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Are There Cruises To Africa

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Cruises To South Africa From Uk

Exploring Africa on a Cruise | Planet Cruise Weekly

The vast African continent offers some unique cruise opportunities. Cruise to South Africa and make sure you don’t miss the incredible wildlife, sprawling vineyards of the Winelands and cultural cities, perfect for all adventure seekers.

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Why not add one of our exclusive land tours while in South Africa?Take a look at a selection of our land tours!

Africa Cruises To South Africa

South Africa cruises are one of the most popular Africa cruises and with everything from cosmopolitan cities, such as Cape Town and Durban, to the breathtaking scenery and beaches in Walvis Bay, it’s easy to see why. Cape Town cruises are the jewel in South Africa’s crown, with a glorious mix of botanical gardens, historic buildings and trendy waterfront cafes and boutiques. On the other hand, multicultural Durban will lure you to her shores with the promise of sun-kissed beaches and a whole host of exciting outdoor activities including canoeing, surfing and golf.

Lowest Repositioning Cruise Rates Often Emerge 2

A pricing trend that has remained consistent over the years is being able to find some of the best repositioning cruise deals by booking fairly last-minute. Rock-bottom prices tend to appear two-three months before the repositioning cruise is scheduled to embark.

This comes contrary to common advice for booking cruises. Often with cruises, its recommended to book as early as possible to score the best deal. And there are indeed some great repositioning cruise deals that can be scored in advance. But for particularly common routes, like transatlantic repositioning cruises, rates are sometimes slashed in the few months leading up to embarkation.

This last-minute repositioning cruise booking strategy has been a tried-and-true method weve used to uncover some of the best repositioning cruise deals out there. Prices tend to drop when each cruises cancelation period ends, which is about 45-90 days out.

Understand the economics at play. Those who book a cruise in advance have an option to cancel and receive a full or partial refund up until about 2-3 months before the cruise departs. This is known as the cancelation period and it varies by cruise line, ship, and itinerary. Once the cancelation period ends, anyone who booked the cruise are locked into it. Therefor, the cruise lines dont really know their true occupancy count is unknown until that time frame.

A general rule of thumb is the following:

It Can Also Make Sense to Book Repositioning Cruises in Advance

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Africa Cruises To Egypt

From ram-headed Sphinxes to the temple of Karnak, sumptuous palaces, inspiring mosques and busy bazaars – Egypt has it all. Gaze in wonderment at the majestic temples lining the banks of the Nile with Giant Pharaohs carved into the rose-coloured stone. Enjoy the intricate wall murals in the Valley of Kings and even join a scuba dive into the glittering depths beneath where you will feel like you have literally plunged straight into an aquarium. Admire the wonders along Egypt’s most famous river with a luxury River Nile cruise and explore more with several port calls along the way.

If you want to explore more of Africa and discover the mysteries of Egypt, embark on a cruise of the Red Sea and discover all about this ancient civilisation.

Outlook On Booking A 2021 Repositioning Cruise Deal

Cruise season underway at South African ports

With cruise lines greatly relaxing their cancelation policies. It can make sense to book a good deal if you see one. Particularly if you really like a certain repositioning cruise deal you see now, its probably best to strike while you can. Otherwise you may become disappointed if prices go up or if the cruise sells out.

Repositioning cruise pricing trends can be somewhat predictable for those in the know. Yet with all the uncertainty going on in 2020 and into 2021, all bets are off. There will be many changes implemented as repositioning cruises start back up again. Some of those occurrences could affect how good of a deal may be available on a repositioning cruise.

For example, many cruise lines are currently not filling their ships to capacity, so guests can more easily keep distanced. Also, weve noticed some repositioning cruises have been cut from the 2021 calendar. Certain ships have gotten sold or scrapped, while other itineraries have been altered to accommodate shorter and closer cruises that people may be more attracted to in 2021. All of these actions will lead to reduced inventory of cabins on repositioning cruises in 2021. This could potentially lead to cruises selling out and/or higher prices.

