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How Much Is An Antarctica Cruise

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How Much Does A Trip To Antartica Cost

How to choose your Antarctica Cruise ship

Unsurprisingly, Antarctica travel is expensive. Cruises to the Falklands and South Georgia can start at around USD 6,000 per person, but the ones taking you to the Peninsula realistically start at around USD 10,000. For special trips, including cruises south of the Antarctic circle, you are looking at around USD 14,000 15,000.

The advantages of paying full price are clear: you can choose the cruise that takes you where you want, when you want and with the company of your choosing. However, if you can be more flexible flexible being the golden word it is possible to find discounts of 50% and more.

Silversea Is The Best Cruise To Antarctica

With ten different luxury ships to choose from, Silversea Expeditions is the top name when it comes to Antarctic cruises. While these cruise trips can be a little pricey compared to European or Caribbean cruises, they take guests on a journey to one of the most isolated and gorgeous landscapes on the entire planet.

Silversea has many ships that are designed to cater to the whims of their passengers, but the real draw of a cruise to Antarctica is getting to see a part of the world that most people only ever see on television or in photographs.

Below youll find a breakdown of some of the amenities you can expect when you see the Antarctic with Silversea.

Other Tips For Lowering The Cost

While last-minute deals may sound great, they are not something you can depend on unless you can afford to be spontaneous. But dont lose hope just yet. Here are some other factors that can considerably bring down the cost of a trip to Antarctica:

Plan earlyThis goes completely against the concept of last-minute deals, but sometimes it works like a charm. Some of the best chances of buying a cheaper cruise ticket run out the fastest like shared cabins or smaller boats. If you want to get the best price of the lot, plan at least a year in advance.

Travel before DecemberThe window for traveling to Antarctica is late October to early March, with the peak season running from December to February. So, if you dont mind missing out on seeing penguins during December and January or whales in February and March, opt for a cruise early on in the season. While you might not find the biggest discounts, you have more chances of finding a good deal before December.

Look for short cruisesFor the cheapest trips, look for shorter cruises. A 9-day cruise may not hit all the destinations in Antarctica or may not make long stops, but it will be cheaper than a 23-day trip by a long haul.

Book flights in advanceJust arriving in Ushuaia can cost quite a bit, especially if you keep it until the last minute. The earlier you find your tour, the earlier you can book flights in advance, usually saving quite a bit. You can also save more money by booking a return trip rather than one-way.

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Yes You Can Visit Antarctica

Although Antarctica is the most remote continent on earthmore than 1,000 km from the nearest neighboring continentyou can actually visit it, and enjoy the voyage at your own pace and preference. By offering a wide range of embarkation ports, voyage durations, itineraries, and seasons, Antarctica really is within reach. The continent remains isolated from the rest of the world, with its wildlife and wild places operating as they have for millennia. But its beauty is accessibleand it’s waiting for you to explore it.

To learn more about traveling to Antarctica, talk to a Polar Travel Adviser to find which expedition is right for you, or browse more resources available below:

Antarctica Cruise Costs By Season

How much does Antarctica cost?

The time of year you travel will have a significant impact on your Antarctica cruise cost. The most expensive time to travel is during high season from mid-December through the end of February. The cost is lowest in November and March. In general travelers can save about 20% by traveling in the shoulder seasons. Learn more about the best time to visit Antarctica.

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Are All Trips The Same How Do I Choose The Best Itinerary For Me

No, two expeditions to Antarctica are ever the same which is what makes visiting this continent so special. Your voyage will be uniquely yoursno other expedition will have sailed the same route you sailed, experienced the same things you did, and encountered the same spontaneous opportunities that the wilderness provided. Sea ice and weather conditions are always dynamic in this environment, resulting in a fluid style of travel that takes advantage of weather windows and occasional or rare opportunities that allow ships to enter otherwise inaccessible landscapes.

You will undoubtedly see more glaciers, mountain tops, and penguins than you can count, all of which will feel so immense it will be difficult to describe. But every voyage has its additional victories, its coups, its open doors that create truly one-of-a-kind experiences that no one else will be able to replicate. Every voyage has its own life, its own pulse, its own story, and your voyage will be uniquely yours.

Day 1 Ushuaia Argentina

Welcome to Ushuaia, the worlds southernmost city and starting point of our Antarctic expedition! Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by our staff and transferred to a quality hotel, which has been arranged by us and is included in the price of the itinerary. For the rest of the day, you are free to explore this vibrant port city and adventure hub.

For an introduction to local history and wildlife, the interesting Museo del Fin del Mundo is worth a visit. If you have time to spare, a variety of nature activities can be arranged to suit all interests and fitness levels, from hiking in nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park to wildlife viewing in the Beagle Channel. For dinner, Ushuaia offers a wide range of restaurants featuring Patagonian lamb and delectable Fuegian seafood.

