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How Much Does The Average Cruise Cost Per Person

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Onboard Prices For Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Of The Seas

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost?

Pina colada: $10+

Specialty Dining: $35 per person, Giovanni’s Table

Latte: $4.25

Shore Excursion: $74, St. John Beach and Snorkel

Fitness Class: $12

Souvenir Photo: $19.99+, 8×10

Bingo: $10+ for one card

Basic Internet Package: $12.99+ per person, per day, per device

Gratuities: $14.50 per passenger, per day

Total price: $311.73

How Much Does The Average Person Spend On A Cruise

Ever wonder if you got a great deal on a cruise? Of course, you should read our 10 Rules for Getting the Best Deal on a Cruise, but it also doesnt hurt to compare what you paid to the average price other passengers paid.

Thats easier said than done until now. No, you dont have to go from passenger to passenger asking them how much they paid. You arent likely to get an accurate answer anyway .

Cruise lines are often public companies. That means they regularly report statistics to their shareholders and the investing public. These reports offer interesting glimpses into the cruise business with everything from stats on how many passengers a cruise line carries to how much money it takes in.

And with a little math, we can use some of these numbers to calculate exactly how much is spent per passenger on tickets and onboard items like alcohol and souvenirs. This gives us the average amount spent per person on a cruise.

Final Thoughts: 21 Hidden Costs Of Cruising How Much Does A Cruise Really Cost

Even though cruising is still a great value, knowing what extra costs to expect and plan for will avoid surprises. By researching in advance, youll be able to budget for your cruise ports, as well as what extra expenses youd enjoy on the cruise ship.

A final tip is to make sure that youre signed up to receive your cruise lines emails. Often, beverage packages, shore excursions and other cruise purchases will be discounted if you buy them online before your cruise.

I hope these tips and the information is helpful as you plan and get ready for your cruise.

What other extras have you encountered on cruise ships or while planning your cruise? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy cruising!


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How Much Should I Budget For A Cruise

Like everything in life, money makes the world go ’round, and making sure you have enough money allocated for a cruise vacation is a responsible concern.

Luckily, cruise vacations are quite affordable and Royal Caribbean offers a variety of options at different prices that I think make it economical for most families.

To help anyone budget for their cruise, I have a breakdown of what to expect in terms of overall costs. Keep in mind that cruises are global, and I cannot possibly account for every scenario, budget and cost. After all, the cost of a cruise can vary greatly depending on the destination, ship and duration.

To help give everyone a ballpark idea of what to expect, I have a look at the add-ons and typical costs that come with a cruise, along with tips for keeping those costs low.

Price Variety By Cruise Length

Cruise Prices Have FALLEN For Years. Here

A longer cruise is, of course, more expensive than a short cruise. This however doesnt necessarily work on a proportional basis. On most cruise lines a 14 night cruise will be less than double the price of a 7 night cruise. It is considerably easier for the cruise line to keep the same guests onboard than to keep having to change guests.

The day where guests embark and disembark is called turn around day and this is often the busiest day for cruise line staff. The cruise ship will have to disembark thousands of passengers by around 10am and will start receiving new passengers at 12pm. Its amazing how it works really!

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Food On A Disney Cruise

The first thing to keep in mind with this comparison is that when you are on a Disney Cruise you truly are getting more. Lets look at food first. The Disney Dining Plan entitles you to one Quick-Service Meal, one Table Service Meal, and two Snacks per person, per day, whereas on a Disney Cruise you have unlimited meals and snacks. Admit it: access to ice cream whenever you want sounds pretty sweet! But it goes beyond that.

On our recent trip aboard the Disney Magic, we experienced Rapunzels Royal Table, a dinner show that is at least on par with Cinderellas Royal Table in Walt Disney World. Character meals such as these in the park require two Table Service Meal credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

For many cruisers, breakfast and lunch will be at Cabanas, an all-you-can-eat buffet, which compared to the Disney Dining Plan equates to a 1 credit Table Service experience, not a Quick Service Meal, plus you get one extra meal. But maybe Room Service is more your style. On the Disney Dining Plan, we are back to a two-credit Table Service charge for In-Room Dining at the Disney Resort hotels, whereas Room Service on a Disney Cruise ship is included â you only have to tip.

