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Best Time To Go On An Alaska Cruise

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Alaska Cruise Tips. 6 Need To Knows Before You Go

East Greenland and Iceland NorthernLights. 14 Days Reykjavik to Reykjavik. Operated By: Intrepid Travel. Departures: Sep 2022 to Sep 2023. Trip Styles: Cruise, Winter, NorthernLights.

The arctic viewing season for northern lights cruises is from late September to late March/early April, though the best months are December through March, when there are the longest hours.

Where to see the northern lights. Anywhere within an area known as the auroral oval that sits above the Arctic and sub-Arctic offers opportunities for seeing the northern lights. The most easily accessible of these destinations are Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway, or travel further afield to Canada and Alaska.

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Discover the top tips for planning a cruisetoAlaska and uncover the besttimes of the year to spot Alaskas wildlife, locate must-see attractions, find Alaskan cruise deals and more. … The besttimetosee the NorthernLights in Alaska is in September when the sun sets earlier, yielding darker skies that are ideal for witnessing the aerial.

Aug 28, 2022 · NorthernLights in the skies from an AlaskaCruise! The besttime to witness the NorthernLights is in the dead of winter, from 11:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., with peaks around 1:30 or 2:30 a.m. However, some say you can catch a brief glimpse of the NorthernLights 240 nights a year, especially during March, September and October..

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Amalfi Coast

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is in the spring and the fall. During these months, the area enjoys plenty of sunshine with minimal rainy daysperfect for long afternoons in sidewalk cafés or in the areas famed lemon groves.

May and September are two of the most popular months to visit, with temperatures hovering around 80 during the day to 69 in the evenings. The monthly rainfall during this period typically is around two inches , meaning travelers seldom have to worry about heavy showers.

The Best Time To See Wildlife On An Alaska Cruise

You will see plenty of wildlife during your Alaska cruise throughout the cruise season, including whale watching, sea lions, bears, & birds.

The best months to catch a glimpse of the amazing fauna that call Alaska home are the months of June and July.

  • Moose: Moose give birth around June.
  • Caribou: June is the best month to see herds of caribou
  • Humpback Whales: June and July is when the humpback whales migrate through Alaska’s Inside Passage.
  • Black bears: Spring is ideal because the new vegetation lures back in sheep, mountain goats and black bears. July is also good because that is when salmon runs start to get busy.
  • Brown bears: July and August are when you will have a better chance to see brown bears since they are near rivers and streams.
  • King Salmon: King salmon runs start in late May.
  • Bird watching: June is when you have a good chance to see unusual birds migrating.
  • Bald eagles: You’ll find eagles throughout the season, but August is a great time since they are found near the sockeye salmon spawning locations.
  • Killer Whales: Your best chance at seeing Orcas is from May to the beginning of June.

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Best Alaska Cruise Itineraries

Big ships and smaller luxury cruise lines tend to follow similar cruise itineraries.

Alaska Inside Passage cruises sail roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver, perhaps with a stop in Victoria, B.C., and explore Southeast Alaska, never reaching Anchorage. They call at the big, tourist-focused Inside Passage ports.

One-way cruises travel between Vancouver and Whittier or Seward in Alaska. These cruises typically visit several Inside Passage ports, but swap Victoria for a more northern Alaska stop, such as Sitka. They take cruisers through the Gulf of Alaska to Southcentral Alaska, close to Anchorage.

Note that if your cruise begins or ends in Canada, you will be required to carry a passport with you. If you’re taking a closed loop cruise from Seattle or San Francisco, a birth certificate and state issued ID will suffice .

The best Alaska cruise itinerary for you depends on what you want to prioritize for your vacation. The benefit of a roundtrip cruise is easier and cheaper airlift to the departure ports. You wont have to bother with one-way flights and the longer transit time to/from Anchorage. A one-way sailing is best for cruisers who want to tack on extra vacation time on land to visit Denali National Park or the Kenai Peninsula.

Are Alaskan Cruises Family

The Best Time to Take a Cruise to Alaska

Absolutely! I’d suggest looking into cruise lines that will offer more activities for children, such as Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, or Royal Caribbean because you won’t find yourself by the pool as often as you might on a Caribbean itinerary.

When it comes to excursions, there might be some more adventurous ones that younger children won’t be able to attend. However, they are sure to love a wildlife quest in Sitka, Skagway’s White Pass scenic railway, a whale cruise in Icy Straight point, or a trolley tour in Ketchikan!

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Best Small Ship: Oceania Cruises

Oceania cruises introduce Alaska to guests by offering local experiences in partnership with native tribes for a more meaningful connection to the area beyond sightseeing.

Two specialty restaurants , WiFi, and free and unlimited soft drinks replenished daily in refrigerated mini bar

  • Onboard menus feature local Alaskan delicacies, such as Halibut, King Crab, and Alaskan blueberry pancakes

  • Impressive guest-to-staff ratio: maximum of 656 guests served by 400+ officers and crew

  • 4 open-seating restaurants, 8 lounges and bars, and a casino

  • Not all staterooms feature private verandas

Built in 1998 but fully refurbished in 2019, Oceania Cruises Regatta dazzles guests with bejeweled chandeliers in the Grand Dining Room, fresh color palettes, and new furnishings in the public spaces, plus new everything in the suites and staterooms. Between the gentle rocking of the ship and the Ultra Tranquility Bed, youre sure to sleep like a baby.

