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Luxury Small Ship Cruises Greek Islands

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Walking Tour Of Nafplion

On board Silversea Moon: 2 minutes of highlights Greek Islands Cruise in 4K.

Follow our expert guide for a walking tour through one of the most photogenic towns on the Peloponnese Peninsula. Discover the many historic buildings in a mix of architectural styles, including Venetian, Ottoman, and Byzantine, including the Venetian fortress that overlooks another fort in the heart of the harbor.

A Lavish Retreat In A Jet

Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel is a unique, four-star luxury resort set in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Monte-Carlo Casino a prestigious destination where the international elite gathers, providing a harbor for the most beautiful yachts, and home to some of the world’s most celebrated events… including the Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show. Immerse yourself in the beauty and sophistication of this world-class destination at this world-class resort.

Day 4 Crete Rethymnon

Morning arrival will be at Cretes famous and lively port of Rethymnon.

Firstly you will be enjoying a cup of coffee or a tea followed by delicious appetizing breakfast.

After such morning ritual with the best view, youll have an optional tour to the ancient city of Knossos near Heraklion. Explore the mysterious labyrinthine ruins whereas the legends say, the monstrous Minotaur, a half-man half-bull creature lived.

You can also choose to visit some of the beautiful white sand beaches and soak up the sun, read a book and simply unwind. At night time dinner will be prepared and served, and after youll have a late departure for Kythira. Overnight at sea.

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Day 2 Mykonos: Tour Of Ancient Delos

While our ultimate destination is Mykonos, before we arrive you can join us for an optional tour of UNESCO-listed Delos, an uninhabited island said to be the birthplace of Apollo. This sacred place is home to some of the most extensive ruins dating all the way back to the 6th-century BC. Youll see impressive ruins of temples, a theater, and more. After exploring well continue to nearby Mykonos, stopping along the way so you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the clear sapphire waters of the Aegean. Upon arrival, take advantage of the island attractions, perhaps indulging in some upscale shopping and fine dining.

Adventure Cruises In Greece

10 Best Greece Small Ship Luxury Cruises

Warm weather, deep blue waters and the beauty of the Greek islands are at arm’s reach in adventure cruises. An unforgettable experience.

Littered with tiny and beautiful islands, Greece small ship cruises offer you the opportunity to explore everything the Greek archipelagos have to offer from the comfort of a small ship cruise boat. Visiting the very best of Greece’s glittering white sand beaches on one island then away to the lively nightlife hotspots on another is the best way to visit this beautiful part of the world in style. Greece caters to a variety of tastes and interests from fine dining and endless historical and cultural sites to shimmering blue waters, white beaches, and bustling nightlife.

Many adventure cruises around Greece begin in Athens, the capital, and an impressive cultural hub. Cruises then take in the Cyclades Islands, Ionian archipelago as well as the beautiful Dodecanese archipelago home to the iconic island of Rhodes. These island chains are each unique in culture, architecture, and cuisine, all enjoy the azure waters, sandy beaches, and laid-back atmosphere that is the postcard image of Greece. Whether you are hoping to see the wonders of Greek history, bronze yourself on the beach, or party until the morning visitors will find a host of wonders on a small ship cruise around Greece.

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Greek Island Cruises 2020

The Greek Islands Cruise BD901 Classical Greece Piraeus Return The Greek Islands Cruise is a harmonious balance between conventional cruising & private yachting, to unravel the wonders of Greece. See Kea, Santorini, Mykonos and the neighboring isle of Delos. Crete is the largest and

Greek Island Cruise from Athens BD904 Antiquity to Byzantium The Greek Island Cruise from Athens is a voyage through history dedicated to the Golden Age of Greek civilization and beyond. This cruise comes complete with a guest lecturer, Eugenia Alexiou. Eugenia has a Masters degree