Taking A Cruise: Recommendations And Resources

Book a Cruise:Have a specific cruise you want to book or just need some help and inspiration? Get a cruise quote through us: Cruise Quote Form.Not Sure What to Book?Learn everything you need to know to find and book the perfect cruise in my How to Cruise For Less cruise course.Dont Forget Your Travel Insurance:You could be stranded abroad, lose your entire cruise fare, or be hit with MASSIVE medical bills if you dont have cruise travel insurance. I use comparison websites to compare quotes: Compare Quotes Here.Our full list of travel recommendations can be found here.

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How Much Is An Amawaterways River Cruiseexactly

Like any travel advisor will tell you, the answer is: It depends.

I know, I hate that answer, too. But it’s true.

There is a huge price range from $2000-$6000+ per person depending on:

  • Timing: For European river cruises, prices are lower in the spring and fall and higher in the summer.
  • Stateroom Category: The price of staterooms goes up as the size of room and its windows increase. Staterooms on a higher deck can also cost more.
  • Cruise Duration: As you would expect, the more days your cruise is, the more it will cost. When looking at pricing, it’s helpful to look at the cost per day. But remember, that includes accommodations, meals, excursions, AND transportation, so it’s great value.

How to find prices on AmaWaterways’ website

Follow these steps to view pricing on AmaWaterways’ website:

  • From the menu at the top of the page, click on “River Cruises” and select your desired itinerary.
  • This step will be much easier if you take my quiz that tells you which itinerary is best for you!
  • Next, click on the “Dates & Prices” menu option, which will show you all of the departure dates for that itinerary.
  • As the picture below shows, the price by departure date appears on the righthand side of the page. To see how much more different stateroom categories cost, click the “Upgrades” button.
  • Psst – you can skip these steps and just fill out the form below to get the answer

    AmaWaterays Blue Danube Pricing Example *This pricing is as of 12/13/18 and may no longer be valid.*

    Onboard Drinks Food And Entertainment

    How much does LIVING in an RV cost? | AVERAGE Month

    My parents helped subsidize our costs in this spending category. They had bought us a first cruise gift package. The package included 4 drink tickets worth $5.75 each and a photo voucher worth $15, along with other gifts.

    In addition to the $23 in drink vouchers, we spent an additional $12.08 on drinks. We considered ourselves lucky compared to many of the people on the ship who constantly drank.

    Drinks cost about $7 to $11 per drink. Additionally, there is a mandatory 15% gratuity charged on top of the advertised drink prices.

    On the first day of the cruise, my girlfriend won an $89 off certificate to the spa on the cruise ship.

    She had always wanted a massage so she splurged for a hot stone massage that ended up costing $65 after the discount. This is probably similar to what wed pay locally for a massage so it wasnt a horrible deal.

    We ordered room service for breakfast a few times. It is customary to tip the room service waiters, too. We ended up spending $8 on room service tips.

    There was a casino onboard the cruise ship! I had always wanted to try playing blackjack but it was $6 a hand. I did decide to play three separate times. The first time I won $6 and the second time I won $16. Sadly, I lost the $30 I brought the third time I played.

    Overall I lost $8 playing blackjack for a couple of hours but I had a lot of fun. That isnt too bad for entertainment dollars per hour. It could have been a lot worse though.

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    How Much Does A Mediterranean Cruise Actually Cost

    If you are considering a cruise you may be wondering how much Mediterranean cruises ACTUALLY cost. Ive been on 3 Mediterranean cruises and have spent a lot of time researching the cheapest ways to cruise.

