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Where Is The Cruise Port In Amsterdam

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Distance From Amsterdam Cruise Port To The City Center

Welcome To The Port Of Amsterdam

We are taking a European cruise on NCL this summer. In Amsterdam for about 9 – 10 hours. NCL has an Amsterdam on your own bus at the cost of 90 dollars per person. They are saying the bus ride is one hour. Because that sounds like a long ride it does not seem like we have other options. Looking at other posts, it seems like it is walkable…does anyone know? I would prefer not to spend $180 dollars if we can just walk.

Thanks in advance…searching for answers.

Google maps will tell you exactly how far any two things in the world are from each other. It will also tell you how long it will take to walk.

Taxi driver told us there is a flat fee of 20Euro from cruise port to any hotel. )

According to their itinerary of one cruise which includes ‘Amsterdam’ as a port of call, the ship actually docks in Ijmuiden which is probably close to 45-60 mins by bus from Amsterdam proper. Hence all the various stories of ‘walkable’ or 20 cab fares to any hotel. Those refer to the cruise port which is dead center in the city itself. NCL and others use the port of Ijmuiden.

Ijmuiden is a very unhandy location for public trans and cabs and Uber. The ship’s shuttle will be the handiest I think albeit exorbitantly priced.

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As there is an official taxi stand in front of the cruise terminal in Amsterdam the taxis are obliged to run on the meter if requested, instead of using a “flat fee”.

Why would someone spent that money and not even get a small package of information about:

Facilities And Equipment At The Port Of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam is a multifunctional port capable of handling, storing and shipping cargoes ranging from cocoa beans to coal, and from paper to oil. The port is served by three types of terminals for breakbulk, containers and energy.

The Koopman Car Terminal has a surface area of 350,000m2. Its maximum depth is 12m and quay length is 350m. Automotive stevedore and RO/RO activities are performed here.

The Amsterdam Marine Terminal handles containers, RO/RO and general cargo. Its quay length is 210m and maximum depth is 10.5m.

The Amsterdam Container Terminal has a total surface area of 620,000m2. Its quay length is 645m and maximum depth is 15.5m. The terminal is served by five 100mt gantry cranes.

The VCK Terminal, located in Suezhaven / Beringhaven, is an all round logistic service provider. It has a total surface area of 175,000m2 and is equipped with a 55t crane. The Waterland Terminal is also located in Westhaven. Its covered surface area is 77,500m2 and open area is 110,000m2. The terminal is equipped with three gantry cranes.

BP Amsterdam Terminal has a total surface area of 880,000m2 and maximum depth of 14.6m.

Nh Collection Amsterdam Flower Market

NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market is located a 100 m away from the Kalverstraat shopping area. It is the best place to stay for shopping, sightseeing in central Amsterdam. Each room is air-conditioned. The hotel features satellite TV, a work desk and tea and coffee making facilities. Free Wi-Fi is equipped.

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Hotels Near Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

The most convenient hotel as mentioned is the Mövenpick hotel, which is literally nextdoor and well rated by travellers. Other good hotels in the area around Central Station include the art-deco Grand Amrath and the modern DoubleTree by Hilton.

This article was originally published in 2010 and has continuously been updated. Last update 21 October 2020.

Where To Stay In Amsterdam

Amsterdam (Holland) cruise port terminal

Amsterdam hotels near cruise port are located in the city centre. Old Centre comes at the top as the best place to stay in Amsterdam for sightseeing. The area is also very close to the cruise port of Amsterdam for Ocean cruises.

Other best places to stay in Amsterdam is Central Ring, Jordaan and Plantage. These areas are all close to Ports in Amsterdam for Baltic Sea Cruises.

Great hotels, the cruise port, the river port and the cargo port are all located in the city centre, where cruise ships dock in Amsterdam.

Old Centre the citys central tranport hub, the best area for sightseeingCanal Ring a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most romantic neighbourhood in AmsterdamJordaan the best area to stay for the first time visitorsPlantage pleasant 19th-century district with many museums

Where to Stay in Amsterdam Map

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Things To Know Before You Go

  • Amsterdam Cruise Port has tourist information, cafés, restaurants, luggage facilities, and shops.

  • Amsterdams busiest attractions include the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House, so take advantage of tours with skip-the-line access.

  • Remember to bring comfortable shoes so you can walk the streets with ease on a city tour.

  • The famously flat city of Amsterdam is mostly accessible for guests with disabilities, though its worth checking specific arrangements with your tour supplier.

Useful Information About Amsterdam For Cruise Passengers

Amsterdam is a relatively safe place to explore day and night, so those travelling on their own need not worry about exploring the city solo.

The city is always on the go, youll find gift shops sometimes open until the early hours of the morning, the same with clubs, some bars and dozens of fast food outlets you dont really need to plan your visit based on a 9-5 timeframe.

If you plan on visiting a lot of attractions and using the public transport system you may benefit from the use of a I Amsterdam City Card. A one-off payment gives you access to discounts or free entry at over 70 of the citys top attractions, city wide use of the public transport network including trams and buses, and a unique canal cruise, bicycle hire and discounts at selected bars and restaurants.

