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Does Disney Cruise Leave From Galveston

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Plan To Exchange Your Currency Onboard

Disney Magic Cruise {Adventures Away Party} Galveston, TX – Day One

Not only does Disney Cruise Line take no commission for exchanging bills, but theyll actually honor the transactions rate of exchange for any leftover money. Simply present your receipt prior to the end of the cruise, and theyll convert your foreign currency back to your preferred denomination at the same rate, even if the exchange rate has since changed.

Many Disney Travelers Feel Unsure About How Much To Tip During Their Vacations We Find It Helps To Remember This Adage: Only Tip If Youve Been Pleased With The Service Beyond That There Are No Hard And Fast Rules

Tipping is a thank-you for good service. Tipping does not need to be mandatory if you did not receive good service. If service was unsatisfactory, ask to speak to the manager and relay the problem rather than simply not tip.

Here are some general guidelines for gratuities on your Disney vacation:

GETTING THERE: Skycap : $1/bag Airport Parking Shuttle: $1/person- Town Car/Limo Driver: Tip about 20% total. If your trip consists of two legs, tip 10% on the way there and 10% on the way back. Keep in mind that you may not have the same driver on your drive back. If your driver carries your luggage from baggage claim, consider adding $1/bag for the extra service.- Taxi: 15% of fare, Shuttle Van/Bus: $2/person

Valet Parking: $1-2 when your car is delivered- Bell Services : $1/bag .If your luggage is going to be stored , consider tipping twiceonce for the person who receives your bags, and again for the person who delivers them from storage.- Housekeeping: $1/day/person . For turndown service, or if you request an item be delivered to your room, such as a hairdryer or iron, tip $1/item. Tipping housekeeping is an age-old custom, but it is not expected at Disney. If you feel its unnecessary, dont feel obligated.- Room Service: 15% of food bill Concierge: $5-10/visit

Counter-Service Eatery and Food Courts: Nothing- Buffet Eatery : 10-15% of bill- Full-Service Restaurant: 15-20% of bill- Wine Steward: 15% of wine bill Bartender/Lounge Server: 10-15% of bill

Transportation And Parking At The Cruise Ports

Disneys bus transfers to and from the port are convenient, but also pretty expensive, especially for a family:

Disneys transfers must be booked a minimum of 3 days before the start of the trip through your travel agent . At the airports, a Disney rep will be at the baggage claim area to help direct guests to the bus. Your luggage will go directly to your stateroom you just need take your day bag with you to the cruise terminal.

One down side of using the Disney bus system is that you will arrive at the port with a big group of people and at a time dictated by Disney. The result is often a long wait in the check-in lines. You may also miss lunch on the ship, since the buses tend to arrive in the afternoon.

Below are alternate options that may be cheaper and/or more convenient.

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Port Canaveral Shuttle By Happy Limo

Happy Limo, a private car and limo service we have recommended for years, offers a great shared-shuttle option for trips between Orlando International Airport and the Disney Cruise Line terminal at Port Canaveral. The base price per person is less than half of Disneys price at $17/person each way . Tips are at customers discretion . For shared service to Port Canaveral, this is a really good deal.

Port Canaveral Rental Car

Port Canaveral Luxury Sedan, Limo or Private Van/SUV Service

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Take To The Seas With Disney Cruise Line For A Magical Adventure

Venture forth with Disney Cruise Line to faraway lands. Visit the sunny Caribbean, home to the famous Jack Sparrow, or head off to the fairy tale lands of Europe to visit Elsa and Anna. Disney effortlessly blends family friendly with elegance for an extraordinary experience. Let the kids take full advantage of Disneys Oceaneer Club while the adults enjoy the tranquil spa. Try to see if you can spot all the hidden Mickeys onboard, and dont be surprised if some of your favorite characters show up to help. Plus receive a Costco Shop Card, courtesy of Costco Travel, with every sailing.

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship And Travel The World For Free

Which Cruise Lines Leave From Galveston

If you are 21 or over and would love to travel the world for free and get paid to do it then working on a cruise ship is for you! You can apply to work with any of the numerous cruise lines worldwide. Read through and implement the following steps and you could be well on your way to a life at sea within a few short weeks!

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The Faroe Islands Cruise Boycott

In 2014, Disney was the first of all three cruise ship companies that banned Faroe Islands as destination part of their North European itineraries.

The boycott is due to the island nation’s traditional mass slaughter of pilot whales each year. The protected by Denmark gruesome practice of killing whales is called âGrindadrap Grind”. Locals use motorboats to drive a pod of whales into a harbor. The defenseless animals are dragged to the shallow water and brutally slaughtered by locals armed with knives while their families cheer them on. The killing party even rip out baby whales from their mothers.

