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Cruise Ship Port Los Angeles

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Why Sail From Los Angeles With Celebrity Cruises

4 Taken To Area Hospitals After Cruise Ship Returns Early To Port Of Los Angeles

Travel in luxury aboard Celebrity Millennium, a fully revolutionized ship that has elevated the art of cruising. Book a stay in one of our brand new staterooms or at The Retreat, our luxury vacation experience, where youll make yourself at home in one of our spectacular suites as well as enjoy exclusive access to a private restaurant, sundeck, and lounge.

Our cruises from Los Angeles are a great opportunity to explore the finest destinations along the Mexican Riviera, Pacific Coast, and the Panama Canal. Spend your days at port visiting fascinating cities and towns, then unwind on our magnificent ship, where you can rest and relax at The Spa, savor delectable cuisine at any of our world-class restaurants, watch thrilling shows in the theater, and enjoy live music at one of our lounges. During your vacation with Celebrity, youll find yourself endlessly entertained while surrounded by impeccable service and modern design.

Los Angeles’ World Cruise Center Directions

From LAX:

Travel southbound on the San Diego Freeway , and then southbound on the Harbor Freeway . Exit at Harbor Blvd. and proceed straight through the Harbor Blvd. intersection. Turn right to enter the World Cruise Center.

From downtown Los Angeles:

On the Harbor Freeway , travel southbound. Exit at Harbor Blvd. and proceed straight through the Harbor Blvd. intersection. Turn right to enter the World Cruise Center.

From Long Beach:

Travel westbound on Ocean Blvd., Seaside Ave. and the Vincent Thomas Bridge . Exit at Harbor Blvd. and proceed straight through the Harbor Blvd. intersection. Turn right to enter the World Cruise Center.

Getting To The Port Of Los Angeles

Southern California is known for its car culture. It shouldnt be a surprise, then, that the most convenient way to get to the cruise ship is to take an Uber/Lyft. These services provide access from all major airports in the area. And you can be picked up anywhere else in the area to get to the ship on your own schedule.

Expect the ride to cost at least $30 for a car from LAX to the cruise port. Higher rates will apply if going a longer distance or during peak times.

Estimated ride times from major points of interest are below:

  • Los Angeles International : 30 min
  • Long Beach Airport : 25 min
  • John Wayne Airport : 45 min
  • Downtown: 40 min

You can read more about all your options on getting to the ship and pricing on our Los Angeles cruise transportation page.

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Los Angeles Tours Shore Excursions Hotels

City Tours and Shore Excursions

Near San Pedro

  • Los Angeles Maritime Museum: explore the history of the harbor in Los Angeles. It is located half mile away from the Los Angeles cruise port, direction South, in the Municipal Ferry Terminal at Harbor and 6th.
  • Ports Oâ Call: a mile away from the Los Angeles cruise port, direction South. Great place where you will find shops, restaurants, galleries and bars in New England seaside town atmosphere.
  • Red Car Trolley Ride: a vintage line connecting the Marina and the World Cruise Center. It stops by the LA Maritime Museum and Ports Oâ Call.
  • Abalone Cove: amazing, lively beach located 4 miles away from Los Angeles cruise port, direction West. Enjoy stunning Catalina island views or rock pool at the Sacred Cove Bay.

Near Long Beach

  • Queen Mary: the famous ocean liner just by the terminal. It was in service from 1936 to 1976 for Cunard Line. Currently she is part hotel part museum.
  • Aquarium of The Pacific, Shoreline Aquatic Park: you will need just 5 minutes by car to get there. Enjoy the sea with its habitants in the Aquarium of The Pacific and walk through the Shoreline Aquatic Park to discover amazing green spaces.
  • The Naples Canals: explore the Naples Canal and the Rivo Alto Canal.
  • Rancho Los Cerritos Ranch: explore the tradition of Mexican, Spanish and American California origins in a combination.

Frequently Asked Questions On Port Of Los Angeles Parking

Sustainability at AECOM: Port of Los Angeles  A...

