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What Cruise Ships Have Dialysis On Board

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How Do I Book The Dialysis Service On A Cruise Ship

Dialysis at Sea Cruises

If youve got a date and destination in mind, give Dialysis at Sea a call on 001-727-372-7490 or send over an email their trained sales representatives will be on hand to talk you through your cruise dialysis needs with ease. Since Dialysis at Sea will also be boarding your cruise, those travelling with yourself in the same cabin must book their cruise through Dialysis at Sea Cruises.

Book and travel with them in confidence in the hands of experienced, fully trained medical professionals, all your treatment is taken care of during your time sailing the seas. Whats more, you can utilise the shipboard dialysis staff, as well as the ships dedicated treatment room 24/7 your freedom is of the utmost importance to the Dialysis at Sea staff while you travel. And to ensure optimum comfort, the on-board dialysis treatment is designed to mirror your land-based unit. Your requirements are always taken into consideration and strictly adhered to.

What Medicines Should You Pack For A Cruise

For a cruise I would recommend packing the following:

  • Pain killers
  • Cough medicine/sore throat lozenges/sprays
  • Seasickness pills

If youre not sure what medicine to pack Id recommend that you start paying attention to what medicines you use in the months leading up to your cruise. Im sure if youre anything like me you have LOTS of medicines at home that you dont actually use very often so you could start putting medicines to the side when you use them. By doing this youll be able to see which you need to pack.

Dialysis At Sea Opens Travel Doors To Kidney Patients

People in kidney failure sometimes feel as if their lives are literally tethered to a kidney dialysis machine — because, they are. A typical dialysis treatment program requires that they have their blood laundered of impurities three times a week for about four hours each session.

While many have lived with this dialysis regimen for years;– and have seemingly come to peace with their new normal;–;there is one area that has remained elusive: Travel. In order to travel, patients must arrange to get dialysis wherever in the world they are. It’s not a simple feat, and as a result, many with kidney failure who are receiving dialysis treatments just don’t travel.

“It’s a shame,” said Steve Debroux, owner of Dialysis At Sea, a company that arranges for cruise ship passengers to be able to get their dialysis while on board. It is the largest such company in the world; Dialysis-Cruise, a German cruise company,;has a smaller program that operates in Northern Europe.;

Debroux’s business formed in 1977 and has since made it possible for thousands of dialysis patients and their families to scratch the travel itch. Count Wilson and Carol Lanclos of Illinois ;among them.

According to Carol, her now 69-year-old retired military-officer husband began renal dialysis in January of 2012. Until his need for dialysis, they had been world travelers. But the logistics of travel when he began getting dialysis three times a week felt mind-boggling, she said.

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Purchasing Medicine On Land

It may be a cheaper option to purchase medicine when you visit a port. This does depend a lot on where you are visiting but in some situations, you will be able to get a prescription filled from an on-land pharmacy. I have done this before in Europe and its actually been very cheap and easy.

When in port youll have access to a greater variety of medicines but its always a good idea to go to a local pharmacy rather than a tourist shop with a medicine section. Take care that you are buying the right thing and that the place that youre buying it from is reputable. Believe it or not, some fake versions of medicines are sold to unsuspecting tourists.

Purchasing medicine on land is also a good option for guests that have a toothache as there are no dentists onboard cruise ships.

To learn more about cruise ship dentists, including where youd be able to find a dentist, check out this post:

Which Cruise Ships Accommodate Dialysis Patients

mingswebdesigns: Hemodialysis On Cruise Ships

For individuals who require the aid of dialysis, there are a number of cruises and one independent service dedicated to ensuring that you can enjoy a relaxing cruise with your loved ones regardless of your medical condition.

This is a fantastic way for dialysis patients to visit some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world and experience the luxurious splendour of some of the seas most celebrated cruise ships.

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Preventive Measures For Cruise Ship Travelers

Cruise ship travelers often have complex itineraries due to multiple short port visits. Although most of these port visits do not include overnight stays off the cruise ship, some trips have options for travelers to venture off the ship for 1 night. Therefore, cruise ship travelers may be uncertain about potential exposures and which antimicrobial prophylaxis, immunizations, and preventive measures should be considered. Box 8-02 summarizes recommendations for cruise travelers and clinicians advising cruise travelers in pretravel preparation and healthy behaviors during travel.

Travelers with special medical needs, such as wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, or dialysis, should inform their cruise line before traveling. Travelers with health conditions should carry a written summary of essential health information that would facilitate their care during a medical emergency.

In addition, all prospective cruise travelers should verify coverage with their health insurance carriers and, if not included, consider purchasing additional insurance to cover medical evacuation and health services in foreign countries .

How Is Dialysis On A Cruise Ship Charged

The costs of undergoing dialysis on a cruise ship are billed separately from the rest of your cruise. The cost is determined by the length of your cruise and which type of dialysis treatment you undergo.