Numerous cards are available, with the basic being a 24-hour pass for 65 euros. They can be pre-ordered online and picked up at various locations within the city, including directly from the I Amsterdam info point and store on Damrak.

Your time in Amsterdam wouldnt be well spent without sampling Dutch frites, which is simply fries and sauce. There are vendors throughout the city selling them and they are super tasty!

Some simply come with a sauce of your choice while others can have extras such as pulled pork, slaw or gravy and cheese. You have to give them a try and these are some of the places we would recommend: Moekes, Grizzl, Frietboutique, Freddy Fryday and Manneken Pis.

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Passenger Terminal Amsterdam To Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station, the citys main transport hub is only a short distance away from Amsterdams cruise port terminal. There are a number of options for getting to and from the station.

Walk: Its an easy 10-15 minute walk along the Piet Heinkade road. As you come out of the PTA building you need to head right in a westerly direction.

Tram: GVB tram 26 runs to Amsterdam Central Station where you can change onto other Amsterdam trams and public transport. A standard 1 hour single costs 3.20, a 1 day ticket costs 8 buy on board, payment by card only.

Taxi: If you have heavy luggage then you may opt to take a taxi to the station. The taxi rank is outside the terminal, expect to pay around 10.

Best Attractions Near The Cruise Port In Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam

BY Jessica LipowskiAmsterdam Local Expert

Unless you added a couple of extra days to the front or back end of your trip, visiting a city by cruise ship doesn’t provide much time to sightsee. Most companies allow only eight or nine hours in a port, usually less. Others may get two days if they’re lucky.; Therefore, its important to optimize your schedule and plan ahead. With so many exciting things to see and do, its hard to fit everything in. 10Best has put together a list of the best Amsterdam attractions near the cruise port, so you can stay close to the ship and still see the highlights of this historic, charming city.

First things first, if you have any luggage, leave it on the ship or put it in a locker at the passenger terminal. Only bring the essentials. Second, the passenger terminal is within walking distance of the city center. However, it is more efficient to take the tram. There’s a stop in front of the passenger terminal, and you can buy a pass on the tram.

Depending on how much time you have, there are many interesting things to do. One of the best ways to see the city is from the canals. Take a canal cruise, especially if the sun is shining. Most last about an hour. The Red Light District is a great place to see if you want to experience Amsterdams open-minded culture. If you love history, visit the Amsterdam Museum or Rembrandt House.

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Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The official currency of the Netherlands is the Euro, and youll find that credit cards are accepted in most places. Your best bet is using Visa or Mastercard. ATMs are plentiful, too. Some smaller shops and restaurants will only accept debit cards with a pin code here. When it comes to tipping, leave a 10% tip at restaurants, or 5% if youre ordering a coffee or snack. For taxi drivers, its polite to round up to the nearest euro, or tip 5-10% of your fare.

How Can You Buy A Train Ticket

You can purchase a train ticket from the yellow machines in the main hall. The machines are located in the central of the main hall. You can easily find them.

My tip: 1. The ticket machines accept international cards. It it is always better to get some cash in advance. 2. You must activate your ticket at one of the card readers near or at the top of the escalators, or next to the elevators. Otherwise, you will receive a penalty and need to pay a fine. 3. Do not buy a return ticket. A return ticket is only valid within the same day only. 4. Underneath the arrivals main hall, you can reach the station via either escalators or elevators. Trains to Amsterdam usually leave from track 3.

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Emergence Of A New Province

The province of North Holland as it is today has its origins in the period of French rule from 1795 to 1813. This was a time of bewildering changes to the Dutch system of provinces. In 1795, the old order was swept away and the was established. In the Constitution enacted on 23 April 1798, the old borders were radically changed. The republic was reorganised into eight departments with roughly equal populations. Holland was split up into five departments named “”, “”, “”, ” en “, and “”. The first three of these lay within the borders of the old Holland; the latter two were made up of parts of different provinces. In 1801 the old borders were restored when the department of Holland was created. This reorganisation had been short-lived, but it gave birth to the concept of breaking up Holland and making it a less powerful province.

In 1807, Holland was reorganised. This time the two departments were called “Amstelland” and “Maasland” . This also did not last long. In 1810, all the Dutch provinces were integrated into the French Empire. Amstelland and Utrecht were amalgamated as the department of “Zuiderzee” and Maasland was renamed “Monden van de Maas” .

Food And Drink Spots Near The Amsterdam Cruise Port

BTNews: The Business Travel News


Address: Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Foodhallen sounds exactly like what it is: a food hall in Amsterdam where the many food stands offer something for everyone, whether youre looking for local brews, Vietnamese bites, or freshly made yoghurt. The open floor plan means even a crowd doesnt feel intimidating at Foodhallen.


Address: Peperstraat 23, 1011 TJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Greetje will teach you a little bit about traditional Dutch cuisine keeping in line with the family tradition of its owners. They offer a tasting menu for two, where you can sample all the entrees. Or you can go à la carte and choose from dishes like roast lamb with potatoes and gravy or slow-cooked veal. Top off your meal with creme brulee or a selection of Dutch cheeses for dessert.

