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Do Any Cruises Go To Costa Rica

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What Is The Climate Like In Costa Rica

Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

The climate in Costa Rica is tropical and the sun is shining all year long. But, the mountains create many microclimates. Seasons might appear differently in different parts of Costa Rica. The variety of climates makes it a great destination all year round.

The country has two identifiable seasons summer, the dry season, from November to April and winter, the wet season, from May to November. The temperatures vary around 25 in summer and 15 in winter.

What Youneed To Know

  • Port Name & LocationShip will DOCK at this port.
  • Time Zone
  • The local language is Spanish. Say “good afternoon” in Spanish “buenas tardes.”
  • Currency & ShoppingCoffee, souvenirs, local crafts and oxcarts.
    • Best Way to Get AroundTaxi ride to anything around town is very affordable yet, organized shore excursions are probably the best option!
    • Famous ForOne of Puerto Limon’s most intriguing inhabitants was Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a champion of African-American causes in this region having founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association.
    • Fun Fact #1Surround yourself in the natural beauty of the 3,400-acre Veragua Rainforest mountain reserve, which National Geographic Traveller called “The Cream of the Cream of the Rainforest.”
    • Fun Fact #2Puerto Limon was founded in 1870 as a port city to export bananas and grains from Costa Rica to various parts of the globe.

Costa Rica & Panama Expedition Cruise Lines

Four lines offer cruises that sail only in Costa Rica and Panama, focusing on the region’s natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. But only two can be classified as true adventure cruises, while the second two are more traditional cruises. The differences lie in the choices offered in transportation, land and excursion choices.

Both UnCruise Adventures and Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic are true expedition cruise companies. Each offers in-depth explorations of the ports they visit with included hikes, snorkeling, kayaking excursions and onboard naturalists to put everything into context.

Windstar Cruises and Variety Cruises offer yacht sailings in the region as well, but their expedition offerings are watered down with less use of skiffs, extra-fee excursions that might or might not get you into the heart of the local habitats and a greater focus on beach fun than on exploration.

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Boat Trip On The Savegre River

Take to your paddles and travel down one of the most beautiful rivers in Central America. The Rio Savegre is known for the luxurious vegetation along its banks. White ibis, cormorants, egrets and herons inhabit the water’s edge, while crocodiles bask in the sun. Thanks to our expert guides, you can learn about the river and its environment in a fun and educational way. Professional equipment provided by the guides makes it easier to observe wildlife.

Cruise From Costa Rica To San Diego

Costa Rica Jungle Vacation in the Osa Peninsual, Costa Rica

We are taking a cruise in January that leaves from Costa Rica . We will be landing in Costa Rica on the 23rd, and our cruise doesn’t leave until the 25th, leaving us with a full day and a half to fill. We are not sure if we should stay in San José during that time, or get closer to the port during that day and 1/2. Any ideas on where to spend that time? San José or closer to Puerto Caldera? Or is there somewhere beautiful in between?

SJO airport is not right in San Jose city and the traffic around and in between is very busy. Some prefer to spend some time in the city, many do not.

See if these sites might help you decide – – it is a selection of tours from one hotel not far from SJO, which might give you some ideas what can be visited in what period of time.

If you are interested in spending 1-2 days in the city, see .

At arrival you can drive to Hotel Villas Caletasis a wonderful boutique hotelabout 1 hour from SJO about one hour to Caldera even less.

Can be a great place to relax and to start a great

Another option can be stay at Xandary Hotel just 25 minutes from SJO, great mountain location surrounded coffee plantationsand also very close to a great coffee tour location on the way to Poas Volcano

About 1 hour to Caldera minutes more minutes less….


-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-

Removed onCosta Rica

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Cruises To Puerto Limon

Puerto Limón is known for its multi-cultural community and a festive annual carnaval celebration. In recent years the area has become even better known as must-see stop for eco-tourists. The region’s unique geography and neo-tropical climate combined with abundant rainforests make for one of the most naturally diverse “biospheres” in the world. And you can take advantage of national parks and reserves in all directions from Limón. Pay close attention when you dock as many guests have reported seeing peaceful sloths lumbering in the trees right in port!