    In this post we will look at the prices of Mediterranean cruises on the following cruise lines: Costa Cruises, Marella Cruises, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, P& O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

    Factors Affecting Cost Of Alaskan Cruise

    • Cruise ship/line Different cruise ships offer different Alaskan cruise prices. Be sure to compare rates to get the best deal.
    • Season Around July through August is the peak season for the Alaskan cruise. Avoid booking for during this period if you want to save a lot on your trip.
    • Type of Cabin Cabin categories have different rates. Comfort has a price.
    • Number of persons traveling traveling in groups can be cheaper than being alone as solo traveler tends to get the same rate room rate intended for two. Also, educational trips sometimes get a special rate.

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    One Note About Cruising In 2021

    Of course the world has changed since the health crisis. Nowhere is that more the case than with cruising. The entire industry was shut down for almost all of 2020 and looks to creep back into service slowly in 2021.

    But there are big changes coming to cruise lines. Of course, health and safety measures will be introduced, but there are bigger changes that could impact the cost of a cruise.

    During the stop, the major cruise companies took on massive amounts of debt to survive. Now as cruising resumes, expect them to be focused on improving their balance sheets. That could involve higher pricing if the market allows.

    As well, several cruise lines sold off a number older, smaller ships. In general, older ships offer lower pricing. Along with the removal of older ships, this also reduces the capacity of cabins available. If demand returns, that could mean higher prices in the future.

    Cruise Ship Cost By Size

    How Much Does Insurance Cost Per Month For One Person ...

    The graph below shows Cruise Ship Cost based on a ships capacity. Its not surprising that ships that hold more passengers, cost more money.

    Weve broken down the 200+ cruise ships into the following buckets.

    • 0 to 499 passengers
    • 4,000 to 4,999 passengers
    • 5,000+ passengers

    The figure on the left shows the average cost of a cruise ship within those capacity ranges. This number is the Cost Today figure mentioned above. We used this to account for the time difference between ships.

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    Whats The Weather Like In The Caribbean In Winter

    The weather in the Caribbean in winter is usually between the mid 70s to mid 80s which makes it very comfortable for exploring and going on excursions. There is little rain fall at this time of year and the days are usually bright. Im from the UK where it usually rains ALL WINTER so having almost guaranteed sunshine is one reason why many people from the UK head to the Caribbean in winter.

    Interested In Booking A Disney Cruise Line Vacation

    Whether you sail onboard the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, or Disney Fantasy, there are so many fun experiences for the whole family aboard Disney Cruise Line, from incomparable dining to Broadway-caliber shows. Donât forget to check out Academy Travel so you can book your next vacation with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and take advantage of some amazing deals and experiences on your upcoming trip. We love using Academy Travel to make our Disney Cruise Line and other Disney vacations a total breeze.

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    What A World Cruise Should Include

    As any seasoned cruise-goer knows, its important to analyze various packages and itineraries offered by cruise lines. Its too easy to get sucked in by a $499 offer for a 7-night sail in the Caribbean, only to learn the cabin is like a closet, you only get off once, and the ship is 15 years old. Even with a week-long cruise, its virtually impossible to not spend additional money on board if you want to live a little. Were not talking about buying gemstones in the jewelry storethis is more about evening cocktails or fitness classes. Dont fall victim to world-cruise itineraries that nickel and dime you at exponentially higher rates than these shorter cruises.

    Here are a few questions to ask yourself to pick the package right for you:

    Do you plan to enjoy pre-dinner cocktails every night?

    Look for a cruise with a beverage package or note when drinks are included.

    Are you a morning cappuccino drinker or is drip coffee alright?

    Many cruise lines charge extra for espresso or fancy coffee drinks, while grabbing plain drip coffee through room service or at restaurants costs nothing.

    Will you be needing internet access to check in with colleagues and family back home, or be working remotely?

    Shop around Wi-Fi packages because it takes many, many days to cross the ocean with few port stops. You can also confirm their reliability by checking out forums on sites like

    Onboard Prices For Holland America Line’ Nieuw Amsterdam

    Cruise Ship Vacation Costs Average $265 per Day Do You Spend That Much?

