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How Expensive Is An Alaskan Cruise

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Where Do Alaska Cruises Depart From

Was Trying Royal Caribbeans MOST EXPENSIVE Alaska Cruise Excursion Worth It | Ovation of the Seas

Roundtrip Alaska sailings typically depart from Seattle or Vancouver, but also California cities like San Francisco. These sailings typically follow an Inside Passage itinerary.

Cruises also regularly depart from either Seward or Whittier, both Alaska ports accessible a short drive from Anchorage. These one-way sailings usually follow the Gulf of Alaska, also known as a cross-gulf cruise. These cruises might call on some Inside Passage stops, but also ports farther north.

Most cruisetours will begin or end in Anchorage, where the primary and central airport is.

Big Ship Or Small Ship

One of the first things youll need to decide when looking at itineraries and best Alaska cruise ports is whether you are going to travel on a big ship or a small ship. This question is worth considering because they are very different experiences. Your budget is an important first consideration as small ship cruises are generally about triple the cost of big ship cruising. This varies based on the length of the trip and the choices you make as well as the specific cruise company you plan to travel with.

Skagway Best Shore Excursion

Skagway is a tiny town with a very busy cruise port! This is as far north as cruise ships go in the Inside Passage . Skagway was put on the map by the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898 and has a colorful history. In fact, the entire downtown is a national park!

The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad was built during the Gold Rush and remains today as a tour for visitors and I will tell you that in my opinion this is the best shore excursion available in Southeast Alaska! There are several options for the train: you can take a round trip summit excursion right from the cruise ship dock, or you can go one way by train and one by bus giving you additional views of this stunning location. You can also do a hike from the train getting dropped off at Denver or Laughton Glacier as part of a tour.

The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad gives you the unique opportunity in Southeast Alaska to get up into the mountains and inland and see a completely different climate. There are good chances to see bears and goats on this trip too! Overall I highly recommend this if you only do one shore excursionmake it this one!

Skagway also has lots of great history to explore and several excellent hikes that leave from downtown and you can easily walk to.

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You Will Take A Ton Of Pictures

If you have been relying on your smartphone as your camera, it might be time to upgrade. It seems like everywhere you look, there is an image straight out of a travel magazine. Inevitably, you will take a lot of pictures. Investing in a digital camera, or even a new mirrorless camera, will give you the picture quality you want without maxing out your phones memory.

Cruising For 7 Nights In Alaska

Cost of Travel to Alaska (Including 11 budgeting tips that ...

Alaska is difficult to comprehend for people unfamiliar with cold climates. Doubters believe that everywhere in Alaska is the same covered in snow and cold. This misconception is soon dispelled, as the natural beauty of Alaska, carved in stone by massive glaciers, showcases deep harbours and passages that cut far into the interior. Alaska in summer is breathtaking and can actually be quite temperate, although it is changeable and bringing a change of warm clothing is advisable.

Alaskan culture is very diverse, another surprise for first-timers. Thousands of kilometres of coastline has been settled at various times, resulting in unique ports displaying the culture of settlers from Norway, Russia, gold-rush era USA, and native Indian peoples. Cruise ships visit Alaska from May to September when the weather is warm and the wildlife is on the move. Wildlife sightings cant be guaranteed on a cruise, but the chances of success are high.

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How To Find The Cheapest Alaskan Cruise Deals

Sail Early in the SeasonThe Alaskan cruising season is short usually only five months long. Running from May through September, your opportunities to sail are limited, although there are a number of ships sailing at any given time.

If you want to save the most, look for cruises that sail in May. These trips early in the season are before the busier summer travel season. That means the pool of available passengers is smaller. In order to fill the ships, cruise lines slash prices. A cruise departing in May can be hundreds of dollars less than the same trip leaving in July.

Sail Late in the SeasonDidnt we just say to sail early in the season to save? Well, the same logic applies to sailing late. If you can wait until September, cruise fares to Alaska are much cheaper. With school back in session, the summer season largely over, and the bulk of the sailing season already past, you can find deals that are hundreds of dollars less than sailing just a few weeks earlier.

Sail One-Way or from Different PortsMost cruises sail round-trip, departing ports like Vancouver or Seattle. But if you look around, you can find one-way trips or that that depart from one port and let passengers off in another . Since these cruises are less convenient for most passengers, they tend to be cheaper.

Sites like or Orbitz allow you to search by cruise lines, destination, dates, and more to find the trip that matches your schedule and budget.

Small Ship Alaska Cruises From Seattle

If its Small Ship Alaska cruises from Seattle youre searching for, look no further than Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic.

The Lindblad Expeditions Alaska Adventure cruises allow you to see, do, & learn more than any other cruise line.

Choose between a 14 or 15 day adventure cruise aboard their expedition ships, the National Geographic Quest or Venture. These small ships have access to many more places than a larger cruise ship, giving the feeling ofbeing on a private yacht.