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Days 5 To 9 South Shetland Islands And The Antarctic Peninsula

During the next days, we explore the highlights of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. This region contains some of the worlds most impressive scenery and the best wildlife viewing in Antarctica. Sheltered bays and channels sparkle with ice and reflect towering mountain peaks coated in permanent snow and immense glaciers. Icebergs of every size and description complete an image of incomparable beauty. Waters rich with krill are home to huge numbers of marine mammals and seabirds. The whole area is alive with penguins foraging at sea and forming large rookeries at special places on land. Here we also find Antarctic research bases of various nationalities, some with gift shops and post offices.

The South Shetland Islands are the northernmost islands in Antarctica and will likely be our first area of exploration. This wildly beautiful island chain contains many landing sites with historical significance and abundant wildlife. We will also explore the supremely picturesque Gerlache Strait area of the Antarctic Peninsula, a pristine wilderness of spectacular white landscapes, colossal icebergs, obliging marine mammals and bustling penguin colonies. We hope to show you the famous Lemaire Channel, also known as Kodak Gap because of the photogenic way the narrow channel reflects the image of sheer snowy mountains.

Throughout the islands and on the mainland, we find nesting colonies of gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguins, sometimes side by side.

Deals & Special Offers

Antarctica Cruise: What You NEED to Know! | Vlog

As noted above, the lowest prices are on early- and late-season cruises. Booking early is also a good way to secure the best price. Prices can fluctuate based on availability so be on the lookout for discounts. Early booking deals can save up to 35% on the total Antarctica trip cost.

Last-minute offers can be found but this tactic has risk. Small ships tend to sell out early. Follow the advice in this post, review money-saving tips and our full selection of Antarctica cruise deals, then contact our experts to get the best price on your trip to Antarctica.

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A World Of Sea And Ice Awaits

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Massive, magnificent, and unforgiving, Antarctica is a continent of superlatives that will leave your mind searching for words to describe it. Each day presents a new discovery, whether youre cruising through ice-choked waterways, trekking through chattering penguin rookeries, or catching minkes and humpbacks breaching in the pristine waters. The few travellers who are fortunate enough to explore Antarcticas vast expanses return home forever changed by an experience so awe-inspiring that it reaches to their very core.

Cruise Deals To Antarctica

Here are our best tips for finding a cheap cruise or cruise deal to Antarctica. If you book a guaranteed cabin , a cabin on a lower deck or sail on an older ship from a brand you like, then you can get the best price for a specific cruise to Antarctica. Last minute cruises deals to Antarctica appear as you get closer to the sail date, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Taking a cruise to Antarctica in the shoulder season can also be a great way to find a cruise deal.

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Treat Yourself To A Unique Adventure

Far from major tourist routes, Antarctica remains one of the few preserved areas on the planet. Tourism is regulated. Vessels departing for the White Continent do not carry more than 200 passengers at a time. It’s an opportunity for everyone to enjoy an extraordinary experience and to create unforgettable memories.

Lindblad Expeditions: Journey To Antarctica: The White Continent

Antarctica Cruise Prices

Sip martinis in an igloo onboard the new 126-passenger ice-class National Geographic Endurance, or twin vessel National Geographic Resolution. In the daytime, pop in for soak-up-the-scenery shelter in the two clear-domed igloo-like structures on the Observation Deck. Reserve one overnight in a two-person bed with comforters, bed warmers, and LED lighting. This 14-day voyage delivers every Antarctic joy, from kayaking and snowshoeing to a National Geographic photographer ensuring perfect penguin pics. The vessels tout the hottest expedition ship designan X-BOW, promising smoother sails and reduced deck spray. Departs November 7, December 7, 17, and 27, 2021 prices begin at $15,080.

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Budget Travel To Antarctica: Top Tips


To even the most seasoned globetrotter, Antarctica represents an impossibly exotic and irresistibly alluring adventure. Setting foot on the planets most inaccessible continent bestows travel kudos that no other destination can offer the problem is, whichever way you look at it, an Antarctica cruise is not cheap. However, it is still possible to land yourself a good discount and here are the top tips for doing so.

Total: $0 All Included

Could you do it cheaper? Free is free!

Keep in mind: All accommodation prices on the Expedition ship are included as is the first night hotel.

Night before tour Included!

When I arrived in Ushuaia, I was taken to my hotel Las Lengas to spend the night as included in my tour package. Others stayed at the Hotel Albatros. Now that Ive been to Ushuaia, I really wish that Id gotten to stay at the Albatros. If you book yourself or book through me, just make sure youre scheduled for the Albatros. Its more centrally located instead of Las Lengas which adds about a 15-minute walk to get to the good parts of town.

After the tour ended in Ushuaia, I flew back to BuenosAires for a few days. Since Id been to Argentina before , I knew that I wanted to stay in Palermo which is a more funky and fun part of town.

