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How Much Are Gratuities On Disney Cruise

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How Do I Pay For These Tips


There are two options to pay your Disney Cruise line gratuities.

  • You can choose Disney Cruise prepaid gratuities. This allows you to prepay the gratuity in advance by contacting Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent no later than 3 days before your cruise begins. Keep in mind that you will be paying the suggested gratuities if you choose this option. This can be convenient but also could lead you to overpay for what turns out to be poor service.
  • If you dont prepay the gratuities before the cruise, Disney suggested gratuities will be automatically added to your on board cruise account. If you wish to change the tip amounts from the Disney suggested gratuities, you will need to visit the on board guest services desk to speak to a member of the service team.
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    Many Disney Travelers Feel Unsure About How Much To Tip During Their Vacations We Find It Helps To Remember This Adage: Only Tip If You’ve Been Pleased With The Service Beyond That There Are No Hard And Fast Rules

    Tipping is a thank-you for good service. Tipping does not need to be mandatory if you did not receive good service. If service was unsatisfactory, ask to speak to the manager and relay the problem rather than simply not tip.

    Here are some general guidelines for gratuities on your Disney vacation:

    GETTING THERE:– Skycap : $1/bag – Airport Parking Shuttle: $1/person- Town Car/Limo Driver: Tip about 20% total. If your trip consists of two legs, tip 10% on the way there and 10% on the way back. Keep in mind that you may not have the same driver on your drive back. If your driver carries your luggage from baggage claim, consider adding $1/bag for the extra service.- Taxi: 15% of fare, – Shuttle Van/Bus: $2/person

    – Valet Parking: $1-2 when your car is delivered- Bell Services : $1/bag .If your luggage is going to be stored , consider tipping twice–once for the person who receives your bags, and again for the person who delivers them from storage.- Housekeeping: $1/day/person . For turndown service, or if you request an item be delivered to your room, such as a hairdryer or iron, tip $1/item. Tipping housekeeping is an age-old custom, but it is not expected at Disney. If you feel it’s unnecessary, don’t feel obligated.- Room Service: 15% of food bill – Concierge: $5-10/visit

    – Counter-Service Eatery and Food Courts: Nothing- Buffet Eatery : 10-15% of bill- Full-Service Restaurant: 15-20% of bill- Wine Steward: 15% of wine bill – Bartender/Lounge Server: 10-15% of bill

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    What If Im Unhappy With My Service Do I Still Have To Pay Gratuities

    Disney is renowned for its Customer Service but if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, please speak to a Cast Member first who will work hard to correct your concerns. Waiting until the end of the cruise and then withholding gratuities will not improve your service experience.

    Nothing is more frustrating for the crew member or the cruise line to find out after the fact that there was a problem. You will be happier to have the issue resolved while you are still enjoying your cruise.

    However, should you decide that you want to make an adjustment to your pre-paid gratuities, you should speak with the Guest Services Team aboard the ship.

    Happy Cruising!

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    How Much Should I Tip

    This guides covers everything you want to know about ...

    The recommended gratuity is $4.50 for the stateroom host, $1 for the head server, $4.50 for the server, and $3.50 to the assistant server per day and per person. This means that total Disney cruise tips per day are $13.50, per person.

    This only applies if you are staying on the concierge level: If your stateroom is on the concierge level, you should tip the concierge hosts and bartender at your discretion. Be aware that many guests over tip so tipping expectations are high. Guests regularly tip $100 per night to the concierge hosts and $50 to the bartender at the end of their cruise. Others tip $25 per night and leave $20 to the bartender on the last day. Frustratingly, Disney does not give tipping guidelines, perhaps because it encourages over tipping.

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    Doctor Disney Explains: Gratuities On The Disney Cruise Line

    Having just recently come off of my seventh trip aboard the Disney Cruise Line, there have been a lot of questions coming my way. One of the biggest things that people want to know about is how they should go about tipping on Disney Cruise Line ships, and how it should be done. So, it is necessary that those that have never been on a DCL trip or those that just dont understand it, to get it.

    That is why Doctor Disney is here and is going to explain all about gratuities aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships.