With only 100 guests on board, you have almost limitless access to the expedition staff, naturalists, and seasoned crew.

Oceania Cruises has another Small Ship Alaska Cruise option The Oceania Regatta offers an experience thats close to luxury without being all-inclusive. With only 684 passengers on board, 5 Star Dining, & an excellent Spa, what could be better?!

And oh boy, do you have options! There are many Alaska cruises from Seattle options available for a luxury Alaska cruise on the Oceania Regatta:

Prices for a 7 day Cruise begins around $2,000 per person and goes up from there.

Check out their fantastic eBrochure and be sure to check for special offers.

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Why Cruise To Alaska

The 49th U.S. state is home to a beautiful mountainous landscape and an abundance of wildlife, from bald eagles to bears and moose. It possesses a unique Gold Rush history and a vibrant mix of native Alaskan cultures. You wont find this blend of scenery, outdoor pursuits, history, and culture in any other cruise itinerary.

Plus, many of the Inside Passage ports are tricky to visit by land. For example, Ketchikan is only accessible by air or sea. You cannot visit the breathtaking glaciers of Glacier Bay by car. If you want to explore this region of Alaska, youll need a ship to get there.

Unlike other cruise destinations, Alaskan ports arent separated by vast swaths of ocean. When you cruise the Inside Passage, the ship is constantly within site of land. Most sea days offer something to see, even if not an official scenic cruising day. Its a different kind of cruise experience, and one many travelers are eager to pursue.

How Much Are Alaskan Cruises Flights And Hotels

How Much Is An Alaskan Cruise? Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas Glacier Cruise

This is obvious, but depending on where you live and your departure ports, you will need to calculate in the cost of flights. If you are taking a one-way cruise either leaving or ending in Seward, Alaska, you will need to fly to Anchorage. Lets just say that its not cheap or convenient. Even if you are cruising round-trip from Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC, flights are not as abundant as popular cruise ports in Florida. Flying from Boston to Seattle, our flights were about $100 more per person than a flight to Floridabut, we got lucky.

Consider Round-trip Seattle for Cheaper Flights

Given the time travel, many cruisers will want to consider spending at least one pre-cruise day at a hotel, and possibly even a post cruise day. Sometimes, travelers to Alaska extend the entire trip with a Cruisetour. A cruisetour adds extra days to your cruise, on either the front or the back end, with a portion of your trip occurring on land. These cruisetours can add hundreds of dollars per person to the cruise fare. The only good thing is that all of your tours and transfers during the land portion will be included and arranged for you.

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Best Alaska Cruise Itineraries

Big ships and smaller luxury cruise lines tend to follow similar cruise itineraries.

Alaska Inside Passage cruises sail roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver, perhaps with a stop in Victoria, B.C., and explore Southeast Alaska, never reaching Anchorage. They call at the big, tourist-focused Inside Passage ports.

One-way cruises travel between Vancouver and Whittier or Seward in Alaska. These cruises typically visit several Inside Passage ports, but swap Victoria for a more northern Alaska stop, such as Sitka. They take cruisers through the Gulf of Alaska to Southcentral Alaska, close to Anchorage.

The best Alaska cruise itinerary for you depends on what you want to prioritize for your vacation. The benefit of a roundtrip cruise is easier and cheaper airlift to the departure ports. You wont have to bother with one-way flights and the longer transit time to/from Anchorage. A one-way sailing is best for cruisers who want to tack on extra vacation time on land to visit Denali National Park or the Kenai Peninsula.

To assist with the latter, most cruise lines offer cruise tours, which combine a three- to seven-night bus tour through Alaska with a weeklong cruise. These options are ideal for travelers who want their entire itinerary planned out for them, rather than booking their own lodging, transportation, and activities pre- or post-cruise.

See The Wilds Of A Great Frontier

Immerse yourself in a world of Tlingit heritage with hints of Russia, where an outpost atmosphere prevails in mountain-ringed seaside towns. As you cruise this pristine wilderness of misty fjords, lush forest and gleaming walls of ice, pan for gold like prospectors of old, meet local Tlingit, and hear tales both tall and true of a region where a Wild West spirit is very much alive.

Immerse yourself in a world of Tlingit heritage with hints of Russia, where an outpost atmosphere prevails in mountain-ringed seaside towns. As you cruise this pristine wilderness of misty fjords, lush forest and gleaming walls of ice, pan for gold like prospectors of old, meet local Tlingit, and hear tales both tall and true of a region where a Wild West spirit is very much alive.

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What Are Tips To Find Cruise Deals To Alaska

Here are our best tips for finding a cheap cruise or cruise deal to Alaska. If you book a guaranteed cabin , a cabin on a lower deck or sail on an older ship from a brand you like, then you can get the best price for a specific cruise to Alaska. Last minute cruises deals to Alaska appear as you get closer to the sail date, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Taking a cruise to Alaska in the shoulder season can also be a great way to find a cruise deal.