The Greek Islands BD903 Jewels of the Cyclades from Athens Take our Greek Island Cruise for dazzling white villages, golden beaches and clear azure water. Ancient Greek geographers gave this unique cluster of islands the name Cyclades because they saw that they formed a circle

Appreciate A More Relaxed Way Of Life In Paros

The pearl of the Cyclades, Paros is a Greek postcard come to life. Its small fishing ports are filled with blue and white boats to match the whitewashed houses with navy shutters, while the beaches are hidden in coves or laid out along the coast in long stretches of golden sand. High in the hills, Lefkes is one of the island’s most charming villages. Its cobbled streets are lined with taverns, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, the sea and the distant island of Naxos.

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Day 4 Crete: Optional Tour Of Knossos From Rethymno

Next, we cruise toward the north coast of Crete, anchoring at Rethymno. Youll see the pretty Venetian harbour filled with traditional fishing boats as we sail in. Upon our arrival you can opt to join an excursion to the Palace of Knossos, Europes oldest city, settled some 5,000 years ago. It offers a fascinating glimpse of life centuries ago, with the remarkable complex revealing just how advanced the Minoans were, along with timeless beauty that includes grand columns and gorgeous frescoes. Visit the archaeological museum afterwards which showcases many interesting artifacts. After transferring back to the ship, well depart late for Kythira.

An Exclusive Special Dinner With Chamber Music At Ephesus’ Library Of Celsus

10-Night Greek Islands & Malta Cruise on Celebrity Beyond

Although the ancient city of Ephesus, in what is now Turkey, was originally built by the Greeks in the 10th century AD, much of the ruins you’ll see at the site today date to the city’s Roman period like the famed Library of Celsus, constructed in the 2nd century AD to memorialize a Roman governor of Asia. Only the facade of this remarkable building has survived, but restored and re-erected, it is a stunning example of Roman urban architecture… and the amazing nighttime setting for a Tauck Exclusive, al fresco dinner featuring a chamber music orchestra performance.

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Ionian Itineraries & Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the IONIAN cruises?

IONIAN cruises are island hopping tours ideal for independent like-minded travelers. You will explore the most famous islands in the world, the Greek islands.

When they depart?

They depart From Corfu every Monday at 6pm, from June till end of September . For specific dates see our calendar.

What time does the cruise finish?

The cruise finishes every Monday at 09:00 after breakfast.

I was thinking of joining the usual island hopping tours with the public ferries?

Do you prefer exploring the Greek islands, traveling for hours with other thousands of people, getting queued to embark on the public boats, waking up at crazy hours to be on time, carrying your bags everywhere, changing from hotel to hotel, rather than travel with your private boat, having your own bed from day 1 to day 8 with no movements, exploring beaches and hidden gems of the Ionian sea and still have the same fun with your friends?

How are the cabins on the boat?

Our cabins are double/twins, triples. All the cabins are en-suite with a/c. If you want to be in the same cabin with your friends just write that on the comments while booking. We can not guarantee that you will be together, but we will make everything possible to fulfil your will! Please keep in kind that we provide 1 set of fresh linen and towels for the week.

I am traveling SOLO, is there any single supplement?

Are the islands we visit expensive?

Is water included on board?

Greek Island Cruises Luxury And Discovery

Greece is at the crossroads of the west, east, south and north. You can be in Scandinavia in a little over 3 hours flight. Africa is under 2 hours. The ancient Greek civilisations has left their traces throughout the world.

Visitors can come into contact with historical, cultural, artistic and folkloric traditions. The first monument in Greece to be included on UNESCOs list was the Temple of Apollo Epicurius in 1986. Since then number of entries on the list has dramatically increased. Today it includes eighteen monuments throughout the country.

For Greek Island Cruises small boats are best. You are able to access the small ports and coves that large ships cannot get near. The atmosphere and service is much more friendly and personal.

