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Disney Cruise Vs Royal Caribbean

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Choose Disney If Siblings Or Travel Companions Would Like To Play Together

Disney Cruise Line vs Royal Caribbean

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab and Club puts children ages 3 to 12 in the same spaces, but with programming that varies by age groups. The age groupings are suggestions, not requirements, so children are able to participate in any of the activities offered. That means if you have kids onboard that are close in age they won’t be broken up into the distinct age groupings that many other cruise lines strictly adhere to.

Or you need all-day babysitting for your little one.

At Disney’s It’s a Small World Nursery, staff offer the assurance that your baby or toddler, 6 months to 3 years, is being supervised throughout the day, for $9 an hour. Children with special needs are also welcome in the nursery. While Carnival offers care for children 2 and younger , it’s only for a three-hour window each night, at a cost of $6.75 per hour , though parents onboard Carnival can play with their babies in the Camp Ocean space from about 8 to 10 a.m. for free if they are present.

Or meeting a Disney character is your child’s absolute dream.

Comparing Royal Caribbeans Private Island To Disney Cruise Lines Private Island

Its honestly hard to compare the private islands weve visited because they are so different. Castaway Cay is designed to seem as though you have stumbled across a lost paradise. For this reason, its not very built up. Perfect Day at CocoCay, the Royal Caribbean private island we visited, is almost the opposite. Its very built up with unique and exciting adventures to experience! A water park, zip lining, a hot air balloon, over the water bungalows . the list goes on. For those wanting a day of thrills, CocoCay offers things no other private island does!

Similar to how we felt on the ship, it seemed that in order to get the full experience on CocoCay you should consider opting to pay extra. On Perfect Day at CocoCay, guests can choose chill or thrill. The thrilling activities like the water park, zip line and hot air balloon ride cost extra, each was about $100 per person on our cruise. If youre planning to go that route, be sure to factor in the costs for your planned activities. The chill option is more easily done for free though there are options for guests to pay extra to have access to the Coco Beach Club. Guests can chill at the Oasis Pool or one of the beaches for free, though thats what we did.

Large Ship Line #: Cunard

For those longing for the romantic nostalgia of bygone transatlantic sailings, Cunard is your go-to. The legendary cruise line was established in 1840 and has had dozens of ships in its fleet, though today, there are just three active vessels: the Queen Mary 2, the worlds only true transatlantic ocean liner, designed specifically for ocean crossings, as well as the worlds only pet-friendly ship the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria. Activities havent changed all that much in the last 180 yearstheres still a proper afternoon tea, black-tie dinners, and galas in the ballrooms. Its quite like a step back in time, with all the modern safety measures, of course. Cunards next ship is scheduled to set sail in 2022 or 2023.

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First Time Alaska Cruise: Disney Or Norwegian Or Royal Carib

Hi Experts,

I need your inputs to help me decide- we are 2 families and are planning to take an Alaskacruise in May 2018.

After reading all the reviews we are ALL THE MORE confused on which cruise to take Disney OR Norwegian OR Royal Caribbean We are interested in a 7 day round trip cruise and all the three do have one for the dates we are looking.

Where we are confused is on the list of activities to keep both us and our kids engaged during the cruise. While most of the ports are almost similar , and this being our first cruise and also first time to Alaska we thought we should take all the inputs.

Disney has had the best reviews on almost all the forums but comes at a price that is almost twice of the others.. so the question is Are Norwegian and Royal Caribbean THAT diferent?

I see a LOT of experienced guests here and am hoping that your inputs will help us decide.

Many Thanks in Advance Hope we get to choose the right option!!


You need to first get your geography sorted out. Disney sails a round trip from Vancouver, while NCL and RCI sail round trips from Seattle. Vancouver cruises are superior to those from Seattle, and the detailed explanation of that is contained in the Top Question to the right of screen, on a computer not mobile device, for “Planning an Alaskan cruise“.

We have friends who took the Disney cruise. They said the kids enjoyed it, but since its kid focused, the parents came back more tired than they expected as always on the go.

Medium Ship Line #: Silversea Cruises

Royal Caribbean vs. Disney Cruise Line

Silverseas fleet has 10 ships, of which just three are technically medium-sized, with passenger counts around 600 peoplebut thats considered quite a large number for the luxurious cruise line, which specializes in smaller expedition vessels. Silversea Moon, which debuted in 2021, and its sister Silversea Muse are the largest, each carrying up to 596 passengers. The line sails to more than 900 destinations around the world.

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Compare: Royal Caribbean Vs Disney Cruise Line

If you’re considering a Disney cruise vs. Royal Caribbean, your head is probably spinning. Whether you’re a parent planning to sail with kids or simply an adult who enjoys feeling like a kid again, we’ll help you to navigate the nuances of both lines in areas like dining, cabins, entertainment and, of course, price.