When youre not off exploring Alaskas many wonders, keep busy at the casino, take in an after-dinner production of Tuxedo or Gatsbys or chill out and choose a book from the English-style library with 2,000 options. Book a spa treatment or work out in the Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center, play nine holes of golf on the putting greens, shop the three boutiques, and unwind, help yourself to afternoon tea with all the accouterments at 4 p.m. daily.

Alaska Cruises: Experiences Of Our Visitors

  • Jana, 48 years oldwas there in July

    Top weatherSeattle really warm for embarkation and disembarkation, Juneau was a little fresher but enough for whale watching. Skagway blue sky, top view, Glacier Bay fantasticin the photos sky and sea almost indistinguishable.Ketchigan super weather and Victoria over 25 degrees and sunshine

    Weather Rating: 5 stars Excellent

  • Werner, 70 years oldwas there in September

    From Juno to Skagway we had good weather no rainy day

    Weather Rating: 4 stars Good

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    When Is Low Season

    Low season on the Amalfi Coast runs from November to February, when the days are often gray and the temperatures are the chilliest. Even during this period, however, the local towns and villages still have a certain laid-back charm. December is particularly festive, with colorful lights and Christmas decorations glittering until late in the night.

    Tempted to explore Italys glorious Amalfi Coast? Browse our luxury cruises to the Amalfi Coast and plan your Italian adventure.

    The Best Months For An Alaska Cruise For Good Weather

    Best and Worst Time to Cruise Alaska

    The weather in Alaska can, and will, change multiple times per day, but you will find the warmest months to be June, July and August.

    The median months will see higher temperatures and longer days for touring, and it represents the limited summer that Alaska enjoys. However, July and August tend to also have higher levels of precipitation.

    Here’s a look at the average temperatures in Southeast Alaska:

    • May: average high 54 degrees and average low is 39 degrees

    If you do book a cruise during summer, be sure to plan your shore excursions well in advance to avoid tours selling out.

    If you are willing to trade warmth for less precipitation, then go for May. In fact, the end of May and early June offers some of the best weather in the region throughout the year.

    If you want to see snow on the ground, April or early May is the best month for that.

    Most cruise passengers tend to avoid the early season because of the school calendar and cooler weather. By going in the summer months, many people get to enjoy Alaska when things are in full swing and of course the warmer weather.

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    Weather During Alaska Cruise In June

    Temperatures during your Alaska cruise in June will range from a high of 16.5 degrees Celsius to a low of 8.5 degree Celsius .

    The rainfall has just started increasing and hence is much lesser than rest of the summer months.

    If you want the weather during your Alaska cruise to be just perfect, plan your cruise in June.

    Featured September Cruises To Alaska

    Increase your chances of seeing fall foliage on an Alaska Southbound Glacier Cruise itinerary that sails from Seward, Alaska down to British Columbia. The northern ports youll visit along the way may already be showing signs of autumn, and by beginning in Alaska, you can enjoy a couple of days before your embarks to explore on land when the first signs of the impending Alaskan winter are just starting to show.

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    Best Time To Visit Alaska In The Summer Season

    The main tourist season in Alaska spans from mid-May to mid-September. Of that time, the best weather of the summer months comes in the peak season of mid-June through mid-August when the wildlife is active, the flowers are blooming, the national parks and everything else is open, and the days are incredibly long. The nights dont get dark enough to see the northern lights, but you will get to experience the famous midnight sun.

    If youre there for the summer solstice on June 21, the longest day of the year, it practically never gets dark. Anchorage sees about 19 hours of daylight a day, and the Fairbanks area gets up to 22 hours. Even as the nights grow longer, you can still enjoy daylight hours until 10 p.m. for much of the summer months.

    This leaves plenty of time to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer, such as biking the Denali park road that leads through Denali National Park. Visitors from around the world flock here every summer season for some epic hiking trails, fishing, and thrilling wildlife viewing. Or, to see most of the mountains, rivers, and creatures, you can take a flightseeing tour and really cover a lot of ground from the air!

    Best Weather In Alaska

    Alaskan Cruises Group Cruising

    One of the many misconceptions about Alaska is that its always cold there. However, the summer months see a temperature range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    It does rain almost every day in mid-summer along Alaskas coast. It surprises some first-time cruisers that the southeast quadrant of the state is actually a coastal temperate rainforest. The wettest month is August.

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    Late April to mid-May can be cool, with snow caps still visible on the mountain peaks, though each day it gets warmer. September is also cooler, but thanks to the rain and daily average temperatures starting to drop, it tends to feel much damper, colder, and less pleasant than earlier in the summer.

    Pro Tip: For the best weather to cruise Alaska, youll want to consider mid-May to late July, with the late June to mid-July period being the ultimate choice.

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    Best Time To Go On An Alaskan Cruise To See Northern Lights

    If you want to see Northern Lights in Alaska, the best time to go on an Alaskan cruise is the month of September.

