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When Is The Best Time To Cruise To The Bahamas

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Atlantic Storms And Hurricanes

Best Time to Visit the Bahamas for Vacation

While the rains can be inconvenient, hurricanes and major storms can be dangerous and devastating. The Bahamas isn’t a great place to get caught in a hurricane, since it’s mostly low-lying islands without lots of shelter for boats or people.

It’s not a guarantee that a hurricane will hit in the summer, but the Bahamas does get one every few years. Over the last twenty years, the Bahamas have been hit by seven hurricanes which caused serious economic damage or loss of life.

Because hurricanes are so large, they can have a sweeping impact over large areas. You don’t need to get hit by the eye to see tropical storm force winds , a large storm can cause damaging winds hundreds of miles from the center.

If you keep your boat in Florida, you’re no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. Your insurance companies will never let you forget them. But there’s a difference.

In Florida, you can evacuate. You can get off the boat, and while Florida doesn’t have a lot of high ground, you can get inland which takes you away from most personal risk. Even if a storm sinks your boat and rips the roof off your house, you will be okay.

The Best Time To Go On A Cruise To The Bahamas For Families

Families will find that a cruise to the Bahamas provides an excellent getaway for some bonding time and adventures together.

For families with school-age children who are dreaming of a Bahamas cruise, but want to avoid the peak travel times of spring break and summer, check when your school has district-specific days off, such as teacher prep days or a mid-winter break and consider a shorter Bahamas cruise during that time; the kids wont miss school and youll avoid the busier times of the year.

Families who live close to the embarkation port can also ditch the office and school early on a Friday and do a 2-night weekend Bahamas cruise. You can also opt for an itinerary that departs on a Saturday and gets back early Monday morning you just might be a bit late that day to school or the office, but your kids will be expanding their world education!

Sun And Fun: Water Sports

Nassau offers a multitude of activities focused around the archipelagos beautiful blue waters and magnificent natural environment. Just about every conceivable water sport is available to Nassau visitors via cruise ship excursion. This includes sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and encounters with sea lions, dolphins, stingrays and pigs .

Other cruise ship tours feature glass-bottom and jet boat excursions, catamaran sailings paired with reef snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and exclusive beach days with private cabanas.

While the luxurious Baha Mar resort on Nassaus Cable Beach does not offer day passes, savvy and sybaritic cruisers will reserve a room for the day for access to the propertys premium facilities and amenities, including a private beach and beach club, motorized and nonmotorized watersports, a series of pools with shaded lounge chairs, cabanas and waterfall features. You can use 20,000 World of Hyatt points to book a day at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. Or, spend 10,000 points plus $140. You can start earning points for your next vacation with the World of Hyatt Credit Card.

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You can also look for a resort offering day passes.

Balmoral Island, Pearl Island and Sandy Toes also offer private-island experiences near Nassau.

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If You Love Hot Weather The Best Month Is

If sunshine and toasty temperatures are all-important for a Bahamian cruise, go ahead and take the plunge. In that case, the best month is August, when average high temperatures are 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Ships and ports may be crowded, but everyone will be in a holiday mood and enjoying the clear water and white sandy beaches of Nassau and Freeport. Note the wettest month of the year in the Bahamas is June, and hurricane season runs from June through November.


If You Want To Save Money The Best Month Is


If looking to take an inexpensive cruise to the Bahamas, again look to off-season times late April, early May, September, October and early November since many people are back to work and school and since rates are generally lower. If money is an issue, be sure to avoid holiday cruises and high-season cruises from December through February; these cost more.

Another way to save money on a Bahamas cruise is to find out if there’s a home port close enough to drive to rather than fly. For example, Carnival Cruises offers four-, five- and six-night Bahamas cruises year-round from Charleston, South Carolina; Celebrity Cruises offers longer Bahamas cruises from Baltimore, Maryland.

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The Best Time To Go On A Cruise To The Bahamas For Budget Travelers

When deciding on the best time to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, budget travelers should keep in mind the islands peak travel times. Unsurprisingly, spring break, summer, and holidays tend to see more of a price hike since they coincide with school holidays and when families are looking to travel.

Even taking those peak travel times into consideration, the Bahamas is generally an affordable cruise vacation thanks to its easy access from Floridian embarkation ports of call. Because of that you might find the Bahamas is still an affordable cruise vacation for you even if you are only able to travel during those peak times when school is out of session.

Another benefit of cruising to the Bahamas for budget travelers is that you can find shorter cruises that sail there. If a 7-night cruise isnt quite in your vacation budget this year, or you dont have enough days off to do a longer cruise, youre in luck Celebrity Cruises offers shorter cruises to the Bahamas that are two to four nights in length.

