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What Are The Best Cruise Ship Jobs

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Getting A Job With A Cruise Line

Best Cruise lines to apply jobs. Where you should apply cruise ship jobs.

Some cruise lines prefer that you apply directly to their main offices. Others will prefer that you apply via their official hiring partners in your home country. Still others want you to go through a specific concession agency. Application information can be found via each cruise lines career or employment section of their websites.

Have all your documents ready to go upon applying. For example, a passport, resume, references etc. I submitted all of my required documents all at once. This moved my application process along very quickly and in my favour.


I think that the key to success in a cruise ship application and interview process is to do the research on life at sea before you start and see if it actually is for you. I knew exactly what I was getting into and some of that advice came from I had a positive attitude going in.

Michelle Hughes, Media Manager, Carnival.

Taking the Leap

The first step to gaining a position onboard a cruise ship is to start talking to people who are already doing it or have done it. Reach out to friends, family members, crew forums and do some You Tube searches on cruise ship jobs and employment.

Contact your countrys official hiring partners and speak with a Cruise Ship Employment Specialist. These specialists have not only worked onboard but has also been involved with recruitment as well.

The Cruise Life

Cruise Ship Jobs: How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship

Posted: Jan 30, 2021 ;· Before you even apply for a cruise ship job t here are SO many things about having a cruise ship job and working on a cruise ship that you arent aware of until you get there and then it is too late!. In the attempt to make things a little easier for you as a cruise ship job applicant, and for the crew onboard who have to train you, I believe it is important that you know …

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship With No Experience

Posted: The best strategy to secure a job on a cruise ship if you dont have any prior experience is to highlight your transferrable skills in your resume. Focus on how you can apply your current skills to the jobs requirements when you get the interview. Of course, you shouldnt claim to have worked on a cruise ship if you havent.

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Why To Choose Royal Caribbean Careers

Working as a Royal Caribbean Careers would be the best experience that you ever had before. You can find lot of life changing experience and benefits while working here. You can feel as your second home working with Royal Caribbean Group. It is a very exciting place to work having a adventure and meeting a diverse people around the world. You will have better valued treat and experience here.

Everyday you get to lean something special and new in a very friendly work environment. Caribbean Group owns the worlds best ship so you can find everything nice here. You will love the working environment, team, colleague and the super job benefits. Royal Caribbean careers offer the wide range of facilities and opportunities to its employee so that it would be your best choice to build your career in a genuine manner.

Can You Get A Cruise Ship Job If You Have Tattoos

Cruise Job Directory  Directory of Cruise Ship Job ...

Most cruise lines require that crew with passenger-facing roles do not have any visible tattoos. Some cruise lines are more strict than others and you may be allowed to cover any tattoos with make-up or a plaster.

On a recent cruise that I took, our waiter in the main dining room had a noticeable tattoo on his hand. So, its certainly possible to get a job on a cruise ship with tattoos.;It just might mean that youre limited in terms of the jobs you can do or the cruise lines you can work for.

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Types Of Cruise Ship Jobs That Fit Your Interests

Most of us do not have unlimited time to travel — work always gets in the way. But what if you could combine work with cruising by getting a job onboard a ship or within the cruise industry? Whether you’ve always wanted a career onboard or have never even considered it as a possibility, you might be surprised at the diversity of cruise ship jobs — perhaps even one that matches your skills and interests. If you’re looking for career inspiration, see our categorical list of cruise ship jobs below.

Going On Tours For Free As Part Of Job

Have you ever imagined having a job whose part of the description is swimming with dolphins in Jamaica, driving ATV through the Mexican jungle, or going volcano trekking in the Canary Islands? All that in just a few days? FOR FREE?;

Welcome to the everyday life of Shore Excursions Staff!;

When I officially got employed by Royal Caribbean International and started preparing myself for becoming part of the Shore Excursions team, one of my main concerns was;how I was going to absorb all information regarding excursions;that I was supposed to sell.;;

When ship docks in a port, there are sometimes more than 40 excursions offered to guests. So, how do they expect me to answer all guests inquiries about the tours if Ive never been on any?

Being a perfectionist, I put myself under pressure and started studying all the tour descriptions I found on the companys website. And, guess what? It turned out to be completely useless once I stepped on a gangway the very first day of my 7-month long journey!;

Long story short, as time was passing by I got to realize one thing!;Shore Excursions Staff was actually required to go on as many tours as possible;and get the same treatment and experience as guests!;FOR FREE!;

On one hand, it was logical and I knew Shore Excursions Staff normally went on some tours. As their job is to promote and sell a tour, they need to experience the exact tour flow so they can explain and sell it to the guests.

