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How Much Does Norwegian Cruise Cost

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How Much Do The Drink Packages Cost

How Much Does A Caribbean Cruise Cost?

Which ever drink package you cruise on Norwegian, you should expect to spend some cash.

The Premium Beverage Package runs $99 per person, per day. In addition there is a 20% gratuity thats tacked on to that cost. That comes out to $118.80 per day. So for a 7-day cruise, you will spend $831.60 for a single person for the Premium package.

The Premium Plus Beverage costs $128 per person, per day. There is also the same 20% gratuity that is automatically added. For this package, youll spend $153.60 each day when the gratuity is added, for a total of $1,075.20 for a week-long cruise.

The Corks and Caps Package excludes liquors and cocktails, focusing instead of beer and wine. As a result, the price is a less expensive $65 per person each day. Again, the same 20% gratuity applies, for a total of $78.00 per person, per day. A 7-day cruise will see a total of $546.00.

Does The Package Work On Harvest Caye And Great Stirrup Cay

Norwegian Cruise Line has two private islands Harvest Caye and Great Stirrup Cay.

On Harvest Caye there are a number of bars and restaurants, but even though the island is run by Norwegian, the drink package will not work here. You have to purchase any beverages out of pocket. Of course, you could always head back to the ship while docked and get a drink, but thats a long walk.

That said, the package does work on Great Stirrup Cay. Like Harvest Caye, the island has a number of bars for you to enjoy, and its a nice perk that the package extends to the island. This is a great way to help you get your moneys worth even if you arent on the ship.

Which Norwegian Cruise Ships Have Starbucks

Starbucks is now available on several Norwegian cruise ships including, the Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Getaway, and Norwegian Sky. The onboard Starbucks has a full menu and you can even use Starbucks gift cards or the app to pay onboard. Starbucks is not included with the Norwegians beverage packages.;

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A Closer Look At The Free At Sea Beverage Package

This is how the Norwegian drink package option works.

The drink package promotion applies to the first two guests in the cabin. Guests who are 21 or over will receive a Premium Beverage Package. Guest under 21 will automatically receive a Soda Package.

The Premium Beverage Package includes most types of alcoholic beverages that cost $15 or less. That includes a range of wine, beer and cocktails. It also includes all fountain sodas and juices. Package privileges apply at every venue throughout the ship and also apply on Great Stirrup Cay .

The Soda Package includes all fountain drinks. The Soda Package also applies throughout the ship and on the private island.

Is The Drink Package Worth It On Ncl

How Much Does a Cruise Ship Cost? All Ships Ranked in Order

Whether or not Norwegians drink package is worth it, depends on 2 things. How much you drink and if an all-inclusive vacation feel is important to you. Theres also one extra thing if you have the premium beverage free at sea perk.

While you will have to pay the gratuity charge on the value of the package , this is clearly worth it if you have a couple drinks a day.;Its important to keep in mind that the free perk includes alcoholic drinks up to $15 each, and soda. However, it doesnt include specialty coffee or water bottles.

Cost breakdown

Without the Free at Sea drink package perk, the premium beverage package will cost you $99 per day, plus $19.80 . The total cost is $118.80 per person for each day of your cruise. Also, both guests in the cabin must purchase.

As an example, a couple will pay $1663.20 for a 7 day cruise. A 10 day cruise will cost $2376 per cabin.

*Pricing throughout this post is in US dollars

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What Perks Should I Pick From Norwegian Cruise Lines Free At Sea

What Perks Should I Pick from Norwegian Cruise Lines Free at Sea? This is one of our most frequently asked questions. So, lets review retail values of each perk based on a 7-day cruise.

  • Open Bar- $693 per person
  • Specialty Dining- $79 per person for 1st and 2nd guests
  • Shore Excursions- $50 per port, per stateroom
  • WiFi- 250 minutes per stateroom valued at $125

Based on retail value, choosing the Free Open Bar is a no-brainer for most. It will save you the most money on your cruise, but only if you drink alcoholic beverages. Remember, as mentioned above, you are still paying the gratuities on this package. Thus, if you dont think that both guests will drink at least $150 or so in alcoholic beverages over the week , then you probably shouldnt opt for this perk. Or, you might opt to decline this perk if you are given all 5 offers.

If you are sailing with family, the 3rd & 4th guests sail free is the other obvious choice. This perk will save you hundreds of dollars as well.

The other 3 perks are much closer in value. So, it really comes down to your preferences. We usually opt for the specialty dining as we enjoy NCLs specialty restaurants.

Honestly, the WiFi is slow compared to some other mainstream cruise lines. So, you will likely eat up those 250 minutes pretty quickly. If you do want or need internet during your cruise, we recommend purchasing an unlimited package.