Enjoy a harmonious balance between conventional cruising and private yachting. Your oating home is on board a sleek, contemporary state of the art Mega Yacht. Our ships accomodate under 50 guests in modern state of the art cabins with private ensuite and windows. There is ample deck space, an indoor and outdoor restaurant. Modern facilities and technical specifications redene what yachting was meant to be.

Explore thousands of years history and the place that is known as the birthplace of democracy. Athens is host to the 5th century BC Acropolis and Parthenon. Greece is also known for its many islands and beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

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Discover Greece All For Yourself And Set Sail On A Cruise That Takes In The Best Of The Worlds Oldest Islands

Is there any place in the Mediterranean more spellbinding than Greece? Yes, it is the birthplace of democracy, yes, it is crammed full of history, and yes, it is everything you expect it to be. Blue-domed houses with whitewashed houses, labyrinthine streets bursting with Bougainvillea, gentle Aegean Sea meeting Sapphire skies. Topped by ubiquitous ancient ruins, guaranteed sunshine, world-class beaches and a fair amount of glamour, there is a reason why the Gods made their home here. Quite honestly, Greece offers so many wow moments that its hard to pick the best.

How To Get To Greece

Small Ship Luxury Yacht Cruise Vacations

Most small ship cruises around Greece depart from Athens which is the main international hub of Greece. Athens international airport provides flights from around the world with good connections by metro to Piraeus port where most small ship cruises depart from. There are some of the cruises that start on the archipelagos themselves which usually means either travelling from Athens by flight or ferry out to the island chains. Some of the larger islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and Zakynthos have their own international airports many of the smaller ones have domestic airports making it a short hop over from Athens or one of the larger islands.

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Day 2 Delos Mykonos Greece

After delicious breakfast, you will head to Mykonos but there will be an opportunity for an optional morning tour to the archaeological site of Delos. On the way to the port of Tourlos in Mykonos, you will get an opportunity to jump in and swim in the warm beautiful sea. After swimming stop, a lunch will be prepared by your Chef and you can truly expect the freshest food infused by herbs and spices. After lunch, youll get a free afternoon and evening to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of the islands. Watch the sunset that reflects all the golden tones and hues of the sea and the white-washed houses, chapels and windmills of Mykonos. It will be a picture-perfect view.! As the night comes, after the delicious dinner you can explore islands streets on cliffs above the sea until the next adventure.

Test The Acoustics Of The Theatre Of Epidaurus

The Theatre of Epidaurus is known around the world for its exceptional acoustics and its perfectly preserved structure. Even the slightest sound in the orchestra carries to the very top of the auditorium, allowing all 12,000 spectators to appreciate every performance. Dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine, this ancient theatre hosts an annual festival every summer.

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What Are The Nationalities On Board

The vast majority of clients on our cruises are from English speaking countries namely the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We also accommodate guests from Europe and ad hoc bookings from South America. The main language spoken on board is English and all of the crew and captain speak English to guests during the cruise.

What Is The Dress Code On The Boat

Greece Small Ship Cruises featured by Antelope Travel Agency

Unlike the bigger ocean liners where evenings can be quite formal, life on our vessels is very relaxed and casual. During the warmer months, you will find our guests typically wearing shorts, summer dresses or bathing suits during the day. Summer evenings in Greece are also pleasantly warm, so clients will enjoy dining on shore in smart chino shorts, jeans, linen trousers or summer dresses. During the cooler months, we do advise guests to bring a windproof jacket and slightly warmer clothes as temperatures in the evening can get quite chilly.

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Sicily Rich With The Gifts Of Civilizations That Have Come Before

Blessed with a long, rich heritage that dates back to some of Europe’s earliest civilizations, Sicily retains many vestiges of the cultures that have come and gone here throughout the centuries Greek theatres, Roman villas, Byzantine art, Norman cathedrals, Moorish markets, Baroque churches. Among the treasures you’ll encounter are Siracusa’s Greek Theatre, Ear of Dionysius, and 3rd-century Roman amphitheatre Ortigia’s Theatre of Apollo and Baroque Duomo the Baroque gems of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Noto ancient Ragusa Ibla the capital, Palermo, and its Palazzo dei Normanni and traces of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines in Taormina.