Rijks Restaurant

Address: Museumstraat 2, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located within the Rijksmuseum is the one Michelin-starred Rijks, which offers classically Dutch dishes with a modern spin. Here you can find a six-course tasting menu or an upscale lunch. Its fine dining in a romantic but airy space, making the restaurant an ideal place to dine after a day of museum tours.

Gs Jordaan

Address: Goudsbloemstraat 91 1015 JK Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Where Is The Cruise Port In Amsterdam

Ocean cruise liners dock at either Amsterdam Cruise Port or Felison Terminal. Felison Terminal has recently added a second berth. This article explains the Amsterdam Cruise Port.

Amsterdam Cruise Port has plenty of facilities. A tourist information office, cafes, restaurants, a luggage facility and shops are situated. Luggage lockers cost 4 or 6 for 24 hours use.

You can enjoy great city views from the terminals outdoor balcony. The passengers also can use the Movenpick hotel facilities. This four-star is the best hotel near the airport in Amsterdam. It is adjoined with Amsterdam cruise port.

Amsterdam Airport and Amsterdam Cruise Port Map

Amsterdam Cruise Port Map

Top Things To Do In Amsterdam

Experience a Brown Cafe

The brown cafe is an Amsterdam cultural experience you should check out for yourself during an Amsterdam cruise. These are traditional Dutch pubs where romantic candles burn down to the wick, beer spills in conversation over the wooden tables, and you can enjoy fried bar snacks galore. A few famous ones in Amsterdam include Cafe Hoppe and Cafe Chris.

See the Citys 8 Windmills

There are eight different historic windmills scattered in and around Amsterdam, so why not make a day of seeing each one? Grab your bike or rent a car and hop from windmill to windmill, stopping for lunch, coffee, or a local brew along the way. The Sloten Windmill is still in operation today and is open to visitors.

Go for a Spin Around the City

It wouldnt be Amsterdam without the influx of bicyclists spinning across town as they ride to work, to meet friends, and for pleasure. Its one of the best ways to feel the citys energy and get to know its windy grid system. Follow the rules of the road carefully while youre biking here. ;

Explore Trendy Jordaan

Jordaan is one of Amsterdams most popular districts, a neighborhood of boutiques and antiques, shops and cafes, and casual eateries set against the beautiful backdrop of Dutch-colonial architecture. Live like a local as you explore markets like Westerstraat and laid-back cafes like De Vergulde Gaper, where you can people-watch over a morning coffee.

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Amsterdam Cruise Port To The City Centre

It is less than 500 m away from Amsterdam cruise ship port to the city centre and Amsterdam Central Station. The cruise port of Amsterdam takes 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the cruise port to the city centre .

Are you looking for hotels near Amsterdam cruise port? You can find hotels near Amsterdam cruise terminal in Old Centre or Plantage is the best. If you do mind walking to the cruise port, you can take a tram and get off at the Muziekgebouw Bimhuis tram station. ;

There are 4 great hotels very near the cruise port.

  • Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam is adjoined with the cruise port in Amsterdam.
  • Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam is located just over the bridge of the cruise port.
  • Doubletree Amsterdam is about 300 m away from the cruise terminal
  • Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam is about 400 m away

Centre Of The Dutch Golden Age

Amsterdam Tram Cruise Port Terminal to Centraal Station & Back

The 17th century is considered Amsterdam’s , during which it became the wealthiest city in the western world. Ships sailed from Amsterdam to the , North America, and Africa, as well as present-day , , , and , forming the basis of a worldwide trading network. Amsterdam’s merchants had the largest share in both the and the . These companies acquired overseas possessions that later became .

Amsterdam was Europe’s most important point for the shipment of goods and was the leading of the western world. In 1602, the Amsterdam office of the international trading Dutch East India Company became the world’s first by trading in its own shares. The Bank of Amsterdam started operations in 1609, acting as a full-service bank for Dutch merchant bankers and as a reserve bank.

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A Little Further Afield

If youve visited Amsterdam before and would like to go somewhere different, then we would recommend the following:

The HagueA city within a city and the seat of the Dutch parliament, and 16th-century Noordeinde Palace. The Hague is also home to the United Nations International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court.

HaarlemHop on a train and enjoy a 20-minute journey to another of The Netherlands beautiful cities, Haarlem. This is the centre of the flower-bulb-growing district and it retains its beautiful medieval charm. Similar to Amsterdam in many ways.

ZaandamJust a 7-minute train journey from Amsterdam and youll come across Zaandam, where youll find great shopping, museums, restaurants, bars and so much more.

VolendamA typical Dutch fishing village and a hive of activity during the summer months. Enjoy people watching as you sample local delicacies, explore the gift shops and generally enjoy the atmosphere of being in this working fishing harbour.

EdamThe birthplace of Edam cheese and another place thats just a short journey outside of Amsterdam. Edam can easily be visited as part of a day out that also includes Volendam, as theyre just minutes away from each other.

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