Norwegian Free At Sea Beverage Package Free Perk

Norwegian bartenders make amazing drinks!

Norwegian has been running a very popular promotion for years. The Free at Sea program offers include a choice of free open bar, a free specialty dining package, a free wi-fi package, free shore excursions credits, and kids sail free .

For your own reference, the open bar package which is included with NCLs Free at Sea promotion is the Premium Beverage Package. If you have the Free at Sea drink package perk, you can upgrade to Premium Plus for $29 per day, per person.

More information about Free at Sea, including the details and pros and cons can be found in this post: NCLs Free at Sea Explained.

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How You Can Lose Money On A Free Ncl Drink Package

When I booked our recent cruise on Norwegian , I was told that I could only select the Premium Beverage Package as a drink package under the program. On this cruise, I planned to sail solo with my two kids. So I would receive the Premium Beverage Package and one of my kids would receive a soda package. The total assessed gratuity charge would be $136. Although annoying, it still seemed like we could make good value out of the packages even with the required fee. ;But, that turned out not to be the case.

Limitations on Beverage Selection

First, many of the non-alcoholic drinks that we would typically drink were simply not covered under the package. NCL only offers a selection of basic Pepsi products. This does not include any Dr. Pepper products. So, the available fountain drinks consisted of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mt. Dew, and Ginger Ale.

These favorite items were not covered:

  • Bottles or cans of any non-alcoholic beverage. Notably, this restriction does not apply to alcoholic beverages so, you could get bottles or cans of beer, but not sodas or water.
  • Sparkling water. When requesting sparkling water, I was offered tonic water or club soda. These have bubbles, but theyre not sparkling water.
  • Specialty coffee drinks. All lattes and cappuccinos incurred a charge.;
  • No fresh squeezed juices.
  • No energy drinks.

Limitations On Convenience

Bottom Line: We Got Little Value From The Promotional NCL Drink Package

Which One Is The Best

How Much Do Cruises Cost? What’s A Good Price? Vacation Impossible

Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean all have their strengths, but some outweigh others.

Carnival may be the priciest on the list, but when you look at it from the perspective of price per square foot, the cost of an interior stateroom on board is only three cents more than Royal Caribbean and Carnival and you’re getting more square footage and standard amenities than the other two. With Carnival, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck.

However, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, Royal Caribbean is more affordable than both Carnival and Norwegian. While it doesn’t have as many rooms or amenities as Carnival, it does have more than the room on Norwegian Dawn, at the second most affordable price. And that remains true even if you upgrade to a room with a virtual balcony or promenade view window.

At the end of the day, it really depends on what’s most important to you when it comes to your cruise room.

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Why Buy A Norwegian All

Mostly, because youre on vacation! ;With any one of Norwegians beverage packages, you wont have to reach for your wallet or mentally tally how much youve spent on booze. ;Theres not a much worse way to end a cruise than to get the final bill and go into shock for what youve spent on drinks.

But, if you dont think you can drink enough to break even, then even for the convenience, its not worth it. Basically, with the least expensive Premium Beverage Package, youd have to put away close to six to ten drinks a day to even the score. ;While this doesnt include certain Lavazza specialty coffees, bottled water or fresh juices, you can get your drinks at any bar or restaurant onboard plus its good at Norwegians private island, Great Stirrup Cay. ;

Norwegian offers five drink packages. They range from just about every ultra-premium brand an adult could request down to two kids unlimited soda programs. ;

How Much Does A Cruise Cost For A Family Of Four

The price of a cruise for a family of four depends very much on what discounts are available for children. The price for a family could be double the price for a couple, or it could be very little extra.

Many cruise lines dont offer any discounts for children. This is usually the case on ships which have a lot of activities made for children like kids clubs, water slides and splash parks.

However, it is possible to get cheap kids prices, by either choosing a cruise line that doesnt charge full price for children or by looking out for special offers and booking at the right time.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Packages Details

Premium Beverage Package

Norwegian Cruise Lines Premium Beverage Package includes a variety of spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer. ;The drink value can be up to and including $15 USD. Plus you can order unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants and Great Stirrup Cay.

If you want to purchase a bottle of wine, a 20% discount will be applied. ;

Is Norwegians Drink Package Worth It

How Much Does an Antarctica Cruise Cost?

Of course the big question is whether or not the Norwegian drink package is worth it. The answer to that depends a lot on your personal habits when youre on vacation.

Heres some general details on whether youll find the package worth it for you

First, consider how you drink when you are on a vacation. For example, some people dont feel like they are on vacation unless they have a drink in their hand. Others may drink heavily here and there, but like to take breaks on some days. The thing to remember is that you pay for the drink package each day of the cruise. So if you like to drink but also take breaks on some days, then you might not get your moneys worth.