An Interior Cabin/room On Alaskan Cruise

How Much Does Alaskan Cruise Cost


  • CHEAPER!!!
  • Darkness in the room around Summer Solstice: During this time it can be light outside for up to 20 hrs/day. Interior cabins may provide the best nights sleep youve ever had!


  • The room is always pitch dark when the light is off. Theres no morning light to wake up with or outdoor ship lights through the window to guide you to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Bring an alarm and a nightlight!
  • You have to go to upper or open decks for views.

If choosing an Interior, check the deck map to find a cabin with quick access to an open deck perhaps just down the hall or up/down a flight of stairs. With this, you can have a cheap stateroom yet still be on deck in 2-3 minutes if they announce something phenomenal over the ships intercom. Thats the best of both worlds

For Interesting Info about Summer Solstice, check the bottom of this article.

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How Much A Cruise Costs In 2021

Wondering how much youll spend to take a cruise? We have specific estimates below.

Before we get too far, however, you should know that just like buying a car, you can spend as much or as little as you want for your vacation.

For instance, are you happy with the lowest-cost interior cabin or would you rather spend more for a balcony or a suite?

Or are you the sort of person who can only sail during the summer months or can you sail during the off-season and save hundreds of dollars?

That means tracking down the specific cost of a cruise for each person is hard. But we can give you an idea of what a typical trip will cost and help you get an idea of what you can plan to spend.

We get into all the details of how much a cruise costs and exactly where youll spend money below.

In This Article

How Much Does An Alaska Cruise Cost

An Alaska cruise can cost as little as $350 per person for a seven-night cruise in an inside cabin on a mainstream line. Or, it can cost upwards of $10,000 per person for a week in a suite on a luxury cruise ship. The price varies greatly depending on the cruise line and ship, departure date, and itinerary.

Plus, youll need to factor in airfare, hotel stays, shore excursions, and other costs to determine the total price of an Alaska sailing. Below, we answer the question of how much an Alaska cruise costs by breaking down the expenses you are likely to incur on your vacation up north.

Check out our Alaska cruise guide for more planning tips and the best itineraries.

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How Much Are Alaskan Cruises Onboard Purchases

If you cruise on a Contemporary or Premium cruise line, your base fare will not include additional onboard purchases . Besides the typical souvenirs and gambling money for the casino, other things you will want to factor in when creating your Alaskan cruise budget are alcoholic beverages and specialty dining.

Many cruise lines now offer beverage packages and specialty dining packages, so you do not have to worry about paying a la carte prices. If you cruise on a luxury line, those will most likely be included in that already steep cruise fare price.

Drink packages run between $45-$90 a day, per person, depending on the category and cruise line. Each line has slightly different packages and inclusions, but if you do like to enjoy a few cocktails while on vacation, investigating these packages could save you money in the long term. Some cruise lines offer package deals that include drink packages for certain room categories. So, upgrading your room could pay for itself if you get one of these free perks.

Norwegian Cruise Line Offers Many Specialty Restaurants on Their Ships

The Best Excursions For Skagway

How Much Does An Alaska Cruise Cost? How To Save Money On Alaska Cruises

$ Budget Friendly Skagway

Skagway is home to just over 1,000 residents, but welcomes over 1 million tourists, mostly arriving via cruise ship, every year. It is best known as a former Gold Rush town, restored to offer a sometimes foggy glimpse back to an earlier time, but with the requisite diamonds, fudge, and novelty t-shirts to make it quickly come into focus as a popular cruise port.

Its a fun little town to just explore around and do a bit of shopping. You can also hit the Visitors Center or one of the small, free museums representing different parts of life during the Gold Rush. The museums include the Park Museum , the Mascot Saloon Museum , the Chilkoot Trail Center , and the Moore Homestead .

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Small Group Adventure Tour

This option is slightly different than the two above in that you will be dealing with different companies on land and sea. However, it gives you a guided itinerary on land with less of a crowd as group sizes are usually limited to 12 -16, and accommodations include small wilderness lodges. You can book a small group adventure tour after or before any large ship cross-gulf cruise.

How Much Does It Cost To Fly To My Alaska Cruise Homeport

If you live driving distance from the Seattle cruise port, you can pay $0 for airfare, and your transportation costs will mainly consist of gas and parking or taxi and Uber fares. If you live in New York and are taking a one-way cruise from Seward to Vancouver, you might pay $500 to $1,000 per person for one-way flights into Anchorage and out of Vancouver.

Cruises that sail roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver will typically cost less in airfare than one-way cruises that travel between Alaska and Canada. If you want to save money on your total cruise booking, consider how your itinerary can impact your airfare.

Dont forget that you can use frequent flyer miles or credit card points to book your flights, saving you money on that total Alaska cruise cost.

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