Activities For Babies/toddlers/young Kids

Winner:Disney Cruise Line

While young kids and babies will certainly enjoy a Royal Caribbean ship, Disney is where its at for this age. Landon was just five months old when we took him on his first Disney Cruise. Babies are not just welcomed on Disney Cruises, they are expected! It was so great to see how seamlessly the youngest travelers can enjoy things on a Disney Ship. From the character meet and greets to the Disney theme-ing all around to the shows and kids club activities, everything is designed for the little kid crowd. There is a kids pool and even a toddler splash area. Disney Cruises were the perfect way for my family to enjoy an incredible cruise vacation during the years when we had a baby and/or preschooler. I will always be so grateful for that!

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Choose Royal Caribbean If You Want An Amusement Park Or Mall On Your Ship

Royal Caribbean’s biggest ships have some pretty impressive onboard attractions. Twelve ships have indoor ice rinks, with open hours for skating. Quantum-class ships offer the SeaPlex, an indoor amusement park with bumper cars, roller skating, trapeze classes, games and an arcade, while Oasis-, Quantum-, Voyager- and Freedom-class ships feature the Royal Promenade, an indoor mall with restaurants, bars and shops.

Now The Question Most People Are Probably Most Curious About: How Did Royal Caribbean Compare To Disney Cruise Line In Our Experience

Disney Cruise Line vs Royal Caribbean | Which One Is Better?

As with any review, its 100% subjective. It depends on what your priorities are and pretty much how you view the world around you. My notes below are also limited to our experience on the Ovation of the Seas , along with a Carnival cruise to Central America back in 2003. Having sailed all 4 Disney ships multiple times, I am a HUGE FAN of Disney Cruise Line, and its through this lens that I critique. Having not sailed to Alaska on Disney, this isnt an apples to apples comparison. Ive been intrigued for some time by Royal Caribbeans advertising and travel agent marketing & communications, so I was excited to try something new! Remember this is entirely my opinion, everyone tends to have different experiences, and life is all about trying new things!

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Comparing Our Royal Caribbean To Disney Cruise Line

Since posting about our Royal Caribbean cruise on TikTok and , we have gotten a LOT of questions asking how it compares to our Disney Cruise experiences. It felt impossible to fit our thoughts into a short TikTok video, or even the caption of an Instagram post, so we thought a blog post was the best way to share our answer.

The short answer is that for us personally, we found the two cruise lines to offer very different experiences. While there are similarities, each cruise line will offer something different. Both offer an experience that will appeal to different types of people! Or, they may even appeal to the same person at different times, depending on what youre looking for on a particular vacation. Even though we may prefer one over the other, it doesnt mean we wouldnt ever sail with the other again.

And for the long answer.

Lets Get Down To My Comparison Of Disney Cruise Line Versus Royal Caribbean

Lets start with a comparison of the most important aspect of a cruise- the food! All joking aside, food likes are very subjective. For the most part we enjoyed our meals on both cruises.

Meals in the dining room. The food quality was slightly better on DCL, but we still very much enjoyed our RCI meals. My mom thought the lobster she was served on RCI was some of the best she had ever had, and she had several pieces. The service in the dining room for dinner was better on RCI. I have celiac and thus have to eat gluten free . I had less problems for the most part with delays with my meal on RCI. One dinner, I waited over 45 minutes to receive my first course on Disney. There was one lunch at RCI that I had some gluten contamination in the dining room no less.

Meals in the buffets. The service on Disney was better. They were really happy to walk me through to look for GF options. RCI tended to want to push me to the GF section that had one bland looking entrée and an even worse side dish My picky eater husband felt that he had more choices on DCL. The drink service at the buffet was better on RCI. They were terrific at getting you drinks while you were you dining in the buffet.

Room service. Neither line is great, but both were okay. You can get Mickey bars on Disney, and at one time, rice crispy treats Both offer cheese plates. Neither offer gluten free crackers. Royal Caribbean is starting to charge for some items, but Disney offers less in the first place.

Happy travels!

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Small Ship Line #: Windstar Cruises

The lines six shipsthree sailing yachts and three all-suite motor yachtsspecialize in visiting ports that ban larger ships, like the Byzantine hilltop town of Monemvasia in the Greek Islands, and the sleepy, palm-fringed Caribbean island of Bequia. Those smaller ports can give a sense of intimacy that isnt always present in the most common cruise destinations, allowing for wholly different experiences. In 2017, Windstar also became the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation, introducing further special itineraries with culinary themes and guest chefs.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Raises Bar For Royal Caribbean Carnival

Pros &  Cons: Disney Cruise Line vs. Royal Caribbean
  • Publish date: Apr 6, 2022 2:52 PM EDT

To attract family customers, the Mouse House competes with the two biggest cruise lines operating in the U.S.

Walt Disney does family entertainment better than any company in the world. It can use its incredible array of intellectual property to drive people to its movies, streaming network, theme parks, and, of course, its cruise ships.

The company can use Pixar and the Mickey Mouse family of characters to bring in the little ones while children of all ages enjoy Star Wars and Marvel. Walt Disney – Get The Walt Disney Company Report doesnt have to rely only on the entertainment it offers it can make those offerings, well, more entertaining, by liberally theming everything to characters so many people love.

That gives the company an edge over Royal Caribbean – Get Royal Caribbean Group Report and Carnival Cruise Lines – Get Carnival Corporation Report when it goes after families.