What Is Typical Of The Bahamas

Rich in vitamins and characterized by natural colours, the kitchen of the Bahamas presents itself. Freshly squeezed juices of papayas, pineapple, mangoes or other fruits of the islands can be found here on street corners, in beach bars or in the restaurant. Fans of fish dishes feel in paradise in the Bahamas. Here you can order the island-typical Crayfish , but also red snapper steak or lobster and one thing is guaranteed: You will not get a fresher culinary experience!

African influences from the time of the buccaneers and pirates you will experience when listening to classical music of the Bahamas . When Junkanoo the instruments of the locals the joy of life can be heard.

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Bahamas Cruise To Half Moon Cay

Holland America Line’s very own private island, Half Moon Cay, is a slice of paradise in the Bahamas. Forming part of the Bahamian National Trust, the unspoilt landscape makes this the ideal resort for nature lovers. Kick off your time here by diving in the enticing waters and exploring the magical marine life before drying off and seeing what else is on offer. From horseback riding to waterpark fun and a variety of restaurants, everything you need is right there.

Other Top Nassau Beaches

Nassau Bahamas Cruise Port Guide | The Best Hotels, Food & Drinks Before Cruising!

Montague Beach is situated east of the Paradise Island Bridge and is home to a historic fort constructed in the 18th century. The beach promenade is a popular hangout on weekends and public holidays, with local vendors offering delicious local food and drinks. The beach is also a preferred spot for wading and picnicking.

Delaporte Beach is west of Cable Beach near the former plantation village of Delaporte. East of Nassau lies Saunders Beach, also popular with visitors and locals, and known for its beautiful twilight views.

The beach at Goodmans Bay features recreational facilities for children and is popular among joggers and exercise enthusiasts. Sandyport Beach is connected by a small bridge to the Venice-like resort Sandyport development near Cable Beach.

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If You Hate Crowds The Best Month Is

Despite the increasing numbers of children in year-round schools, the summer months continue to be the most popular time for families cruising the Bahamas. Another crunch time is any period that encompasses a holiday. Cruises at these times sell out early. If trying to avoid noisy ships and crowded ports, the best times for a Bahamas cruise might be between mid-April and mid-May, which is before hurricane season starts in June, and from just after Labor Day until mid-November.

Seekers of rest and quiet pleasure should also avoid March; it’s spring break time on cruise ships in the Caribbean, and one will find themselves rubbing elbows with rowdy youths. Also consider opting for a cruise on a more sophisticated line, such as Celebrity or Holland America, that is likely to have lots of well-traveled adults.

Eight Rookie Mistakes To Avoid In The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers an idyllic getaway with beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and a slew of relaxing activities. It’s no surprise, then, that this is one of the Caribbean’s most popular vacation destinations.

However, just like any other country, there is a list of first-timer mistakes you should avoid while visiting.

Here are eight tips on how to stay safe and make the most of your time in the Bahamas.

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This is a tough one because there can be some great prices, low crowds and potentially fantastic weather in the off-season. That being said, June through November is the official hurricane season in the Bahamas, so you’ll likely want to avoid this time of year, if possible.

If you’re going to take your chances and visit during the storm season, monitor local reports and check with your airline to ensure your travel plans won’t experience any delays. Travellers should also get insurance during these months to protect their trip investment. Travel insurance provides reimbursement for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses, if you need to cancel a trip for a covered reason, such as damage to your resort from a recent hurricane.







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When To Go To The Bahamas


Temperatures in the Bahamas average between 75°F and 84°F in both winter and summer, although it can get chilly in the early morning and at night. The Bahamian winter usually feels like late springmaking winter the high season for North Americans rushing to escape snow and ice. Summer brings broiling hot sun and humidity. There’s a much greater chance of rain during the summer and fall.

Hurricane Season

The curse of Bahamian weather, the hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30. But hurricanes are actually pretty infrequent here, and when one does come, satellite forecasts generally give adequate advance warning so that precautions can be taken.

If you’re heading for the Bahamas during hurricane season, consult the outlook from the National Weather Service;and the Weather Channel.

Avoiding Spring Break

Throughout March and into mid-April, it’s spring-break season in the Caribbean for vacationing college and high-school students. Expect beach parties, sports events, and musical entertainment. If the idea of hundreds of partying frat bros doesn’t appeal to you, beware. When you make your reservations, ask if your hotel is planning to host any big groups.

Peak Season

In the Bahamas, hotels charge their highest prices during the peak winter period from mid-December to mid-April, when visitors fleeing cold north winds flock to the islands. Winter is also the driest season.

Saving Money on Hotels in the Off-Season

Other Off-Season Advantages

The Weather In The Bahamas

Best Time to Cruise to the Bahamas

The dry season spans from November to June, while the wet season starts in July and ends in December. When traveling during the wet season, expect to see an increase in rainfall – but still plenty of beach days. The ocean water tends to be warmer at this time, which makes it a great time for snorkeling.