How much is parking at the Port of Los Angeles?

That depends on which parking lot you choose. The parking lot at the San Pedro Fish Market is in the Port, and its free. The World Cruise Center parking lot is $17 per day. Parking at the Battleship Iowa or the Catalina Sea and Air Terminal is $19 per day.

Which cruise lines sail from the Port of Los Angeles?

The World Cruise Center is home to Norwegian, Princess, Oceania, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Cunard, Crystal, and Celebrity Cruise lines all sail from the Port of Los Angeles. Until recently, Carnival cruises sailed exclusively from the Port of Long Beach, but as theyve expanded they now sail from the Port of Los Angeles as well.

Whats the closest cruise parking lot to the Port of Los Angeles?

The World Cruise Center Parking lot is the closest parking lot to the Port of Los Angeles. The parking lots for the Battleship Iowa and the Catalina Sea and Air Terminal, in that order, are the next closest.

Is there security for the parking at the Port of Los Angeles?

The paid parking lots all have security guards to make sure that your vehicle is safe while youre on your cruise. The hotel parking lots do, as well. The free parking lots dont have dedicated security guards, but they are well-lit and break-ins or vehicle theft are rare.

Is there covered parking at the Port of Los Angeles? Can I reserve a parking spot at the Port of Los Angeles? Is there ADA/Handicapped parking at the Port of Los Angeles?

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Hurricane Kay Impacting All Baja Peninsula

The significant alterations to Carnival Panoramas itinerary are due to Hurricane Kay, which is currently at the same latitude as Cabo San Lucas but approximately 200 miles west off the coast.

While the storms hurricane wind field is small, all of the southern Baja Peninsula including Cabo San Lucas is under a tropical storm warning at this time.

Further tropical storm warnings, hurricane watches, and hurricane warnings are posted further up the coast of the peninsula, as the storm is moving north-northwest at 13 miles per hour.

While the storm is not expected to strengthen further and is in fact slowly losing strength, it is simultaneously drawing closer to the Mexican coast and can have a significant impact on port communities.

The system is expected to weaken from a hurricane to a tropical storm the further north it goes, and is likely to make a westerly turn before reaching as far north as Ensenada. At its current rate of movement, the storm will reach the northern part of the Baja peninsula early Saturday morning, long after Carnival Panorama will be out of the region.

Stay tuned to Cruise Hive for updates throughout all of hurricane season for impacts from both Pacific and Atlantic storms.

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is a little different than mostother aquariums in that it isnt dedicated to global marine species. Instead,the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium hosts species exclusively from SouthernCalifornia.

If you have little ones, this is a great way to help thembond and connect to a well-defined environment.

Some exhibits, like the Kelp Forest, also show how globalcertain biomes can be. While Giant Kelp doesnt grow everywhere, floating kelpand sunken kelp both serve as food sources for many marine environments acrossthe world.

They are also committed to conservation and can help youlearn how to make a difference in ocean conservation on your cruise and athome.

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Nd And Miner Streets Lot

If you feel a little nervousabout using a businesss parking lot while youre away on a cruise, check outthe parking lot at 22nd Street and Miner Street. This is a free public parkinglot operated by the City. Its further from the Cruise Center than the otheroptions, but it has easier access to public transportation. You will definitelywant to get a ride from here to the Cruise Center.

On most days, this lot isfree. If theres a major event happening in the area, there may be a $5 fee forthat day, but you would only be charged if you enter the lot on that day.

Port Of Los Angeles Cruise Accident Attorney

4 People Taken To Area Hospitals From Cruise Ship In San Pedro, 2 With Injuries

The Port of Los Angeles also known as the World Cruise Center is the largest cruise ship terminal on the West Coast of the United States.