Second, you want to factor in whether or not the second person in the cabin will have to buy the package and if they will use it. Say a husband wants the package but has a wife who barely drinks. In this case, you may not get your moneys worth as it is essentially paying twice for one drink package.

Finally, you want to run the possible math on how much youd spend with the drink package versus without the package.

At $99 per person, per day, Norwegian has one of the most expensive packages around. But many people get the package for free with the Free at Sea offer. No matter what you pay, its important to have a handle on what youd spend and compare it to the drink package price.

Have more questions about the drink package? Let us know in the comments below.

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Other Interior Attractions And Activities

In addition to entertainment spaces, the interior of Norwegian ships are loaded with other venues where passengers can kick back and let loose day and night.

All but one Norwegian ship has a casino, and on the lines bigger vessels, they are huge operations. The casino on Norwegian Encore has more than 300 slot machines and 26 table games , plus its own bar.

On the lines big Breakaway Class and Breakaway Plus Class ships, the casino along with a large proportion of all onboard restaurants, bars and clubs sprawls across three central decks connected by an atrium-like space known as 678 Ocean Place . At night, these three-deck complexes become lively places.

The Breakaway and Breakaway Plus Class ships also have innovative outdoor promenades called The Waterfront lined with outdoor seating for many restaurants and bars. The Waterfront is located on Deck 8 of each of the ships, which is one of the main decks for restaurants on them all.

Two of the newest Norwegian vessels Norwegian Encore and Norwegian Joy have state-of-the-art gaming and virtual reality zones called Galaxy Pavilion.

Theres nothing quite like Galaxy Pavilion in the cruise world. The venue has an amazing array of super-high-tech virtual reality experiences, including incredibly realistic race car simulators , hang-gliding simulators, virtual mazes and a virtual reality Jurassic Park jeep ride.

Theres also the bowling alley youll find on Norwegian Epic.

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The creases mostly drop out as the bathroom dries. It isnt perfect but it is a lot better than just wearing your freshly creased clothes!

If you are worried about wrinkles in your clothes it may be worth buying something like this: Wrinkle Releaser Plus.

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Final Thoughts: Norwegians Beverage Package Is It Worth It

Even though I love to cruise with drinks included, I normally would not spend this much on drinks on a cruise. As well, I love a fancy coffee on occasion, and to get coffee included, Id need to upgrade to the Premium Plus package at an extra $29 per person, per day.

Verdict For me, unless its the Free at Sea perk, NCLs adult beverage packages are not worth it. As a suggestion, bring along a 3 or 4 bottles of wine and pay a corkage fee of $15 each.

Of course, this is me, and youre you. So I hope Ive given you enough information and tips about Norwegians Drink packages for you to make a decision based on your preferences.

Please let me know in the comments what you think? Have you ever had a Norwegian beverage package and was it worth it for you? Please share any additional tips below.

Happy cruising!


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How Much Profit Cruise Lines Make Per Day


Ever wonder how much a cruise line profits each day?;

Taking these annual figures and dividing by 365 comes out to net income of $8.2 million per day for Carnival, $5.2 million for Royal Caribbean, and $2.5 million for Norwegian per day, respectively. And as the popularity of cruising has grown, so have these figures.

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Onboard Prices For Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Glory

Pina Colada: $8.25

Specialty Dining: $35 per person, Emerald Room Steakhouse

Latte: $2.95

Shore Excursion: $61.99, Snorkeling and beach in Grand Turk

Fitness Class: $12

Bingo: $25 for one bingo card, one cash craze lottery ticket and one raffle ticket

Basic Internet Package: $16/day unlimited

Gratuities: $12.95 per passenger, per day

Total price: $299.13

Whats The Difference Between The Drink Packages

While the drink packages are similar, they are not the same. Lets start with the Premium Beverage Package, which is going to be the most popular on the ship.

This package provides drinks ranging from sodas to beers to cocktails to glasses of wine. What it doesnt include are the highest-end spirits . Also notably absent is bottled water, fresh-squeezed juices, and premium coffees like Starbucks that are served on the ship. However, if youre wanting the package to drink beers, have some glasses of wine with dinner, or a margarita by the pool, then youll be covered.

For those who want pretty much anything on the ship, then you might be interested in stepping up to the Premium Plus package. Here, you get higher-end spirits included, as well as juices, bottled water, specialty coffees, even some bottles of wine when dining.

The Corks and Caps is the simplest of the packages. It offers sodas, juices, beers and wines. Anything beyond that is not included. So things like specialty coffees, bottled water, cocktails and liquors are not included.

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