm of the boat cutting through the waves, mouth-watering cocktails, fantastic food, plus music to set the mood, and, well, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?Here are four of the best options for an enchanting evening at sea!

Dinner & Sunset Cruises In Maui Hawaii

Dinner cruises are available most evenings before sunset, with boats departing from Lahaina or Maalaea. But should you take a dinner cruise, or should you take a daytime cruise and then go to dinner on land?

The advantage of a dinner cruise is that you have beautiful views of Maui and the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai from the ship, a lovely sunset, and dinner, all in one neat package.

If you would like to go on a dinner cruise during your Maui vacation, see the comparisons between some of the various available dinner cruise choices below. Or click for more Maui Dinner Cruises.

Trilogy Captains Sunset Dinner Sail

The Captains Sunset Dinner Cruise is offered by Trilogy Excursions. The Trilogy catamaran provides a cozy atmosphere and the crew will be sure to give guests a memorable experience of tropical views and a relaxing atmosphere. It sets sail from the Maalaea Harbor on Wednesdays and Fridays, or the Lahaina Harbor on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. A dinner cruise aboard the Trilogy includes a delectable chef-prepared 4-course meal, dessert, and a wide selection of drinks. The cruise consists of a pleasant sail along the coast of Maui and just before dining, will anchor in a protected cove. A dinner cruise on the Trilogy not only includes a meal consisting of steak, chicken, fish, or Portobello mushroom pasta, it provides you with starlight sailing and relaxing after-dinner drinks.

The dinner cruises available in Maui are sure to please. So, why not make dinner extra-special and reserve your spot today!

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Maui Sunset Cruise: Your Insider’s Guide To Choosing Right

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Should you go on a Maui sunset cruise? Is it worth the money? How do you pick one? The insider’s guide tells all…

For what it’s worth, we weren’t sure if a Maui cocktail cruise would be for us either. But we needed to relax after a few jam-packed days of sightseeing and decided to give it a try

And…we were SO glad that we did!

Sure, it was touristy, as expected. But it was also romantic and wonderfully relaxing!

In a rush? Book it now!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Maui Sunset Cruise Tickets

Pacific Whale Foundation Sunset Dinner Cruise

My favorite place to book is on the Barefoot Tours site.

There are several reasons why I feel comfortable recommending them to you:

  • They’re a reputable local Maui company who has been in business for over 30 years.
  • They have an excellent low price guarantee!
  • They offer a wide selection of activities and tour operators, so I feel confident that you will find what you’re looking for!

Want to see ALL available sunset Maui cruises?

When you get to the Barefoot Tours site, click on the link for “Maui,” then scroll down and choose “Sunset Sails and Cruises” for their complete listings, descriptions, and pricing.

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Reviews For Lahaina Dinner Cruise

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Beryl Rivers September 3, 2019

    Quelle romance! My husband and I just went on your dinner cruise and LOVED IT! I was swept away in the experience! drinks on the water with the sun setting, tasty food, and we met a few really nice people that well likely spend time with again before we leave. What a fantastic job you did! Thank you so much!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr. Ho October 21, 2020

    I miss this. We were supposed to be with you in July, but you know whats going on Bummer to miss out on our trip. I think well be back next year, but we dont know when. This was our favorite night during our 2019 trip. I can feel the warm breeze just thinking about it. Thank you and well get back as soon as we can. OPEN UP PLEASE!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Laura Thompson March 19, 2021

    They outdid themselves on our cruise! Great food! Cant wait to come back to Maui. We needed this soooo badly.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    J Marsh

    Ready to book your dinner cruise again! Lets do this.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Susan J. Avery October 13, 2021

    I wasnt planning on doing this one till I heard that Threes did the catering. LOVE their food! they grill everything onboard. It was great! Thanks again.

  • Teralani Holoholo Cocktail Sail

    Teralani’s original sunset sail includes appetizers and snacks and a full open bar. The menu includes assorted cheeses and crackers, chips and pretzels, pineapple teriyaki meatballs, spinach rolls, spring rolls, antipasto platter, and vegetable crudite. Beverages include a full open bar with wine, champagne, micro-brewed beer on tap, Mai Tais, vodka, gin, and rum mixers, assorted soft drinks and tropical juices, etc. Departure varies seasonally typically the cruise runs from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the summer and 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the winter.

    Teralani Holoholo Cocktail Sail Rate

    $94.00 per Adult, $94.00 per Teen , $70.00 per Child , $55.00 per Infants

    TSE / V

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    Pacific Whale Foundation Sunset Dinner Cruise

    Maui is all about being outdoors, so what better way to enjoy an evening sunset and dinner than on a cruise. The Pacific Whale Foundation Sunset Dinner Cruise features an award-winning 4-course meal. While enjoying appetizers and a fresh, locally grown salad, dessert, and drinks. Entrée choices include shrimp, chicken, flat iron steak, or tofu with a side of vegetables. As you take in the calming ambiance of the catamaran and live Island-style music, you will enjoy the delicious aromas of the meals being prepared onboard.