In the US Medicare and Medicaid will not cover your treatments but various other medical insurance companies will at least reimburse a percentage of your total dialysis bill.

If youre in the UK, the NHS may reimburse a percentage of the cost. This can be around £150 £170;per session. This depends on the countries that your cruise visits. You can find out more about the NHS costs here: Dialysis Away From Home.

To learn more about the medical centres onboard cruise ships, check out this post next:

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Does Carnival Offer Dialysis


Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

Beside above, does Carnival allow service dogs? Bringing Pets Onboard. We are sorry but pets are not permitted onboard. Carnival Cruise Line only permits service/working dogs on board our ships. Therapy/companion or service dogs in training are not permitted onboard.

Also to know is, how much does it cost to have dialysis on a cruise ship?

The cost of the dialysis only was $4,500, and none was paid for by Medicare or other insurance. The price sounds more reasonable when you consider that for a dozen or so passengers per cruise, Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides up to 11,000 pounds of equipment plus a nephrologist and several technicians.

How do dialysis patients travel?

Yes, most patients who receive dialysis or have had a kidney transplant can travel safely and continue their treatment while away from home. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before planning to travel. Most doctors encourage travel if the patient’s health is stable.

What Are The Types Of Dialysis Treatments Are Available On Cruise Ships

Cruise ships return to the Mediterranean as travel revives

There are mainly two types of dialysis treatment available onboard cruise lines:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis

For dialysis patients on a cruise, there is usually one nurse per two patients. Each Dialysis treatment usually involves a visit from a Nephrologist.

If you do get sick on a cruise for any reason, there is a highly trained team ready to look after you. To learn more about what would happen, check out this post: What Happens if You Get Sick on a Cruise? Simple Step by Step Guide.

Having any type of medical treatment on a cruise can get expensive. Make sure that you have travel insurance in place before cruising. Here are my recommendations: USA. UK.

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Cruise Ship Medical Capabilities

Medical facilities on cruise ships can vary widely depending on ship size, itinerary, length of cruise, and passenger demographics. Generally, shipboard medical centers can provide medical care comparable to that of ambulatory care centers; some can provide hospitalization services. Although no agency officially regulates medical practice aboard cruise ships, consensus-based guidelines for cruise ship medical facilities were published by the American College of Emergency Physicians in 1995 and most recently updated in 2013. ACEP guidelines , which are followed by most major cruise lines, state that the cruise ship medical facilities should maintain the following minimum capabilities:

  • Provide emergency medical care for passengers andcrew
  • Stabilize patients and initiate reasonable diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • Facilitate the evacuation of seriously ill or injured patients

Cognitive Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

Upon request, every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations that will meet the needs of guests with cognitive, intellectual and development disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these accommodations can include: early boarding, boarding & departure assistance, early disembarkation and special dietary needs. Please contact our Access Department.

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How Long Do I Need To Book In Advance

Since the availability of their dialysis appointments and cabins on their respective ships are limited, Dialysis at Sea suggest booking as early as possible to ensure that a slot is available, in order to avoid disappointment.

The service takes up to 16 patients per cruise, with dialysis times operating on a first come, first served basis.

Guests Who Are Blind Or Have Low Vision

Which Cruise Ships Provide Dialysis?

At Norwegian Cruise Line, we will attempt to provide our Blind or Low Vision guests with an enjoyable cruise, which means providing personal, customized service to make your cruise fun, safe and happy.

Amenities and Services Available include:

  • Embarkation day meeting with staff member who will see to your accessibility needs during the cruise
  • A vessel orientation tour is available upon request
  • Braille / tactile signage
  • Service animals allowed onboard and must be arranged through the Access Desk prior to the cruise

To get more information or request accessibility assistance on your upcoming cruise, fill out the

or contact us using the phone number at the bottom of this page.

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Can You Fly With A Dialysis Machine

Portable dialysis machines are considered to be medically necessary assistive devices under the Air Carrier Access Act. Carriers must permit passengers to stow the portable dialysis machine in the aircraft cabin or, if it is too large, in the cargo hold. There is no baggage charge for medical equipment.

What Does Dialysis At Sea Cruises Specialize In

Dialysis at Sea Cruises specializes in the treatment of hemodialysis care while onboard cruise ships. Hemodialysis patients have undergone renal failure and must be dialyzed with an artificial kidney to rid the body of fluids and toxins. Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides a renal care specialist team consisting of a Nephrologist, dialysis nurses and certified technicians. We sail on select cruise sailings with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines. We provide the most advanced equipment and supplies which are housed and maintained with Dialysis at Sea Cruises and undergo strict maintenance protocols for the most optimum performance.