Spiked Food And Drinks

Never leave food or drinks unattended or in the care of strangers. Be wary of accepting snacks, beverages, gum or cigarettes from new acquaintances. These items may contain drugs that could put you at risk of sexual assault and robbery.

Unregulated alcohol

Some people died after consuming adulterated alcohol in Costa Rica during the summer of 2019. Bottles were quickly withdrawn from the market, however:

  • be cautious if you choose to drink alcohol
  • be wary of lesser known/illegal brands
  • seek medical assistance if you begin to feel sick

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What Should I Take To Costa Rica

Here are some essential items to consider for your trip to Nigeria:

  • Hiking Boots -Costa Rica boasts 5% of the worlds species in its lush forests. Make sure to get out of the city and see the incredibly rich wildlife with your own eyes.
  • There is a lot to see in Costa Rica. Enjoy the sights to the fullest by taking a photo camera with you and capturing the sights you encounter. Best travel souvenirs are the photos you take.
  • Rain Jacket Since in some parts of the country it can rain all year long, it is a good idea to bring a light rain jacket with you. With proper clothing, the bursts of rain will pass by before you know it.
  • Sunscreen The sun in Costa Rica is very ruthless and can give you painful sunburns. Make sure to bring a sunscreen with a high factor of SPF to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Bug Spray To avoid mosquito-borne illnesses, it is best to carry your own bug spray. The stores in Costa Rica might not offer a high variety of repellents, leaving you with a limited selection of overpriced bug sprays.

Roundtrip Cruises To Costa Rica A Rewarding Adventure

Top 10 DONTS You NEED To Know In Costa Rica!

Being so close to the Panama Canal means Costa Rica is a very popular cruising destination in Central America, with several major cruise lines offering itineraries that either ply the eastern Caribbean or western Pacific coastlines and, in a few special cases, both. Cruises mostly depart from Miami or Fort Lauderdale in the US and can run from anywhere between 7 and 21 days.

Where do cruises stop in Costa Rica? The main cruising port along Costa Ricas Pacific coastline is Puerto Caldera near Punta Arenas whilst, over on the eastern coast, in the small town of Limon. These are the countrys two major ports, with marinas big enough to accommodate mega cruise liners. Choose a smaller ship, however, and your itinerary could include other ports as well.

Which coastline is better to cruise in Costa Rica? The Pacific is the most famous, serviced and popular coastline in Costa Rica so youll find the majority of cruise itineraries head to the western side of the country. With an array of phenomenal destinations that are easy to reach from Punta Arenas, the Pacific coast offers the greatest array of day-trip excursions as well. Over on the Caribbean, youll discover a much wilder coastline, where port services are limited yet nature-based adventures phenomenal.

If your aim is to enjoy a comprehensive adventure vacation in Costa Rica and want to include a cruising experience along the way, a better option would be to take a one-way cruise instead.

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Crystal Cruises: Panama Adventure

Crystal Cruises’ 18-day Panama Adventure cruise begins in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and ends at the port of Los Angeles. Along the way, it stops at destinations in the Caribbean such as the Grand Cayman, George Town and the British West Indies Highlights of the journey include the daylong transit of the Panama Canal cruising the coast of Costa Rica.

Do I Have To Be Vaccinated To Go To Costa Rica

No. You do not have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is not requiring tourists to be vaccinated against COVID. Fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated people can go to Costa Rica.

