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Do I Need Travel Insurance For Cruise

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Do You Need Special Insurance For A Cruise

Do I need travel insurance?

Due to the unique nature of traveling by cruise ship, travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travelers. Depending on the plan, cruise travel insurance can protect against missed connections, an emergency evacuation, unexpected medical issues, baggage loss, and more.

As of July 2021, some cruise lines now recommend or require unvaccinated American passengers to show proof of valid travel insurance as a condition of boarding. InsureMyTrip offers cruise travel insurance plans that meet and/or exceed such requirements.

Unique Travel Insurance Coverage For Cruises

When you are planning a cruise, you have specific travel needs that are different from a traditional traveler for obvious reasons. This is not your normal fly away, vacation and fly home trip. Youll be meeting up with your cruise, vacationing out on the deep blue sea, probably experiencing some new things through excursions and then coming home to reality.

These differences mean youll need unique travel insurance coverage for your trip. A typical comprehensive plan would be a great option for any traveler, even cruisers. But there are some comprehensive cruise insurance plans that offer specialized coverage specific to the needs of cruisers. Below are some examples of coverage you can find if you look carefully at the plan details:

Insurance For Medical Care

More and more insurance companies are covering COVID-19, whether through individual insurance products or their regular products.

If you already have a travel insurance contract, your insurance company may have added an endorsement to it to clarify the conditions specific to COVID-19. To find out if COVID-19 is covered by your contract, read your insurance policy carefully, including any endorsements or contact the insurance company.

To learn more about Ontario Blue Cross travel insurance related to COVID-19, please refer to our FAQ.

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Recommended Travel Insurance For Cruises

Meghan Walch, head of cruise coverage analysis for InsureMyTrip, recommends you look into a comprehensive policy that includes the following coverage types.

Trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you for 100% of your nonrefundable trip costs if you have to cancel for a reason thats listed in the policy. Make sure you have a travel insurance plan that includes Covid-related trip cancellation insurance because not all travel insurance plans do.

Emergency medical expenses and emergency evacuation: These important coverage types pay medical expenses such as doctor and hospital bills during the trip and the cost to get you to the nearest adequate medical facility if necessary. Make sure you have a plan that covers Covid-related medical and evacuation expenses.

Also note that Medicare and U.S.-based health plans may have limited or no coverage when you leave the U.S. If youre traveling abroad, which is common for a cruise, you likely have little to no medical coverage without a travel insurance policy.

There are travel insurance plans with up to $500,000 in medical expenses coverage and $1 million for emergency evacuation. Even if your cruise line doesnt require high amounts like this, expenses can quickly add up if you have a claim.

Trip delay coverage reimburses you for extra expenses during a delay, like having to pay for an extra night at a hotel or for meals while you wait in the airport.

To use CFAR coverage you must cancel at least two days before departure.

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Do I Need Cruise Insurance for My Trip?

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Cruise Travel Insurance Companies

TinLeg plans are economical, yet have good coverage. As you can see, hurricane coverage kicks in after any delay, instead of having an hour minimum. There is no deductible for emergency medical. Overall these are great plans because they offer a great value.

Travel Insured is good for cruises because it covers NOAA Warnings for hurricanes instead of needing the hurricane to actually strike. This greatly expands your coverage.

IMG is a premium choice for their included Cancel For Work Reasons coverage, as well as the NOAA Warning coverage above.

Decide On A Cover Type

After clicking get a new quote youll be sent to a page where you have to decide if you would like an annual policy or a one-trip policy.

For the purposes of this, I will be selecting a one-trip policy but if you do think youll be traveling multiple times per year, it may be worth doing an annual quote.

You can always do both quotes.

All travel insurance quotes from MoneySuperMarket cover emergency medical expenses and repatriation if you catch COVID-19 while youre away.

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Why Is Cruise Insurance Worth It

Though cruise insurance may cost 5% to 10% of your trip cost, it can help reimburse you for hundreds of thousands of dollars of covered cruise-related expenses like emergency evacuation, medical bills, cruise-ship disablement, and costs related to cruise cancellation and interruption.

No wonder the U.S. State Department recommends that people going on cruises insure their travel.1

What Is Cruise Cover

Lets Talk About Cruise Travel Insurance – Do You Need It?

Travel insurance for cruises can mean specific policy features or general travel cover that doesnt exclude cruises.

Specific policies should include a daily compensation if youre confined to your cabin because of illness, missing a port departure, rejoining a cruise after an illness and payout per port you miss if there is a change in your itinerary.

Most importantly, more standard features such as medical treatment and luggage will be included while on a cruise.

The policies can be packaged as an add-on to a travel policy or designed as part of a policy.