    The Pacific Whale Foundation Sunset Dinner Cruise departs from 612 Front Street, Lahaina between 5-6 pm, depending on the time of year. The cruise lasts for approximately 2 hours. Tickets are available for all ages.

    Maui Dinner Sunset Cruise: Alii Nui Or Trilogy Excursions


    My family and I will be visiting Maui in June and would like to go on a nice sunset dinner cruise. We are a calmer crowd who appreciate fine dining, newer, and exclusive experiences. We don’t enjoy crowded space and are not big drinkers, although light cocktails would be nice.

    After doing some research, I came down to two options, which are Alii Nui and Trilogy Excursions. Those of you who have been on these cruises, can you share your experiences and suggest which one we should try? This will be our first time doing a sunset cruise in Maui so definitely excited! Thank you!

    7 replies to this topic

    I’m not a big fan of dinner cruises, just because the prices are $$$$ for what you do and don’t get. They aren’t like dinner cruises in many places. They’re pretty short and the entertainment is low key.

    That said, if you are going to do it, I would do Ali’i Nui . Sounds like more your “style” :-). They offer transportation too, which is excellent if you drink.

    Another option would be a sunset cocktail cruise, followed by dinner on land. Where are you staying? Hula Girl, Gemini, Teralani and Trilogy do nice ones up West. Trilogy also does one from Maalaea.

    Book a sunset cruise and save your fine dining Maui experiences for a shore-based restaurant.

    Edited: yesterday, 18:28

    If the sunset dinner service on Alii Nui is of the same quality as their previously offered sunset sail with drinks & appetizers, the food & drink should be excellent.

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    Restaurants & Eating Out

    Maui not only has a unique ecosystem with plants not found in the other 49 States, but it also boasts an uninterrupted cultural history.

    That means during your stay you have the unique opportunity to taste genuine Polynesian food untainted by European colonial influences.

    Because Maui is an island surrounded by abundant marine life, its no surprise many restaurants feature seafood on their menus.

    A popular dish is Opakapaka, which is crimson snapper either steamed, baked or grilled. Monchong is a deep-water fish marinaded and grilled.

    Raw tuna is a favorite with the locals and is found in traditional foods like Poke. Poke is like Japanese Sashimi but with the raw fish served in hearty chunks rather than thin slices.

    Something unique to the Hawaiian Islands is luau food cooked in an earth oven called an imu. A tasty example of luau food is Laulau, made with pork, chicken, or fish.

    The selected meat is wrapped in taro leaves and then cooked inside the imu for hours until it grows soft with a smoky taste. Delicious!

    While many North Americans might consider either bread or potato to be their staple food during meals, on Maui taro is the staple root crop.

    Taro is most often consumed as Poi, a thick paste that is either baked or steamed. Poi is slightly sour due to fermentation during its preparation.

    And for dessert, why not try some Banana-Apple Fruit, Breadfruit, or Kulolo. Banana-Apple is a common fruit eaten cold or hot.

    More About This Activity

    One of Mauis most popular ocean activities that requires no swimsuit, no fins and no SPF, a Lahaina Sunset Dinner Cruise provides guests with a romantic and memorable night on the water.

    Departing daily from Lahaina Harbor, located only a short drive from central Maui and the popular resort area of Kaanapali, this tour company hosts daily eco-adventures aboard their luxurious catamaran. An ideal tour option for couples, friend groups, wedding parties, or simply as a celebratory night out, Sunset Dinner Cruises provide epic views of Mauis scenic shoreline, beaches, neighbor islands of Lanai and Kahoolawe, and sweeping views of the West Maui Mountains and distant Haleakala Volcano.

    With outdoor seating and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the views, the cruise also features a delectable 4-course dinner served table-side. With help from knowledgeable and friendly staff members, youll be treated to menu items like spinach and artichoke dip with fresh focaccia, salad, lemongrass-curry marinated shrimp, teriyaki chicken with papaya salsa, chimichurri flat iron steak, honey-miso tofu, Molokai sweet potatoes, grilled vegetables, and dessert items such as triple chocolate brownies. Vegan and gluten-free meal options are available on request.

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    Say Cheers To The Most Romantic Maui Dinner Cruises

    If you want to make your romantic getaway even more special, we have the perfect date idea for you! Maui dinner cruises are a wonderful way to marvel at the islands natural beauty while enjoying a unique dining experience. You can surprise your better half or plan it together, but dont waste time sorting all the companies out! Weve already done it for you. Read on to discover the three most romantic Maui dinner cruises and start dreaming about your next vacation today!