There is pent-up demand for cruising and many cruisers are in need of using their future cruise credits they have accumulated from canceled 2020 cruises. This could further make getting a cabin on a repositioning cruise potentially more competitive.

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Repositioning Cruises Between Europe And South Africa

Repositioning cruises to/from South Africa are a new-ish route we most recently took. Its a great itinerary that spans the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Indian Ocean Islands.

For 2020, the MSC Opera still intends to take this journey, departing Venice on November 8th 2020, for a nearly month-long voyage to South Africa. And at only $58/night, its definitely an attractive repositioning cruise deal to consider! See full itinerary and todays prices.

We recently embarked on a similar Europe-to-Africa repositioning cruise itinerary with MSC and loved it! .

Africa Cruises In Senegal

Cruises to Africa allow you to discover Senegal and its combination of lush natural beauty and urban sauve. Dakar, the peninsular capital city that juts out into the Atlantic, is rich in contrasts between the Ancient and the Modern world. Take a fascinating walking tour past the President’s Palace, the Cathedral and the Great Mosque before you pick up some original Senegalese handicrafts in the market of Soumbedioune or discover the typical African architecture of Fann.

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Where Repositioning Cruises Go In The Fall

During Autumn, cruises are repositioned away from Europe and Alaska. Most commonly ships are move to Florida and US East Coast ports to do Caribbean cruises during winter months. But cruises are also repositioned to Asia and locations throughout the southern hemisphere.

This is where cruise lines tend to reposition their cruise ships in the Fall:

  • Northern Transatlantic: Europe Florida
  • Southern Transatlantic: Europe Argentina & Brazil
  • Panama Canal: US Pacific Coast Florida
  • TransAmerica Panama Canal: Florida Chile
  • Southern Transpacific: Hawaii, California, & Pacific Northwest Sydney & Auckland
  • TransAmerica Pacific: California & Pacific Northwest Chile
  • TransAsia: Europe Asia
  • MiddleEastern: Europe UAE
  • TransAfrica: Europe South Africa
  • Canadian Maritimes: US East Coast Quebec, Canada

Note: The above route maps provide a general idea of the timing of repositioning cruises. Exact routes are constantly changing each year. Later is this article, some of the best repositioning cruise routes for 2020 are detailed.

The Pros Of A Safari By Cruise

Southern Africa and Lake Kariba: Luxury Safari Cruises | CroisiEurope

Cruise safaris mean fewer decisions to be made. A land-based safari is a complicated affair, with countless choices to make: Where and when to go? Should you sign up with one of the oh-so-many tour companies or go it alone? The options for safari cruises, happily, are far more limited in scope, and sorting through the available options from fewer than 10 cruise lines is not nearly as daunting. As soon as you make your pick, you’ve already arranged your room, board and transportation in one fell swoop, and will likely have a roster of well-organized, safari-minded shore excursions right at your fingertips.

You’ll get off the beaten safari path. Following a cruise itinerary along a coastal route, you’ll get to explore lesser-visited game reserves that are not necessarily any less rewarding than the more-frequented ones found farther inland. In South Africa, for instance, Addo Elephant National Park outside of Port Elizabeth or Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park outside of Richards Bay may not get the buzz of, say, Kruger National Park, but you can be rest assured that they encompass world-class safari ground all the same.

You’ll be well-positioned to see the marine “Big 5,” too. African wildlife doesn’t stop on land. Being on a ship — and in ports with easy access to local sightseeing cruises — will have you well positioned to sample a marine safari of sorts, with plenty of sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and penguins on view, particularly in South African seas.

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African Safari Cruise Tips

We outline some helpful hints in our Africa Cruise Tips feature that certainly cross over here, such as stocking up on your vacation days , arriving at least one day ahead of your embarkation day and getting all of your visas and immunizations in order well in advance of your trip. But here are a few more safari cruise-specific tips to likewise consider.