Though this Caribbean territory does not experience winter, months like January tend to be cooler than most with lows of 63°F at night. Highs in January are typically around 79°F during the day.

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Verdict: The Best Month To Cruise To The Bahamas Is January

Rain is fleeting in the Bahamas, and the sun shines more than 80 percent of the year. While you might want to exercise additional caution during the months of hurricane season , the Bahamas is a great destination to cruise year-round.

Given seasonality, rainfall and price, the month of January gets our vote for the best month to go to the Bahamas on a cruise.

Find Your Best Time To Cruise To The Bahamas With Celebrity Cruises

If youre ready to experience the wonders of the Bahamas and explore crystal clear turquoise water and colorful island towns, then dont wait too long to book. The best staterooms on prime sailing dates tend to fill up quickly. You can easily book your cruise using Celebrity Cruises convenient booking platform which lets you reserve your stateroom, airfare, and shore excursions all in the same place.

Book Your Vacation Today

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The Best Time To Go On A Cruise To The Bahamas For Weather

If you want to avoid rain and increase your chances of cloudless skies and sunny days, head to the Bahamas during its driest season in late winter and early spring. The rainiest months are May and June.

Hurricane season for the Bahamas and the Caribbean lasts from June to November, with peak hurricane season being from August to October. Fortunately, the Bahamas is rarely affected by hurricanes, but planning a cruise there during hurricane season always presents a small risk that your travel plans may be interrupted by an impending storm.

If you do plan a cruise to the Bahamas during hurricane season, your vacation will likely go just fine as planned, but its wise to look into getting travel insurance that covers cruise delays or cancellations due to hurricanes.

Best Extended Cruise: Royal Caribbean

Best Time To Visit or Travel to Nassau, Bahamas

Corey Seeman/ Flickr

  • Ship Name: Grandeur of the Seas
  • Itinerary: Port Canaveral, United States; CocoCay, Bahamas; Nassau, Bahamas; Baltimore, Maryland

Combine the pink-sand beaches of Bermuda with a trip to the Bahamas onboard Royal Caribbeans Grandeur of the Seas for a longer, sun-soaked getaway. The cruise sails from Baltimore and overnights in Port Canaveral, for even more time exploring. Then, it continues to Royal Caribbeans private island in the Bahamas for private cabanas, gigantic water slides, and swim-up bars. Onboard Grandeur, passengers can watch movies under the stars, watch a tango show, take culinary or sushi classes, and even learn some new dance moves. Sample excellent cuisine at one of Royal Caribbeans signature restaurants like Chops Grille steakhouse or Giovannis Table as well as Italian eatery.

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The Bahamas In A Nutshell

Located to the East of Florida, the islands of the Bahamas have always been promoted as the ultimate vacation destination. This tropical archipelago is blessed with a natural beauty that is almost beyond belief, and coupled with its melting pot of people, features sights and sounds that are packed with a unique history and culture.

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Many of the islands of the Bahamas remain uninhabited. That in no way slows the flowing traffic of curious tourists because of its proximity to the United States, the islands have a constant flow of arrivals from the US. Most visitors arrive via the Lynden Pindling International Airport by plane.

Popular island destinations in the Bahamas include New Providence Island , Grand Bahama Island, The Exumas, The Abacos, Eleuthera, Long Island, Harbor Island, and San Salvador Island.

When Is The Best Time To Sail The Caribbean

Read our expert advice on the best time of year to visit the Caribbean in a luxury yacht. Abundant sunshine, turquoise waters, year-round warm temperatures, and ideal sailing conditions make the Caribbean a top choice for a sailing holiday. From the southern tip of Florida to South America, the Caribbeans thousands of islands provide a surplus of destinations each with unique culture, experiences, and appeals.

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What We Could Do Without

Nassau is on an island within a vast archipelago. Many products are necessarily imported and that means prices, including meals at restaurants, can be high. Nassau can also feel a bit touristy at times, as the Prince George Wharf cruise ship dock can host as many as five large cruise ships at once. On busy days, cruise travelers are ubiquitous around the downtown area.

Top Sights And Shore Excursions

The Coral at Atlantis, Autograph Collection, Bahamas ...

Nassau is a surprisingly diverse port. Beach lovers and travelers who enjoy water sports, diving or snorkeling will find a wide variety of excursions and activities to suit their tastes. Nassau is also filled with historic sites and shopping opportunities. Yet visitors are missing out on genuine colonial-era history if they dont also spend time exploring the historic architecture and attractions located steps from the cruise pier. You can book excursions through your cruise line or independently. And, dont forget that the Chase travel portal offers excursions;bookable with cash or Ultimate Rewards points.

Here are some favorite pastimes for cruisers visiting Nassau.

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