The Mouse House doesnt offer just state-of-the-art entertainment, dining, and relaxation on its cruise ships. It throws in a ton of intellectual property through everything from themed areas to shows, character meet-and-greets, and, of course, events.


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Or If You Want To Watch First

All ships have license to screen Walt Disney Studios flicks, including popular movies in land-based theaters now. If your kids want to see the latest Pixar movie, while you want to take in a Star Wars or Avengers film, you can see the latest onboard — for free. Ships will also run classic Disney movies in the theater or on the poolside jumbotron.

Celebrity Vs Royal Caribbean Cruises

Though sister companies both Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International are owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited Celebrity and Royal Caribbean offer very different cruise experiences. Royal Caribbean has lower-priced entry-level cabins, larger ships, more emphasis on family travel and less emphasis on service, while Celebrity has slightly higher priced entry-level rooms and more emphasis on a refined experience and good service. But pricing and service arent the only differentiators. To help you decide which cruise line is the right fit for you, Cruise Critic pits the two against each other the only winner, however, is you when you pick the line that best fits your needs.

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Disney Cruise Line Vs Royal Caribbean For Best Family Cruise Line

November 10, 2021 By Nancy

See our Advertiser Disclosure and Editorial Note here.

US News and World Report just announced its 2022 Best Cruise Lines rankings in several categories. The methodology used for the rankings includes expert ratings , traveler ratings and health ratings .

Of course, one has to take these rankings with a grain of salt. Your experience on each cruise line will depend on the ship you sail, the specific crew members you interact with, time of year, etc.

But its no surprise that in the category of Best Cruise for Families, the results are:

#1: Disney Cruise Line

#2: Royal Caribbean

Having been on both cruise lines, I agree with this ranking. You can see all of the category rankings here.

Choose Disney If You Love Disney Characters And Songs

Royal Caribbean VS Disney Cruise Line! LIVE Q& A

High-quality live performances are a mix of animated classics brought to life and original stories that weave in classic Disney songs and characters. The familiar faces and stories will delight children, and creative costuming and colorful sets will impress adults. Each ship typically runs three different shows per cruise.

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Large Ship Line #: Royal Caribbean International

Though Royal Caribbean is perhaps best known for its mega-ships, it has quite a number of large ships, toothe 3,100-passenger Voyager-class ships, for instance, were once the worlds largest, until Royal Caribbean debuted the larger Freedom class and subsequently the Oasis class. Each class had its own series of firstsVoyager of the Seas was the first ship to have an ice rink and a rock-climbing wall, while Freedom of the Seas introduced the first FlowRider surf simulator at sea.

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Royal Caribbean Vs Disney Cruise Line

You’re looking for the perfect family cruise vacation — do you choose Royal Caribbean or Disney Cruise Line? Both cruise lines get high marks for entertaining kids and adults of all ages , with expansive kids clubs, onboard attractions, shows and activities.

While you can’t go wrong with either line, there are some differences. Disney is perhaps the more premium experience with smaller ships and slightly more fare inclusions, but its cruises are more expensive and limited to a smaller number of ships and itinerary options. Some Royal Caribbean ships carry thousands of passengers and can feel crowded and overrun with kids during peak travel periods, but with a large roster of ships and cruise destinations, you can find options that are quieter and more adult-oriented. Although you might feel nickel and dimed onboard, base fares are generally much lower than Disney, and you have much more choice of places to eat and things to do onboard.

For more on Royal Caribbean vs. Disney, read our comparison across categories below to determine which cruise line is best for you.

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Compare: Msc Vs Carnival Cruise Line

Because cruise bookings have a lot of moving parts, it can be confusing to choose a sailing thats right for you, especially when youre comparing apples to oranges. If youre looking for a breakdown of Carnival vs. MSC cruises, we can help. Below weve compiled information on food, cabins, price and more for these two lines.

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Whats Included And Whats Not

Royal Caribbean vs. Disney Cruise Line

As regular cruisers know, the fares that lines quote for sailings include more than just your lodging. For all the ships in our comparison, the price also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner nightly entertainment in showrooms and a significant swath of onboard activities. Whats not included are alcoholic and, in some cases, nonalcoholic drinks meals at specialty restaurants spa and salon services shore tours and some onboard activities.

We wont run through every extra charge here. But consider that youll pay around $6 to $7 for a beer on all three ships, and a cocktail can run anywhere from $7 to $14 . Among extra-charge restaurants, youll find a flat fee of $38 per person at the signature steakhouse on Carnival Breeze, a tad less than the $43-per-person charge for the Chops Grille steakhouse on Harmony of the Seas. Disney Fantasy doesnt have a steakhouse, but its signature, adults-only Palo eatery is in the ballpark at an additional $40 per person.

Youll also pay extra for the service charges that have become commonplace on ships. For most cabins on Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Disney vessels, a family of four would pay $391.72, $406 and $378 per week, respectively, in such fees. Passengers in suites pay more.

The bottom line: Its frustratingly easy for a family of four on any of these ships to run up $1,000 or more in extra charges.

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