Get ready to be unsteady. The Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa, where most of these cruises navigate, is notorious for its sometimes treacherous seas. Anticipate rocky seas — and some seasickness if you don’t have the sturdiest of sea legs.

Bring binoculars, cameras … and patience. You’ll definitely want to have your binoculars and camera on hand for the incredible nature and wildlife scenes that you’ll be taking in, but don’t forget to pack your patience, too. Remember, there are no guarantees on safari, so don’t get your heart set on seeing any one animal specifically — your experience will largely be left up to the whims of Mother Nature, and just how long you might be willing to wait.

Put safety first. Before booking a trip, check in with the U.S. Department of State for any travel warnings to African safari areas that you might want to tackle, as many African nations are subject to political unrest, waves of crime and even terrorism. At press time, Kenya, for instance, had ongoing warnings listed.

The Azure Waters Of The Mediterranean Where We Launched Our First Small Ship Cruise In 1995

is close to our hearts. In 2021, were sailing to the Mediterranean Isles with a thoughtfully reimagined itinerary that sets the standard for a new era of personalized discoveries aboard Ponants Explorer ship, Le Bougainville, designed for intimate cruising. Explore Elba, steeped in Napoleonic tales cast anchor off of Corsica, a jet-setters paradise step ashore in two different ports of call in Sicily, enticing with antiquities and stunning vistas experience Sardinia, culturally rich with prehistoric sites and make history in Malta where the Knights of Malta left a living legacy gilded in gold and silver.

Book Today… And Travel Dreams Begin

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The Cons Of A Safari By Cruise

You’ll be limited to reserves and parks that are accessible from port. Unless you tack on a land-based, pre- or post-cruise safari extension , your shore excursions will be limited to what’s accessible from the port. Many of the big-name reserves that lie inland, such as South Africa’s Kruger National Park, will be off-limits.

You’ll have time limitations. Unlike a land-based safari, where you can get up at the crack of dawn or set out on safari close to sunset , you’ll be limited by the time constraints of your ship’s scheduled port call. Depending on the cruise schedule, you might not get to the game reserve until closer to midday, when the sun and heat can drive the animals to rest, making them more difficult to spot. If you’re not especially lucky with your game drive, you likely won’t have a second chance to go out and try it again.

This is largely the market of luxury cruise lines. Sorry, budget-minded travelers — this is almost exclusively the domain of luxury cruise lines, with price tags to match.

What Is A Repositioning Cruise

Boat Cruises from Cape Town

A repositioning cruise is a one-way cruise voyage in which a ship is being relocated from one region in the world to another. Cruise lines regularly reposition their fleets annually based on seasonality, as weather conditions and travel patterns change across the globe.

Since these ships are being moved from one part of the world to another, repositioning cruises do tend to be lengthy voyages with a higher amount of sea days. As a result, these lengthy, off-season, one-way cruises can have low demand. So repositioning cruises are often priced dramatically lower to entice passengers to come aboard these unique, intercontinental itineraries.

Repositioning cruises are sometimes also referred to simply as repo cruises or relocation cruises . Its all the same.

So thats a brief primer on repositioning cruise. For more detail, open our separate article in the link below, and continue reading here for more info on how to score the best repositioning cruise deals.

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African Safari Shore Excursions

While land-based safaris typically target big-name reserves farther inland in South Africa , Kenya or Tanzania , cruise lines are more logistically limited with their excursions, focusing instead on game reserves that have some proximity to the coastal ports. Keep in mind that the most common embark/debark port, Cape Town, is not situated close to any of the major game parks.

You’ll find safari-minded shore excursions in several South African ports, with a few alternatives out of Mombasa in Kenya.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: Port Elizabeth, or PE, is probably the single most popular port call for cruise-based safaris, thanks to its close proximity to the superlative Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa’s third-largest national park. Most cruise lines, including Silversea, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Ponant, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and Cunard, offer half-day guided excursions to the 445,000-acre, malaria-free game reserve. With 4×4 game drives led by park rangers, you’ll have an opportunity to glimpse the “Big 5” here, and are almost guaranteed sightings of elephants, which number more than 600 within the park.