> > Get Exclusive Costa Rica Travel Tips and our Free Travel Guide Straight to You! < <

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Windstar Cruises: Puerta Caldera Round

Windstar Cruises offers a seven-day round-trip cruise from Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica that features five other destinations in Costa Rica and one in Nicaragua. The first ports of call are San Juan Del Sur, a fishing village on southern Nicaragua’s Pacific coast Playas del Coco, a scenic bay and Quepos, a gateway to the rain forest of Manuel Antonio National Park. The cruise continues to Bahia Drake near Corcovado National Park, the Curu Wildlife Refuge, where you may spot monkeys and sloths, and Tortuga Island, an ideal spot for snorkeling and spending time on the beach. Passengers are transferred to most of these destinations from the Wind Star sailing yacht via Zodiac.

Vessel Will Need To Complete Strict Health Requirements

38 Best Things To Do In Costa Rica

Opening the country for cruise ship passengers is one thing doing this safely is another thing. Costa Rica was one of the first countries to close down its ports in 2019 however, the country did open up for land-based tourism earlier this year.

In June, the country saw almost 120,000 arrivals at the airports. For cruise ships, the passengers will need to be fully vaccinated before they arrive, though.

The country has told the visiting cruise line that 100% of the crew members on board need to be fully vaccinated and 95% of all guests on board. The full vaccination path will allow guests to enjoy the country by themselves instead of staying in a bubble while visiting.

Guests will also need to fill in a health declaration 72 hours before arrival. The first cruise ship expected to arrive in the country will be from Windstar Cruises, expected to arrive on September 2 the country will focus on smaller luxury vessels first before larger ships come to the country.

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Gustavo J. Segura, Minister of Tourism:

During the first phase of this reopening, most cruise ships will be luxury and accommodate smaller capacities of passengers, such as the Lindbland . The first cruise ship to arrive will be the Windstar line on Sept. 2 in Golfito with approximately 150 passengers on board.

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Our Personal Tips For Visiting Costa Rica During Covid

  • Avoid hand shaking and cheek kisses .
  • Please be kind to locals. They are eager to receive tourists again and are trying their best to work with the restrictions, regulations and low volume. You may need to be a bit more patient as things are taking longer than usual.
  • Always ask for the cancellation policy before booking.
  • Donât rely on only booking tours or getting around with shared shuttles due to low availability.
  • Donât expect cheap prices. In fact, some things have gotten more expensive. Read our Costa Rica cost of traveling post for more information.

Costa Rica Passport Requirements

U.S. and Canadian citizens entering Costa Rica must present a roundtrip/outbound ticket and valid passports that will not expire for at least six months after arrival. Cruise visitors must present their shipboard ID cards.

Some U.S. airlines may not permit passengers to board flights to Costa Rica without such a ticket. Passports should be in good condition Costa Rican immigration will deny entry if the passport is damaged in any way.

Costa Rican authorities generally permit U.S. citizens to stay up to 90 days.

To stay beyond the period granted, travelers must submit an application for an extension to the Office of Temporary Permits in the Costa Rican Department of Immigration.

Tourist visas are usually not extended except under special circumstances, and extension requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There is a departure tax for short-term visitors.

Tourists who stay over ninety days may experience a delay at the airport when departing. Persons who overstayed previously may be denied entry to Costa Rica.

U.S. citizens should take special care to secure their passports while traveling as it can be time-consuming and difficult to acquire new proof of citizenship to facilitate return travel should the passport be lost or stolen.

Prior to departure from the U.S., sea travelers must have a valid U.S. passport or other original proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a certified U.S. birth certificate with a government-issued photo ID.

U.S. State Department

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San Jose International Airport Covid Test

Laboratorio Echandi offers rapid COVID antigen testing at San Jose International Airport. Use your phone to scan this QR code of the photo below or go directly to their website covid.morphotr.com to make an appointment online.

Their testing space is 600 meters northeast of the international departures terminal. The antigen test is $65 USD plus tax.

You must arrive at the airport 4 hours before your flight and the results are given in maximum of one hour. They also offer PCR with test results within 3 hours for $240 USD.

They have a designated parking lot or for those without a car, they offer an airport shuttle. It is a 24 hour testing facility.