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Is It Easy To Work In A Cruise Line

Cruise ship jobs are considered to be one of the best jobs in the world for fun and travel. In this job you get paid to see the world with free of cost and talk to new people from everywhere, which is great for a traveler. In addition, as a job on the cruise line, you are also given a separate room in the ship, which is like your home in the cruise. Because you wont find any shortage of work on a cruise, you can fine there many options for every type of person.

You can work in any kind of role in restaurant, bar or front office. In return, you get to know and understand the people from all over the world, which make work more exciting and fun. Working on a cruise might seem easy to you, but in it takes a lot of hard work in real because you have to travel very long distances and you might not able to meet your belongings for a long time. Your working hours may be longer than expected. But , for this sacrifices you will have more and more adventure and fun while doing job in Cruise.

Main Cruise Ship Job Duties


This depends entirely on what position you get hired for on the ship. There are literally dozens of roles on cruise ships that span the spectrum from sales and customer service, to kitchen staff and personal aids. Using the list above, here is what you can expect from each position:

Bartender:;The bartenders on cruise ships will not only mix drinks, but also interact with passengers, manage liquor supply and provide general maintenance and clean-up of the bar section and lounge areas.

Casino Staff:;Most cruise lines require that casino staff has at least 3 years experience at major casinos in at least two different games, with slot managers typically requiring up to 5 years. The casino jobs typically have the longest hours, but pay quite well.

Cruise Director:;Usually an entertainer who performs a couple of times on each voyage, the cruise director used to be called the lead entertainer, but these days they are typically just in charge of all onboard entertainment. To land this job, usually youll have to work your way up from a performer, to an assistant cruise director, to lead entertainer and then finally, a director.

Cruise Staff:;This is actually a very broad term for anyone on the cruise ship whose job is to keep the passengers busy and entertained. This can be any of the activities on the ship including diving, dancing, yoga and much more. Cruise staff is where youll likely find your first cruise job.

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While There Isnt Much Downtime There Are Separate Employee Amenities For When There Is

There are several accounts from former and current cruise ship employees that say they are always on. This, at first, was hard to get used to.

But for many, it is just a part of the job now.While there may not be much downtime, there are separate employee amenities to enjoy when there is. Some cruise lines offer gyms or libraries for their employees. Plenty of places for you to relax when you arent working.

Foreign Countries Ancient Cultures New Challenges

Become a World Citizen! Your team is just as diverse as the countries you visit. We are also looking for crew members for various positions on ocean-going and expedition cruise ships for the international market. The references of first-class cruise lines and a large variety of cultures and nations await you here. Therefore, the onboard language on our international ships is English. With a lot of motivation and commitment to your work, authentic and extraordinary experiences in the most seldom visited destinations in the world await you. The highlights? You can expect special projects and trips off the beaten track.

Here you can find out what it feels like to work and live on board our international ships and which jobs you can apply for on board.

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Faqs About Getting A Job On A Cruise Ship

What kind of jobs are available on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships have a wide variety of job roles available, including retail positions for the on-board shops, housekeeping jobs, technical jobs that focus on ship maintenance and entertainment roles, working with the Cruise Director.

What nationality are most cruise ship workers?

Cruise ships are staffed by multinational crews. Many cruise ship workers hail from southeast Asia, with Royal Caribbean alone employing over 11,000 Filipinos along with many Indonesians and Malaysians.

How can I work on a cruise ship in the Philippines?

If you want to get a job working in the Philippines, find a cruise line offering itineraries in the region and apply directly with them. Be aware that most cruise itineraries only stop in the Philippines briefly as part of a larger trip between Asia and Australasia.

What is life like working on a cruise ship?

Cruise ship workers do tend to work long hours and will generally work seven days a week with no days off. However, many workers talk about the camaraderie amongst the crew and how it helps to create a fun atmosphere.

How long are the contracts to work on a cruise ship?

Contracts for cruise ship roles vary depending on the job and cruise line, but on average most workers are employed for between four and eight months at a time. This allows workers to renew their contracts without committing to years of service.

Do I need experience to work on a cruise ship?Do cruise ships hire older workers?

Find Out All You Can About The Cruise Industry

Cruise Ship Job Opening

Before actually applying for a job, or while you wait for a response to your application, another step you can take is to try to learn as much as possible about the cruise industry. Doing so will help to ensure you are fully equipped to take on a new job, and that you have the required background knowledge to succeed.

Check out Cruise Industry: All You Need to Know About Cruises!for information on the industry, the main cruise lines, the different cruise types, and some of the key concepts that apply to cruise lines.