The Faroe Islands have a population of ~50,000 and kill each year 1000+ pilot whales. You can see the cruise ship schedule of Torshavn – Faroe’s most visited port. All cruise lines with scheduled visits to the Faroes are accused of supporting the brutal whaling practices. Whaling is still officially approved and carried out by the “civilized” countries Japan, Norway, and Iceland, killing over 2000 whales each year and trading in whale products.

Disney’s response was to the “Faroese Pilot Whaling Act” by the local government, which continues to allow pilot whales to be culled or massacred. It also empowers local authorities to imprison people found guilty of impeding these whaling activities – despite all the international condemnations.

Where To Send Your Application Package For A Cruise Job

One of the first steps in applying for a cruise job is deciding who you want to work for. Which cruise line are you going to apply to first? At the same time, you are deciding which job on a cruise ship you are most suited for. Now you need to figure out who is the recruiter for that particular position.

Most cruise lines have employment pages on their website that will give you the information you need in order to apply for a job. Many cruise lines use recruitment agencies to assist with the screening of job applicants. On the other hand there are some cruise jobs that are recruited and employed by cruise ship concessions.

Get to know the method that an employer prefers you to send your application package and follow their instructions. You may have to complete their online application or they may prefer you to email your resume and cover letter to a specific address. Getting your resume and cover letter to the right hiring manager is crucial to landing a job.

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A List Of Cruise Jobs That Dont Require Experience

  • Galley cleaner Cleaning the kitchens
  • Potwasher Washing dishes
  • Bar utility Cleaning and restocking bars
  • Cleaning deck areas and stacking deckchairs
  • Ordinary seaman General cleaning and maintenance
  • Cabin steward Cleaning passenger cabins
  • Bell staff Moving luggage, running errands and cleaning
  • General cleaner Cleaning public areas
  • Laundryperson Washing and ironing clothes, bedding and towels
  • Engine wiper Cleaning machinery and equipment

If you want to work on a cruise ship with no experience or qualifications, one things for sure, youd better like cleaning! A cruise ship cleaning job, whether youre cleaning the kitchen, the cabins or the engine room can get your foot in the door so that you can work your way up to a better-paid and more exciting position.

Alternatively, you look to gain qualifications and work experience in the area that youre interested in. Look for jobs in large hotels or on smaller ships or sailboats as a way to gain the experience that you need before applying for your first cruise ship job.

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Can You Pay For A Disney Cruise In Instalments

Disney Cruise Line – All That’s Included

When you book a Disney cruise you will pay a deposit of around 20% with the balance due somewhere between 75 days and 120 days before you depart. Disney Cruise Line doesnt offer the option to pay in instalments. However, if you book with a travel agent, they may allow you to set up a monthly payment plan.

I like to book my cruises with Strawberry Holidays and they offer the option to pay monthly.

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How Much Should I Tip

The recommended gratuity is $4.50 for the stateroom host, $1 for the head server, $4.50 for the server, and $3.50 to the assistant server per day and per person. This means that total Disney cruise tips per day are $13.50, per person.

This only applies if you are staying on the concierge level: If your stateroom is on the concierge level, you should tip the concierge hosts and bartender at your discretion. Be aware that many guests over tip so tipping expectations are high. Guests regularly tip $100 per night to the concierge hosts and $50 to the bartender at the end of their cruise. Others tip $25 per night and leave $20 to the bartender on the last day. Frustratingly, Disney does not give tipping guidelines, perhaps because it encourages over tipping.

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Good News If You Want To Take A Disney Cruise Out Of Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas The Port of Galveston announced on Thursday it has made a new agreement with Disney Cruise Line extending their partnership for another decade.

There is also an option to renew the agreement for an additional ten years.

The new agreement outlines plans for a shared cruise terminal that will accommodate a ship about the size of the Disney Magic/Disney Wonder class of vessel.

Officials expect over the next five years, Disney will nearly double its sailings.

Disney Cruise Line is also working on building three new cruise ships.

September 22, 2012, marked the first time ever that a Disney Cruise Line ship set sail from the State of Texas with the maiden voyage of Disney Wonder. The Port has been seasonal homeport to both Disney Wonder and Disney Magic ever since. We are thrilled to be able to continue to give Texas and the southwest region of the United States the opportunity to experience Disney cruise vacations from their own backyard, said Port of Galveston CEO/Port Director, Rodger Rees. We are proud to be one of the few selected homeports for Disney Cruise Line.

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Bring Some Cash With You

Disney ships have almost everything a traveler could need, except ATMs. Everything onboard is either included or charged to your account, so having cash is generally unnecessary onboard. But the Disney bus driver who picks you up at the airport, the porters who haul suitcases, the tour guides, taxi drivers and waiters at the ports you visit appreciate tips, and those cant be charged to your Disney account. Bring at least $20 in small bills. For an international cruise, dont worry about exchanging money for foreign currency. In popular cruise ports, service workers anticipate being tipped in American dollars.

How Cruise Lines Hire New Workers

Disney Cruises from Galveston Texas, Disney Cruise Line ...