    Pina Colada: $5.75

    Specialty Dining: $35 per person, Pinnacle Grill

    Latte: $2.50

    Shore Excursion: $54.95, St. Thomas Turtle Cove Catamaran Sail and Snorkel

    Fitness Class: $12

    Bingo: $25 for three cards

    Basic Internet Package: $55, 100 minutes

    Gratuities: $13.50 per passenger, per day

    Total price: $368.65

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    How Much Does A Cruise Ship Cost To Operate

    • Post author:

    Cruise ships are getting bigger, more advanced, and are becoming almost like floating cities. Cruises are big business, so big that it can be hard to wrap our heads around exactly how much they cost to operate.

    How much does a cruise ship cost to operate? The cost to operate a cruise ship annually can be several billions of dollars. The Royal Caribbean posted numbers of over 6.1 million passengers who sailed on its ships worldwide in 2018 and have reportedly spent around $9.5 billion on these trips in that same year.

    Royal Caribbean had 26 cruise ships in 2018, so the annual operating cost per ship averaged about $360 million per year . The cost will be higher for their larger ships like the Symphony of the Seas and will be less for their smaller ships like the Empress of the Seas.

    These operating costs are made up of the following six main expense categories:

  • Commissions and transportation expenses
  • Fuel expenses
  • Other operating expenses
  • Advances in technology, materials, and shipbuilding today allow for more substantial and safer ships. These advances translate into more amenities packed into cruise ships.

    It has reached a point where a ship is so vast and modern that one would not know that they are inside an actual boat.

    Giant swimming pools, shops, casinos, and restaurants can all be found on a cruise ship. Frequently referred to as malls and casinos floating on our oceans, a cruise ship can generate tremendous operating expenses.

    Add In Transfers Between The Ship And The Airport On Both Ends

    The cost of the shuttle can vary depending on the length of the trip. –

    Factor in the transfer costs of the bus or taxi to get you between the airport and the ship for both embarkation and disembarkation. The cruise lines bus transfer makes sense if youre traveling alone or as a couple if youre a group of three or four, a taxi or Uber/Lyft may be your cheapest and quickest option. Driving to the port? Figure in parking charges instead.

    Estimated Cost: $20 – $100 per person

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    Want An Even More Magical Vacation Try The Disney Wish

    If you want to take an even more magical Disney Cruise Line vacation, we recommend booking on Disneys newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish. Most rooms onboard the wish have either ocean views or verandas, and each room is themed with decor inspired by a classic Disney fairy tale.

    Disney Wishâthe newest ship to join the Disney Cruise Line familyâsets sail in Summer 2022. Be among the first to experience the all-new enchantment on board, where fantastical worlds and beloved stories from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar are brought to life like never before.

    How Much Does It Cost To Go On A World Cruise

    • You are here:
    • How much does it cost to go on a world cruise?

    How much does it cost to go on a world cruise

    World Cruises are expensive. You could probably find a deal on an inside cabin in the $50K per cabin range or up to $500K per cabin if you want to travel in the Pinnacle suite. Please note all the prices here will be PER CABIN not PER PERSON except where noted.

    Many people planning their first world cruise focus on the base cruise cost only, which even for the least expensive cabin will cost around $50,000, and this amount is before you buy a single drink or go on a single tour. Even the $50K number will seem a little high if you only look at the giant print on the HAL website. The lowest fare listed for an Inside Cabin on the 128 days 2022 World Cruise is $22.499 If you double that in your head, you think Hey, I can go on a world cruise for $45,000. Still a nice chunk of change, but will that be your total cost once the smoke clears and you are staring at your final bill in April, the day before Fort Lauderdale? No, of course not, and everyone knows there are always additional charges, but how much will they be?

    Is a world cruise simply 16 one week Alaska cruises back to back? Do you spend more per day or less per day than on other cruises? What is the total cost of a world cruise, and how can you estimate your total world cruise cost?

    2022 World Cruise Base Pricing per cabin
    $4,096 $470,834

    2022 Holland America World Cruise

    Prices are PER CABIN

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