There are a large number of cruise industry employers, all of whom require people to fill a vast array of job roles. However, finding work within the industry does depend on knowing where to look. All of the websites listed in this article have the potential to help you to find cruise ship jobs, and all are easy to use too.

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Why Is Working On A Cruise Ship A Great Job

Cruise ship jobs are really easy to come by these days, they pay incredibly well, they allow you to see the world and they dont always require any previous experience. What more could you ask for? This truly is the ultimate job for those who love to travel, meet new people and be out on the open water.

Explore the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Baltic, North American coasts and many more destinations. During some days at port, youre able to explore the cities as a bonus, the cost of day trips / tours are generally covered by the cruiseline.;

Cindy told us that her job as a Guest Service Officer on the ship wasnt always glamorous and the hours were pretty long, but she loved every minute of it!

As far as the various jobs you can get, well list them below, but it really depends on which company youre hired with and which position you end up in. There is plenty of room for promotion on the ship and theres often a lot of in-house training to help you improve your skillset and your income.

Work On A Cruise Ship: Travel The World And Get Paid

A cruise ship port stop in Venice, Italy.

A great way to see the world and get paid at the same time is to work on a cruise ship. I just completed my first contract with Princess Cruise Lines and it was utterly fantastic. My itinerary took me all over the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic into the Caribbean. The ports I saw included Naples, Florence, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Croatia, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and Mexico just to name a few.

There are of course numerous paid positions on a cruise ship and numerous cruise ships to choose from. However, not all positions are desirable and not all cruise companies are worth your efforts. Many cruise ship jobs will have you working 12-14 hour days, with no time to see the world except through the ship windows. Paid jobs that give you time to explore each port are the ones that make cruising worthwhile.

Dancers and musicians must audition, and the competition is stiff. Musicians often go through an agent, who will help them acquire jobs on a variety of cruise lines. Websites for musicians and performers include Proship Entertainment and Working on Cruise Ships Singing and Vocal Careers .

Other jobs on ships that give you the time to get off the ship and explore include work as a youth or teen staff employee. When the ship is in port you will not work; the hard days are sea days when you watch the children all day.

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The Requirements To Work On A Cruise Ship

To work on a cruise ship, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be at least 18 or 21 years old
  • Meet the language fluency requirements
  • Have a valid passport
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Have no visible tattoos or piercings

Depending on the job you are interested in, there will be some additional requirements specific to that job. Whatever job you do, being multi-lingual will certainly increase your chances.

Cruise Companies Departing From South Africa

What Are The Best Cruise Ship Jobs?

MSC Starlight is one of the main cruise lines in South Africa, based in Johannesburg with itineraries throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Their fleet includes the MSC Sinfonia and the MSC Melody boasting a crew of around 700 and 530 respectively. You can easily be part of this crew and sail off into the sunset.

Oceania Cruises ship the Nautica departs from Cape Town on various month-long journeys along the African coast, eventually reaching destinations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Seaborne Quest departs for various length cruises leaving Cape Town, heading East where stops include Singapore, the Maldives, and Mumbai, India.

Silversea offers two smaller cruise ships, the Silver Wind and Silver Whisper, both offering local cruises to Richard’s Bay and international cruises to Spain and Mauritius.

Princess Cruises operates the Ocean Princess out of Cape Town traveling to London and Paris.

Holland America‘s Amsterdam cruise liner offers a 24 day grand world voyage departing from Cape Town, visiting The U.S.A and Caribbean Islands.

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How To Get A Job On A Cruise Shipcruise Ship Jobs

We are a family.; Strict rules and regulations apply, but we look out for each other.; I hope you join us.

Its that magical lifestyle that we have all seen in movies, magazines and on social media sunset at sea, sipping cocktails on the lido deck, every day is sunshine and happiness, the ports are all beautiful. having a cruise ship job seems like a dream!

Dont believe the hype people it is not that simple. Like every overly photoshopped image on Instagram, working on a cruise ship is not all that it is filtered to be

Before I go any further, I want to make something abundantly clear.; I am, what we call a lifer.; I started on ships about twelve years ago and I am still on them and I LOVE what I do and I AM what I do.

But a word from the wise here if you are not prepared to forego aspects of your life in order to bring happiness into the lives of others, please dont bother applying especially not for the hotel department.

Shes SO dramatic I hear you say while rolling your eyes.

Not so.

The guests will permeate every being of your existence while on board.; Guests take priority over crew at all times so if you are not prepared to stand back and let them go first, then this line of work is not for you.

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If you can put others before yourself and you have a fair bit of patience, and you already have a passport, read on.

Cruise Ship Jobs:

Acceptance & Next Steps

Cruise ship jobs things to know

Safety Duties




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