Cruise jobs are extremely suitable for those who have a passion and a drive to work on Cruise ships. Can be Students, Retires, and career changers.

In order to answer how to apply for Cruise line jobs, it is equally important to know the process of hiring at cruise ships.

The hiring process is not as simple as that of the hotel industry and Cruise ship jobs are not actively advertised on social media platforms and job portals.

Cruise companies always hire such peoples who have experience in, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, Bars & restaurants, childcare, sales, teaching, gaming, customer realities, fitness, beauty, health, Healthcare & medicines, and financial management.

In the below video you can learn more about how the application process works in Cruises

If you want to work in cruise ship line then your number 1 priority as a cruise line worker is to provide a fun, safe as well as a memorable vacation experience to customers.

Cruise companies always hire dependable competent workers with positive and outgoing attitudes.

They do follow due diligence but mostly communication, personality and passion outweigh experience and knowledge.

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At Orlando International Airport

If you will be arriving at the Orlando airport the day before your cruise , you might want to consider spending the night before your cruise at Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport.

The Hyatt is an upscale hotel that is actually located in the airport terminal, so you dont have to worry about traveling any further. Just collect your bags, take them up on the elevator, check in and youre ready to start enjoying your vacation! Or, if you prefer, take advantage of their luggage retrieval service for a small flat fee , Hyatt staff will retrieve your luggage from baggage claim and deliver it to your room.

If you stay at the airport Hyatt instead of going all the way out to Walt Disney World, you are much closer to Port Canaveral. That means you can sleep in a little longer before heading off to the ship in the morning. You can choose from multiple dining options within the airport, or take a swim at the hotel. Its great way to start relaxing right away.

The Hyatt has a relationship with Disney, so you can arrange Disney bus transportation to the ship from the hotel . If you arrange your transportation through Disney, your luggage is transported directly to your stateroom on the ship. Talk about convenient!

Disney Cruise 2021 Itineraries

  • If you are interested in booking a 2021 cruise on the Disney Fantasy, we recommend filling out a quote form with Small World Vacations. They give you full service, including a personal travel agent you can contact by email or direct phone number and we recommend them wholeheartedly! Best of all, it costs you nothing to use them, PLUS they give you FREE onboard credit for any Disney Cruise Line booking of over $1000 total fare, good toward most onboard activities and extras such as spa treatments, shore excursions or even your bar tab.

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Cruise Ship Jobs Pay And Cost Of Living

One of the best things about working onboard is that the cruise line provides you with your room and board. As a result, your living expenses are pretty much zero save for the minimal cost of crew Internet and satellite phone cards as well as your crew bar tab.

Working on a cruise ship is one of the quickest ways that I know of to save nearly ALL of your earnings! You just dont have the type of bills that most people on land have. Youre not paying for rent, food, cable, gas, a car the list goes on! Many crew who make working at sea their career pay off MASSIVE amounts of student debt in short amounts of time and buy homes and businesses outright upon their return to land life.

It doesnt cost you anything to work onboard. I loved it! I spent 7 years out there. I travelled the world and met my fiancé! Working on ships bought me a house!James Taylor, Casino Dealer/Manager for both Carnival and Royal Caribbean International

Cruise ship jobs: The pay

Most new-hire crew will start in the $1000-$1,500 USD a month range. To those working on land this may sound like a low monthly starting salary, however, if you take into account that you will actually be SAVING MOST, if not ALL, of this amount per month then working at sea starts to make a whole lot of sense.

If candidates question the starting salary during the interview process I usually ask them this simple question:

Most of the time the answer is NO.

The Costs Docs & Uniform

Show Dancer Job Description And Duties:

Disney Dream Cruise – Day 1 – Embarkation Day – Oct 2021 – Halloween on the High Seas

The duties and responsibilities of a Production Show Dancer aboard a cruise ship include, but are not limited to:

Reports to the Cast Performance Manager and to the Cruise Director

Perform the required shows approved by the Director of Entertainment of the cruise line or by the Production Company Manager

Due to the nature of the job the Show Dancer must maintain weight restrictions according to his/her contract

Performs in Production Shows specifically created by or for the cruise line

Perform any of the production segments during a cruise as scheduled by the Cruise Director

Responsible for cleaning and maintaining all companys production shows costumes

Maintains a cleaned and organized dressing room and backstage area

Meets and greets guests at the ships theater entrance during non-production show evenings

Have photographs taken with the guests when requested by the and approved by the Cruise Director

Leading and escorting passenger tours of the Bridge and ships theater backstage area

Must arrive backstage 15 minutes prior to all rehearsals and 30 minutes prior to all shows in order to allow sufficient time for dressing and warm-up

Some cruise lines require Show Dancers to perform Guest Activities duties during the day or non-production show evenings as well as meeting and greeting passengers during embarkation, Show Dancers aboard ships of other cruise lines do not perform any additional duties, except professional dancing

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