Other policies may say they cover cruises but this can mean theyre not mentioned as a specific exclusion. This means important cover such as medical treatment will be valid if youre on a cruise but you may not get specific benefits such as compensation if youre confined to a cabin.

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Considering Travel Insurance Even If Not Required

Even if your cruise line doesnt require travel insurance, should you consider buying a policy?

As ships are starting to ease back into sailing again, you still may be a bit worried about booking a cruise. Thats where a travel insurance policy helps.

Travel insurance can help to alleviate some of the financial burdens if you must cancel, says Walch.

Comprehensive travel insurance policies can also help with additional expenses to catch up with the boat in the event weather delays your flights for a set number of hours and you miss your cruise departure.

Travel medical coverage is certainly a reason to buy travel insurance even if your cruise doesnt require it.Lisa Conway, chief underwriting officer for battleface, a travel insurance company, says to always ensure that the travel medical expenses amount covers what is required by the cruise line.

In addition, the travel landscape is shifting and some destinations may require insurance. Some destinations might require you to show proof of travel insurance upon entry, says Conway.

In the case of battleface, we cover $500,000 per insured, and for emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains benefits, up to $500,000, in the event the you, or your traveling companion, requires medical treatment, quarantine, or emergency evacuation due to Covid-related sickness while on the trip, she says.

Report: Biden Administration To Require Stricter Testing Requirements For Travelers To Us

On Nov. 30, the Washington Post reported the Biden administration plans to roll out stricter Covid-19 test requirements for travelers entering the U.S.

The new rules, which could be announced as soon as Thursday, will require all visitors to get a Covid test one day before boarding their flight.

Currently, anyone age 2 and older entering the United States must get a Covid-19 test within three days of their departure, or show proof that theyve recovered from Covid-19 within the previous 90 days.

The requirements vary depending on your vaccination status:

  • If fully vaccinated, you must get tested within three days of your departure for the U.S.
  • If not fully vaccinated, you must get a Covid test no more than ONE day before your departure to the U.S.

If youre visiting the U.S. and youre not a U.S. citizen or resident, you cant travel to the U.S. if youre unvaccinated, with extremely limited exceptions.

The Biden administration is also considering implementing a 7-day self-quarantine for all visitors, including U.S. citizens and permanent residents, according to the Post report.

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What Are The Alternatives To Cruise Line Travel Insurance

There are many excellent alternatives to buying your travel insurance directly through your cruise line. One of the best ways to find these alternatives is through a comparison site like

To compare potential providers, youll need to enter key trip details such as the cost of your trip, your destination, and the number of travelers, and the comparison tool will do the rest for you.

You should always try to buy your travel insurance sooner rather than later. In general, the further you book your cruise insurance in advance, the longer you will be covered and you will have more coverage options available. Waiting too long can limit the number of insurance options available to you.

What Is Travel Insurance

Do I Need Travel Insurance in 2020

Travel insurance, purchased within a certain time frame after a travel booking, is coverage that protects travelers — in this case, cruisers — and the vacation-related financial investments they’ve made in the event something on their trip doesn’t go as planned.

However, that doesn’t mean you can file a claim because you had issues with your cabin keycard or you didn’t particularly like the meal you ordered in the onboard steakhouse. Policies are specific in what they cover, so it’s important for anyone considering travel insurance to read the fine print carefully.

Add-ons are available to cover select items that aren’t listed in your base policy. We’ll dive more into the details in the sections below.

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Do I Need Travel Insurance For Cruises In Australian Waters

Even if youre simply taking cruises around the Australian coast, its a good idea to be covered just in case something unexpected happens: you may have to cancel your Australian cruise before youre even able to leave your home due to sickness or injury, not be able to continue your domestic cruise trip because youve injured yourself while embarking or disembarking, or accidentally drop and damage your phone while taking photos of the stunning view.

Another reason to consider buying domestic cruise travel insurance is that you may be injured whilst visiting a remote location, and need to be evacuated to where the Royal Flying Doctor Service or ambulance is able to pick you up to take you to a medical facility for treatment.

Buying Australian domestic cruise travel insurance can reimburse you for your unexpected expenses or provide you with evacuation cover.

How Much Does Cruise Insurance Cost

In general, the average policy with Trip Cancellation coverage will cost between 5% and 10% of a travelerâs total trip cost. The primary factors that determine the cost of a policy are the trip cost, the length of the trip, the age of the travelers, and the coverage amounts. Travelers who choose not to insure their trip cost can expect their policy to be less expensive.

Tip for Cruisers: Check in advance to see if your cruise line will provide a refund or voucher if you cancel. If they will, you can forgo insuring the cost of the cruise. A medical travel insurance policy will be less expensive.