The Best Greek Island

Blog Destinations

The Greek Islands are one of the worldsmost alluring destinations. Unique cultures, ancient treasures, stunning architecture, jaw-dropping sunsets and breathtaking beaches along azure waters define this legendary Mediterranean island chain.

There are over 6,000 Greek islands total 227 of them inhabited so the decision as to which island to visit can be rather challenging. But with so much magic and mythology to experience in the Greek Isles, why choose only one or two places when you can experience dozens of the most iconic and idyllic islands on a luxurious Greek island-hopping cruise?

From the sugar-cube houses of Santorini to the famous windmills of Mykonos to the the medieval alleyways of Monemvasia and more, the Greek Isles is one of the most diverse and drop-dead gorgeous places on the planet.

And the most efficient and affordable way to explore the very best Greek Islands and to maximize your time in the Mediterranean? A luxurious small-ship cruise!

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Day 3 Santorini: Discover One Of The Worlds Favourite Islands

As we sail to your next island, Santorini, enjoy your morning coffee while surrounded by the breath-taking Aegean scenery. Santorini is one of the most popular of all the Greek Islands, famous for its volcanic landscape, creative by massive volcanic eruptions. Upon our arrival, youll have time to explore its highlights, including the capital of Fira, the stunning caldera and the postcard-perfect village of Oia. Here, blue-domed churches and whitewashed homes cling to the rugged cliffs where some of the worlds best sunsets can be enjoyed. You can also choose to take an optional tour of archaeological sites and charming traditional villages.

Day 6 Nafplion: Stop In Monemvasia Explore Old Town Nafplion

Greece island luxury gulet cruise

Our cruise continues as we head toward Nafplion, but youll enjoy a stop in the medieval fortified town of Monemvasia. It was carved right into the side of a huge rock rising out of the sea and features well-preserved Byzantine and Venetian buildings. Bring your camera to take advantage of the many photo-ops before we set sail again. Before anchoring at the seaport town of Nafplion, well stop so that you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Upon our arrival, once on land it will feel as if youve stepped into medieval times, walking Old Town with its impressive fortifications and distinctive architecture, then feed your appetite with an authentic meal at one of the family-run eateries popular with the locals.

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Cruising Around The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands remain a captivating cruising destination, full of wonder and history while being easily accessible from the UK. We offer the yacht cruising experience in both the iconic destinations seen in travel posters and some hidden gems only accessible by the small ships we operate. Check out our Greek Cruise options below for the best Greece has to offer, each offering a different experience in this fascinating country.

Best Cruises For Greek Island Hopping

World-famous sights such as the Parthenon in Athens, charming seaside tavernas and crystal-clear waters are all part of a Greek island-hopping cruise. Only 227 of the 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas of Greece are inhabited and some are only accessible by boat, making a small ship cruise the best way discover these idyllic destinations.

Take a look at our list of the 10 best cruise lines for a Greek island-hopping odyssey.

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Best Time To Cruise In Greece

The best time to visit Greece depends on which of its treasures you want to experience and how you like your sun. The summer is the high season running from June to September, this is the time when not only visitors from abroad flock to the islands but locals from the mainland too. This is a vibrant and lively time to visit the islands when a rich variety of people are living the high life on the Greek archipelagos, be prepared to share these islands with the rich and famous and share the waters with their superyachts too. It can be pretty hot during the summer perfect for heading to the beach and making gloriously cool swim stops along the coast. Visiting Greece in spring and winter is cooler and it’s a great time for those looking to take in the sights and appreciate the history and architecture of Greece. It is worth noting that during the winter months there will be fewer local businesses open as many are closed during the low season.

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