My Experience Flying Into Liberia International Airport And San Jose International Airport

Best Places To Go in Costa Rica | SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUTY with Best Places to Visit Costa Rica

I flew into Liberia International Airport with Alaska Airlines. My flight was Seattle â LA â Liberia. Checking in at SeaTac was normal. The Alaska Airlines agent didnât ask me about the Costa Rican insurance or QR code at SeaTac.

When I got to LAX, 1 hour before departure time, the Alaska Airlinesâ agents had every passenger go up to the counter to check their QR code. After verifying our QR code, they stamped our boarding pass and made us show the boarding code and QR code when we boarded the plane.

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Know How To Get Medical Care While Traveling

Plan for how you will get health care during your trip, should the need arise:

  • Carry a list of local doctors and hospitals at your destination.
  • Review your health insurance plan to determine what medical services it would cover during your trip. Consider purchasing travel health and medical evacuation insurance.
  • Carry a card that identifies, in the local language, your blood type, chronic conditions or serious allergies, and the generic names of any medications you take.
  • Some prescription drugs may be illegal in other countries. Call Costa Ricas embassy to verify that all of your prescription are legal to bring with you.
  • Bring all the medicines you think you might need during your trip, including extra in case of travel delays. Ask your doctor to help you get prescriptions filled early if you need to.

Many foreign hospitals and clinics are accredited by the Joint Commission International. A list of accredited facilities is available at their website .

In some countries, medicine may be substandard or counterfeit. Bring the medicines you will need from the United States to avoid having to buy them at your destination.

Costa Rica & Panama Itineraries

Most cruise itineraries in the Costa Rica & Panama region spend time in both countries starting in one and ending in the other, and including a full transit of the Panama Canal, though UnCruise Adventures also offers sailings that concentrate solely on each country.

Sailings are usually seven nights with an extra night tacked on pre- or post-cruise . Other than embarkation and debarkation day, Lindblad and UnCruise do not dock in any ports, instead using inflatable boats to get back and forth from the ship to all land stops. Windstar and Variety on the other hand occasionally dock rather than take a skiff to shore.

In addition to the visit to must-visit Manuel Antonio, other stops offered by all four lines include the Osa Peninsula, Golfo Dulce and the Gulf of Panama Islets.

Lindblad, UnCruise and Variety add a visit to Panama’s Coiba National Park, while UnCruise and Variety also stop at the Curu Wildlife Reserve on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica and, depending on the itinerary, the Embera native village in the Darien region of Panama. UnCruise and Windstar spend a day in Panama’s Pearl Islands Archipelago.

Windstar includes a day of water fun near Isla Parida in Panama.

Of the four lines, UnCruise is the only one to offer an itinerary that sails only in Costa Rica and another than sails only in Panama .

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Costa Rica To Open For Cruise Ships September 1

Costa Rica will be opening to cruise ship tourism from September 1, 2021. The country hopes to stimulate the ailing tourism industry, which has seen a sharp decline in visitors over the last 1,5 years. Opening up for tourists will stimulate tourism and provide employment to thousands of people who have traditionally worked in the industry in places like Limón, Puntarenas, Caldera, Quepos, and Golfito.

Gustavo J. Segura, Minister of Tourism:

The resumption of this tourist activity will benefit the ports of Limón, Puntarenas, Caldera, Quepos and Golfito. Each passenger spends an average of $137 per day, which has an important impact on the reactivation of local economies in coastal communities,

So far, nine cruise lines have included Costa Rica in their ships itineraries the cruise lines and ships that will visit include Windstar, Lindblad, Sea Cloud, Seabourn Quest, Celebrity Millennium, Carnival Pride, Crown Princess, Diamond Princess, and Seven Seas Mariner. Five vessels will sail to Limón, while other vessels will be visiting ports on the Pacific side of the country.

Costa Rica has always been a popular spot for cruise lines to sail to. During the 2019-2020 season, 239,566 cruise ship guests visited the country 113 cruise ships visited ports in the Pacific, while 84 ships visited the ports in the Caribbean.

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