    First off, let it be known that Disney doesnt want anyone to be bothered with cash in any way while on their cruise. Guests will simply use their Disney key cards for all purchases and settle things with a credit card they put on file or cash after the cruise is over.

    This is where things may get confusing for everyone because they dont understand how tips are paid out.

    Tips on the Disney Cruise Line are going to be paid out to four people, at the very least and they are:

    • Dining Room Server
    • Dining Room Head Server
    • Stateroom Host/Hostess

    Those four Cast Members will be with you for the entire trip. The servers will be your same servers throughout the length of the cruise. For those Cast Members, some set gratuities are already set in place:

    Per Guest per cruise

    Plan To Exchange Your Currency Onboard

    Not only does Disney Cruise Line take no commission for exchanging bills, but theyll actually honor the transactions rate of exchange for any leftover money. Simply present your receipt prior to the end of the cruise, and theyll convert your foreign currency back to your preferred denomination at the same rate, even if the exchange rate has since changed.

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    Gratuities On The Disney Cruise Line Explained

    Lets talk gratuities

    The service on Disney Cruise Line is exceptional. Each and every cast and crew member make you feel like you are the most important person on the ship. They go above and beyond what you could even imagine.

    Gratuities are a way to say thank you. It is customary to give gratuities in recognition of exceptional service. All gratuities are technically optional, but all cruisers should know that paying gratuities for four specific crew members is considered customary .

    As is the case with many service-based jobs, these crew members are paid by the cruise line under the idea that a large portion of their income will come from guest gratuities. But because of this, Disney automatically charges you the gratuities. Its considered good form to reward them for the service they provide.

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    Spa treatments are very popular and fill up early, so book them as early as you can. If youre not able to get an appointment before you embark, go to the Spa when you get onboard and youll probably be able to arrange one in person.

    We dont recommend making any appointments on the first day, because people are touring the Spa all afternoon and evening, making it busy and not very relaxing.

    When you check in with the front desk staff at the Spa, theyll give you a fluffy robe. Sadly, the robes are all one size fits most and arent big enough for many people. You then proceed to the womens or mens locker room, where you can choose a locker that contains a clean pair of spa sandals. The lockers allow you to set your own combination for secure storage of your personal items. We dont find the sandals they provide very comfortable , so we just wear a clean pair of sandals to our spa appointment.

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    The Rainforest

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    How Service Charges Are Levied

    At most lines, you can pay your service charges in advance of sailing, at the same time you pay your cruise fare. Alternatively, you can have the charges added to your room bill on board.

    The big advantage to paying service charges in advance is that you lock in the current rate. If your line raises the rate between the time you pay and the time you sail, you wont pay more.

    Some people also like to pay their service charges in advance for budgeting purposes. Itll be one less thing on your final bill at the end of the cruise.

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    If you wait until you are onboard to pay your service charges, youll generally find that they automatically appear on your bill. You dont have to do anything.

    That said, if you want to, you often can adjust the charges while youre on board by visiting the guest relations desk. If you are adjusting a gratuity charge downward, expect to be asked about the reasons behind the adjustment. The guest relations staff will want to know if youve experienced particular service issues.

    Note that if you leave the service charge on your room bill, you are not expected to also leave cash gratuities for your room attendant or waiters. Thats the whole point of the service charge.

    Similarly, if youre on a higher-end ship that lists gratuities as being included in the fare, that means just what it says. The line already is paying gratuities to the staff on your behalf. Additional cash tips are not expected.

    Who Else Do I Need To Tip

    There are some crew members who you should tip, but who are not included in the daily rate.

    • Bar Staff. An automatic 15% gratuity is added to your bill.
    • You will also be charged an automatic 15% gratuity for any drinks that you have to pay for in the dining room. These include alcoholic beverages and smoothies. So if you order a bottle of wine a gratuity will be added. You can add extra at your discretion.
    • Room Service is free . It is customary to tip the crew member who delivers your room service. You can do this in cash. Its useful to bring $1 bills for this.
    • Spa Services. An automatic 18% gratuity is added to all spa services. You can adjust the gratuity when you sign the receipt at the end of the service to add more if you wish. Remember that this also applies to a Rainforest Room Pass.
    • Palo and Remy servers are tipped at your discretion. Usually, this should be not less than 18%.
    • Concierge Staff. Many people ask the question of how much you should tip Disney Cruise Concierge Staff. You will be very well taken care of by your concierge team. There is no set amount to tip. You really should just use your common sense and discretion. Tip whatever you feel they deserve. You will receive an envelope in your stateroom on the last night of the cruise.
    • Kids Club and Nursery Staff are not permitted to accept gratuities.
    • Bibbidi Boppidi Boo staff are not permitted to accept gratuities.