Here are my suggestions for accommodations in Buenos Aires if you choose to extend your stay:

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Ponant: The Emperor Penguins Of Bellingshausen Sea

Most expeditions ships cruise the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, the continents northernmost part. This extraordinary voyage, on Ponants new 270-passenger, hybrid electric-and-natural-gas-powered icebreaker Le Commandant-Charcot, ventures deep into the Antarctic Circle to Bellingshausen Sea. Here, behold thousands of emperor penguins. These rarely sighted birds can reach nearly four feet in height and weigh up to 88 pounds. Ponant is also bringing several activities new to its Antarctica experience, including hot air balloon rides, hovercraft touring, and polar diving. This 20-day expedition sails between Puerto Montt, Chile, and Ushuaia, Argentina departs November 1, 2021 prices begin at $29,760 per person.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Antarctica

The 5 Best (And Unexpected) Things About An Antarctica Cruise.

Journeying to Antarctica, the southernmost continent on Earth, is both an exhilarating and challenging expedition to the most remote corner of our planet. Generally, the more remote and isolated a location, the more expensive it is to travel there and logistics can often be overwhelming. This guide will help those adventuring pioneers who have budgeted for the trip of a lifetime to weigh their options when considering Antarctic cruises.

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What To Know About Booking Post

The average polar voyages will still cruise 10 days, with six spent in Antarctica and four days crossing the Drake Passage. Most expeditions begin in Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile, with a hotel overnight before a chartered flight, usually to Ushuaia, Argentina, where most ships set sail.

Before you commit, carefully check the new COVID-19 protocols. Does the expedition require vaccinated crew and passengers? Which vaccines are accepted and how is the travel bubble maintained? Will the medical team provide testing and treatment capabilities? Examine refund and insurance policies, including evacuation options. While pricey, remember that these expeditions are mostly or completely all-inclusive, with chartered flights, hotel overnights, expedition team-led excursions, polar jackets, gratuities, Wi-Fi, and alcohol built into fares.

With so much pent-up demand for cruisingand especially, for small-group bucket list voyages to open spaces void of humanscruisers are already booking fourth quarter sails, especially for solar eclipse itineraries. Cruise lines may reduce passenger capacity for increased social distancing, adding to limited availability.

This Antarctic season promises so much that’s new. Several new purpose-built, ice-class vessels will debut that are more environmentally sensitive, may provide smoother sails in rough seas, and offer an exciting array of novel exploration possibilities, like polar diving.

Why Take A Cruise To Antarctica

There are a lot of reasons why a cruise to Antarctica is one of the best ways to experience the continent. Here are a few reasons why a cruise to Antarctica can be a great travel investment:

There are many cruise expeditions to Antarctica available, and determining which one is best for you will depend on your budget and what you want to get out of your trip. But no matter which cruise line you choose, youll get to experience a trip that other cruise destinations simply cannot.

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Visit Historical Sites And Scientific Bases

Even today, the White Continent keeps some of its secrets for itself. Scientific bases have been set up there to carry out research, particularly relating to climate. Former whaling stations, veritable open-air museums, bear witness to the ravages of the seal and whale hunting that took place at the beginning of the 20th century. Port Lockroy is home to the southernmost post office in the world, from which you can send your loved ones a postcard featuring the Antarctic stamp.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to embark on this unique adventure to a continent that’s like no other.

Distance Time And Experience

What to expect on an Antarctica cruise?

Firstly, Antarctica expeditions from New Zealand take longer due to greater distance and more days at sea. This translates into more time to enjoy the journey and, most importantly, more time on the Antarctic continent! The East Antarctic coastline and Ross Sea are some of the most remote destinations in the world and are locked under ice for most of the year. The Antarctic expedition cruise season departing from New Zealand lasts three months December, January, and February. Overall, the pricing reflects the extra days in Antarctica, greater distances travelled, and the many years of experience required to navigate these remote and rugged seascapes.

Heritage Expeditions takes you off the beaten path to a part of Antarctica that few people get to see. We rarely even see another ship in the Southern Ocean or Ross Sea!

The extra days at sea provide opportunities to soak up lectures from our expert staff, composed of biologists, geologists, wildlife experts, and historians. Engaging discussions offer insight into the natural world and history of the polar region, building context and excitement for that first iceberg sighting or view of the continent itself.

Additionally, our longer route means travellers cross the Arctic Circle and venture further south than any other passenger ships that explore Antarctica. This exclusive opportunity allows many of our guests to even see the Southern Lights!

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Is Price A Good Criteria For Choosing The Right Antarctic Trip

Budget is always important but needs to be considered in the wider context of what you are looking to achieve. There are so many other variables involved, that the cost itself isnt an accurate measurement for good decision making. To ensure that you end up choosing exactly the right Antarctic voyage for you, many other factors need to be taken into account.

This is where a specialist like Swoop is invaluable by taking the time to listen and understand your brief and whats important to you, and then handpicking a small selection of carefully chosen options for you to consider.

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