Dialysis at Sea Cruises is the largest provider of dialysis services aboard cruise ships in the world. Since our inception in 1977, thousands of individuals on dialysis and their families have been able to experience the pleasures of cruising and the excitement of taking their dream vacation. Travel with us in confidence as all of your shipboard medical needs are handled by experienced and trained medical professionals.

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Are Handicap Rooms On Cruises Bigger

Fortunately, accessible cabins are bigger by necessity because wheelchair users need enough space to maneuver around beds, and into and out of the bathroom. That being said, the actual size of a cruise ship accessible cabin can vary widely between cruise lines, and even ships in the same class within a cruise line.

Can You Do Dialysis 3 Days In A Row

Cruise Ship Dialysis Tips

You can choose your treatment days as long as you dont go more than 2 days in a row without dialysis. You can also choose your treatment times. Some people also do longer treatments than they would in-center. You and a partner learn to do HD at home on the standard three days a week schedule used in clinics.

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Payment & Reimbursement For Dialysis Sessions

For UK Residents : We are very pleased to announce;that following a meeting between NHS England, the BKPA and Lisa Parnell of Cruise Dialysis, NHS England has chosen to exercise its discretionary rights to partially reimburse the cost of healthcare onboard cruise ships subject to certain conditions:-

If the majority of ports visited during your cruise are within the European Economic Area then you will be reimbursed the amount of the National Tariff.

Further information about the policy can be viewed by clicking on the following links:-

Do Cruise Ships Have Pharmacies

Cruise ships do not have full pharmacies onboard but will usually have a section of an onboard shop dedicated to medicine. Here you can find treatments for common problems such as headaches or colds. For more series medical conditions all cruises ships have an onboard medical center that carries a greater variety of medicines.;

Although medicine is available onboard its not usually possible to get prescription medicines if you leave yours at home. Its always advisable to bring more medicine than you think youll need. If you did run out, your medicine may have to be sourced from a local port which is not ideal.

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Cruise Ship Medical Center

On all cruise ships, you will find a well equipped medical center with a number of highly trained medical staff. Generally speaking the larger the cruise ship the bigger the medical center but all are equipped to deal with life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

On many of the newer, bigger cruise ships youll find full x-ray machines and a lot of equipment that youd expect to find in a hospital on land. Of course, the priority is always to try and get unwell patients to land as soon as possible but as this isnt always option cruise ships have to be as prepared as they can be.

In the medical center, youll find a wide variety of common medicines used to treat almost any illness. The range of medicines is not as wide as that that youd find in a hospital on land but cruise ships are well equipped to deal with most situations.

If you do need to visit the medical center at any point, this is what will happen:

How Much Is Dialysis On A Cruise

mingswebdesigns: Hemodialysis On Cruise Ships

11,000 pounds

Dialysis at Sea Cruises provides dialysis services onboard select Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines cruises. The dialysis onboard the ship will parallel your land-based unit, as your dialysis orders will be adhered to. The dialysis takes place in the infirmary with two beds/chairs per room.

One may also ask, can you do dialysis on a Carnival Cruise? DIALYSIS. There are significant risks associated with undergoing dialysis during a cruise. Guests should be aware that our ships do not have kidney specialists or dialysis equipment and supplies available on board and our medical staff are not trained to perform dialysis.

People also ask, does insurance cover dialysis on a cruise?

Medicare and Medicaid do not cover dialysis on board a cruise ship, but there are supplemental insurance companies that will reimburse a percentage. The dialysis treatment cost is a flat rate determined by the length of the cruise, and is billed separately.

Does Symphony of the Seas have dialysis?

Your dialysis takes place onboard the ship and an experienced dialysis team and nephrologist are onboard throughout your cruise so you can be assured of the best attention at all times. 2020& 2021 Cruises from LONDON TILBURY Click here for itineraries and fares.

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How Much Does Dialysis Cost On A Cruise Ship

As a general rule, the cost of a dialysis session on a cruise ship varies between $300 and $900. The majority of mainstream American cruise lines charge around $800.

There are many companies that organize dialysis treatments onboard cruise ships. These companies work closely with major cruise lines.

Dialysis Cost

Do They Offer Dialysis On Cruise Ships

Do they offer dialysis on cruise ships?

Does Carnival cruise have dialysis?;DIALYSIS. There are significant risks associated with undergoing dialysis during a cruise. Guests should be aware that our ships do not have kidney specialists or dialysis equipment and supplies available on board and our medical staff are not trained to perform dialysis.

Does Royal Caribbean offer dialysis?;Dialysis at Sea specializes in the treatment of hemo-dialysis care while onboard on select Royal Caribbean sailings along with trained doctors and nurses and provides dialysis equipment and supplies. All types of oxygen are permitted onboard.

Does Norwegian Cruise Lines offer dialysis?;Guests requiring continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are welcome to board all vessels. However, Norwegian Cruise Line does not have the ability to assist or administer hemo-dialysis treatments.

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