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    Included Gratuities As A Booking Perk

    Lines with service and gratuity charges sometimes will throw in free gratuities as a booking incentive. Princess, for instance, over the past year has been running promotions that include not just free gratuities but free shipboard Wi-Fi and a free drinks package, too.

    Norwegian also has run promotions that include free tips along with other freebies.

    Dont worry: When lines offer such deals, it doesnt mean the crew will receive less gratuity pay the week you cruise. The lines that offer these deals say theyll pay a normal gratuity to the crew on your behalf.

    Can You Pay For A Disney Cruise In Instalments

    How Much Should I Budget For A Disney Cruise?

    When you book a Disney cruise you will pay a deposit of around 20% with the balance due somewhere between 75 days and 120 days before you depart. Disney Cruise Line doesnt offer the option to pay in instalments. However, if you book with a travel agent, they may allow you to set up a monthly payment plan.

    I like to book my cruises with Strawberry Holidays and they offer the option to pay monthly.

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    Bring Some Cash With You

    Disney ships have almost everything a traveler could need, except ATMs. Everything onboard is either included or charged to your account, so having cash is generally unnecessary onboard. But the Disney bus driver who picks you up at the airport, the porters who haul suitcases, the tour guides, taxi drivers and waiters at the ports you visit appreciate tips, and those can’t be charged to your Disney account. Bring at least $20 in small bills. For an international cruise, don’t worry about exchanging money for foreign currency. In popular cruise ports, service workers anticipate being tipped in American dollars.

    You May Choose To Tip Excursion Operators Bus Drivers And/or Luggage Porters

    Bring cash if you think you might want to tip excursion operators or bus drivers . If you are arriving at the port by car , you will use the assistance of luggage porters to help you get your bags from the curb to the ship. You may also wish to use a porter while disembarking the ship after your cruise. It is customary to tip them $1-$2 per bag.

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    You Can Visit The World Of Tangled Without Leaving The Ship

    Dont head back to your stateroom after watching Tangled: The Musical on the Disney Magic instead, proceed directly to OGills Pub. For one night only, itll transform into The Snuggly Duckling, the woodsy tavern where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider join the eccentric locals in singing Ive Got A Dream. With cast interactions, themed food, games, and cant miss-decor, its a little-known addition that makes seeing the show that much more special.

    Water Is A Scarce Resource

    How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? ð³

    There are no water fountains, disposable bottles are pricey, and the best place to fill up is at the complimentary soda machines on Deck 9 or 11, which can be far away. You can bring packs of bottled water, but youll have to carry it through embarkation it cannot be packed with luggage so consider bringing separate refillable mugs or tumblers to keep soda refills and drinking water separate.

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    Palo And Remy Gratuities

    This one can get pretty heated on the Disney forums and groups on Facebook. Do we tip the servers at Palo and Remy?

    Disney Cruise informs guests that tipping the staff in Remy and Palo is at your discretion. What does that mean?

    The service fee you paid to dine at Remy and Palo does go directly to your server. This has been confirmed by Disney Cruise managers and severs at both Remy and Palo.

    Basically, Disney Cruise pays the wait staff the sitting fee that you pay to eat at these signature restaurants.

    That being said, weve provided an additional tip to the servers every time weve eaten at Palo or Remy. We are Castaway Club members so our service fees are complimentary. Since our service fees are free, we do always tip a little extra.

    The service is simply outstanding and we feel the need to provide just a little extra.

    When youre ready to leave Palo or Remy, you will receive a bill just like you would at any restaurant. It will show the additional charge for the dining experience and the option to add an additional gratuity. Both charges will be added to your room account.

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