    If you plan your Alaskan cruise in September, besides witnessing one of natures wonders, you may also end up grabbing last minute cruise ticket deals.

    For the best sighting of Aurora Borealis, you can visit Fairbanks, which is geographically under the auroral oval, the spot where Northern Lights are seen most frequently.

    The best time for seeing the aurora during Alaskas winter is 11:30 p.m.3:30 a.m. so make sure you are out there staring at the sky.

    While you will witness the Northern Lights during your Alaskan cruise, you may have to sacrifice some wildlife experience because some parts of Denali National Park close in September.

    The Gulf of Alaska is the choppiest during this period and if you tend to get seasick, we suggest you plan your Alaska cruise during the calmer months.

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    The Best Months For An Alaska Cruise For Low Prices

    Alaska is not a cheap cruise, but if you want to save money on your cruise fare, then your best bet is May or September.

    For the same reasons May and September feature lower crowds, these months see most often the lowest prices for a cruise because of the combination of colder temperatures and the school calendar.

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    So When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska

    Considering everything stated above, we advise travelers that June 15 through August 15 is the best time to go to Alaska. But not everyone can schedule their trip during this time and as weve noted, each season has its benefits. If you plan your trip during the peak season, then plan ahead and book early as these are the dates that sell out first.

    If you like this guide to the best time to visit Alaska, youll love our comprehensive travel planning services. Our experts have more information on when to visit Alaska, planning your Alaska trip or the best time of year to visit Alaska. When you are ready to book the trip of a lifetime, just give us a call, our experts are ready to help.

    Wildlife Viewing During Alaska Cruise In June

    Alaska Cruise : 6 Things You Need To Get Right

    One of the highlights of an Alaskan cruise in June is the possibility of witnessing a Moose giving birth to a calf.

    To increase your chances of seeing a herd of Caribou you can book a float trip down one of the rivers in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Fairbanks.

    If you are interested in birds, June offers a chance to see not-so-common birds such as Asian accidentals etc.

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    Things To Do And See In Alaska In August

    Alaska Events in August: The Alaska State Fair, which takes place in the Mat-Su Valley, starts in late August and typically runs into early September. There are also plenty of food- and wildlife-centered events throughout the month .

    Alaska Wildlife in August: Alaska’s bears are still in full view throughout August as they search for salmon and berries, which are still plentiful. Bald eagles can also be seen congregating near salmon-spawning streams in August. Later in the month you can spot plenty of other birds around freshwater sources before they flee for warmer climates.

    Alaska Fishing in August: In Alaska, pink salmon run until mid-August and silver salmon run through the entire month. Seward’s Silver Salmon Derby is always the second week of the month, one of the oldest and largest fishing derbies in the state. In late August, Dolly Varden trout have been known to practically jump into fishing boats on the Upper Kenai.

    What to Eat in August: in Alaska, from salmonberries to cloudberries and the most famous of them all, Alaska’s blueberries. You’ll find festivals celebrating them across the state, with some of the most well known at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, as well as Ketchikan.

    Alaska Cruises In April/may

    Mays shoulder season allows cruise-goers to score great deals on early Alaskan departures. Also, ships dont generally sail at capacity in the early weeks.

    In April, cruise passengers may encounter snow in Alaska. Its the tail end of winter, and the days are getting longer again. Even if its dry, expect it to be cold. Average daytime temperatures in Juneau are 48F or 9C in April and 55F or 13C in May. However, nighttime temperatures in April could be close to freezing.

    Although cool, visitors can enjoy fewer days with rainfall. May is the driest month if you dislike traveling in the rainy season. Since Alaska cruise season generally starts in May, many businesses will be closed in April.

    Humpback whales begin to arrive in Alaska to feed. The journey from Hawaii is long, and the whales are hungry. Its not unusual to see whales along the inside passage with a pair of binoculars. However, sightings may be few and far between if you arrive in April or the first week of May.

    In May, harbor seals give birth on the icebergs. So its a great reason to cruise to Tracy Arm Fjord. However, in the early weeks, ice can block passage to the end of the fjord. Seals choose to birth in fjords because the narrow passageways provide protection from hungry whales.

    Since ships are just starting their Alaska season, ports see fewer crowds in the early weeks. With fewer tourists, youll likely score better deals on last-minute excursions.

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    Alaska Cruise In April

    Expect to pay around $1,200 per person for a seven-day Alaska cruise. The season doesn’t really kick off until late in the month, and you’ll have to consider factors like weather and wildlife visibility before dropping your money on an April cruise. There are also far fewer lines and itineraries available, keeping prices a bit higher than you might expect.

    Alaska Weather in April: While April is considered one of the driest months of the year in Alaska, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed sun and clear skies. Southeast Alaska, where most April cruises sail, is a rainforest, and there are still plenty of light showers and fog to be found. Temperatures are relatively mild, with daytime highs in the upper 40s and into the 50s depending on where you’re visiting and cloud cover. You will still see snow on the ground in the mountains.

    Hours of Daylight in April: Alaska sees about 11 hours of daylight in April, though toward the end of the month in Southeast Alaska you can expect up to 13 hours.

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