It is an 18-acre facility that is not located in Los Angeles but in San Pedro, near the Vincent Thomas bridge. Currently, it has three passenger cruise ship births and is responsible for transporting over 1 million passengers a year. The terminal is operated by Port America which is the largest US terminal operator and has operations in every major cruise ship port in the nation. Port America currently processes over 4 million crew ship passengers a year along with their baggage and equipment. In addition to the port of Los Angeles, Port America has long-term concession agreements with the Port of Seattle, the Manhattan cruise terminal on the Hudson River in New York City, and many others.

Ports that Port America Operate:

Boston, Massachusetts Brooklyn, New York Los Angeles, California Manhattan, New York Miami, Florida Norfolk, Virginia Port Everglades, Florida Portland, ME Seattle, Washington

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San Pedro Brewing Company

If youre looking for something a little more familiar, SanPedro Brewing Company offers craft beer and American classic pub food.

Opened in 1999, after the expansion of John Ts Tavern, SanPedro Brewing Company lays claim to the title the original Brew Co ofSan Pedro. Open all week, San Pedro Brewing Company does add late-nighthours Friday and Saturday. It can be a fun destination after your cruise as youtransition back to your day-to-day.

Parking At The Long Beach Cruise Terminal

For many people, they dont have to worry about a ride to the port. Roughly 20 million people live in the greater Los Angeles area that includes Long Beach. That means many people are able to simply drive to the cruise ship.

Of course, if you are driving, then you will need a spot to park. The port offers ample parking in a garage thats right next to the terminal. However, that convenience comes at a cost. The port charges $23 per day for parking. Over the course of a weeklong cruise, expect to spend upwards of $160.

For all the details on parking, see our Long Beach cruise parking page here.

There are also hotels in the area that offer cruise parking for guests. Stay a night and you can leave your car while you sail for a reduced cost versus parking at the port. If you plan on staying in a hotel the night before your cruise, this deal can save you a nice chunk of change.

See our list of Long Beach cruise hotels with parking deals.

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Los Angeles Cruise Parking Faq

Where do the cruise ships dock in LA?

Your cruise ship will dock somewhere in berths 91-93. Its important to be at your terminal early since boarding is quick and can be chaotic if you arent used to the boarding process.

How many cruise terminals are at Port of Los Angeles?

There are two terminal buildings, with almost 3,000 square feet or docking space.

How much is parking at the Port of Los Angeles?

Fortunately, the cost of parking is standardized across the Port of Los Angeles. Your first hour is free, but each additional hour costs $2.00.There are daily maximums as well, in case youre leaving a vehicle parked during your cruise. The maximum, as of writing, for standard cars is $19.00. The daily maximum for oversized vehicles is $38.00.

Are there shuttles from the parking lots to the cruise terminals?

Yes! Several shuttles run between the parking lots and the terminals, operating out of parking lots 6, 7, and 8. Unfortunately, those shuttles are not currently wheelchair accessible.

Sailing From The Long Beach Cruise Terminal

Sailing from the Ports of Los Angles and Long Beach

Los Angeles while far from being the biggest cruise departure port in the country offers two different cruise ports. The Long Beach terminal is a short distance from the Port of Los Angeles . It serves Carnival Cruise Lines, which primarily sails shorter trips to the Mexican Riviera.

Visitors will also recognize the historic Queen Mary, which is docked permanently at the port. As with the Port of Los Angeles, expect it to take about 30 minutes to an hour to get to the cruise port from the LAX airport, depending on traffic. If flying in, Long Beach Airport is much closer, reducing travel time.

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Japanese American Fishing Village Memorial On Terminal Island

If you have a little time to kill on Terminal Island itself,take a moment to look at the memorial statue for Furusato. Furusato was anisolated community that was almost entirely composed of Japanese immigrants andtheir descendants.

However, the residents of Furusato were forced to relocateafter Executive Order 9066 sent Japanese Americans into internment camps. Whileresidents were gone, their homes and the community school were bulldozed by theU.S. Navy.

While the residents were unable to return, forming a clubfor former residents now on the mainland, there is now a memorial statue forthe village and community that was lost.