    Experience a romantic Maui dinner cruise with your significant other and discover even more amazing activities in our free Vacation Guide. This handy tool has helped so many couples make unforgettable memories. Click below to get your guide now!

    Alii Nui Royal Feast Dinner Sail

    Maui Sunset Dinner Tour Review

    If youre looking for a romantic sail on the waters of Maui, the Royal Feast Dinner Sail might just be it. On this cruise, you will experience a renowned Maui sunset, a 5-star menu, an open bar, and space to unwind while receiving the royal treatment from the professionally trained crew. Meal choices include a selection of appetizers sure to satisfy any taste palette, main course selections of teriyaki chicken, ribs, Angus prime rib, stir fry vegetables, or grilled fish, plus a salad bar and a dessert.

    Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, vow renewal, or merely enjoying a romantic date, the Alii Nui Royal Feast Dinner Sail will not disappoint. The duration of the cruise is approximately 2 and a half hours, and it departs from the Maalaea Harbor, slips 56 between 4:10-5:30 pm. This cruise is closed for holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

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    Maui Sunset Dinner And Cocktail Cruise

    Cruise aboard the Pride of Maui and prepare to unwind with the Hawaiian sunset as youre taken on a gastronomic and musical journey with this Maui dinner cruise that also happens to be the only one with an open bar on offer.

    The experience, widely accredited for its fun and laid-back atmosphere, takes place on the largest power catamaran on Maui, with sprawling spacious decks and a 2500 m2 observation platform to take in the breathtaking view while whale watching.

    The freshly prepared food caters to both seafood aficionados and vegetarians alike, with plenty in between and is served in an Island Buffet style, giving you the freedom to move around, visit the open bar and socialize. The all-inclusive Mai Tai drinks offering, added to the fact that its the lowest price cruise makes it an unbeatable option when it comes to value for money combined with unparalleled quality. If youre looking for one of the more less expensive Maui tours, this is a great option.

    As for the entertainment, the Sunset Dinner and Cocktail Cruises music is presided over by one of Mauis finest musicians, Joe Cano. The accomplished virtuoso performs a range of genres from acoustic to Latino and on weekends is accompanied by his well-known trio band to deliver an evening of unbridled enjoyment.

    Which Maui Harbor Is The Best To Depart From On A Dinner Cruise

    Which Maui harbor is the best to depart from for a dinner cruise?

    That’s a tough question. The two main harbors from which dinner cruises are taken are Lahaina Harbor and Maalaea Harbor. They both have advantages. Firstly, depending upon where you are staying on the island one might be more desirable than another. Lahaina is closer to all the West Side hotels and Maalaea is closer to all the Kihei and Wailea resorts. The views from each will be different. From Maalaea you will have a great view of Haleakala and South Maui and as you get further away from the harbor you will likely see the island of Lanai. From Lahaina you will have a great view of both Lanai and Molokai and a great backdrop of the West Maui Mountains as the clouds change colors on the mountain tops. Lahaina would generally get the edge regarding calm conditions as it is almost always protected from windy conditions. The same is usually true of Maalaea Harbor but as a percentage probably has a propensity for a bit more of a breeze on some nights than you will find at Lahaina. Both locations are spectacularly gorgeous however and you’re likely to enjoy either.

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    These Maui Dinner Cruises Are Perfect For Date Night

    Pride of Maui Sunset Dinner

    APride of Maui Sunset Dinner is one of the best ways to spend your evening! Not only is it a delight for your palate, but also for your eyes. Treat yourself to a cold margarita and gaze at Mauis rocky coastline in the arms of the one you love. You can have a Jack and Rose moment, then come back inside to enjoy a delicious dinner of fresh fruit and grilled meat. Dine to the tempo of the live music and hit the dancefloor! From flamenco to jazz to blues, the bands repertoire is endless.

    Captains Sunset Dinner Sail

    Trilogys luxurious Captains Sunset Dinner Sail offers breathtaking views as well as a unique culinary experience. Get some alone time with your better half on the impressive catamaran and soak in the marvelous landscape on the horizon! Dinner includes three courses with an entree of your choice. Desserts and drinks can be enjoyed at sunset, so make sure you bring your camera! Its the perfect occasion to take that picture that will make all your friends jealous.

    Kai Kanani Sunset Sail

    Sail into Golden Hour with Kai Kanani Sunset Sail! The ocean looks amazing from the deck of Kai Kananis catamaran. Drink a delicious cocktail as you marvel at the magical yellow light reflecting on the water, and breathe in the salty air as you sail away from the shore! Get a taste of paradise with MauiWines Lokelani sparkling wine and make lifetime memories with your significant other.

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