Cruise Specials From Durban & Cape Town

We regularly highlight cruise packages available with top cruise liners such as the and MSC Opera for the 2020/2021 seasons – brand new and revamped with more family cabins and other renovations. Watch this space!

There are also the occasional cruise specials with Crystal Cruises, Oceania Cruises & Cunard from Cape Town. And check out our for your cruise. Email to make a booking.

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Cruise To Africas Wild Heart

From the palm-fringed waters of Mombasa to the ornate mosques of Durban, let Azamara® take you to bucket-list locales on our cruises to Africa.

In Zanzibar, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and breathe in fields scented with cardamom, cinnamon, and clove with an immersive visit to a local spice plantation. Climb into a traditional dhow and set sail to Prison Island to explore a 19th century prison, then spend the afternoon mingling with locals and haggling for stunning textiles, jewelery, and wood carvings at the Darajani Bazaar.

Journey to South Africa’s Mother City of Cape Town and experience the vast beauty of a land shaped by two oceans. Set your sites on the iconic Table Mountain for a day spent hiking and picnicking across this stunning mountain range. Cruise through the river port of East London or walk on the wild side with a safari in Richards Bayhome to hundreds of thousands of hectares of African backcountry. Embark on a one in a lifetime journey to the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve or the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site, for the chance to see hippos, crocodiles, and the Big Five in their natural habitat.

Tolagnaro, Madagascar is still relatively undiscovered by most travelersbut not by us. Well introduce you to South Africas Friendly City of Port Elizabeth and show you the way around Mozambiques bustling capital with high tea and panoramic sightseeing drive.

Featured Africa Voyages

Top Africa Tip For Your Africa Cruise

MSC Sinfonia to the Portuguese Island!

Take time to carefully plan your cruise around Africa to ensure you maximise your time on holiday. As well as considering the climate and what you would like to see and where, consider also visa requirements, travel vaccinations and any specialised equipment needed, i.e. binoculars, hiking boots or portable mosquito nets.

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Africa Cruises To Kenya

Kenya is home to the safari and a must for all those enjoying cruises to Africa. Stop off in Mombasa with its white-sand beaches, towering mountains and spectacular Great Rift Valley. Take a ride on a traditional Dhow, adventure into one of Kenya’s game reserves in search of its wondrous wildlife, see Kenyan artisansâ inspiring Bombolulu workshop or take an educational tour around the city of Mombasa to uncover its fascinating past.

When Do Repositioning Cruises Travel

Repositioning cruises tend to be most active during the change in seasons:

  • Spring,
  • Fall.

As an example, lets take a look at transatlantic repositioning cruises to illustrate these seasonal cruise relocations. The Mediterranean Sea boasts pleasantly warm weather and is high season for travel in the summer. So cruise lines often move ships to the Mediterranean in the late Spring to serve the many passengers who desire taking a summer Mediterranean cruise.

Meanwhile, summer months are the Caribbeans hot and stormy summer offseason. So its only natural for cruise lines to move ships across the Atlantic Ocean by May, relocating them from ports serving the Caribbean to ports serving the Mediterranean and Europe.

The reverse occurs each Fall. Thats when many cruise ships are moved from Europe across the Atlantic to Florida, among other home ports serving the Caribbean, in time for the winter high-season months.

These transatlantic repositioning cruises form the most common repositioning cruise route. But there are many other repositioning cruise routes to consider.

Alaskan cruises cant sail in the winter. So those ships need to go elsewhere, of course! Europe-Asia repositioning cruises can provide for port-intensive journeys between the adjoining continents. Transiting from North to South America can be an interesting voyage that often includes a Panama Canal Cruise. There are many seasonal shifts in cruising that bring about repositioning cruises.

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