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Do Know Whats Covered

Is a job loss covered? How about a death in the family? Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the policy, particularly the schedule of benefits and coverage details, which serve as a summary.

For example, is a COVID-19 related issue covered? The answer depends on when you bought your policy, since pandemics and epidemics are often specifically excluded. So if you bought the policy after your insurance company declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, you may not be covered for COVID-19-related reasons. There are also several companies now including COVID-19 related illnesses as covered reasons but fear of traveling doesnt qualify. Bottom line: Know what is covered and what isnt.

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Can I Get Travel Insurance After I Book My Cruise

Do I really need travel insurance?

A common question we receive is “how late can I purchase my travel insurance?” We recommend purchasing early, ideally after making your first payment towards your trip. Some benefits are time-sensitive, such as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or the optional Cancel for Any Reason benefit. And while some plans offer post-departure benefits or can be purchased last minute, we advise not to wait to start comparing travel insurance plans.

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Will The Cruise Line Reimburse Me If I Cancel

Even if your cruise insurance doesnt cover your cancelled trip, you may be able to scrape back some of the cost of the cruise itself. Many cruise companies will allow you to cancel ahead of time and only pay a cancellation fee rather than the full cost of the cruise. This fee varies based on how far out you cancel.

When You Don’t Need It

Consider your vacation an investment. Would you be OK losing that money? On a whole, if you’re spending a relatively small sum on your trip, insuring that investment is probably not worth it.

  • Skip It: For U.S. travel

Traveling to Florida? Road-tripping around the American Southwest? You can probably skip any extra insurance. Travel within the U.S. is typically a less expensive investment and most people tend to plan only a few weeks in advance. ValuePenguin estimates the average domestic trip spans about four days and costs $576 per person.

Plus, if you have medical insurance, you’re typically covered for any emergencies that occur. As always, double check the fine print, but experts generally recommend opting out of trip insurance for short trips within the U.S.

  • Skip It: If your card offers it

Check your wallet before buying any travel insurance, since some credit cards actually offer it as a perk. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card offers built-in trip interruption insurance that reimburses up to $10,000 per person if your trip is cancelled or cut short because of situations such as an illness or severe weather. The Citi Prestige and Citi ThankYou Premier cards also offer baggage and trip cancellation protection.

So even if you are traveling outside the U.S., if your credit card’s coverage is thorough, you won’t need to purchase anything extra.

  • Skip It: For flights
  • Skip It: Just for flexibility

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Travel To Nowhere Cruise Offers

Genting Cruise Lines World Dream

From November 6th onwards, passengers will be welcomed aboard the World Dream under Genting Cruise Lines Dream Cruises.

The cruise will set sail from Singapore, make its way through the Straits of Malacca before returning to Singapore.

For either a two-night or three-night stay, you will be able to experience water slides, rock climbing walls, rope courses and even virtual reality games with Esc Experience Lab.

Safety measures taken aboard the World Dream will include required mask-wearing excluding during meals and sports, hand sanitisation and temperature screening stations and two doctors on board, including an infection control officer and isolated wards.

Royal Caribbean Internationals Quantum

From December 1st, youll be able to sail aboard the Quantum of Seas by Royal Caribbean International for a three-nights or four-nights package.

Activities aboard will include surf simulators and bumper cars, as well as dining at Jamies Italian.

Cruise operators on this cruise will adhere to strict precautions while aboard including:

  • Fresh filtered air supply to all indoor areas
  • Required wearing of masks at all times
  • A 100 per cent credit towards a future cruise if a guest tests positive for Covid-19 during the three weeks prior to the cruise or a full refund if a guest tests positive during the voyage

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When Should I Buy My Australian Cruise Travel Insurance

Do I Need Travel Insurance for My Cruise?

Its up to you when you purchase your cruise travel insurance cover. You can purchase it:

  • Up to 12 months before your cruise departs, after youve paid your deposit.
  • Up to the day that you board your plane to get to your cruise.
  • Up to the day you board your cruise.

When considering when to buy travel insurance for your domestic cruise, you should keep in mind that the is activated when you purchase your cruise travel insurance policy . This is particularly useful because many cruises can be booked up to 12 months in advance.

The cancellation benefit provides you with cover in the event that you have to unexpectedly cancel your cruise in Australia due to sickness, injury or a natural disaster like bushfires. If you have cancellation cover on your cruise travel insurance, and you cant go on your cruise, you can be reimbursed for the prepayments that youve already made for your trip, including the domestic cruise itself, flights, accommodation and tours.

Buying travel insurance for your Australian cruise can give you the peace of mind to explore Australias unique coastline, and the out of the way areas that you wouldnt normally be able to access on a larger cruise ship.

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