This is just a small sampling of the restaurants andentertainments in the LA waterfront. There are options for just about any typeof food, cultural experience, or hotel you could hope for. Just remember, theLA Waterfront and Port are incredibly busy places. Plan extra time for transit,and have a transportation plan in place beforeyou arrive.

Long Beach Cruise Terminal

The second Los Angeles cruise ship terminal is located approx 23 mi away from LAX, and 5 mi away from World Cruise Center Terminals. It was inaugurated in 2003 for Carnival Corporation ships exclusively. The white dome building now houses the cruise terminal .

Facilities here include bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, check-in, parking space, taxi ranks. Long Beach Terminal’s address: is “Port of Long Beach, 231 Windsor Way, Long Beach, CA 90802”. Parking is USD 17 per day .

In October 2016, Carnival Cruise Line signed an agreement with Port Long Beach and with the landlord to expand the “Long Beach Cruise Terminal” facility in order to accommodate larger vessels and enhance terminal operations.

Carnival operates Long Beach terminal since 2003, but using only part of the Geodesic Dome . The new agreement gave the company 100% use of the Dome for its cruise operations.

Construction works started on April 12, 2017. Renovations increased the facility from approx 66,000 to 142,000 ft2 . Following the improvements, Long Beach Cruise Terminal now allows docking of larger-sized vessels and also provides additional space for 2-way passenger shipping operations. This enables embarking passengers to access the facility prior to completion of the previous cruise disembarkation process.

In 2017, Carnival had 3 vessels homeported year-round in LA – Inspiration and Imagination and Miracle .

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Parking At The World Cruise Center

The Port of Los Angeles is aworking commercial Port, and there are residential neighborhoods right next toit. That leaves little room for parking, unlike most ports. Still, the WorldCruise Center has managed to carve out an area for its own parking.

The parking lot for the WorldCruise Center has plenty of spaces, and you should have no trouble finding aspot there. There is security provided for this lot, too, so you should feelperfectly comfortable leaving your vehicle here.

Parking here costs $17 perday, or $32 per day for oversized vehicles. It seems like a steep price atfirst, but its actually very reasonably priced compared to most cruise ports.You can pay in cash or with a card, and you dont pay until youre leaving.

Note that this parking lot isnot covered. In Los Angeles, thats not usually a problem- the weather israrely bad enough that your car needs to be covered while youre cruising.Still, if leaving your car for a week in an uncovered parking lot makes youuncomfortable, this lot may not be your first choice.

You also cant reserve aparking space in advance here. All parking is first come first serve. Its abig enough parking lot that this isnt likely to cause problems.

Where To Stay For A Los Angeles Cruise

Port of Los Angeles Welcomes Majestic Princess and Announces 200 Cruise Sailings for 2022

Flying into Los Angeles for a cruise? Its always a good idea to plan to arrive into the city the day before. That way if there are any delays, you arent scrambling to make it to the port or have any worry about missing the ship.

So where should you stay? The area around the port offers a number of hotels within just 1-3 miles of the ships. This includes some right on the waterfront and some that offer a shuttle service to get guests to the cruise terminal.

You can see a list of nearby hotels to the World Cruise Center here.

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Los Angeles Cruises Port Guide

Though it is famous for its starlets and movie studios, Los Angeles extends far beyond Hollywood. This dynamic city is home to gorgeous natural wonders, funky neighborhoods, and excellent cuisine. Experience the glitz of Beverly Hills and its iconic Rodeo Drive. Stroll along the romantic Venice Beach canals. Relive your childhood with a trip to Disneyland. Go shopping in Santa Monica and surfing in Malibu. Hike up Griffith Park and enjoy an unbeatable view of the City of Angels.

Cruises from Los Angeles sail to the Mexican Riviera, where gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood, and natural wonders await. You can also sail along the California coast, where youll stop in beautiful destinations like Catalina Island, San Francisco, and Monterey. Or embark on a journey across the Panama Canal, stopping in tropical ports in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico along the way.


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